2013 Potential Trade Targets — Part III


We’ve already covered a bunch of players in Part I and Part II of the 2013 Potential Trade Targets series, so for those of you who missed out those posts, be sure to get yourself caught up. For the rest of us, there’s no time like the present, so let’s jump into the next batch of names.

(Hannah Foslien/Getty)

(Hannah Foslien/Getty)

Justin Morneau
There was a time, not so long ago mind you, that most teams would be quite interested in a first baseman like Morneau. From 2004-2010, he hit 18 or more home runs each season (30+ home runs in his 2006 MVP season, 2007 and 2009). Throughout his career, he’s been largely considered a solid defensive player and an all-around good clubhouse guy as well.

Unfortunately, he’s not the same player he once was these days. In 2010, his season was derailed by a concussion (and lingering symptoms afterwards). The 2011 season required a neck surgery to fix of a pinched nerve. Shortly thereafter, Morneau experienced more concussion-like symptoms after suffering a shoulder injury (which ultimately shut him down for the rest of the season). He finally made it back onto the field in 2012, and posted very mediocre numbers (.267/.333/.440, .330 wOBA, 108 wRC+) though the former HR Derby champ did manage to hit 19 long balls in the process (.172 ISO).

This season has brought more of the same mediocrity (.288/.342/.407, .328 wOBA, 107 wRC+), except it’s now without the power. Morneau’s hit only four (!) home runs thus far. He’s also taking fewer walks (down about three percent from his career norm). Contractually, he’s owed approximately $7.5M for the rest of the season, after which point he’ll hit free agency. Personally speaking, the team can’t afford another guy incapable of hitting the ball over the fence, especially one who plays a position known for premium offensive production.

Now I can understand why Yankees fans may feel some trepidation about first base production for the rest of the season (and maybe even beyond). After all, Mark Teixeira is done for the year and Lyle Overbay was the same caliber player offensively and has cooled considerably since his hot start. I’m not sure Morneau is the answer though. We’re talking about an expensive past-his-prime-veteran rental, who’s basically been replacement level the past couple seasons. Granted, I don’t think it would take too much to acquire him in terms of prospects due to the power shortage and durability concerns, but who knows, maybe the Twins value him differently given his local popularity and past contributions. Frankly, I’d just prefer the team roll the dice on a guy like Mike Morse, who could play multiple positions and come at half the salary. Basically, Morneau is one Twinkie I’m okay passing on (see what I did there?).

Josh Willingham
When I think of Willingham, I think of a guy who has basically been the quintessential role player – which don’t get me wrong, certainly has value. As it turns out, my initial perception was about right on this one too. The now 34-year-old Willingham has been mostly a bit better than the average guy over the years (2.7 fWAR in 2008, 2.4 in 2009, 2.7 2010, 1.8 in 2011). Last season he managed to make the jump from “role player” to the type of guy I would probably categorize as “solid contributor” (3.6 fWAR).

(Mike McGinnis/Getty)

Willingham. (Mike McGinnis/Getty)

The 2013 campaign hasn’t been as kind to Josh though. Despite the fact that he’s managed to lead the Twins in home runs (with 10), he’s slumped (.224/.356/.398, .336 wOBA, 113 wRC+). A lot. He’s also had to nurse a balky left knee. To his credit though, Willingham has managed to get on base frequently via the walk (13.1 BB%) though he does strike out often (25.8 K%). It’s also probably worth noting that from 2010-2012, Josh has had an increasing propensity to struggle against lefties. This season hasn’t followed suit though, as a reverse split has become noticeable instead (a tidbit I’m not real sure what to make of yet). Maybe he’s one of those guys who could benefit from a change of scenery; I know I’d find playing in Minnesota pretty tedious. Also, if he were in pinstripes, you’d be comparing Willingham’s slumping numbers against those posted by Vernon Wells which certainly bodes well for his cause.

Although the Twins are only a few games under .500, I do think they kind of stink, and I do expect them to be potential sellers at the deadline. Assuming the Yankees were one of Willingham’s suitors, they would potentially be on the hook for about $3.5M this season and another $7M next season. If I had to guess, I’d say a mid-level prospect and some salary gets it done. The real question isn’t whether he’s better than Big Vern though. It’s whether you’re comfortable with another role player patrolling the outfield for the next season and a half full-time. I’m not sure that I am, though if it wound up happening it wouldn’t be the worst move in the world.

Marlon Byrd
First off, it’s my official stance that anyone whose first name is Marlon should have the last name Brando, so that’s strike one. Secondly, the Mets outfield, as a whole, is terrible. They’re ranked 28th in wOBA (.298), 26th in wRC+ (91), and 28th in fWAR (0.2) — sounds a lot like another NY team I know actually — so Byrd gets strike two for guilt by association. He’s also on the wrong side of 35, which makes for a convenient strike three.

