Sherman: Wang will opt-out only if he has Major League offers

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Martino: Cashman will continue mining scrap heap for shortstops

Via Joel Sherman: Chien-Ming Wang‘s agent has told the Yankees his client will only opt-out of his minor league contract on Friday if he has a Major League contract offer in hand from another team. Friday is the second of five opt-out dates in CMW’s contract. The next three are June 30th, August 10th, and August 31st.

Wang, 33, has pitched to a 2.65 ERA (3.40 FIP) with a 58% ground ball rate in 51 innings spread across eight starts for Triple-A Scranton this year. Sherman hears his stuff is nowhere near its 2006-2007 levels — no surprise following the torn shoulder capsule — and he’s unlikely to find that big league job in the next two days. The Mets are one team Sherman says has no interest. So, barring a big surprise in the next 48 hours or so, CMW will remain in the organization for at least another month.

2013 Draft: Aaron Judge
Martino: Cashman will continue mining scrap heap for shortstops
  • Dalek Jeter

    I hope he eventually gets another chance in the Majors. He was there for us during the dark times (for our pitching anyway)

  • hogsmog

    I’d love to see him play for the Yankees this season, but the only way I could see it happening is Pineda falling through, Nova failing to find himself, and two more rotation injuries (I’d assume Warren is ahead of CMW).

    And if all those things happened, I’d probably be so sad that even CMW in pinstripes couldn’t cheer me up.

  • trr

    Can’t blame the man for leaving if he gets an offer.
    If only he could play SS…

  • Cnight_Ithaca

    We get to hold onto our Wang a little bit longer…

  • Rolling Doughnut

    You have to respect the guy’s drive, trying to come back and all but with his fastball stuck at 85 or so, and the mediocre curve and change not out pitches, he seems like a Freddy Garcia type, without the control nor the array of junk in the toolbox. Maybe a long reliever on an NL club but that’s it.

  • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals

    …still a better pitcher than I am…

  • mike

    Before they let him go for nothing I’d look to give him a start and see what happens…even if they opush everyone back a day just to get him thru the rotation.

    i have just as much confidence in him as I do Nova at this point, and they might catch lightening in the bottle especially if CC or Andy needs to miss some more time

  • Pseudoyanks

    My wang usually opts-in when it has offers…

  • natcol

    CMW ranks the 4th best among all the pitchers in AAA in terms of ERA. Instead of throwing hard sinkers all the time, he is transforming into a different (OK slower) pitcher.

    In Johan Santana’s no-hitter last year, Santana threw fast balls at 88.8 in average, 88.59 for sinkers, 77.52 for change-ups and 81.05 for sliders. I really do not think the pitching speed of CMW is a problem. Also, he pitched 93 last time.

    If he uses off speeds smarter and more often in the coming weeks in 3A, He will get a seat in the big league this year.