2013 Draft: Eric Jagielo

Yankees place Kevin Youkilis on 15-day DL, call up Corban Joseph
Game 26: Rebound

The 2013 amateur draft will be held from June 6-8 this year, and between now and then I’m going to highlight some prospects individually rather than lump them together into larger posts.

Eric Jagielo | 3B

Following an impressive prep career at Downers Grove North High School in the Chicago suburbs, Jagielo was a 50th round pick of the Cubs in the 2010 draft. He didn’t sign and instead followed through on his commitment to Notre Dame, where he’s hit .400/.508/.676 with eight homers this spring after putting up a .291/.379/.486 batting line during his first two years with the Fighting Irish.

Scouting Report
Listed at 6-foot-3 and 215 lbs., Jagielo fits the Yankees mold of power and patience from the left side of the plate. He has power to all fields but does the most damage when he pulls the ball to right field, and he’s able to tap into that power because he has a plan at the plate and command of the strike zone. There is some concern about his ability to hit at the upper levels of pro ball because he has a loopy swing and can be beat with good fastballs up in the zone.

Jagielo has played all over the field for Notre Dame in his career — both infield and outfield — but he has settled in at third base and has the quickness, hands, and arm to remain there long-term. A corner outfield spot would be the next logical spot should the hot corner not work out. He’s not terribly fast and won’t be a threat on the bases. Jagielo draws high marks for his work ethic and has been successful everywhere he’s played. There are plenty more videos available on YouTube.

Keith Law (subs. req’d) and Baseball America (subs. req’d) ranked Jagielo as the 35th and 40th best prospect in the draft, respectively, in their latest rankings. That puts him firmly in the late-first round/sandwich round mix at the moment, which is right where the Yankees have their first three picks (26th, 32nd, 33rd). It wasn’t until last summer that Scouting Damon Oppenheimer drafted a college bat in the top two rounds of the draft, and that was a college senior (catcher Peter O’Brien) in a draft pool saving maneuver. The Yankees tend to go for athleticism and upside at an up-the-middle position early, which doesn’t really describe Jagielo. Then again, special assistant Jim Hendry did draft him while still working as Cubs GM three years ago. Maybe the team will change course this summer because of all the extra picks.

Yankees place Kevin Youkilis on 15-day DL, call up Corban Joseph
Game 26: Rebound
  • hogsmog

    I’m going to play Internet Hitting Coach and say:

    Doesn’t it look weird how much his back foot travels when he swings?

    • http://www.itsaboutthemoney.net Mike Eder

      Most power hitters take a stride with their back foot. Pujols used to take a step with his back foot, as did Brennan Boesch in 2011.

    • NYinTX

      Two things I noticed:

      1. It looks like it takes him a while to load up his swing.
      2. It looks like he’s got a hitch in his throwing motion which could lead to balls sailing on him.

  • Bleed Pinstripes

    Not sure I understand the authors “Yankees using a pick inference” over this player if he is committed to Notre Dame and has another year or two left to graduate. Unless of course he has made it clear he is now willing to leaving early.Crazy to use a precious first round or supplemental on a guy who might say no.

    • Larch

      “In a feature that did not change with the most recent CBA in 2012, teams can also earn compensation for unsigned picks from the previous year’s draft. If a team doesn’t sign a first or second round pick, they will get to pick at the same slot plus one the following year.”


    • Larch

      They might intentionally pick a player that does not want to sign in the first place, so that they can use the pick next year. Some experts think this is a weak class, but I’m have not heard that next year will be definitely be better.

    • jjyank

      That’s not crazy at all. Using that logic, you should only draft college seniors. Any high schooler or college junior carries a risk of saying “no”, but that’s a hell of a limitation for the team to carry into draft day.

      I’m just speculating here, but he got picked in the 50th round previously, and was presumably offered 50th round money. If he gets a look at first/sandwich round money, that is likely an entirely different story. I’m not saying the Yankees should draft the kid, but him having a year left at Notre Dame is a poor reason not to.

      • CONservative governMENt

        The player can always say ‘no’ and then get drafted as a senior with absolutely zero leverage. Riskier for the player, methinks, if a team makes a serious offer.

  • Chris

    Kind of Todd Heltonish swing. Definitely seems long, but that can be fixed.

  • Teammate

    Played with this kid in high school – absurdly fast bat speed and his swing is deceivingly quick to the zone once you get past his hand placement. You have to see him in person to understand how polished of a hitter he really is. Kid also works harder than anyone I’ve ever seen and just continues to get better.

    • capecodgamewatcher

      Watched him this summer in the cape. Quickest bat and one of the top power bats this past summer.
      In wood bat era for cape 2nd all-time in home runs and in top 10 all time home runs in cape for both aluminum and wood bat eras. Has played multiple positions at ND to fill the teams needs (LF, CF, RF, 3B). With work ethic and skill set can do well at 3b. Get on youtube and see what this guy does. In person ball explodes off bat.

  • Pochi

    The yankees better not draft him i dont like his swing cause it will get beat by a good fast ball as u can see by all the foul balls here in this video that swing is to long

  • Pseudoyanks

    Holy crap I worked in Downers Grove about 13 years ago. Great Hooters there.

    • Caballo Sin Nombre

      What’s the difference between a great Hooters and a run-of-the-mill Hooters?

  • Jeffro

    Boy – not making a comparison, but the finish to his last swing looks Mattingly-esque.