2013 Potential Trade Targets — Part I

Offense a no-show as Dodgers shut out Yankees
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(Marc Serota/Getty)
(Marc Serota/Getty)

After a fairly dismal road trip, the Yankees now stand in third place with a 39-32 record and a run differential of zero. With just under 60% of the season remaining, there’s a lot of baseball to be played and a lot of time for rosters to change. As to be expected, Brian Cashman has already mentioned the team is “open for business,” so let’s take a look at some possible targets* who have been swirling about here at RAB.

Giancarlo Stanton
The 23 year old outfielder formerly known as Mike hasn’t had the best luck this season. He was sidelined in late April for five weeks with a fairly severe hamstring strain. Since returning Stanton has batted .344/.382/.813 (1.195 OPS) with four home runs. He’s a career .270/.350/.550 (.382 wOBA, 140 wRC+) hitter with three cost controlled years remaining. This is exactly the type of guy the Yankees should pursue. Chances are the Marlins won’t completely screw their fanbase move their disgruntled superstar by the deadline, but they very well may consider moving him come the offseason.

The problem is that Stanton’s a superstar and superstars require major hauls. The Yankees would be required to give up at least four or five of their top prospects (which I would definitely be okay with) – we’re talking Gary Sanchez, Tyler Austin, Mason Williams, and maybe Rafael DePaula for starters – and that very well might not be enough to get it done, nor would a package such as that necessarily compete with other insane prospect packages offered by other organizations. Chances of this trade happening, in my opinion, are gloomy with a chance of “get-the-eff-outa-here,” but it’s fun to dream nevertheless.

Chase Headley
Headley has had a disappointing start to the 2013 season, at least by his standards. He’s batting .221/.328/.350 (.304 wOBA, 99 wRC+); hence the “Quick! It’s time to buy…” chants. The problem here is threefold. First, the Padres, despite sitting right at .500 are only three games out of first place, so they probably aren’t going to be sellers, at least as it stands now.

Second, San Diego GM Josh Byrnes isn’t a fool. He’s not going to just hand over a young, talented third baseman just because he’s struggled early on this season – it just doesn’t behoove the team to act in such reactionary fashion. In fact, the organization actively tried to discuss a long-term extension with Headley already. Third, and along the same lines as Stanton, if Byrnes were to trade Headley, it wouldn’t be cheap nor would NY necessarily have enough MLB-ready, elite prospects to get a deal done. If this was doable, I’d be all for it even if it meant gutting the farm. I just don’t see it happening though. Bummer.

(Brian Kersey/Getty)
(Brian Kersey/Getty)

Alfonso Soriano
This one’s kind of interesting because it’s much more plausible. The former Yankee second baseman has a full no-trade clause, though that really isn’t a big deal as he can still approve a move to NY (and all indications suggest he would be willing to consider them). Contractually, Soriano is still owed about $30.5M total for the remainder of this season and next. Presumably, if the Cubs were to make a move, the expectation would probably be for them to eat a significant chunk of the contract if they’re expecting any sort of return. If the Cubs just wanted to unload the remaining salary on to another team (which is also possible), they probably wouldn’t get anything back — kind of like how the Yankees handled A.J. Burnett.

Maybe the Cubs are willing to eat $15-20M, in which case I could see a C-level prospect getting thrown into the deal. In terms of upgrading the Yankee lineup, Soriano has hit .249/.280/393 (.290 wOBA, 79 wRC+) this season but is one year removed from posting a 116 wRC+, 3.6 fWAR season last year. He also has a very discernible splits against right-handers and he’s never shown a whole lot of patience at the plate (career 5.9 BB%). Would he be an improvement over what the Yankees are currently trotting out into left field? Probably. Do we really want another him though? I’d say no unless the Cubs eat almost all the remaining dollars, in which case, my official stance becomes “meh.” Eventually Curtis Granderson will return anyway.

Andre Ethier
Now here’s another guy who’s name gets mentioned frequently around here. Ethier has batted .251/.333/.377 (.308 wOBA, 98 wRC+) this season, which is about on par with what ZiPS projected. On the plus side he’s consistently been a 100-plus wRC+ hitter who has hit for some power over the years. On the downside, he has very obvious splits – lefties haven’t been particularly kind to him which inevitably translates into another platoon bat. He’s also shown increasing strikeout trends over the past few seasons. Moreover, his defensive value in right field has been judged as anywhere from slightly below-average to outright lousy.

The real elephant in the room though is the contract. The Dodgers saw fit to give Ethier a five year, $85M deal which carries him through 2017 (plus a 2018 club option). That translates out to about $8M owed this year, $15M in 2014, $18M in 2015 and 2016, then $17.5M in 2017. Yikes. Then there’s the age. He’s already 31 years old. I don’t want to see the Yankees on the hook for a ton of cash during his decline years, and I don’t want to see anyone noteworthy get shipped out to LA in return for him. Fortunately, should the Yankees elect to send prospects to LA, I imagine it would be nothing beyond a B-level prospect. Granted, I have never been a big Ethier supporter, but I really have no interest in seeing another corpse stumbling along the bases over the next several years.

*For the record, I have been saying from day one that there aren’t going to be any big names heading to NY by the trade deadline. Until I see otherwise, I’m sticking by this prediction. Also, if you have any trade targets you’d like me to consider, please submit them using the “Submit a Tip” feature, and I’ll try to incorporate it into my follow up piece which will hopefully be written in the next week or so.

Offense a no-show as Dodgers shut out Yankees
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  • Robinson Tilapia

    The first two are the pipiest of pipe dreams and would obliverate our MiLB system at a point where we need it to produce mutiple pieces.

    The latter two? Meh. No way on Eithier. Soriano would just add to our glut of OF/DH types that can’t cut the mustard on either.

