2013 Draft: Jordan Paroubeck

Chris Stewart day-to-day with left groin injury
Yankees place Andy Pettitte on the DL, recall Vidal Nuno

The 2013 amateur draft will be held from June 6-8 this year, and between now and then I’m going to highlight some prospects individually rather than lump them together into larger posts.

Jordan Paroubeck | OF

Paroubeck attends Sierra High School in San Mateo, California, and he’s had a pretty great hitting coach this spring: Barry Bonds. His father is a childhood friend of the seven-time MVP, so he’s received private lessons all spring. Paroubeck is committed to Fresno State.

Scouting Report
Listed at 6-foot-2 and 185 lbs., Paroubeck is a standout athlete with loud tools. He’s a switch-hitter with a quick and easy swing from both sides of the plate, and he’s shown very good power potential as both a righty and a lefty. I’m sure Bonds has been in his ear about the value of plate discipline and waiting for his pitch as well. Both Paroubeck’s speed and arm are above-average at the moment, allowing him to steal bases and be an asset in center field. He could slow down and wind up in a corner down the road, but that move is not imminent. Paroubeck is raw and needs plenty of refinement, but his upside is quite enormous. There are some more videos available on YouTube.

Keith Law (subs. req’d) and Baseball America ranked Paroubeck as the 52nd and 62nd best prospect in the draft class in their latest rankings, respectively. He’s a little bit of a project just because he’s so raw, but anytime you have a true switch-hitter with power potential from both sides of the plate to go along with defensive skills, he’ll get drafted in the top round or two. The Yankees adore up-the-middle athletes and they have three early picks (26th, 32nd, 33rd), but I think grabbing Paroubeck with their second rounder (66th) would be ideal. He might not last that long though.

Chris Stewart day-to-day with left groin injury
Yankees place Andy Pettitte on the DL, recall Vidal Nuno
  • dan

    I’m no scout, but that swing is frickin’ powerful. Left-handed his mechanics are similar to Cano until the follow-through, and right-handed looks more like a Justin Upton style swing with the uppercut.

    The kid looks like an absolute beast, I wonder what’s keeping his stock down

    • Chip

      Could be a complete inability to recognize and adjust to a good breaking ball. That’s what keeps most guys who can destroy a fastball down

  • vicki

    dang, don’t throw this kid a high fastball.

  • Jacob the OG


  • The Real Me

    I’m sure Bonds has been in his ear about the value of …” PEDs?


  • Cool Lester Smooth

    Sexy tools, and being polished up by Barry Bonds to boot?

    I’d take him at 33.

    • Bo Knows

      He got raw tools, but if this boy keeps developing with an all time great in his ear, the potential is scary. I’d take him in the first, true switch hitters are rare, and like mike said true switch hitters with power and batting average capabilities is even rarer. Take him and make sure he keeps working with Bonds. Best case scenario, he matures at a rate not unlike Manny Machado did working with Arod.

      • Cool Lester Smooth

        I’m trying my best not to make a joke about the supplements to physical maturation that A-Rod and Bonds provide.

        It’s really difficult.

        • Bo Knows

          I was talking about skill maturation.

          but as long as they don’t get caught (I kid, I kid)

      • Wolfgang’s Fault

        How do you get a chance to draft a high school kid w/this kind of raw ability & make the mistake of thinking he’s available in the second round? He’s already 6-foot-2 and 185 lbs, he has a plus arm and plus legs, he hits for power, AND he does it from BOTH sides of the plate? If this kid is still available, they’ve gotta select him w/one of those three first round picks, they’ve just gotta. Right?

  • Alex

    That swing looks awesome, especially from the left side.

  • baseballnation

    extremely fast swing through the zone, solid build, upside, hell if his urine sample is anything like Barry’s, we have our guy!!

  • Bronxbomber

    This kid looks like a big leaguer right now. Get him in the system and let him develope. Switch hitters with power are so rare in this country he gets his swing off like few others do.

    How old is this kid?