Sanchez and DePaula crack Baseball America’s midseason top 50 prospects list


Baseball America published their midseason list of baseball’s top 50 prospects today (no subs. req’d), a list that is topped by Twins OF Byron Buxton. The second overall pick in last year’s draft has taken over as the game’s consensus top prospect with Jurickson Profar now a big leaguer. Cardinals OF Oscar Taveras and Twins 3B Miguel Sano round out the top three. Yeah, Minnesota has two of the three best prospects in the game.

The Yankees placed two players on the top 50: C Gary Sanchez (#34) and RHP Rafael DePaula (#45). “Reports are more optimistic that he could stay behind the plate long-term.,” they said about Sanchez, who climbed from #57 on the preseason list. It’s not surprising that none of the team’s top three outfield prospects made the list, especially since only one (Mason Williams at #32) was in the top 50 of the preseason list. None of the three has done anything to improve their stock this year. Sanchez and DePaula definitely have though.

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  1. Cool Lester Smooth says:


    I gotta say, though, even with Buxton’s breakout I think the Astros made the right move picking Correa; McCullers>>Berrios.

    • Preston says:

      I’ve read several scouts say that they would trade Houston’s top 4 picks in that draft for Buxton no questions asked. Although I think it’s silly to evaluate the decision on outcome. The Astros decided that they wanted to get quantity rather than go all in on Buxton, and Correa is definitely an elite prospect as well, so the logic is sound even if Buxton becomes a superstar.

      • Cool Lester Smooth says:

        Correa’s a full year younger and should stick at SS. It’s basically “either Trout or both Machado and Trevor Rosenthal.”

        Whichever one you choose, it won’t be the wrong decision.

    • Greg says:

      I think you’re really underrating Berrios

    • busta brown nose says:

      Check the numbers. They could have had LMJr and Buxton. The difference was probably Ruiz.

  2. Conor in China says:

    Nice to have some good prospect news.

  3. dkidd says:

    i saw the name lance mccullers and had a vietnam-style flashback

  4. Robinson Tilapia says:

    Maybe they’ll be even higher on the next list, while a couple of the outfielders make the bloggers pay for doubting them.

    Maybe our boy Jagelio starts making inroads towards this list by next season.

    • I'm One says:

      And maybe we’ll also be chanting “Here Comes da Judge”!

    • Electric Nunez ll says:

      I dunno about Sanchez. To me he is looking more and more like a guy with plus power and only about average in all the other categories, this with the assumption of continued defensive improvement to stick at the position long-term.

      I know this all plays up because of the position he plays, but I’m unconvinced as of yet he is a great prospect.

      • Ghost says:

        As a catcher, that kind of package screams valuable productive big leaguer.

      • Pseudoyanks says:

        I’ll take Mike Stanley type production but with better early years and a longer peak.

        • Electric Nunez ll says:

          Man, you’re right, his peak didn’t last long but it was something when Stanley got hip of the jet stream in right center at the old stadium…

          And yes, I think Sanchez has a good chance to be a valuable player at his position, but like with Montero (I know, no comparison athlete-wise and likely ability to play the position-wise) I think the hoped-for Next Piazza comparisons will die a slow death…

          • OhioYanks says:

            Piazza was arguably the best hitting C of all time (only Posey has a higher career wRC+). Some people might be saying that Sanchez’s upside is Piazza (which might be even be unfair, but it’s an everything goes right outcome), but I don’t think many people think his most likely case is to be the best hitting C of all time. Certainly BA doesn’t if they have him ranked at #34 among prospects in baseball right now.

            • Caballo Sin Nombre says:

              To be fair, nobody thought 20-year old Piazza had a chance to be the best hitting C of all time. And Piazza’a top (and only) BA 100 ranking, at age 23, was #38.

              • OhioYanks says:

                Yeah. That’s pretty much what I said. That people might mention it as his ceiling (everything going right), but not as the most likely case scenario.

                That Piazza exceeded expectations doesn’t really change out expectations for Sanchez. He might exceed our expectations like Piazza, but he also might bust. So we look at the probability of different outcomes, and shoot towards the middle of the distribution as the most likely outcome.

          • Robinson Tilapia says:

            Anyone who seriously believed a Piazza comparison needs to be slapped to a slow death.

        • Ghost says:

          Since the comp has already been thrown out here, if Sanchez ever produces identical career number to Mike Stanley then we should all rejoice because that would mean he had a pretty damn good career. Of any one had Mike Piazza dreams for Sanchez then I think they are going off highly unreasonable expectations.

      • Cool Lester Smooth says:

        He’s in the FSL, that reduces performance in every other category.

        Sano, Baez and Franco are the only 20 year olds who have been more productive in the FSL this season, and none of them have to play catcher.