    Mustard. MMMMM.

    • TheOneWhoKnocks

      I like how Headley (steamer projects .332 wOBA) is the pipiest of a pipe dream
      but Ethier (steamer projects .339 wOBA) is Meh.

      I don’t think the common perception of these guys is matching the reality of their production levels.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        No, I didn’t go and Google up a bunch of stats, but that’s not the only thing that matters here.

        The contract matters. The splits matter. The age of the player matters.

        What actually matters the least to me? Isolating 2013 production.

        • TheOneWhoKnocks

          The dodgers would have to eat at least half of Ethier’s contract to trade him anywhere, so I don’t think it’s as big a deal as people make it out to be.

          I find Headley’s cost to be far more exorbitant considering the prospects it would take to land him and he’s a 1 and a half year rental at a position where we already have a player locked in for the next 5 years.

          Ethier would be replacing Wells.

          • MannyGeee

            So what happens then is you would be OK with another outfielder on the wrong side of 30 getting paid a superstar contract that you are on the hook for around 1/2 of?

            Then our answer to the production loss of Vernon Wells for this year and next is to double down on the mirror platoon opposite of him for 4 more seasons…

            Meh indeed.

      • Slugger27

        headley plays a more premium position, is 2 years younger, and isnt owed $70M over the next 4 years

        • Jim Is Bored

          Why bother looking at context? That’s no fun.

      • D$1184

        It’s about more than production–it’s about age, projected future production and (especially) contractual obligations.

    • Wolfgang’s Fault

      Can’t we just opt out on trading FOR anyone right now? IMO, it’s not the time to be dealing valuable pieces for a potential (this) season upgrade type player(s) that won’t have any real value for us by next spring. Cashman & the “braintrust” needs to wait and see where the club is in the next 2 – 4 weeks, & where, how, and whether we stack up competitively against the rest of the AL East & other division leaders. Unless we’re really in the mix and just one or two key players away from having a serious shot at winning it all, I think I’d rather be a seller and acquire additional young talent and sort out all the young pieces over the next year and a half while we rebuild the franchise. Mo’s on his victory lap season, Andy is doing it more from memory, & the Captain will be retired by 2015. We need to wait & see if we actually have a club that can seriously contend for it all, & I now no longer believe we do. Still, I’m willing to see what transpires over the next few weeks. If the answer is clearly that we’re kidding ourselves, & I believe we are, then it’s time to turn the page & set sail for a future w/new talented players. That means we should be SELLERS come late July 20th.

  • San

    Hey Mike. I am not gutting the farm system for an almost 30 year old chase headley. For Stanton. YES. He is 23.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Matt wrote the article.

    • Slugger27

      from the article:

      it wouldn’t be cheap nor would NY necessarily have enough MLB-ready, elite prospects to get a deal done. If this was doable, I’d be all for it even if it meant gutting the farm. I just don’t see it happening though. Bummer.

      • Slugger27

        personally, im assuming this means what byrnes would consider gutting the farm and what the yankees would consider gutting the farm as completely different.

    • Laz

      But is 3.5 years of team control.
      This team needs multiple prospects to take over, not one good player.

  • TheOneWhoKnocks

    I wouldn’t break the prospect piggy bank for Headley.
    His 2012 season really looks like an outlier, he’s been consistently around a 110 wRC (which is good but not great) outside of his “breakout” 2012.
    I find Ethier interesting mostly because I think LA would cover a massive amount of his salary(more than half) and he wouldn’t cost any real prospects but even then it’s a 4 and a half year commitment to a 31 year old who is injury prone…if the Yanks weren’t willing to sign Swisher they probably aren’t willing to take on Ethier even at half price.
    Aramis Ramirez, Corey Hart, Brian Mccann are some other potentially interesting targets.

    • mitch

      Ramirez would be a perfect addition this year, but he has a back-loaded contract and paying him 16mil next year is a little scary.

      • The Doctor

        The Brewers seriously need to rebuild. Send them one good prospect and I bet they’re willing to eat some of his contract. The main issue is being outbid but Ramirez just isn’t a guy you get into a bidding war over.

        Of course, if Biogenesis suspensions are handed out before then, the savings on A-Rod’s contract next year would more than cover taking on his whole salary.

  • Hoss

    Everything I said during the offseason regarding the Yankees’ moves (and non-moves) has materialized: The injuries, the depth gaps and the lost opportunities with a very good pitching staff.

    Until Cashman, the “architect” of this mess is gone, you can talk trades, draft picks, etc. ad nauseum. The team is going nowhere without a new GM and Cashman out of the picture.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Let’s just go ahead and put in the paperwork for the O:S now.

      • Slugger27

        youre just now submitting it?

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Fine print says it needs to be renewed every few months.

      • Hoss

        Fish, how are you? You and Mr. Nelson were among my detractors when I predicted this disaster. Yes, dreams of Canzler, Diaz and Rivera were dancing in your heads. A year without injuries for guys like Youkilis, Hafner and guys coming off of major injuries last year. Trusting Cashman to spend the money well, only to see him drop even more money on Vernon Wells, of all people! And to think, the moves that Cashman has railed against the past couple of years, signing R. Soriano and I. Suzuki, have been better than anything he’s done himself.
        Offseason 2013-14: Get a new GM.

        • thenamestsam


          • Jim Is Bored

            7 games over .500 is a disaster, apparently.

            • Steve

              A 0 run differential is a disaster

              • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

                Nope. Just mediocre.

                • Steve

                  It’s a disaster for a team that considers itself a contender.

                  • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

                    It’s a miracle for a team with all of the injuries the Yankees have had.
                    And they’re still currently a contender despite the run differential.

