Update: Alfonso Soriano has 2-3 days to approve trade to Yankees

Soriano would be a good start, but Yankees need more help before trade deadline
Game 102: LOLineup

Thursday: The Cubs have given Soriano two or three days to approve the trade to the Yankees, reports Gordon Wittenmyer. George King says he could be in pinstripes as soon as tomorrow. Chicago wants pitching, but the Bombers balked at giving them one of their better young arms like Preston Claiborne.

Wednesday: Via Carrie Muskat: The Yankees are included in the list of teams Alfonso Soriano willing to accept a trade to. He gave President of Baseball Ops Theo Epstein the list last night. It’s unclear which other teams are included. “It’s not 100%,” said Soriano when asked if he will be traded. He did say a deal is closer now than it has been in years past.

Soriano, 37, is not in Chicago’s lineup tonight, though supposedly it was the manager’s decision to give him a day to clear his head. The Yankees may or may not be close to acquiring their former second baseman, who would give them a much-needed power right-handed bat for the middle of the lineup. Soriano is hitting .254/.287/.467 (100 wRC+) with 17 homers and ten steals this season, including a 113 wRC+ against southpaws. He has full no-trade protection via his ten-and-five rights.

Soriano would be a good start, but Yankees need more help before trade deadline
Game 102: LOLineup
  • Revan

    So the Yankees are not selling believing they can still win a championship while trying their hardest to not upgrade 3B by letting ARod play.

    • Winter

      I’m done believing anything I hear on the A-Rod drama. For all we know there actually was some concern about A-Rod’s quad and the reason nothing showed up on the MRI is because they shut him down in time.

      • Preston

        After having a night to sleep on it I’m totally disregarding that story. A-Rod is a crazy person. The Yankees announced A-Rod was returning Monday, they were prepared for him to return. He complained of quad tightness and asked to DH that Saturday, then he asked for a day off on Sunday. The Yankees didn’t invent the injury. Were the Yankees supposed to disregard it and let him play on Monday? They gave him an MRI and the Doctor saw a strain, I don’t think the doctor is disregarding his professional duties to keep A-Rod out. And the Yankees are doing this for what reason? They have to know A-Rod isn’t going to cut a deal, or go down without fighting a suspension, so they can’t possibly keep him out in time for a suspension to begin. Eventually he’s going to play. The other option is that Alex is paranoid and thinks everybody is out to get him even though they aren’t. I’ll take option two.

    • Paco Dooley

      His slow bat speed and generally poor play in his rehab presumably has contributed to this. They probably don’t feel like they are missing much with him out of action.

  • Former ACE MannyGeee

    According to my sources (Suzyn Waldman, @ 8:40pm) the Yankees are the ONLY team on his list that have made an offer. That said… Suzyn Waldman.

    • Gonzo

      OMG, is that Alfonso Soriano in owner’s box!

  • Chris Z

    I hope he comes back. Francessa had a great point today: if they do get him the Yankees will “acquire” a SS, 3B, CF and a DH/OF in 2 weeks.

    I understand what the value of selling is but I am reluctant to throw in the towel with the best Yankees on the shelf still.

    • Jacob the OG

      I hat the idea that if a player is coming off the DL the team is essentially trading for a new player. That player is COMING OFF OF THE DISABLED LIST! They are more often than not going to be less than 100% and it is foolish to bank on an injured player to help you, if your team is “trading” for injured players to fix their problems you should question their dedication to winning.

      • Johnny Wise

        eye roll

      • OldYanksFan

        Well, at least they are well rested!

      • Deathstroke Heathcott

        I “hat” the idea too but they’ll hopefully at least be upgrades over what we’re trotting out there right now, coming off injuries or not.

  • OldYanksFan

    Well, with a .750 OPS, he fits right in with our lineup. But still, there is little to lose, so something is better than nothing.

  • trr

    Take a lot more than this , believe me

  • Robinson Tilapia

    I’d say the Yankees balking at Claiborne is a pretty good sign of what the Yankees are willing to give up.

    Sorry, Mikey.