Superficiality aside, Marlon has been by far the best outfielder in an otherwise anemic group. He’s hit .262/.313/.489 (.341 wOBA, 120 wRC+) with 12 home runs and is on pace to end the season at about 3.0 fWAR which would be not only be pretty good generally speaking, but would mark the second best WAR produced by Byrd personally since his 2010 campaign with the Cubs.  Historically, he’s been pretty inconsistent throughout his career in terms of production though.  On the plus side, although Byrd’s patrolled right field for the Mets this season, he’s also capable of manning Center Field as well (which would provide some added depth behind Gardner).

Perhaps the best argument that could be made here for obtaining Byrd is that he’s dirt cheap right now ($700K) — remember he was close to retiring this past offseason (he would have called it quits had he not made the big league roster out of Spring Training). His stock was way down after his season ended rather abruptly last season after testing positive for Tamoxifen, a banned substance.  If the Yankees could squeeze half a season of decent production out of him, they’d have no problems cutting ties afterwards — he’d certainly pose no threat to the austerity budget if that ends up happening.

The Mets have a lot of work to do in their own outfield, so I don’t know that it makes a whole sense for them to give up the one guy who’s been a productive contributor this season.  While they may not be expecting to contend now, they might favor the idea of having Byrd as relatively cheap insurance policy (despite his age) in 2014. Perhaps a mid-level prospect is enticing enough to make it happen though — after all, salary isn’t an issue here. In any event, I’m okay passing on Marlon Not-Brando Byrd given the age.

Air Cuddyer. (Victor Decolongon/Getty)

Air Cuddyer. (Victor Decolongon/Getty)

Michael Cuddyer
Is it just me, or does Cuddyer’s name come up every single year around this time? I feel like he’s one of those players folks are perpetually advocating a trade for. Anyway, the former Twins first round pick is another Willingham type — that is to say a role player who has value, but is probably not a difference maker.

Other than 2010, which was awful (0.4 fWAR), I think Cuddyer has generally been considered a decent outfielder despite playing a pretty poor defense — though to his credit, he can fake it at first if necessary, which would certainly help the Yankees in terms of roster flexibility.  Offensively, he’s a career .274/.343/.461 (.348 wOBA, 112 wRC+) hitter who averages roughly 13 home runs a year. He doesn’t take a ton of walks (career 8.9 BB%) but also doesn’t strike out a ton (career 17.9 K%) either. This is his age 34 season, and he’s owed about $5.25M for the rest of this season and another $10.5M next year.

I was dubious about the Willingham contract, and doubly so about this one. Cuddyer isn’t getting any younger, and I suspect the Rockies would require a decent prospect in addition to salary relief. Is he better than what the Yankees have deployed in right field thus far? Definitely. Is he the type of impact bat that’s worth the money, the prospects surrendered, and the additional year of service? Meh, I’m not convinced.  Cuddyer is a fine player and every team needs guys like him. I just think cheaper alternatives who can provide comparable production probably exist elsewhere.

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  1. trr says:

    You know what? I’ll pass on this whole group. They’re just not good enough.

    • Kyle says:

      Its not that they’re “not good enough”, because all these guys are decent or better. Cuddyer is having a great year in CO, and is also in the midst of a 27-game hit streak (longest in the bigs this year). I just don’t know if what we’d have to take on to get any of these guys is outweighed by the production they’d bring to the Yankees. Willingham has lots of upside if the change of scenery worked out, but that’s a big IF.

      • trr says:

        Kyle, we just have too many of these types of players now. If we’re serious about contending this year, we’ll need more than this group can offer. Long term, they look even worse.

        • robert lucarelli says:

          no we don;t have enough of these types of players dip shit

          cuddyer, willingham, morneau all have higher on base percentages than their yankee counterparts at that position

          just because these guys are not on the cover sports illustrated or always front page on espn.com does not mean they are upgrades…you stupid worthless fuck

    • JerryJRC says:

      Better yet, why not become sellers?

      Jim and Todd on Sirius/XM were discussing it this morning, as well as FakeTeams on twitter!!!!

      Ray Guilfoyle ?@faketeams 30m
      Should the Yankees be sellers at the trade deadline?
      Timothy Bennett ?@thetwills42 25m
      @faketeams Unfortunately for them, they won’t. They’ll try to put cold patch on a road that needs all new blacktop. They should sell
      Ray Guilfoyle ?@faketeams 23m
      @thetwills42 I think they should sell too. Would be very interesting for sure.
      Robert Guilfoyle ?@NYYFan63 15m
      @thetwills42 @faketeams oh forgot Nova
      Ray Guilfoyle ?@faketeams 12m
      @NYYFan63 @thetwills42 Nova is a 5th starter at best
      Hide conversation Reply Retweet Favorite More
      9:57 AM – 2 Jul 13 · Details

      • Cool Lester Smooth says:

        Because they’re an above .500 team at the break, despite missing essentially their entire starting lineup, so it would be stupid to sell when they’re still in contention.