              • Jim Is Bored

                A hurricane is a disaster. But if you’re in the house that it left standing, even if it’s just by luck, you wouldn’t count it as a disaster for your house.

                I don’t care what our past RD is. I care about what happens moving forward.

                • Steve

                  It’s a bad omen moving forward and suggests that staying 7 games above .500 is unlikely and that being there right now is a mirage.

                  • Henry Krinkle

                    Always refreshing to read the unbiased opinions of a non Yankee fan (unless this is a different Steve). And you’re clearly not trolling.

                  • Jim Is Bored

                    Call it mirage, call it luck, we’re still 7 games above .500. Those games are in the bank.

                    What we do moving forward is a completely different story. The games that have already happened haven’t been a disaster unless you have incredibly unreasonable irrational expectations.

                    • Preston

                      Just like the O’s last season, they succeeded in the first half because of luck and then sustained it in the second half because they actually improved their team (mainly by bringing up Machado and adding Nate McClouth). We need to get back some injured guys and add another bat to do the same.

        • Different Josh

          Ichiro was a fine move last year, and all indications point to that being Cashman. This year, however, he’s been terrible. (Cue last 10 game stats to point out how I’m wrong)So no, Cashman was certainly not wrong about not wanting Ichiro back.

          • The Fallen Phoenix

            No, Ichiro started with Randy Levine.

    • OhioYanks

      You predicted injuries to Teixiera and Granderson before the season even started?

      This is largely what we call confirmation bias. That your predictions on something come true does not mean that they were the most likely outcome. As an extreme example, let’s say that every person who plays a lottery believes that they will win. One or more of those people is eventually going to be right, but that does not mean it was anything more than luck that made them right and someone else wrong. Certainly the odds of a bad year for the Yankees are nowhere near the lottery odds, just an example. And this hasn’t been a particularly bad year up to this point, anyway.

      I don’t think anyone thought this team was the best ever going into the season, but they are 3.5 games out of the best record in the AL despite a rash of injuries that I am quite sure you did not predict the extent of based on any rational analysis.

      • Jim Is Bored

        I’ll give you some advice to save some future facepalms; Hoss doesn’t really discuss anything with much rational analysis. You’re better off ignoring him.

      • MannyGeee

        Too much logic in this post.

        Please return to the smart place where you came from while the rest of us profit-size the demise of the Yankees because Cashman didn’t do EXACTLY what I wanted him to!


      • Hoss

        I copied and pasted this post from January. No, I’m not 100% correct, but the logic is there. Numbers 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7 have all come back to bite us:

        Hoss says:
        January 7, 2013 at 11:51 am

        I voted 3. Why?

        1. You thought the catching situation was bad with Martin? Try Stewart and Cervelli for 2013;
        2. Starting LF Gardner coming off injury and only played in 16 games last season;
        3. Closer Rivera coming off serious injury and last year’s closer is gone;
        4. Jeter coming off serious injury;
        5. Starting 3B Youkilis is more suited to 1B and is injury prone. A-Rod, even though in decline, will be missed for first half of season and it is tough to tell what he will be able to contributwe in second half;
        6. Front office has done nothing to improve the team in the offseason. Youkilis signed, essentially replaces Chavez. Losses in OF depth (Swisher, Ibanez, Jones), catching (Martin), bullpen (Soriano) not addressed;
        7. No promising minor league talent ready for 2013 season with possible exception of Romine, who likely will start at AAA.

        Bottom line: If the team does not address its losses and improve itself before the season starts, it will finish in the bottom portion of the division. It cannot count on return of injured players as replacements. There will be other injuries, and lots of them, as the team continues to age. Pitching is strong, but could always use more depth, especially with AAA looking lean at this point.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          How do you clean the cum off your monitor like that?

          • VO III

            Wow! that was completely uncalled for… Just because he disagrees with you? His points are mostly valid. Cashman inherrited a dynasty, what has he done with it? other than the Swisher and Justice trades, where is his genious? Pavano? Ponson? Javy Vazquez (Twice)? Give any armchair GM 200 million to spend on top of a quartet of Posada,Jeter,Mo and Petitte and it would be hard to screw it up. Cashman is probably the most overrated GM in Professional sports. We can’t blame freak injuries on him but we can blame the age of the team and the mess that is the farm system. The upper draft picks the past few years are a joke, the passing on so many IFAs is ridiculous. Cashman at times has been caught between wanting to prove he can do it without spending money and spending it frivilously… He needs to go… This teams future with or without him does not look good right now. Maybe this years draft turns it around,
            but I wouldn’t bet on it.

            • OhioYanks

              Calling for someone’s job when you have no insight into who makes what decisions in the front office is uncalled for. We know for pretty close to certain that some decisions were not his call and that he does not have ultimate say on budget.

              You have also cherry picked his worst moves in a period of over 20 years without mentioning one good move. Do you really think that’s a fair representation of his tenure as GM? Every single GM (and person) makes mistakes. Bottom line is that Cashman has kept the Yankees in the playoffs every season but one. They are 3.5 games out right now despite what seems like an abnormally high number of injuries. He’s not necessarily the best GM ever, but you might want to think a little harder about the job he’s done to accurately assess it. At that point you might still feel he has done a substandard job. At this point, though, you have made no effort to assess his work.

        • OhioYanks

          You didn’t read what I wrote, did you? I did not say your predictions were incorrect. I said that your logic likely is. If you take a guess at a 50/50 proposition, you will be right half the time (adjust accordingly based on probability). That does not mean you actually knew what was going to happen. If you had accounted for the probability of different occurrences, I would be impressed. All you did was take blind guesses at who would get hurt and who wouldn’t. You were wrong about half the time.

          Overall, though, I’d say you were wrong more than right. Most importantly, they are no where near the bottom of the division. We’re less than half way through, but they are in the middle of the division and near the top of the league.

