Roster Moves: Youkilis, Neal, Bootcheck, Warren

2013 Draft: Yankees sign eighth rounder Brandon Thomas
Friday Night Open Thread

The Yankees announced a series of roster moves this afternoon, so let’s recap:

  • Kevin Youkilis has been placed on the 15-day with a lumbar strain. That’s the same back injury that send him to the DL earlier this year. He woke up with numbness in his right foot and will see a specialist. Not the most surprising news in the world, hopefully the injury explains his lack of production.
  • Thomas Neal and Chris Bootcheck have both been called up from Triple-A Scranton. We heard both moves were coming earlier today. Neal will primarily DH against lefties while Bootcheck gives the bullpen a fresh long reliever.
  • Adam Warren has been optioned to Triple-A Scranton. He threw 85 pitches across six innings in yesterday’s 18-inning marathon, so he was the obvious send down candidate to clear to a roster spot for a fresh arm.
  • To clear spots on the 40-man roster for Neal and Bootcheck, the Yankees have transferred Eduardo Nunez to the 60-day DL and outrighted Cesar Cabral to Double-A Trenton. Because Cabral cleared waivers, the Rule 5 Draft rules no longer apply and he is officially Yankees property with no strings attached.
  • Obviously, David Adams remains with the team with Youkilis hitting the DL.
2013 Draft: Yankees sign eighth rounder Brandon Thomas
Friday Night Open Thread
  • Craig Miller

    Sorry about the pessimism, but I think it might be time to hang it up after this year. Mattingly is the perfect example of back problems cutting a career short.

  • Preston

    I actually think this might good news, maybe he’s been bad because of the injury, not because he’s cooked. Then again this back issue is looking like it might be chronic, which means he’ll never be healthy again… At the very least we get a longer look at David Adams to see if he can iron out the kinks and be a solid MLB player.

  • Andrew

    Nothing quite like spending $15 million and handing a starting job to someone you knew had back problems, only for their back problems to render them pretty much useless for big chunks of a season in which you know going in that offense is going to be hard to come by. Great stuff, hopefully David Adams remembers how to hit after sitting on the bench for 2 weeks watching Youkilis forget how to hit and re-injure his already-bad back.

    • Andrew

      Sorry, self-correction, $12 million. What’s $3 million between a fan and a team gratuitously wasting cash nowadays?

    • AndrewYF

      Yeah, they should have traded everyone for Chase Headley! Oh wait…Headley was also injured and kinda sucks. Youkilis was a fine addition, he was had for just money, and it was fine with me considering all the other options on the market. Hilarious to see people continue to hop on the Youkilis-was-a-terrible-decision-from-the-start bandwagon and pretend they were there from the start.

      • Zack D

        Agreed. Funny how we remember ALL the real moves and ignore the “obvious” moves they should have made

      • Andrew

        Who were they bidding against, exactly, that required them to carve out such a big chunk of their available payroll on Youkilis? Sure the move makes sense in terms of “acquire stopgap 3B/1B who was good once for just money”. Him being their sole “big” (re: expensive, expected to produce) offensive addition in the offseason, after losing as much offense as they did in departed guys, made and makes zero sense.

        • Preston

          What did the money on Youkilis prevent them from doing, they still had enough to waste 13 million more on Wells. Money wasn’t the problem. Deciding who to give it to was. In the case of Youkilis they overpaid this year to keep the commitment to one year. I would have rather signed Mark Reynolds, but he’s not much of a third baseman and I understand and somewhat agree with the reasoning for opting for Youk.

          • Andrew

            It prevented them from doing literally anything else. The Wells move came after all that wrangling with insurance and at a point where they were in deep in ST, and had a whole lot of nothing else to choose from. They should have tried harder to get Chipper Jones to unretire. (not serious, but, maybe a little)

            • Preston

              By literally anything else you mean what? There weren’t a lot of 3b options. If Chipper was available he would have played for the Braves who also had a hole at 3b.

        • Ed

          They were bidding against Cleveland. They offered him 2 years at a lower AAV, and could guarantee him more playing time.

          We got Youk, they signed Mark Reynolds for far less. Reynolds is better with the benefit of hindsight, but that wasn’t obvious at the time.

  • fabricio

    such a waste of money he is

  • trr

    It’s obvious he wasn’t 100 percent . He looked like an old man yesterday .
    It may be time to bite the bullet and release him. It doesn’t seem he has anything left.