        • JobaWockeeZ says:

          How is it stupid? Even if they make the postseason it does little to solve their long term problems. We’re going to lose Kuroda, Pettitte and Mo next year. Probably can’t afford Granderson either. Sooner than later we’re going to lose Jeter. Cano’s future can go either way but if we sign him that leaves a lot less money to fill other gaping holes.

          Selling is no guarantee but we need to stop acting like this team even when healthy has depth.

          • Cool Lester Smooth says:

            Who said it has depth? I’m just saying that they can make the playoffs. If they make the playoffs, they can make the World Series, and if they make the World Series, they can win it.

            This might be the last chance we have with this current team, so they should add at the deadline and make one last run, not just give up on the season right before their starting lineup starts to come back.

      • MannyGeee says:

        OH, Jim & Todd said they should sell? Seems legit.

        Quick, put the Fire Sale signs out in front of NYS!!!

  2. VaYankeeFan says:

    Not too much on this posting to get excited about, IMO.

  3. Bo Knows says:

    Morneau’s numbers are mediocre by his standards but out side of the power, its not that bad overall.

    I honestly don’t care if a target has power at this point, I just want to see someone who can actually hit the ball.

  4. Tim says:

    While I would love to have Cuddyer the Rockies are very much in the race and with that division so bunched up there isn’t any real way they can sell one of their better middle of the order hitters. They would need to completely collapse over the next 3 weeks as well as be knocked over in terms of talent. I would love to have him but that seems about as likely as acquiring Mark Reynolds at this point. In terms of RH CI/OF power bats the impact market is really limited to Morse/Morales at this point with anyone else really not providing any help.

    Marlon Byrd? Really?

    • Gonzo says:

      I agree. I can’t see the Rox selling without a collapse coming. They risked Super 2 status with Arenado because they were pushing their chips in for this season. I think they are playing this hand out especially with Tulo coming back. If Tulo comes back…

  5. jjyank says:

    This is a pretty “meh” group. If Cuddyer could come cheap enough, maybe. I’m not giving up a real prospect for any of these guys though. I suppose how I define “real prospect” would clarify, but I’ll just refer you to Tilapia’s warehouse for the time being.

    • Travis L. says:

      Do you see any GM selling to the Yankees for cheap? I’d think they see the Yanks as desperate and make them grossly overpay for any player.

      • Kosmo says:

        Cuddyer is not a FA next season and is on the books for 10.5 mil plus incentives and he´s also at this point in the season having a career year. He would not come cheaply and I doubt the Rockies would trade him.

        • Gonzo says:

          The Rox are closer to a playoff spot (Division leader) than the Yankees (Wild Card Spot) are right now.

          Do you think Purple Row is running an article how they could buy some players from the Yankees?

          • Kosmo says:

            You´re right it does seem far-fetched, a team like the Rockies who are reported to be buyers start selling.

            • Travis L. says:

              I threw that out there, not as a “we should trade for a Rockies player”, but as a general question. It’s how Youkilis got what he got from the Yankees in the offseason. He knew they NEEDED a 3B and he made them pay for it. Same principle applies now. Everyone knows the Yankees need offense and they will pay dearly for it in terms of prospects.

              • Gonzo says:

                The one guy that were looking to trade going into the season, Betancourt, isn’t sniffing the market. They are playing for this year at this point in the season.

      • jjyank says:

        Probably not, but if the Yankees are going to overpay, I don’t want it to be someone like Marlon Byrd. None of these guys makes me say “yeah, I’d bite the bullet and give you a good prospect”.

  6. mitch says:

    I think you’re underselling Willingham. He’s better than a role player, and i think his contract is a relative bargain (as long as he’s healthy). I’d gladly take him for a year and a half for a mid-level prospect and play him just about every day.

    • TheOneWhoKnocks says:

      I feel like Willingham is a good fit, and I’d be okay with taking on his $7m next season but I’m wary of the prospects we’d have to send their way in return, feel like it would be steep.

  7. TheOneWhoKnocks says:

    I find Morneau a little interesting. He’s an upgrade on overbay and he might benefit from the stadium switch, but he’s still a guy who has big platoon splits and needs to be sitting vs lefties which seems to be the case for just about everyone in our lineup.
    I think if we’re going to stay in contention, we need to consider even slight upgrades if all it’s going to cost us is more money on the 2013 books.
    Ideally we need a RH bat who can play some combination of 3B/1B/Corner OF and hits lefties well, but we’re running out of time to find that perfect fit. Yanks need to make a move, urgently.

  8. Travis L. says:

    Are there any players in the farm system that you deem “untouchable” for rentals? I understand that barely any player would be “untouchable” for someone that has years of team control and is highly talented (Stanton and the like) but I don’t foresee any of those players being available.