          I would argue that you were wrong with #1. Cervelli and Stewart have been very respectable. Romine has stunk, but he was probably the 3rd C if Martin re-signs (Stewart and Cervelli both out of options).

          The bullpen has been great.

          There has been minor league talent come up to help the P staff. You called the AAA P “lean.”

          • Jim is bored

            Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  • Diedez

    Long time reader, yankeee fan since 86, frist time commenting.. unless its a impact player, we should not touch our top prospects. tired of reading unrealistic chants. Man up and let our prospects grow in to MLB players. Even if it means losing some hair in the process…

    • Slugger27

      the only one i would be very hesitant to deal is sanchez. in my opinion, he has the least amount of question marks and could even be a guy that helps the yankees down the stretch next year as a callup.

      • Bavarian Yankee

        this. Sanchez is the only guy that is untouchable imo. I’d deal every other guy if there’s a reasonable trade you can make.

        • nyyankfan_7

          Remember when everyone thought Montero should be “untouchable” because he had a bat that could help the Yankees immediately?

          • Bavarian Yankee

            I wasn’t one of those guys. The thing is that is was pretty likely that Montero would have to move to 1B/DH, where the Yanks wouldn’t have an open position for years. Can’t say the same thing about Sanchez. I think he can be at least an average MLB catcher for years. Coincidentally that’s exactly the kind of guy the Yanks need right now.

            • Scout

              Sanchez may very well become “an average MLB catcher for years.” That doesn’t put him in Stanton’s class, however. If it took Sanchez and ANY three other prospects in the Yankee organization, I would do the deal without blinking. He’s a franchise cornerstone. None of the Yankee prospects is in the same class. Quality over quantity.

              • Bavarian Yankee

                I’d trade him for Stanton too. There’s only one problem: the Yanks would probably have to offer all of their top 10 prospects to just make the Marlins think about it. Stanton’s not going to the Yanks. At least not anytime soon.

  • nycsportzfan

    I’d still be more interested in ALex Rios then Soriano and/or Eithier. Hes got the speed element to his game and is hitting pretty solidly(as usual) this yr. Hes only signed through next season , i believe?

    I also wonder about Danks availability? He could be fairly cheap right now, but he can pitch and is a lefty. Were probably losig Andy,Kuroda, and Hughes this offseason, so having Danks to join CC would be a help.

    Stanton is a pipedream.

    • Bavarian Yankee

      Danks? He hasn’t done anything for like 3 years. I’d rather extend Hughes (yikes) than trade for Danks.

    • Kosmo

      I´m with you on Rios, he´s got 1 year remaining so NY won´t get tied up in a longterm contract. Granderson-Gardner-Rios with Ichiro as the 4th OF.

    • Kosmo

      I think Danks has something like 45 million owed over this year and the next 3. He´d be an injury concern but if the Pale Hose are looking to blow up the current roster I´d certainly listen.

  • Big Member

    i have to disagree with you mike. the bats will get hot yanks lineup is a good combination of expereince confidence. the priority need of this team is starting picthing. i ve found a great fit for our rotation.

    Jason Marquis

    jason is in the running for the nl early cy young award all star. he has an amazing 9-2 record and a very respectable 3.63 era. the problem is that he wont come cheap. he’s on a 3 million salary this year and free agent after.

    this is a rare opportunity an ace on a low salary. im afraid that we’ll have to give up some quality guys but if we start of with gary sanchez and banuelos we may get something done.

    • Bavarian Yankee

      lol, that’s a joke, right!?

      • Slugger27

        i preferred his sarcastic wittiness of 2012, personally, but its not a terrible effort. a downgrade in humor for sure, cuz he tries too hard here, but again, ive seen worse.

        • trr

          If this is wittiness, I’m Noel Coward

    • pat

      Sanchez and Banuelos probably not enough. Marquis hit .281 last year so we could prob use him as our DH too which makes him more valuable. Maybe throw in JR Murphy.

    • MannyGeee

      Big Member always brings the gold. Not quite the snarkyness (snarkiness? snarkitude?) we are used to from BM, but that there is a quality post.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        What?! This is even better. Totally deadpan suggestion of Jason Marquis. Love it.

        I’d love to see “Eddard + Big Member Surreal Sunday” on here every now and then.

    • Donny

      Everyone is this room is now dumber for having listened to what you said. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your sole.

      Seriously? Jason Marquis?
      First of all, he is not in the running for the CY Young. In fact, if a vote were to be held right now, I would doubt he would even finish in the top 20. Second, you put up some of the worst stats. A 9-2 record? Anyone can tell you that wins are the most overrated stats. Felix Hernandez won a CY Young with 12 wins. 3.63 ERA? Try a FIP of 5.77 and a WAR of -1.3. Oh, and he also has aBB/9 of 5.02 and a HR/9 of 1.49. Great metrics for YS3.

      I pray this was all in jest. I think it was, but the internet can be a confusing place…

      • Robinson Tilapia

        It was in jest. That’s his schtick.

  • mitch

    I really wouldn’t be interested in Soriano or Ethier even if the other teams payed most of the contracts. There’s enough declining crap on the roster already, and figuring out what to do with them after this season just complicates things. I’m not against taking on a bad contract, but it needs to be a one year thing.

  • trr

    Stanton or Headley are worth acquiring; the devil is in the details.
    How much to give up for each? Willing to go higher for Stanton then Headley.

    Either/Soriano? No thank you.

  • pat

    We don’t have the prospect firepower to get a Stanton deal done. All of our high level guys would have to be having amazing seasons to even get them on the phone.