    Meanwhile… Who plays 3B?

    • Evan3457

      Gotta wait till he comes off the DL now.

      But then, you already know that.

  • James

    I hope David Adams didn’t get on the bus/train/plane already haha

  • Mike

    Just like everyone predicted when they signed Youkilis…gonna end up having $40 mil wasted at 3rd base. Everyone knew he wouldn’t be able to stay healthy. Well….everyone except the front office. What a stupid signing

  • Cuso

    He would’ve signed with Cleveland for $9M. So the Yanks did actually have to outbid someone.

  • tj

    Why was he a wasted signing? Did you go with him to take his physical to see he was in bad shape? We didn’t have to make a trade for him, so I thought he would be good playing some first and third. Too many guys on here saying “I told you so”. Losing 3 straight brings em out I guess.

  • Cy Pettitte

    Youkilis? more like Useless, what a signing this is turning out to be

    • yesnetworkforumsmucks

      You mean what a team they have become the past few years. Quick fix after quick fix. Different lineup each and every day. Tell me another team that does that.

  • forensic

    Maybe they should double-check Youkilis’ birth certificate. Are they sure he’s not really 90 years old? Maybe it actually means ‘God of Walks’ in Cuba or the Dominican and that explains the messed up age…

    Anyway, this makes me dislike the Neal choice over Mustelier even more. At least Mustelier would’ve had a chance to fake 3rd and get an opportunity over Adams and Nix (who I’m sure will play there plenty too, letting us see even more of Brignac…).

    • yesnetworkforumsmucks

      They might like the fact that he’s 90 =)

  • yesnetworkforumsmucks

    Yankees just wiped their ass with 15m and it’s about a 189m limit really Yankees really? Thet couldn’t spend $30 correct.

  • Tom

    So the Yankees pretty much now have 3 folks Girardi will deploy primarily as a DH (Overbay, Neal, Hafner).

    In addition to having a bad roster it seems to be constructed for as little flexibility as possible.

    Grandy can not get back soon enough – that really is big as it will allow Girardi to platoon Wells/Ichiro (and at least limit their minimal production to one spot). It should also allow them to get back to 4 left side infielders which is huge as there are a bunch of PH candidates late in games in those spots.

  • Jacob the OG

    Ehh, what can ya do?

  • Tim B

    So did the yanks waste an option on Adams today or not? I dont like the Thomas Neal callup. Warren is a starter. He can throw another 40 or so pitches. Rather have another reliever. Probably be Bootcheck without sending a pitcher down.

    • forensic

      Adams didn’t get sent down, but the option thing doesn’t matter because they already called him up this year which makes it an option year. He can go up and down a thousand times without it using another option this year.

      As for Warren, just (originally) being a starter doesn’t mean you can throw 120 pitches in every 5 day span without it mattering how you do it or how you split it up. That’s just not how it works. And that goes even more for someone like him who certainly is (and really never was) stretched out enough to throw 120 pitches in a start anyway.

      • Stephen

        I may be misinterpreting the rule because of the odd release of Adams prior to the season, but has this option year been used yet because he hasn’t been on the 40 man roster in the minor leagues? Last year was one option year, but I feel like the 2nd option has not been burned yet. I am probably wrong though. Sorry if I am. Would someone else please confirm that point?

        • Mike Axisa

          He used an option last year, but not this year. He was taken off the 40-man, then he went to Triple-A. They added him to the 40-man again when they called him up, and he hasn’t gone down since. He didn’t go down today, he stayed with the team because of Youkilis. Didn’t use an option this year, yet.

        • sangreal

          I dont think it matters that he wasnt on the 40-man while he was in the minors, as long as he was on the 40-man in the same year he was in the minors. Good question though, would love some solid clarification

          • sangreal

            Nevermind, see Mike’s post above

  • LK

    I agree with those saying that this is actually kind of good news. Better for Youkilis to be hurt and possibly able to contribute later than to be completely useless and taking up a roster spot.

  • nsalem

    Has Adams been officially sent down?? If so this means Only Nix and Brignac are our left side 3B. What move did I miss?

    • forensic

      No, he hasn’t been sent down. The last bullet point addresses that.

      • nsalem

        Yes that’s what I missed. thanks