    • TheOneWhoKnocks says:

      There isn’t a pending free agent that I’d trade any of our top prospects for (guys like Sanchez, Depaula, Austin, Williams, Heathcott) except for Choo and the Red’s aren’t moving him.

    • Preston says:

      Guys I deem “untouchable” is a short list, Gary Sanchez. I only trade Sanchez for multiple years of a star. But I would also not want to sell low on Heathcott and Williams who’ve underperformed or Banuelos and Hensley because of injury. Of course if the other team is willing to value them as top 100 guys then I have no problem moving them.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:


      That’s my list. Probably longer than most, but I’m fine with playing the hugger right now. It’s the risk I’d rather take.

  9. Kosmo says:

    Cuddyer is on a role and is hitting .344, I doubt Colorado would part company.
    Morneau would be an upgrade at 1B but as you pointed out something of a hometown favorite.

    Byrd is somewhat interesting although I´d pass.

    Willingham. No.

    Matt, what´s your favorite Brando flick ?

  10. Tom says:

    What about Hinkse he was great here I’m 2009 he was DFA by AZ. He comes here plays some first and 3rd DH and some outfield maybe his bat wakes up? Crazier things have happened and K-Long is susposed to be so great

    • MannyGeee says:

      Only about 1/2 of this is crazy… (The “play 3rd” and “K Long is susposed to be so great” parts)

      But I could see Hinske coming in for a shot. 1B/DH platoon guy… why not

  11. Cool Lester Smooth says:

    Yeah, Willingham isn’t a “role player.” He’s an “always injured player.”

  12. stoogazzo says:

    It is unfortunate the Yankees cannot get more help from the minors. Adams and Romine recruited from the shambles of the star-studded Yankee farm system are simply pathetic. Cashman have you no shame!

  13. emac2 says:

    Other than the need for content why are we even discussing players like this? Does ANYONE think that these are the guys that help us win the series? Are we hoping to make a move and squeeze into the playoffs?

    These are the types of guys that make little if any difference, keep you from seeing what the kids can do and generally delay any rebuild or substantial improvement.

    I don’t think that this is a team you can tinker with and that they should either leave it alone and spend the year on assessment or get a real player that slots into the middle of the order because he can hit instead of just being a little lass bad than what we have now.

    I think we need to bag Long as well. I can’t absolve the hitting coach when the whole team gets completely shut down like they were in the playoffs and then the next year we watch as suddenly players hit worse in NY than they do for other teams. The team plays in a tiny little pitchers park which should allow our hitters to hit better than they did before joining. They now seem to consistently hit worse and teams too often seem to have the key to shutting us down completely.

    • Kosmo says:

      the above players mentioned would not delay any rebuild. Yanks NEED a 1B who can hit, a SS, C and OF help. Outside of Murphy, who is a longshot to get any significant playing time, the Yanks have no one to fill these holes.

      • emac2 says:

        You delay a rebuild whenever you bring in a short term solution instead of giving a trial to someone who might be a long term solution.

        Why bring in a player and give him time when he wont help and keeps a kid from playing in the majors. Why play Wells instead of Almonte? If we aren’t going to win and aren’t going to bring in any substantial players we should try as many kids as possible and see if we have anything.

        “Yanks NEED a 1B who can hit, a SS, C and OF help. Outside of Murphy, who is a longshot to get any significant playing time, the Yanks have no one to fill these holes.”

        None of the guys mentioned in this post fill those needs at anything above replacement level. Nunez is playing rehab games, Arod is almost ready to cover 1st base. None of the catchers available would even play.

        The yanks do have players to fill those holes. There is a popular illusion that solid minor league players can’t be as good as washed up old players because the old guys at least did it once upon a time but that “logic” is completely flawed.

        There is no doubt the team needs help. None of the players mentioned here will provide the help needed if the goal is to be one of the best teams in the league. Build poorly for today or build thoughtfully for tomorrow.

        • Kosmo says:

          C´mon, Last time I looked Almonte was playing everyday. Yanks have no one in the upper minors who can fill those holes. Nunez? Nunez is a joke. Arod maybe fills the hole at 3B. Adams ( an MILB callup)isn´t cutting it. Still need offense at C, 1B, SS and da OF.

          • emac2 says:

            Nunez is a joke and you’re going to trade for someone who isn’t? I think that is more about the joke you know vs the one you don’t.

            Almonte is playing every day as he should be. He shouldn’t have had to compete for the spot with Overbay but playing guys like him instead of the guys listed as trade candidates here is exactly what I’m talking about.

            You have to let Adams have a really bad month learning the level instead of Wells having a bad month as he returns to his career trajectory. I would leave Adams at 3rd and put Arod at 1st.

            I’ll wait for Nunez and Jeter unless we can find a good long term shortstop option.