  • LarryM Fl

    On the four players mentioned Stanton and Headley. A trade for them would decimate our minor league system. It would place the organization in a position to over pay on overpriced FA’s. We are looking at the ramifications of all these long term contracts, poor performances and injuries. Some injuries are brought about because of the age of the player. If we trade out of desperation it costs us. We are not trading on level ground when we clean out our minor league system.

    Forget Soriano and Either its more of the same in our experiences with some contracts on our books. I believe the next couple of years are going to be struggles. Its a product of making the playoffs and finishing at the top for the past 18 years. A week minor league development with lower quality draft choices and trading our youth for veteran players. It is what it is?

    On another note I was treated, tongue in cheek, to the Dodger feed on Extra Innings. I found a worse duo of announcers than the Diamond Backs or the Nationals. I had to turn the sound off. Every play that the Dodgers made or at the plate was as if the seventh game of the WS was at stake. Routine fly balls were plays of the week. It was horribile. It seems everytime MY9 gets the game . I have to take the other teams feed. Most announcers are OK but the few that I mentioned are such homers.

    One good point that these two homers brought out was Cano’s lack of hustle on his attempt of a double when Either threw him out. It would have been second ad third with no outs if he hustled. I don’t care who Cano is on this team. He needs and attitude adjustment by Girardi.

    As I mentioned last night. My requests that Romine and Adams get more playing time has ended. These two are just over matched at the plate. Romine’s body language at bat is just sad. Adams seems lost. Vernon my man, if you can not stay away from the breaking pitch on the outside corner than you need to sit down. I’m sure we have an OFer who can hit .212 and is a lot younger.

    This lineup is the pits if Neal is a call up to help the team. We are in a world of hurt but I will keep rooting and hoping. You do not pray for wins.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I’ll raise the ante to Romine basically losing track of a ball that went behind him during one of yesterday’s games.

      I do like the kid, but enough already. Kid’s going to kill himself between innings at this rate.

      • LarryM Fl

        He may have a therapist on speed dial. He looks so uncomfortable.

        I did not have this impression in his first games but hits did not fall. Now, he’s lost. Not being able to find the pass ball. Gonzalez did him a solid by not going to third. Gonzalez has a tough time beating out and lady to a cab.

  • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod

    I wouldn’t sell the farm for Headley, I think he peaked last year and isn’t worth it. He’s a good player, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t view him as highly as some others do.

    Giancarlo would be worth a lot more and I’d be much less likely to balk at including “all teh prospects” although it’s a moot point because the Yanks aren’t getting him.

    Pass on the other two. I’m interested to see what Cashman manages to do to acquire another bat. It won’t be easy, but I’m hoping he can swing something.

  • Reggie C.

    Acquiring Stanton with a prospect heavy package appeared more possible at the beginning of the season. With the list of under-performers pretty much describing the entire farm but Gary Sanchez and Rafael DePaula, the FO can pretty much stop dreaming.

  • steves

    I am not convinced the Yanks will be buyers at the trade deadline. There is one variable lurking out there that will greatly impact the Yanks trading decisions. If the Yanks stumble into the All-Star Break between 7-10 games behind (not a far-fetched scenario) they have a hellacious post All-Star game schedule (15 of 18 on the road; 3 in Bos; 4 in Tex; 2 in LA with the LAPuigs; 3 in SD; 3 with ChiSox and the only home games being 3 with Tampa and with the last 6 games of the road trip occurring after the trade deadline). If the Yanks drop double digits behind prior to the trade deadline they will run up the white flag IMO notwithstanding the hoped for “reinforcements” coming back at some undisclosed time “after” the AlL-Star break (if they are not immediately back in mid-season form after the All-Star break it will be too late in any event based on that schedule).

    • OhioYanks

      I don’t know how likely falling ten games out is in the first place–if the Red Sox continue their current winning% we’re talking a 9-15 or 10-14 finish with 11 of 24 games being against the Twins and Royals. That’s an Astros to White Sox level winning% over that stretch. Certainly possible, just unlikely.

      However, I also doubt that they raise the white flag if that happens. Several key contributors are expected to be coming back around that time. Not all necessarily will come back and produce, but a few probably will. On a more speculative note, with ratings looking low I would expect them to at least act like they are contending with a “buyer” move or two.

  • Captain

    Manny Ramirez requires no trade.


      Y’know, I would bring him in for a tryout.

      I’m on the “Anybody but Vernon Wells” bandwagon.

    • pat

      Doesn’t he have another suspension to serve?

      • MannyGeee

        nope, the league gave him a pass.

  • Neil

    Ethier for A-Rod. Who hangs up first? Assume that yankees are willing to kick in substantial amount of $$ to offset the contacts a little and that A-Rod is willing to go to LA

  • Gonzo

    I’m not sure if this is true, but I heard the Marlins would not be looking for OF prospects in a Stanton package. Maybe just one. With Ozuna, Yelich, and Marisnick, I understand why one would think that though.

    That would make it much tougher for the Yanks to pull off a trade for Stanton if that’s true.

  • Joe

    Hey guys what about rolling the dice and taking an extremely risky trade like this. The Cardinals right now have a log gem at first base. What about Granderson (if he gets back before the deadline), Mason Williams and Cano for Matt Carpenter, Matt Adams, and David Freese. Yes I know it’s a PIPE dream and a BIG gamble of a trade on both teams part especially the Yanks, and you’ll say that none of the guys the Yankees get have power, but you can’t look at any of the numbers the Cardinals put up at that stadium to be the same as they would put up at Yankees stadium. Plus consider this, the Cardinals lineup doesn’t hit for a lot of power, but the key is that they make up for lost power, by hitting GREAT with RISP. Which means when the Cards get their opportunities they are not wasting them. They are hitting over 300 as a team with RISP. This Yankees teams WASN’T built to make up for lost power, that’s why so many people didn’t care to pay attention to what they were doing with RISP last year because they covered it up with power just like they do every year.

