Yankees officially activate Jeter, send Preston Claiborne to Triple-A

8/26-8/28 Series Preview: Toronto Blue Jays
Game 131: The Captain Returns, Part III

As expected, the Yankees have officially activated Derek Jeter and his strained calf off the 15-day DL. He is in tonight’s lineup, batting second and playing shortstop. Preston Claiborne was sent to Triple-A Scranton to clear a roster spot. Their season ends one week from today, so Claiborne will be eligible to return to the club next Tuesday, before the ten-day period expires.

8/26-8/28 Series Preview: Toronto Blue Jays
Game 131: The Captain Returns, Part III

    Makes sense sending him down and keeping Joba(sarcasm)

    Remember, every game counts right now

    • trr

      As Mike wrote, then we should act like it and keep Claiborne

    • podjoe

      Joba has no options left you idiots

      • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

        He has all of his options left, though he does possess the right to refuse a minor league assignment.

        I believe the get rid of Joba folks want him DFA’d anyways, in which case options don’t matter.

  • umbrelladoc

    I haven’t seen a good reason why they didn’t send down Warren instead of Claiborne. Warren has options left, right? Girardi will use Claiborne in a tight winnable game, (say 4-4 after 5, Hughes at 100 pitches) whereas he has shown less willingness to do that with Warren. You have Huff as the long man – who should be ready to go since enough days have passed since the doubleheader. You don’t even have to mess with Joba.

  • the Real Greg

    Now of course the only reason we are complaining about this is because of the effect on this team. This move has no long term implications.

    I just don’t think Cashman wants to release him and show that he was wrong.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting (but mostly hitting)

      Still doesn’t explain demoting Claiborne instead of Warren.

  • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

    Cashman Failed

  • EndlessJose

    I wonder if Joba has dirt on Cashman.

  • Erich von Steiner

    Has Hughes cleared waivers? he soooooooooooooo needs to go!