            I’ll wait for Cervelli or promote JR if he continues with the hot bat until the break and Cervelli still isn’t ready.

            The outfield is fine. Gardner and Ichiro are easy starters and Almonte is hitting well enough to play until Granderson comes back.

            • MannyGeee says:

              Your logic is flawed at many many different levels. Your need to be right is clouding your ability to see some common sense and at least a cursory knowledge of the game and business of baseball.

              I reward you zero points and may god have mercy on your soul.

      • emac2 says:

        BTW – Why is JR a longshot to get any playing time? The idea that Girardi wont play a better catcher is based on the fact that he didn’t play a bunch of crappy catchers that some fans thought would be better.

        Having defensive standards at catcher is not a bad thing and if the guy doesn’t have enough bat to overcome defensive failings you go with the defensive guy.

        If JR came up and hit 280-350-480 and played OK defense he would be the starting catcher and Girardi would be happy about it. So would the pitchers who wouldn’t have to throw a shutout to win.

        • Kosmo says:

          I´m OK with Murphy getting a callup tomorrow and getting ABs but I don´t think it will happen. Romine, another MILB callup, ain´t gettin it done.

        • MannyGeee says:

          JR Murphy is not ready for the Show. He needs innings in AAA and needs to hone the craft of catching. Truly delaying the rebuild of this team would be to rush a kid with less than 100ABs in AAA up to the bigs to either sit behind Chris Stewart or get clobbered. For more information on rushing a prospect through the Yankee system, see “Chamberlin, Joba”

          • emac2 says:

            JR needs AAA innings to be ready for the majors because Joba was rushed and never developed?

            Have you been hypnotized or do you have anything stronger in terms of points or evidence?

            Do you really think he would be ruined as a prospect if he was given a shot for a few weeks?

    • Matt Warden says:

      The reason why we discuss these players is because guys like these are probably more realistic options than the mega-star everyone hopes for.

      While players such as this aren’t going single handedly bring the team to the World Series, some of these options would certainly represent upgrades over what the Yankees are currently throwing out onto the field.

      • emac2 says:

        Possible small upgrades that come with a cost in prospects as well as a cost in opportunity for prospects. I agree it’s worth considering moves like this if you are going somewhere but these moves alone wont do it and unless a bigger move is coming I think it’s a terrible idea to bring in a few more proven replacement level players for the extra win it might give us this year.

        From a content standpoint I get it. There is plenty of room for everything and a bad Yankee article is better than no articles at all.

        From a baseball standpoint I look at replacement level players that aren’t going to make a noticeable difference and I see the following costs

        Prospects traded – Obvious

        prospects unrealized – Almonte would’ve been waived without the injuries

        Potential surprises – a weak prospect could turn into a star.

        Money – prospects for more expensive vets

        Motivation for players in the minor leagues – A lot of guys seemed to pick up their games after Adams got promoted. Knowing it’s not only possible but based on results instead of the school year lets guys know that every extra effort counts. teaching them that punching the clock and being quiet is the way to get ahead and that they also need to impress another team to get traded for in order to get a shot is poor management and causes an inconsistent effort

        • Tim says:

          The Yankees need all the small upgrades they can get and the black hole they are getting at 3B is certainly one area they can improve. Adams has had his chance and can’t do it.

          You act as if getting in the playoffs doesn’t give them a chance to win. When is the last time the “best” team won the World Series? Believe it or not that usually doesn’t happen, it’s the hottest team over a 3 week stretch in October and there is no reason this team couldn’t do that if healthy. If I wanted to root for a team to wait on prospects I’d be a Mets fan.

          • emac2 says:

            I do agree that you either have to go for it or not. If you go for it Adams should be sent down.


            Look at our lineup. half of the lineup at best on any given night would not have made the roster of the Yankee teams that won. Half of them wouldn’t make the Mariners lineup.

            I don’t think you spend future resources for a big mid season upgrade in the hopes of being a 100-1 shot. It’s like being down 10-1 in the 9th and doubling down.

        • Matt Warden says:

          Really? A bad Yankee article? Lol, this is a baseball blog. We blog about the Yankees. Trades will be heating up soon. This is what we do. We ponder…about trades. You may not like the options, but it’s still worth consdering, no?

          • emac2 says:

            I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to call your article bad. I was referencing the entire range of content from A-z being better than the complete lack of content we had in the off season not that long ago.

            I was actually trying to say I would be writing the same thing if I was doing a blog because I would want something every day and it’s a very, very long year.

            My rant today is about how terrible the idea is from a baseball standpoint and I’m being negative enough that I felt the need to explain that my rant isn’t about you or what you wrote but that the idea, shared by most fans BTW is a really bad one.

            • Preston says:

              Trying to compete in the present is never a bad idea. Rebuilding is always a last resort and with a team with this many holes, it’s pretty easy to upgrade in a major way.