    Why the Cardinals do it: They have Allen Craig already at first so while Matt Adams may be young, where will he be for the Cards in the foreseeable future. As a platoon replacement? Hardly seems plausible to me. And Matt Capenter will never be the player Cano is so you don’t think twice to replace him with Cano. And David Freese being replaced with Granderson yeah I don’t see why not for them. The Cards need guys in their lineup who can provide a little more power. They are already great with RISP, so adding Cano + Granderson gives them sure fired power.

    Why the Yanks do it: Pretty simple, they need more guys who are young and can use the whole field. Bringing in Matt Adams as the DH to replace Travis Reckner, and replacing Granderson for David Freese easily in my mind makes the Yankees a better team with RISP especially since for his career Freese is a 300 hitter with 2 outs and RISP. Yes they will miss Cano and Granderson’s power, but that’s why teams in this league should be investing more with guys who use the whole field instead of Ruben Sierra hitters who pull everything and expect to have success against elite pitchers relying on power. The Yankees can still be a highly successful offense if they can acquire a Saint Louis Cardinals and Detroit Tigers style of an offensive approach even with a lot of lost power.

    Don’t like that trade? Well then reverse the Granderson/Jackson trade they made from 3 years ago, that would be more than satisfying for me.

    • FIPster Doofus

      “And Matt Capenter will never be the player Cano is so you don’t think twice to replace him with Cano.”

      Funny because Carpenter is outplaying Cano (and just about every other second baseman) this year. He’s also younger and, more importantly, will be significantly cheaper for the foreseeable future. Cano is mere months away from a contract that will turn into an albatross within a few years. The Cardinals are still thanking their lucky stars Pujols didn’t take their $200 million. They’re not going to turn around a couple years later, create a need at 2B and then give a massive contract to Cano, who – like Pujols – is on the wrong side of 30.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

      I don’t see any way the Cardinals make that trade.

      • trr

        pipe dream indeed.
        pass that shit over here

    • OhioYanks

      It’s certainly creative. Why the Cardinals would not do it, though, is that they would be trading three guys with an average of 3.7 cost controlled years left for two over 30 impending free agents and a prospect who can’t hit at High A this season plus has attitude concerns and plays the same position as their top prospect who is among the best prospects in baseball.

      I could see the Cards moving a 1B or OF for a SS or bringing in a rental arm, but otherwise don’t see them making any major moves to shake up a team with the best record in MLB.

      Having Miguel Cabrera on your team is a pretty nice advantage. Him, power-hitting Fielder and relatively power hitting SS Peralta are the only hitters in the Tigers’ lineup who are significantly above average. Certainly hitting for better average and thereby getting on base more would help the Yankees’ offense, but that doesn’t mean that there’s one correct answer to power vs. average. The answer is more complex and subtle than that.

    • Crime Dog

      Why would the Cardinals completely change their infield like this while being the best team in the league already?

    • Preston

      Much more likely that the Cardinals move one of their OFers, Beltran is the obvious choice, Adams can play first, Craig plays RF, Jay in CF and Holliday in LF, and they still have Oscar Tavares in the wings in case Adams flops as an everyday guy moving Craig back to first. A less obvious choice would be Matt Holliday. The Cardinals could get rid of Holliday, finish the season with Beltran and then have Tavares replace him at the end of the year, an OF of Tavares, Jay, Craig could possibly be every bit as productive as Holliday, Jay, Beltran and it would be a cool 30 million cheaper. If the Yanks were willing to take on the money, they probably wouldn’t have to give up to much in terms of prospects (maybe Nova+ so that the Cards could fix him and make us all rue the day). Beltran would be a stop-gap fix for this season a much needed switch hitter who hits for power. Holliday would be a more long term solution although I don’t know if the brass would be willing to take on that much money and he is having a slightly down season at age 33, so that might be a red flag. But if they’re willing to scrap the 189 plan, he might be the guy to target as a RH power bat that won’t cost the farm.

  • http://rab.com Mike C

    Interesting that Murphy has hit better average every level, that’s similar to many great hitters. . . . #Exciting


    Lets review:

    Stsnton: I would be willing to trade Matt’s prospect proposal for Stanton. Murphy looks like he’s got a decent future, so losing Sanchez wouldn’t be a huge blow. Depaula would be a loss, but you have to give something to get something. Williams might be blocked by Heathcott in CF. And Stanton plays the same position as Austin, so that’s an upgrade of epic proportions.

    Headley: A-Rod is still here and it would be hard to pay Headley as well to basically play one position. We don’t know what Alex will look like when he returns, so the need to acquire a 3B at that number is a risky proposition.

    Soriano: No. He’s not a strong defender and isn’t that great a hitter at this point. Better than Wells? Frig yes. For me, the Cubs would have to take a significant chunk of the money owed to Soriano.

    Ethier: Hell no. Even if the Dodgers take a huge chunk of the money, he’s still signed for 4 more seasons. Not a good defender. We have to avoid completely clogging up the DH position going forward. Plus he’s already over 30.

  • OhioYanks

    That the first four trade targets to come up are impossible to get and/or stink should probably be noted by the crowd that is begging for the Yankees to make a trade, any trade as soon as possible. I expect a move or two before the deadline, but finding a fit that is available at a reasonable price–especially way before the deadline–is not that easy.

  • Reg3835

    More realistic candidates are players who will be a free agent after 2013 and app won’t affect 2014 payroll

    Michael Morse LF/RF
    Michael Young 3B/1B
    Justin Mourneu 1B

    • steves

      Best (and as you said realistic) suggestions on this thread. I believe Young and Jeter are pretty good friends so even the Captain would approve.