    *hugs box*

  • CashmanSUX

    So let me get this straight… Alfonso Soriano has, according to multiple reliable accounts, given the Cubs a list of teams to which he would accept a trade and the Yankees are on that list.

    However, according to George King, a the Cubs have given Soriano “2 or 3 days” to approve a trade to the Yankees, even though he had already given them a list, approving a trade to the Yankees.

    That makes about as much sense as most of the unreliable BS George King “reports.”

    • A.D.

      Was thinking the same thing, no one reporting terms are agreed but that someone who has said they’d accept a trade to the Yanks needs to accept said trade

    • Chris Z.

      He probably gave them a list of teams that he would waive his NT for just so the Cubs aren’t wasting their time with other teams. It does not mean he gave the green light and signed away his NT already. He still can veto the deal. Jsut because he said to them he would go does not mean he said he will go.

    • Evan3457

      Believe it or don’t, aside from his contractual no-trade rights and list, Soriano also now has separate 10-and-5 protection.

      So, YES, he still has to approve the trade.

  • jsbrendog

    I wonder who it is. This is way better than listening to everyone complain and say why they think the yankees should sell. seriously, that thread i could not take.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I actually think this morning’s thread wasn’t bad.

      • jsbrendog

        it wasn’t the level of bad just the same people saying the same things about the same topic over and over. Just not my cup o tea so i glanced and after a few just moved along. greatest thing about the interwebs, if you don’t like something, you don’t have to read it and then go comment on how much it sucks. haha

  • ClayDavis

    Look at today’s lineup. Unreal. How can this team not be unloading guys? The Yankees should be the most active seller, by a freaking mile.

    • I’m One

      Right. Because selling 2 active players (Kurodo & Cano), they will get enough a return to be contenders again in a year or 2.

      Please explain this to me. Hughes & Joba are not going to provide much of a return. Who else should they sell?

      • Gonzo

        No team has ever come back from three back of a playoff spot this late in the season. EVER! Let’s not act like it’s April or May.

        • I’m One

          Exactly. Let’s not pretend this is even remotely possible. Just look at the history of the game!

    • Mr. Roth

      Although the anarchist part of me would love to see the Yankees blow the team up just to see what would happen, I hardly think think that is a good idea at this point.

      All the pieces that the Yankees would want to sell will be either 1 year rentals, no-trade clause protected, a terrible contract, or some combination of the three. There is either no deal to be made, or no deal really worth making that would help to “rebuild”.

      • mitch

        There’s no blowing things up. The biggest problems aren’t going away for a few years. Besides, this isn’t the NBA where you need to bottom out.

        This probably isn’t the year, but it’s not worth giving up yet. Add what you can this season and then add some more in the off season. Just avoid Arod-type contracts and the Yankees will remain competitive every year.

        • Mr. Roth

          There is a blowing things up.

          I said I didn’t think it was a good idea, but it is definitely something that could be attempted.

    • King George

      Because they’re 7GB in the East and 3.5GB in the WC. Hardly out of it…and they have a 3B, SS, OF, C, and if they get Soriano, a DH/OF. That’s all in less than 2 weeks time with about 8 weeks in the season to go. Have a little perspective.

      • Chris Z.

        THANK YOU!

        Selling is one thing, if you have players to sell and will allow you to rebuild. Why swap out Joba for a player who we can all say will probably never turn into a reliable MLBer? Same with Hughes. Cano is the only one worth anything and clearly the Yankees are looking at him as the next “true yankee” after Jeter leaves. They need SOMEONE to carry the torch and put buts in the seats.


    Crazy how long it takes to complete a trade of this minitude. It’s not Joe D. for Teddy Ballgame. No wonder nothing ever gets done.

    • I’m One

      Yeah, I’m with you. Although I guess the money the Cubs will pay makes it a bit more difficult.

  • Darren

    Remember the home run Alfonso hit against Tampa Bay in extra innings when he first came up? He was a damn exciting player.

    And also, didn’t he come up as a shortstop? Maybe he play there til Jeter gets back. (I know, I know)

    • Rick in Philly

      He’s played a handful of games at SS, the last time was in 2000. I think when Jeter was injured in 2003 (the shoulder injury), it was Almonte who covered.