              • ChrisS says:

                It’s easy to upgrade a position, but I’m not sure that’s a good thing. It’s hard to upgrade nearly the entire team, which is what needs to be done. Having avg or better players at 4/9 positions isn’t all that much better than having avg or better players at 3/9 positions, but, yeah, it’s easier to find an upgrade.

                • Preston says:

                  I think the Yankees should approach it assuming that they will get at least some help from the DL. If they could get two of Jeter/A-Rod/Granderson/Cervelli/Nunez back as healthy league average or better starters and acquire one more through trade, that’s suddenly 6/9 league average or better players. Which is a huge upgrade.

              • emac2 says:

                When you get older you’ll realize that never isn’t a word to throw around because it usually invalidates anything you say.

                You NEVER destroy your long term success for a small increase in what are already very long odds. It’s a combination of math and self survival.

                In the Yankees case this year you either do it right or you don’t do it. Get someone who can make a difference or do nothing. IT is always possible, but you do it or you don’t. Half ass is NEVER a good plan.

                • Preston says:

                  You have no idea how old I am. You criticize me for using never and then use it in BOLD (how clever of you). Then pretend like the Yankees self-survival is at stake. The Yankees could be the worst team in baseball the next ten years, and they’ll still be around. The Royals haven’t been good since 1985 and they’re still not dead. So stop with the hyperbole. Competing now is never a bad idea, because there is no guarantee of future success in baseball. Especially if you’re going to try and achieve that success through the farm system. Prospects inevitably disappoint, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, it means don’t get so blinded by an unlikely future that you stop looking towards the present.

    • MannyGeee says:

      All of those guys mentioned above may not be superstars, but they #1: meet a need and #2 Could very well be available. If this post was about Mike Trout or Matt Garza, then maybe your objection would be warranted.

      Just because you, in all your wisdom, doesn’t feel these guys are a fit doesn’t mean they are not potential trade targets.

      • emac2 says:

        In case you missed it the comment section is where we comment and share our wisdom. Should I assume you come here to share the wisdom of others?

        Is the comment section where we come for some mutual stroke fest and to hang out?

  14. gyaris says:

    Waste of pixels.

  15. Sayid J says:

    Kind of tough to discuss Cuddyer and not mention his .344/.393/.590 line this year or his 25+ game hit streak. He’s clearly the best option among this group, even if you don’t think he’s a great bet to continue with those numbers going forward.

    • mitch says:

      Would he even be available though? COL is 1 game out of first place in a very mediocre division.

    • Matt Warden says:

      The 25 game hit streak is fun to talk about, but that should in no way be the deciding factor in trading for a player…

      Cuddyer has a solid line this season which is a totally valid point, but you’re also not just trading for him for this season. Do you really think you’ll get that .344 BA heading forward, or do you think it’ll resemble his career line more closely. I’d say probably the latter.

      • Tim says:

        Do you really think a team 1 game out of first is going to consider trading someone with that slash line?

      • Sayid J says:

        I don’t disagree with you. You aren’t trading for him to be a .344 hitter. But you mentioned 2013 performance for every other hitter in the article, so I found it odd that you chose not include it for Cuddyer, where 2013 performance is perhaps the biggest part of the acquisition story.

  16. Rocket man says:

    If the Yankees are going to make a trade, make it for a young player, less than 30 years old who can help for several years not just for the rest of this year. The roster is stacked with rental platers right now… Wells, Hafner,Ichiro, ….

  17. Robert says:

    Good article in NY POST by Sherman on the Yankee lack of talent of players in there 20′s

  18. JerryJRC says:

    2013 MLB Predictions: New York Yankees Will Be Sellers at Trade Deadline

    Article from January 2013:


  19. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Meh. Big names. Little value. Somehow, Marlon Byrd makes it in there.

    My response is the same one I gave in the Phillies thread.

  20. Bryan says:

    People keep talking about JR Murphy coming up and playing. What you don’t seem to realize is that this is his first foray into AAA. You rush him to the majors you risk him messing up his progression. He needs to play every day…or close to it. He will not get that in the Bronx due in part to Girardi’s love affair with Stewart.

    Not to mention…what happens if Murphy fails like Romine? Then you are stuck with two catchers hitting well below the Mendoza line and no way of fixing it.

    • Bo Knows says:

      Murphy doesn’t a have .448 BABIP in AAA like Romine did. So chances are he wouldn’t suffer the terrible correction but yes, he has no business being called up yet

      • Bryan says:

        At the same time Murphy has a career MiLB OPS of 741. He had a 703 OPS in 2012. He has never hit 10 home runs in a season before. In all honesty Murphy is the great unknown.

    • emac2 says:

      Oh no!

      If JR fails were….exactly where we are now but closer to the return of Cervelli.

      I bet he learns more in two weeks of major league ball than he does in a month of AAA. Girardi was a pretty good catcher you know.