    • Crime Dog

      Young is having a pretty decent season, but his defense is awful. I may lose my head if we ever see a Jeter/Young left side of the infield. Again, if he can be had for cheap I think it’s a decent chance.

  • Al

    The inimitable Manny Ramirez has opted out of his contract with the Taiwanese EDR Rhinos and has his eyes set on a return to Major League Baseball, writes FOX Sports’ Jon Paul Morosi. After mashing eight home runs and posting a .352 batting average in the Chinese Professional Baseball League, Ramirez’s representatives Barry Praver and Scott Shapiro say that the slugger is “interested in returning to the majors in any role, including that of a pinch hitter.” Now 41 years of age, the all-time great slugger last appeared in the bigs in 2011 with the Rays.

  • Duh Injuries

    The Yanks trade Cano for three top prospects and a throw-in 2B, Hughes for two midlevel prospects, and Granderson for a top prospect or two midlevel prospects when he gets off the disabled list (as I believe you cannot trade someone who’s on the disabled list) for four top prospects and two midlevel prospects or three top prospects and four midlevel prospects total. They trade Teixiera and 60% of his salary paid evenly across 2014-16 in the offseason ($13.5M a year and $40.5M total eaten but $9M a year and $27M total cleared.)

    Starting nine the rest of the year, 2014 Yankees Opening Day starters in parentheses:

    C – Stewart then Cervelli when he returns (Cervelli)
    1B – Overbay (Adams)
    2B – Throw-in in a trade of Cano for three top prospects (Joseph)
    3B – Adams (Eric Jagielo batting ninth to start 2014)
    SS – Nix until Jeter returns (Nunez)
    LF – Almonte then Granderson when he returns if he is not traded (Almonte)
    CF – Gardner (Gardner ideally extended through 2016 or 2017)
    RF – Boesch (Melky Cabrera reacquired)
    DH – Hafner (Mustelier)

    Bench: Stewart, Brignac, Wells, Mustelier (2014 bench: Stewart, Overbay, and Nix re-signed, Wells kept as the backup LF/RF as Cabrera could back up in CF.)

    Romine sent back to AAA to further develop playing every day and called up in September, Suzuki and Neal designated for assignment. Suzuki released if no one wants to take on the remainder of his $6.5M for this year and his $6.5M salary for next (if the Angels can eat $28.1M of Wells’s $42M remaining salary from trading Wells to the Yanks, the Yanks can eat Suzuki’s remaining salary and possibly get someone to take on half of Suzuki’s 2014 salary which would be only $3.25M, I don’t wanna hear otherwise.)

    • OhioYanks

      Are you trying to make the organization better or worse? I understand that you’re thinking long-term re-build and apparently hate any player with any MLB track record, but you’ve taken a contender and turned it into a squad that might compete with the Marlins for worst record in MLB for some unnamed prospects (knowing that out of 4 top prospects you’re on average maybe getting one or two impact players). Not sure what the plan is for the P staff. Jeter and A-Rod are going where next season? The Blue Jays are trading Melky for?

    • steves

      My kids 11U travel team could give those squads a run. If the plan is to lose 100+ games and get some high draft picks then no need to modify; go for it!

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I, for one, am glad you returned to your Melky suggestion, as I didn’t see it during yesterday’s one-trick-pony commenting session.

    • Pat D

      One of these days you’ll understand that Teix is untradeable.

      And that lineup you’re suggesting for both the rest of this year and for next year is roughly that of a 60 win team.

    • Brian Cashman

      HAL!!! HANK!!! Come look at this brilliant post!!!! I think this guy can replace me once I get promoted!!!

  • Duh Injuries

    *New contract for Gardner 2014-16 or 2014-17.

  • jmpnyy

    Throwing in a few names:
    Nate Schierholtz – make an offer to get him, but since he has signed a multi-year deal(???) can t he opt out of his current contract a la Cecil Fielder. The Yanks could then renegotiate a new deal.

    Jose Tabata – made the rounds here and seems like a 4th outfielder in Pittsburgh. worth a shot. Pittsburgh lost Burnett to injury.

    Josh Willingham – 2 years at 7 per left.

    David Murphy – Texas

    Chris Carter – Houston needs alot of help.

  • tmoney

    I would trade most of the farm for Stanton, Half the farm for Car-go or Tulo, and a good chunk for Mauer. Maybe we could trade the whole farm system for all four.

  • King George

    If youth is one thing we don’t have in our lineup, then why on Earth would we trade all our top prospects for one 23-year old right hander with injury problems? I love Stanton, don’t get me wrong. But I don’t think mortgaging our future for one player is the right direction to take. Too many people on here and in the press have openly stated that there is a need to get younger, so why take from our young talent pool?

    • OhioYanks

      There’s certainly a risk there, but there’s also a risk in developing prospects. So you have to weigh the risks on both sides, the inverse of which is obviously the expected rewards on both sides. If youth is the goal–and I don’t think it really should be in and of itself, but it is a proxy for cheap production–you can achieve it through bringing in Stanton or holding on to prospects and promoting them if they don’t bomb. You have to weigh the expected returns of each strategy, which accounts for the risks inherent in each strategy. Say that you expect Stanton to be a 5 WAR player going forward (5.7 last season with an injury discount, exact number here is immaterial just using it as an example). You then have to weigh the value of that production at his expected salary against the value you expect from your prospects. Prospects only work out so often and those who do work out rarely achieve 5 WAR status, so it’s not that tough to see how you might conclude that Stanton is more valuable than your prospects. You might, of course, conclude the opposite. I’m not sure that the Yankees have the prospects to conclude the opposite at the moment, though, unless the Marlins were asking for a quantity of prospects.

      This is not to opine either way. Simply to explain the rationale behind “gutting the farm” for a guy like Stanton.

