Martino: Cashman will continue mining scrap heap for shortstops

Sherman: Wang will opt-out only if he has Major League offers
Game 52: Back in the Bronx

Via Andy Martino: Brian Cashman doesn’t anticipate making a big move to shore up the shortstop hole before Derek Jeter returns from the DL sometime around the All-Star break. “Nah,” said the GM when asked specifically about Jimmy Rollins. “I don’t see it. I don’t see it happening … No choice (but to stick to the scrap heap).”

The Yankees have gotten a .214/.288/.289 (68 OPS+) out of their hodgepodge of replacement level shortstops this year, the second worst production at the position in the AL (thanks, Mariners) and fifth worst in MLB. I’d be lying if I said I was confident in Jeter’s ability to return from the ankle break in July and a) produce at even a league average rate, and b) play shortstop more than like, three times week. Of course, there aren’t many quality shortstops out there to start with, and even fewer are actually available in trades.

Sherman: Wang will opt-out only if he has Major League offers
Game 52: Back in the Bronx
  • trr

    Let’s be honest: there’s a very real possibility that Jeter may not return at all this year, even if he does, will he have the mobility to play the field? This is the reality we are facing. We’re pretty much going with what we got until Nunez comes back. (and last we heard from him, he’d suffered a setback.) Maybe there is some sort of deal we can make down the road, especially if Jeter can’t make it back, but it would probably cost us dearly….

    • The Real Me

      Agree there’s not much out there, but even if something was in the works, what good would it do for Cashman to say “Yes, we’re looking for a full time, high quality short stop.”? Certainly that reduces whatever limited negotiating leverage he’s got.

      While I doubt he’s looking at a high profile move, if someone came to him with the right player after reading this, I’m sure he’d look into the acquisition carefully.

      • trr

        Exactly, and you don’t discuss a prospective deal in the media before it happens

  • Leg-End

    Atleast Brignac is giving us some defense in the short term.

  • Mark

    Well Mike has written Jeter off multiple times before so when he says that he doubts the man’s ability to help this team win games, I take that with a grain of salt…

    There’s reason for concern… any time ANY professional athlete, in any sport has a major injury this late in his career fans have the right to be concerned… but frankly this season has been a wake up call for all the people (myself included) who have taken Jeter for granted all these years

    There’s no reason to get someone else… he’s coming back, Brignac can field at least and they probably want to give Nunez one last crack at it when he gets back in a few weeks… i reserve the right to change my mind if we hear Jeter has another setback and will miss the entire 2013 season but id be shocked at that happening… 95% of people (not just athletes, people) make a full recovery from this, the odds of Jeter being in the other 5% is miniscule

  • Ebi

    Move Cano to SS and Adams to 2B with Youk at 3rd job done

    • fin

      Heh, if Cano could play ss, he might get a $500m contract next year.

      • sangreal

        Adams on the other hand, was taking reps at SS today. Cash did say on the radio he doesn’t expect Adams to go anywhere when Tex and Youk come back

  • Ebi

    if you think about it its the best option they have right now to keep the bats in the line-up and plug the ss hole at the same time