      It can’t hurt to bring a player up for some at bats when he is really hot. The Joba rules crap put out by the press has scared yankee fans to death with the idea that their prospects are so fragile they can’t handle struggling in the majors. How can a hitter that fails 70% of the time make it to AAA if they can’t deal with a little failure?

      • Cool Lester Smooth says:

        Or maybe it would be nice to let the kid have success at AAA rather than rushing him to the majors like we did Romine.

        It’s not good for a player’s development to rush him to the majors, especially to just be a backup.

        • Preston says:

          The most confusing thing about the season so far is that they’ve made no move to get a BUC. Romine is killing us on the field, and the fact that he’s playing so poorly and sporadically is stunting his development, get a Shoppach or Ramon Hernandez and send the kid back to AAA to get his head right.

          • Kosmo says:

            Hernandez signed a Milb contract with the Jays.

            • Preston says:

              That’s my point, there are plenty of available BUCs the Yankees could have and still could acquire, that would be a clear upgrade and allow Romine to go back to AAA and get to bat everyday.

          • Dave in VA says:

            I’ve been scratching my head over why Shoppach hasn’t caught on *anywhere* yet. Is no other team interested in picking him up for the rest of the season? (The Yankees need a short term band-aid, on the scale of 4-6 weeks, not 3 months.) If the Yankees haven’t at least talked to him (or his agent) then I need to beat the FO upside the head… but I do realize it’s possible that they *have* called, but Shoppach wasn’t highly interested in a temp job that’s likely to go away once Frankie returns from the DL.

        • emac2 says:

          Look at what you are saying.

          “it would be nice to let the kid have success at AAA”

          For who and why? this is about the major league club and the player would rather be in NY.

          “rather than rushing him like Romine”

          What does Romane have to do with JR? One is a stalled prospect with back problems from an era when none of his contemporaries worked out and the other is a young healthy guy who has been mashing all year.

          “It’s not good for a player’s development to rush him to the majors”

          Says who? What constitutes rushing? Lots of good players jump from AA. He did well at AA is doing better at AAA and the team is getting nothing from the catcher spot.

          Why do you think there is a risk in bumping him up for a week and seeing what happens? Who told you that this is destructive to a prospect?

          “especially to just be a backup”

          two questions here. What’s wrong with a week off to sit on the bench in the majors and maybe catch a game or two?

          Why would anyone assume Girardi is too stupid to make JR the starter when the team is floundering if he comes up and hits 275 with some power?

          Girardi is a smart guy and the fact that they prefer defense over hitting and like Stewart doesn’t mean he doesn’t understand baseball. If JR comes up and hits he will play. If he hits a lot, he will play a lot.

          I’m not trying to pick on you but I just don’t understand any portion of this oft repeated argument.

          I’m not saying bring him up no matter what but I think that a weak team needs to bring up players kicking butt in AAA to see if they can catch something and send them down if it doesn’t work. No one is getting married here and the roster spots we are saving for some pretty crummy guys are what prevents it from happening. Back on the articles topic, I think that you have to give guys like JR a shot before making trades.

          • Cool Lester Smooth says:

            JR Murphy is not the type of player who can jump from AA to the majors. Full stop.

            But, then again, you apparently think that Murphy, who hasn’t hit over .270 in a significant sample size since the first two months of 2011, can go from hitting .268 in AA to hitting .275 with power in the majors because of 2 hot weeks in AAA.

            So, yeah. I’m done engaging.

            • emac2 says:

              Dude! Stop!

              He’s not jumping from AA. He’s kicking ass in AAA. he spent parts of 2 years and 330 at bats in AA.

              Why do you say that I think he can hit anything in the majors just because I think he should be brought up for a couple of weeks to see what he can do?

              I agree it’s not a good idea to rush prospects but the idea that they are somehow ruined with a short major league trial is a flawed argument that assumes the examples would have worked out with more development time.

              The guy can hit and is ready for the major league challenge. It would be easier with a little more AAA time but not much different. His defense is really the question but with Girardi as the manager I think he will be well tutored in NY and might hit well enough to more than compensate.

              • Cool Lester Smooth says:

                He’s been in AAA for all of 15 games. So yes, I’d say that he’s essentially jumping straight from AA.

        • MannyGeee says:

          In fairness, Lettuce Kid has had at least 130 PAs in AAA. I would have wanted 400 or so before he come up, but desperate times…

          • emac2 says:

            I do think they’ve hurt him by keeping him up so long while struggling so much. Having someone fail for a couple of weeks can still be a learning experience. absolute failure for months can be tougher in addition to the hit on your reputation.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        “I bet he learns more in two weeks of major league ball than he does in a month of AAA. Girardi was a pretty good catcher you know.”

        So Romine must be really dense…..or something?

        • emac2 says:

          Someone’s dense. :) you couldn’t have assumed I meant that someone learns to hit when they don’t play.