      • King George

        Stanton is one guy, though. One guy, in RF, on a team with a lineup of 9 players. So let’s say you trade 6 prospects (De Paula, Heathcott, Williams, Austin, Murphy, and Sanchez). What is your confidence level that 4 of them make the big league team? I’d say 40%. What is your confidence level that 2 of them make the team? I’d say 65%. What those two could bring, especially De Paula and Sanchez, in youth and filling a needed position (all the while cost-controlled), is substantially more in value than what Stanton would bring given his injury history. Just my opinion.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Completely agree.

          • Preston

            But Stanton would be on the team immediately. He would make a guaranteed impact at a position of need. Put Stanton in our lineup and nobody is talking about this team as a non-contender anymore. None of the OF prospects have the ceiling of Stanton and yes trading away Sanchez would be hard (a player that does have the ceiling of Stanton), but he’s two to three years away, there’s probably only a 50-50 chance that he becomes even a league average player let alone a superstar. Depaula has a great live arm. But let’s be honest about he attrition rates of arms. I love following the farm, but I trade away all of those guys for Stanton in a heartbeat. It gives us one of the best RHB in the leauge to pair with one of the best LHB in the league in the middle of the order. And the impact will be now. Not a hypothetical future. I wouldn’t do the same for Headley, but for Stanton I’d do it in a heartbeat.

        • OhioYanks

          You have to look at more than just how many make the MLB team, though. You have to look at what they are expected to actually contribute. Having one 6 win player can be more valuable than having three 2 win players.

          Opinions are going to vary on the expected production of Stanton vs. whatever prospects it would actually take (and as fans opinions will also vary on what prospects it would take). I was just explaining the logic.You asked “why on Earth would we trade all our top prospects for one 23-year old right hander with injury problems?”

  • D$1184

    If they’re going to empty the farm system for a single player, shouldn’t it be an up-the-middle player? The team lacks any semblance of a quality/everyday/regular shortstop. Not that that player seems to be available on the open market but shouldn’t the Yankees hold on to their pieces for something close?

    • MannyGeee

      Meh, you empty the farm for a young established superstar, regardless of his position. Can’t seriously say you wouldn’t consider opening the vault for Stanton because he plays RF over CF, right?

  • Jersey Joe

    I have four more ideas to add to this list (Not necessarily trades)

    James Darnell: Recently released by the Padres, he has been stuck in Petco for 2 short years, and his numbers there have been completely horrible. It’s not that his away numbers are that much better, but maybe a change of scenery and a new ballpark could help Darnell develop into what scouts used to see him as. His minor league numbers up to 2012 have been outstanding; maybe all he needs is a change of scenery.

    Ryan Raburn: While the Indians are a game over .500, there’s little indication that they will be able to pull through down the stretch with the injuries to Asdrubal Cabrera and Nick Swisher. If they fall out of contention like they did last year, and become sellers, Ryan Raburn could be a great target. After being stuck in Comerica and Progressive, moving to a hitters’ park for a half-season could really help us down the stretch, playing 3B, LF, RF, much like Musteiler – he could be Ronnier’s backup plan. He’s been able to produce in the past in Detroit, and he has enough pop in his bat to overcome his defensive difficulties in the short time he’d be in the Bronx.

    Colin Cowgill: Recently DFA’d, Cowgill could provide depth in AAA, and possibly a viable bat if he can find his way out of his current slump. I love his defense and speed, and he showed a solid line in Oakland last year (.269/.336/.317). His slugging percentage numbers were definitely more impressive in the minor leagues. Going to YS3, he could be a cheap platoon partner for Boesch, possibly next year. He has a lot to offer.

    Kelly Shoppach: I feel like I’m beating a dead horse with this one. He’s had a horrible season in Seattle, had horrible numbers at home, bla bla bla. It’s almost too obvious to at least grab him until Cervelli is back. He and Chris Stewart are like PB & J: they are different players, but are good together in some sort of arrangement.

    • Crime Dog

      Darnell has a possibly career ending shoulder injury from what I remember. The rest of these guys are all probably going to be considered/have been already. In Shoppach’s case, he has to be considered an upgrade. I can’t see Cowgill and Raburn being upgrades over what the Yankees have, but if they can be had for cheap-nothing, its worth it.

  • MannyGeee

    If I am looking at guys that the club would likely make a move for, I am gonna guess an Aramis Ramirez or Corey Hart move would be logical. Hart is coming back (some day) from knee surgery, so DH/1B platoon is a fit. And Aramis is owed a ton of scratch this year and next, but he fits an immediate need.

    Not throwing a package out there, because as you know… YTPS

  • All Praise Be To Mo

    Why not go get Soriano and do a deal with Chicago eating the money like we did with Wells where we pay a lot this year and have him be a net negative # on the $189 million cap next year?

  • Scott

    Good post but Cash’s job now isn’t to pick one name to pursus; it’s to (a) call every out-of-contention team, (b) ask about every OF who hits average-or-better (because any such person is far above Wells and overexposed Ichiro), and (c) land the one with a reasonable price (which includes both salary and which prospect the Yanks would give up).

    This is a very doable task, and I bet it’s what he’s doing; there’s no real shortage of decent-hitting OFs on non-contenders.

  • Scott lauher

    No yankee fan should ever support a potential move that would gut out the farm system EVEN for a guy like guy like stanton. if baseball has taught anything to us its been that a strong farm system is key so that prospects can replace the legends like jeter mo and pettite. i am happy where the current farm system is but the yanks should continue to push to be one of the best farm systems. thats how the yankees should build the future teams because giving pricey contracts are killing them. they should learn to mold their prospects while havin cheap lengthy contracts to build the future of the team rather than but free agents for too much money and too many years.