Wang decides to stay with Yankees as first opt-out date passes

Kevin Youkilis, Corban Joseph, and bad timing
An interview with former Yankee John Ellis

Via Focus Taiwan: Chien-Ming Wang decided to remain with the Yankees following the first opt-out date in his minor league contract, agent Alan Chang confirmed. There are five opt-out dates in the contract: April 30th, May 31st, June 30th, August 10th, and August 31st. (h/t goterpsgo)

Wang, 33, has pitched to a 0.95 ERA (2.94 FIP) with a 59% ground ball rate in 19 innings across three starts for Triple-A Scranton. He reportedly hit 90-91 mph with his trademark sinker in last night’s seven-inning complete game after sitting in the mid-to-upper-80s the first two times out. If Wang has a few strong weeks and continues to show legitimate low-90s velocity, there’s no doubt he’ll get some big league rotation offers. For now, he’ll remain with the team for at least another month.

Kevin Youkilis, Corban Joseph, and bad timing
An interview with former Yankee John Ellis
  • Pseudoyanks

    Wow, good to see the velocity coming. At chance he could be the long relief guy if the rotation stays (gets) healthy? Phelps, Warren and Nuno can develop in the AAA rotation.

  • Steve

    If he’s still pitching well he’s probably gonna take the next opt out if not called up.

  • Steve From Waltham

    If he continues to pitch well and his velocity is there, he should be the Yankees #5 starter.

    • Nathan

      I agree, I mean what’s the worst that can happen if they give him a few starts and he stinks? So far it sounds like he’s having some success so give him the shot!

  • jsbrendog

    imo if he does this one more time, MOST 2 then he is replacing nova/phelps in the rotation. has to.

  • Craig

    Given the success of Wang and Pineda coming back is it safe to say Nova’s pretty much trade bait?

    • Ed

      Nova’s trade value has got to be near zero. He’s sucked for over a year now and he’s currently got an arm injury. He probably goes to AAA.

      • jsbrendog

        yeah at this point nova is or conversion to reliever candidate, aaa rotation filler, dfa candidate, and in that order.

    • DC

      A bit of the cart before the horse, isn’t it? Pineda hasn’t even pitched a game yet and Wang’s had three good AAA starts.

      • Kevin

        And Nova’s been rubbish for all but half a season of his major league career? I for one would be happy to give Wang a shot ahead of Nova if current performances carry on for another 2-3 weeks.

  • Manny’s BanWagon

    If and when Phelps has to be moved out of the 5 slot, I’d guess Wang would be next in line.

    It would be awesome to see Wang be able to pitch even halfway decent.

  • Chris

    Kind of hoping Phelps gets hit tonight so we can see the Wanger back in pinstripes!

    • jsbrendog

      i dont want to see that cause phelps will need to start this yr too, but id like to see him be average to slightly below average enough for it to warrant a wang sighting.

      ::gets trench coat::

      but seriously, 5 ip, 6 hits, 2 bb, 4 k, 3-4 runs should do it, no?

      • Jim Is Bored

        Why not root for Phelps to start pitching lights out?

        As much as I love the Wanger, having more quality options in the rotation is always better than having fewer. It’d be great if Phelps became a reasonable answer to the #5 spot in the rotation.

        • DC

          Apparently now it’s “teh kidz are blocking teh veteranz!!!11!!”

        • Manny’s BanWagon


          For the long run, it’s much more important for some of the young pitchers to develop than to walk down memory lane.

          I’d love to see Wang too but Phelps pitching well is way more important.

          • LarryM Fl

            IMHO, a Yankee fan roots for all Yankees to do well while playing for the Yanks. No half-ass performances so another fan favorite can get a shot. It has to be earned. Phelps has earned his start.

            • jsbrendog

              a yankee fan roots for the yankees to win. anything more is your opinion.

              • Jim Is Bored

                I think it’s pretty safe to say that if you’re rooting for any Yankee to actively fail, that’s a violation of the fan code. Unless it’s for reasons outside of baseball.

                • jsbrendog

                  i didnt root for him to fail, only to live up to what i believe his talent level to be. but regardless, a fan wants his team to win. anything other than that is opinion. you can hate a player on your team and want them to do poorly as long as it isnt at the cost of your team winning.

          • Darren

            Phelps is 27. If Wang is 90% of who he used to be, that’s better than 100% of what Phelps might be.

            • Jim Is Bored

              Well you have absolutely zero proof of any of that. Those are arbitrary numbers. If it’s an opinion, say it as such.

              But you have no idea what Phelps “might” be. He hasn’t been given an extended chance in the rotation.

              And 90% of old Wang is being pretty optimistic too.