      • OhioYanks says:

        It plays WAY up because of the position he plays, and also because he’s still quite young. If you’re a full-time C who can hit above league average, you’re basically somewhere in the 5-10 range at your position in the league.

        They’ve also got him at #34, so it’s not like he’s a top, top prospect. A very good one, sure. He’s got huge potential if it all comes together for him, but also a fairly high floor for a 20 year old in A ball as a guy that no one really seems to be questioning as a long-term C anymore.

      • Cool Lester Smooth says:

        Also, a guy who has plus power and is about average in all the other categories is an all-star catcher. He’s named 2009-11 Brian McCann, 2012 AJ Pierzynski or 2013 Jason Castro.

        That is the definition of a great prospect.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        You say that like it’s a bad thing.

  5. Derbs1221 says:

    Am I the only one that still gets annoyed that we lost the sano sweepstakes to the twins?

    • Andrew Brotherton says:

      It sucks yeah, if I remember correctly the Yankees went after him and Sanchez that year and as his price-tag went up they bowed out and snatched up Gary Sanchez. I wish they had went for both as we have a hole at 3rd and Sano is a monster.

    • OhioYanks says:

      We can play that game all day, and so can fans from a lot of other teams. You’ll get the occasional Sano, sure, but there are probably far more Ynao’s they didn’t sign who we selectively forget.

      • Robinson Tilapia says:

        Of course. You can’t have all the successes and miss all the failures. No one has that track record.

        • OhioYanks says:

          My point was just that if you get annoyed at the successes that they miss, you are sort of playing that game. If you’re always annoyed about the misses you’re basically either supposing they should have that kind of a track record (only signing successes and missing failures), or that they should sign just about all the guys out there (and I know a lot of Yankees fans do somehow feel justified in that attitude).

  6. Electric Nunez ll says:

    Man, you’re right, his peak didn’t last long but it was something when Stanley got hip to the jet stream in right center at the old stadium…

    And yes, I think Sanchez has a good chance to be a valuable player at his position, but like with Montero (I know, no comparison athlete-wise and likely ability to play the position long term-wise) I think the hoped-for Next Piazza comparisons will die a slow death…

  7. yooboo says:

    Yet, Future’s game did not recognize Sanchez. smh!

  8. Preston says:

    It’s easy to look at his triple slash and be disappointed in Sanchez’s season since he’s repeating the level. But he has significantly lowered his K’s, raised his BBs and is hitting for more power. The only reason his line looks anywhere similar to last season’s is because of a 50 point drop in BABIP. The guy has improved his approach a lot this year, it just isn’t obvious because of some bad luck.

  9. Rick Kanner says:

    It seems to be that all our highly rated prospects, most notably prospects Mason Williams, Slade Heathcott, Tyler Austin and a bunch of others are doing better as the season progresses, but none of them got off to a very good start. Now I can’t believe that all of them would get off to such a bad start. Is there something that the Yankees are not doing to better prepare their prospects for opening the season. It just seems that all their top people got off too bad starts and that is a lot of coincidence.

    • Preston says:

      Not really, Mason Williams was returning from a shoulder injury and hadn’t played at A+ that much. Slade Heathcott has missed huge amounts of time and starting him at AA was agressive though understandable given his hot finish to last year and his performance in the AZFL. The fact that both struggled isn’t that surprising. Hopefully they make adjustments and improve in the second half. Austin hasn’t really been that bad at AA considering his age and the fact that he’s in a park that really saps power. Sancez is much improved in approach if not fully in results (see my post above) so I think we have two guys who are succeeding and two that are struggling for understandable reasons.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      If you were to be promoted into a new position next week, would it be any guarantee that you’d start off all guns blazing, or would there be a period of adjustment?

      What can a team really do to prepare someone for a higher level other than actually putting them there? The player is going to go through their own process in making those adjustments. You can’t make them for them any faster. Are some quicker than others at making those adjustments? Sure. It’s tortoise and hare, though (or MOOCHEEPOOTIEMOOCHEEPOOTIE….ah, too much Yo Gabba Gabba.) It’s not how quickly you make that adjustment that matters, in the end. It’s how well.

      • Preston says:

        Yup, the minors are teaching leagues. If the player comes in and mashes he probably wasn’t promoted agressively enough. The problem only arises when players don’t adjust after their slow starts.

        • Robinson Tilapia says:

          The only recourse there is to endlessly bash them in the DOTF threads.

          • Preston says:

            I love how so many people on the site post nightly updates on the future forecast of DBJr and Culver. So thoughtful of them.

  10. Bo Knows says:

    Speaking of De Paula, where has he been? He hasn’t pitched in almost 10 days

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