  • Gonzo

    The one non-baseball thing I remember about Soriano is that he spit really cool.

  • CashmanSUX

    The Yankees best hope of getting better is Brian Cashman’s rope breaking this Christmas!

    • Shittyshittybangbang

      Wow ! What does “fan” stand for ?

  • stuart a

    lineup today as impressive as usual. I thought thomas neal was goind to DH against lefties? I mean what does slap hitter wells need to do to sit? sure he is getting on base more recently but the guy has zero power and when I say gettting on base more then before the key word is more, still he sucks.

    GIVE nEAL 1 GAME, wtf.What is to lose.

    put adams at 3b and sit lillibridge he sucks also…

    kuroda better pitch a shutout . 6 runs in 3 games in the launching pad called arlington with no homers, the offense is clicking on all cylinders right now. btw overbay is awful against lefties, and when he is off he has no chance of getting a hit…

  • CONservative governMENt

    If the prospects are less than a Claiborne then I’m ok with playing out the season without a firesale.

    If the Dodgers sign Alexander Guerrero to play 2B, which is the rumor, Cano might find a tough market for his reported demands.

    • Mikhel

      They already signed Alexander, it has not been made official but my sources told me the Dodgers are waiting on a medical exam to make it official but it will not affect his signing (it will be made public in one to three days).

  • the Other Steve S.

    so does this mean we won the trade, Like the Roberto Kelly for O’Neil trade?

    • Gonzo

      It depends on how many water coolers Alfonso smashes.

  • stuart a

    on the cano front if the stupid steinbrenner does not get involved Cano is not getting close to 8 years and $200 mill +..

    he is simply not worth it neither is anyone else btw.

    cano should get 6 yrs $120 mill and that is an overpay…

  • Shittyshittybangbang

    Lest we forget who’s pulling strings for The Cubs. Little Theo is gonna try to impale us like his name is Vlad.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      The Yanks balked at Claiborne. How’s not-so-boy-anymore-wonder going to impale us?

      • Shittyshittybangbang

        Why ……., with an impaler of course !!! But rest assured that Epstein (cue Biloxi Blues, Chis Walken asking the eternal question) was “shopping” our offer in efforts of engaging others, and making us increase our offer (money and prospect/s). Sneaky fuck. Why can’t we be that smart ?!

      • Preston

        Righty MRP prospects are the new market inefficiency, and Theo is going to exploit it all the way to breaking the curse of the billy goat!

  • Paco Dooley

    He’s a nice addition – not a major one, but an upgrade. The question is whether he is worth the cost, and I have to see who gets traded before I decide on that.

    If the deal goes through, I’ll be annoyed that they didn’t make it happen earlier than this given their struggles to score runs.

  • mitch

    CF Gardner
    SS Jeter
    2B Cano
    LF Granderson
    DH Soriano
    1B Overbay
    RH Ichiro
    3B Adams/Nix
    C Cervelli

    That’s not a horrible lineup. Find a real 3B and it’s probably not far off from the upper-tier offenses.

    • Chris Z.

      Assuming A-Rod never comes back to rotate through 3b. That was my point up top. The Yanks selling because everyone is hurt isn’t the best idea. Go for it. Why the hell not?

  • bring back the bullpen car

    July 19, 1978…Yanks 14!! freakin games out of 1st place….WE WILL COME BACK!!!

    • Winter

      Fire Girardi! Hire Bob Lemon!

      What, Bob Lemon’s dead? Hire Girardi again!

  • Mike

    A-Rod was never a Yankee and he’s a disgrace. The best option is he suspended for life and the Yankees void the remainder of his contract

    • Winter

      You are only allowed to renounce A-Rod if you give up the 2009 WS. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    • jsbrendog

      hmmm, i’m pretty sure it says right here on the two contracts he played under for the yankees that he was a yankee. still is too.

      how about that?

  • Eddard

    Soriano is a true Yankee and would help us out tremendously. We know he can be clutch from 2001 but after more than a decade in mediocrity can he regain his clutchness? I think he can. Make the deal so he can ply against Tampa.

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  • Mikhel

    I don’t know, even if the report says it is not Claiborne, I think he might be the one.