              • Scully

                Though i’d still say that 75% of what Wang used to be warrants him a look as the 5th starter if Phelps gets rocked.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            Having starting pitching options for 2014 is important, no matter who they are.

            Having Phelps pitch well AND Wang resurrect his career in pinstripes would be wonderful.

            • Jim Is Bored

              This too. Phelps might be a big part of 2014.

        • jsbrendog

          not really wishing it but expecting it. phelps is an average player and i expect him to perform as such. plus, this year if wang is able to sustain this, he is a better option and phelps can always be average in the rotation next yr when everyone leaves except cc while continuing to be average as the long man this yr

          • Jim Is Bored

            How do you know what Phelps is?

    • DC

      If I’m hoping for something, I hope Phelps throws a no hitter. If Wang makes it back to the majors, I hope it’s because he’s pitching so well he forces their hand; not because another Yankee pitcher sucks.

      • Jim Is Bored

        This times a million.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Of course.

          I also think we can root hard for Wang (ah, the puns) for sentimental reasons, even if it means putting logic and reason slightly aside… long as you don’t claim to be logical and reasoned in the process.

          • Jim Is Bored


            I love Wang(hahaha).

            I just don’t see why we can’t root for Phelps AND Wang to do well. Rooting for any of our players to be anything less than great is really, really weird to me.

            • Robinson Tilapia

              Of coutse.

              It’s tough for fans to talk about the emotional side of fandom towards a particular player versus the type of ultra geekdom that’s going to be inherent on fan sites like these. Happens every day. I think it’s tougher here than it is when we see someone going “TEH AROD IS TEH SUCK HE GARGGLES TEH STEROIDZ WIT SEMEN” and all that.

  • jtb10318

    If he pitches like he has then he should be called up. I’d rather see Phelps in the BP or Nova somewhere else. Watching Nova pitch every 5 days is a nightmare.

    • jsbrendog

      agreed, but being a cost controlled player with prior success and most likely zero trade value right now he shouldn’t be jettisoned. he should be sent down to have a chance to fix his problems and failing that made into a reliever. if he sucks at that then you go fuck it we tried.

  • David Ortiz’s Dealer

    Let’s see if Hughes remains consistent. IMHO spots 4 and 5 are open on the rotation. I am glad to see Wang’s long road back is wrapping up.

  • shittyshittybang

    CMW as the long bp guy ? Or is he only a starter ? Is starting part of his contract ? Can he opt out if he’s called up ? I think he might be better than the rest as the long bp guy.

    • jsbrendog

      they tried the long reliever thing but he cant warmup in a hurry esp with a balky shoulder. i wouldnt go back there. if he comes up it is a a starter and if he isnt successful he is cut. you just have to make sure this success at aaa is sustainable and for real cause once you bring him up there is no option to send him down

  • mitch

    It’s only been 3 starts. I’d love to see him make the huge comeback, but it’s too early to say he’s back. He’ll have time to make 5 more AAA starts before they have to make a decision. No need to force things yet.

  • http://riveravenueblues mississippi doc

    Did somebody actually want Phelps to pitch a bad game? What is his problem? Closet Red Sox fan? Haven’t we all learned that no matter how much pitching we think we have, it actually is a lot less. Somebody always gets injured or underperforms. I am sure Girardi would love to have the problem of figuring where to use all these arms. And I am not prepared to jettison Nova. Maybe he is a head case, but he is still a very talented one. Pitchers like that frequently eventually figure it out.

    • Ray Fuego


    • jsbrendog

      show proof that nova is a talented pitcher other than a so far blip outlier good run at the end of 2011.

  • JRod

    Wow. CMW is seriously dealing down there. I would really like to see him back in pinstripes, somewhat for sentimental reasons, but those numbers take sentiment out of the equation. Hope he keeps it up. At any rate it’s really good to have him banked at AAA for at least another month. Who knows what fresh carnage May will bring?

  • tommy cassella

    bring up wang and put him in the bullpen for now.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Yes, I want a promotion to the rotation to be because Wang is pitching well. I also REALLY want him to pitch well. Re-writing how the Chein-Ming Wang in pinstripes story ends would be one of the highlights of this season, even if another one involves hoisting the World Series trophy in the end.


    • JRod

      I might get ridiculed for it, but I feel like Wang wants us back too. It’s just one of those things that was meant to be. I can’t make myself believe he’ll opt out, he just wouldn’t do that to us. Not after all we’ve been through together.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        I’m sure he’d like the fairytale ending as well, but there’s limits to that. He’s going to take one of those opt-outs if he continues to pitch well and the Yanks don’t move him up.

  • fommy cassella

    so what’s the story with nova. not that I care but will he turn out to be the next carl pavano, it sure looks that way.