Fan Confidence Poll: September 23rd, 2013

Spoiled: Yankees fall to Giants as Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte say goodbye
Sabathia done for season with Grade II left hamstring strain

Record Last Week: 3-3 (18 RS, 14 RA)
Season Record: 82-74 (637 RS, 648 RA, 77-79 pythag. record), 12.5 GB ALE/4.0 GB WC
Opponents This Week: Mon. OFF, vs. Rays (three games, Tues. to Thurs.), @ Astros (three games, Fri. to Sun.)

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Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the team. You can view the interactive Fan Confidence Graph anytime via the nav bar above, or by clicking here. Thanks in advance for voting.

Spoiled: Yankees fall to Giants as Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte say goodbye
Sabathia done for season with Grade II left hamstring strain
  • Eddard

    I’m at a 0 and only because there’s not a lower option. They’ve been eliminated from the postseason and barely put up a fight in Andy and Mo’s last seasons. Going forward, there will be no motivation to fire Cashman and Girardi even though a regime change is sorely needed.

    They’re just going to keep going down the same path of mediocrity for the next few years. They’ll give Robbie an 8 year deal and watch him significantly decline after 3. They’ll continue to throw money at 30+ year old FAs rather than building through the farm and young ballplayers. CC’s best years are behind him. Teixera’s best years are behind him. Jeter’s best years are behind him. A-Rod’s best years are behind him. Cano’s best years are behind him. Granderson’s best years are behind him. And there ain’t no one to replace those guys.

    • I’m One

      Thank you, Eddard, for once again giving us all insight into what the Yankees front office will informing do over the next few years. No need to watch the games anymore. At least not until Cano is gone after the 2021 season.

      BTW, will the Yankees ever get rid of Girardi? Will Cahsman remain GM or get moved up? Do all these predictions stay the same even if those things change? Will the team be sold? What will the new owners do? Who will they sign for key decision making positions? What direction will they take with free agents? Why should I bother to follow the team when I can rely on you for all the answers?

      Once again, thank you. You make this so interesting.

      • pat

        IP check these two posts. I bet they’re the same person.

        • I’m One

          Not at all. We’re not even in the same part of the country. And I would never have come up with Eddards “Lewis and Clark” comparison.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Wrong on that one. I’m One has been around this site, under several names, for several years now and is an excellent commenter.

          • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

            Yup. And lord knows who the heck is the drug-induced crazy behind Eddard.

            • I’m One

              But you do have to admit, Eddard frequently gives us all something to comment or laugh about. He does tend to make the comment sections of this site a bit more interesting from time to time.

              • Winter


                Oh, they’re down by two in the second. Season over. Fire Cash and Girardi bums.

          • Winter

            Eddard’s going for the long con.

            • I’m a looser baby so why don’t you kill me?


    • LarryM Fl

      Eddard, You do believe this roster made up 11 third basemen and 8 shortstops did not put up a fight with all the injuries. You are not very objective. 4 guys who bat in the first 5 slots in the order were missing for 100 games or more.

      I guess they did not put up a fight.

    • Pee Wee Herman Ruth

      Jeter’s best years are behind him.

      But, weren’t they great?

      • I’m One

        +1. We’ve all been extremely lucky to witness the greatness of this team since ~’95, especially Mo, Jeter, Pettitte, Bernie and Posada, to go along with a cast of supporting players, such as Bernie, Cone, Musina, Wells (David, not Vernon), etc. It’s been a fun ride. Definitely sorry to see it go.

      • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead


    •!/Clay_Bellinger Clay Bellinger

      Someone’s got a case of the Mondays!!

      • Winter

        It’s Eddard. He may just have a case of the 9:46-am’s.

  • I’m One

    I’m still taking a longer term view of this. While the playoffs are all but impossible this season, longer term I expect the Yankees will continue to be a winning organization. It may not happen in ’14 or perhaps not even ’15, but they will build back to a perennial contender in the not too distant future. Therefore, I remain at a 7.