          Do you think that Romine didn’t learn anything in his first two weeks? I guarantee he learned more than he would have in AAA.

          I never said JR should be brought up and used the way Romine is being used. He should be brought up for a week or two if he stays hot and play for a week or two after which he either becomes the starter or goes back down. If he hits 260-320-470 and the defense is pretty good he should start.

    • emac2 says:

      At least you could fix it in the off season instead of thinking he’s ready next year because he kicks ass and has a full development year to guarantee his success.

  21. ChrisS says:

    Ike Davis or Jesus Montero.

    I’d be all over getting Montero back and putting him at 1B.

    Cheap, potential, and talented.

    I want no part of any of the guys on this list unless it costs just a PTBN or a box of balls.

    • JohnnyC says:

      Getting Montero back from Seattle would definitely win the trade: getting us to give them yet another player or players to reacquire the player we traded them.

    • hogsmog says:

      Would you honestly be as interested in Montero if he’d come up with any other team besides the Yankees?

      I fantasize about bringing him back too, but sometimes have to remind myself that we might have dodged another Phil-Hughesian bullet.

      • Cool Lester Smooth says:

        He’ll turn into a respectable 4th starter?

      • ChrisS says:

        Sure thing. Highly rated prospects that have had a setback in the majors and are still younger than most AAA players still have some shine on ‘em. You know how many players are in the PCL that are younger than Montero? 8.

        He’s got a bum knee that’s been repaired, he’s been forced to work on his defense to be a C. Plus Safeco kills offensive production. There are a lot of extenuating circumstances.

        I’d much rather trade for a player like Montero than Marlon Byrd.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      Bloom’s off the Montero rose, but it’s not THAT MUCH off the Montero rose that it still wouldn’t hurt to re-acquire him.

      Unless they’d take a poorer man’s version of Pineda, straight-up, back, I’m not touching him right now.

      • MannyGeee says:

        OH MY GAWD, thats Dellin Betances’ music!!!

      • Cool Lester Smooth says:

        I hope you aren’t talking about Pineda himself, sinc I’d much rather keep him than Montero at this point.

        I’d be down to flip Nova and Austin for him, though

  22. Pseudoyanks says:

    Personally looking for Yanks to be sellers at deadline. Kuroda, Cano, Granderson, Hughes, Nova, CC, Joba all available and perhaps intriguing in various combinations.

    Prepare for next year thinking Jeter, Alex and Tex are only sure spots (concession to contract reality) and set aside a roster spot for a full time backup on left side of IF.

  23. Dalek Jeter says:

    2013 2010-2012 Potential Trade Targets. I fixed it for you Matt =P

    No, but in all seriousness, I personally have no interest in them giving up anything for Cuddyer, a big HELL NO for Mr. Byrd, and the only way I’m interested in the team acquiring Morneau or Willingham is if the Twins are picking most of/all of their salary and us giving like…a Cultiver back.

  24. D$1184 says:

    One thing Mike neglects to mention is Cuddyer’s versatility: he’s appeared in 242 games as a 1B, 79 as a second baseman, 171 at 3B, 9 in LF, 6 in center and 801 in RF (and he actually pitched in what I assume was a blow out game for the Twins in 2011 but that’s really neither here nor there). So presumably, even if the Yankees were “stuck” with him for 2014, they’d find some place to play him. But like other people have mentioned, the Rockies aren’t moving him while they are in the heat of the race in the NL West.

  25. Joel says:

    I don’t think the Yankees should trade for any of the above named players. Either the price tag is too high, or they just aren’t worth the deal. My choices would be to try and acquire Kendrys Morales from the Mariners to play 1st base. He’s hitting for a decent average and has some pop. Put him in Yankee Stadium and those power #s may explode. Next, I’d give the Dodgers a call and see what it would take to land Andre Eithier. It’s possible that should they not land Ricky Nolasco, then the Yankees could throw them a package of Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, and minor league pitcher Brett Marshall in return for Ethier and cash to offset his contract. Ethier is struggling this year, but a change of scenery(plus the short porch in right) could give a big boost to Ethier’s #’s. As an added move, the Yanks could then use Ichiro as a backup OF for all 3 positions. Other moves the team should make include releasing Travis Hafner, designate Adams for assignment, trade Curtis Granderson or put him on the waiver wire when he returns(might as well try and get something of value from him, no way the Yanks will resign him next year), acquire an everyday 3rd basemen, and make ARod the everyday 3rd basemen. Let’s face facts, he’ll be 38 by months end, he’s coming off of 2 hip surgeries overe the past 5 years, and his production has steadily declined since ’07. The best way to keep him healthy(and get max production from him seeing as there’s no way of getting rid of him) is for him to be a hitter only. It reduces the wear and tear on his hips and legs at least. O, and Micheal Pineda should be kept at Triple A until next year. No point in rushing him back and risking another injury.

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