  • LarryM Fl

    I voted 5 but my heart felt lower. It is not about Andy and MO moving to another part of their lives. That is a given. We all do it throughout our life.We just do not realize some of the movements. They occur so seamless. It was Joel Sherman’s article about the Yankees prospects for 2014 based on their present roster and available free agent market. Will Cano remain a Yankee? Three 40 year olds on the 25 man roster. Two of them are signed because of the owners and not Cashman. Soriano is good. Ichiro is bad and sinking fast. Sign Ryan as a stop gap for Jeter if he does not workout. Jeter is one of my favorite all time Yanks and I go way back to Whitey, Yogi and Mickey. But to consider Jeter as the regular shortstop for the Yanks is wrong. Teix. will decline even further. I know these are just words by a guy who watches baseball and reports. Also can Cashman and the front office get it together

    This is my main reason for being a bit down about my confidence. There are 6 games to go and I picked the Yanks to win 84-87 games. So 85 seems about right. Not bad for a broken down old team.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    7. I don’t really see a point in considering less than ten games to go in a “Confidence Meter” but, if you want to hear me say, “yeah, I’m about a 2 on that one,” there you go. You can give me an “9,” though, on the “I raise my glass to a team that most fans thought would be dead in May pushing a playoff spot in late September” scale.

    Moving forward? 7. 6, which is slightly above even money, on 2014, and 8 for whatever the hell “overall future” means, because I steadfastly believe this team will be doing more than being in dogfights for WC spots in September sooner than some think.

    • Steve

      Nice to see you’re no longer “even money” on this season. Also predictable that dropping from even money to a 2 hasn’t moved the needle at all.

      • I’m One

        For those of us that look at the request to vote how confident we are in the team and decide that the future weighs more heavily than this one season, yes, 7 is pretty predictable.

      • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

        Someone doesn’t know how weighted averages work. This season plays less and less of a part in our confidence as it gets closer to the end, because it’s a certainty, it happened, it’s over. Next year’s weight takes on much more importance as a result.

        Of course, I could have just ignored you because that would have had the same effect on your crush on RT.

    • lightSABR

      I want to share your confidence about 2015 and later, but I just can’t. Not until the front office shows that they have some sort of a plan going forward, and not until the farm system shows that it can regularly produce serviceable major leaguers outside of the bullpen. (I’m not even asking for stars–just reliably league-average types instead of the Phil Hughes and David Adamses of the world.)

      At the moment, though, I still suspect Hal is treating the Yankees as a cash cow, a business where further investment isn’t cost effective, so you just milk it for all it’s worth without putting anything back in. I suspect he thinks that the current strategy of fielding big names at the end of their careers is a good way to keep the seats filled relatively cheaply, and to keep the Yankees close enough to playoff contention that the TV ratings stay high.

      I have nothing but admiration for (most of) this year’s team. They’ve done better than anyone should have expected given the circumstances. But I just don’t see any reason to expect the next few years to be better than this one, and I see plenty of reasons to fear they’ll be worse. Am I wrong? I’d love to hear an argument for optimism if you have one.

      • Mike B.

        Yes, I don’t think Hal is as committed to success as was his dad. And I agree that there does not seem to be any plan at all in the front office folks (from Cashman on up). As I said in some earlier posts, at my age (58) I can see some disturbing parallels between this team and the team of 1965. And we all know what took place after 1965 (slide to the bottom, weak farm system, no signings of top-notch players)…. Perhaps it won’t be that bad, but it IS a possibility.

        • Kenny

          Anyone notice how many Steinbrenners showed up yesterday? Lots of ’em. All needing to be kept in the style to which they’re accustomed.

          Agree it looks 1965ish.

          Still (contradiction or not) have some hope the FO will pull off some winter magic, whether via trade or FA signings. Won’t go lower than 4 until it’s clear the FO has no interest in serious improvements.

          Gotta say, though, I don’t agree with Mike’s it’ll-never-happen-again pessimism. In the 30s and 40s and 50s Yanks had some great farm systems and great and imaginative GMs. It’s not out of the question they can do that again.

          • Mike B.

            Did I say it would never happen again? I mean even the slide that started in 1965 was eventually reversed. Right now, it seems to me, there is no real plan in place.

            By the way, you are right about the number of Steinbrenners who showed up for the ceremony. And boy oh boy did Hal look lost!

        • lightSABR

          I don’t know if I see a 60s-era slide coming. What I see is a string of 85-win seasons, always close to playoff contention but never quite getting there, or at least never getting there with any prayer of success.

          I get that a quick two-year rebound like the Red Sox have just had isn’t a sure-fire thing – the Sux have been lucky as well as smart – and that maybe it was too risky for management to pursue it by selling at the deadline. I just wish I didn’t suspect that management isn’t capable of pursuing a plan like that even if it were doable, just because they can’t get their act together enough to agree on any long-term plan.

  • Dars

    The Yankees need to have a 2 year plan and by 2015 can have a stacked up team again. This offseason I would go after Matt Garza, Brian McAnn and Carlos Beltran/Nelson Cruz. All 3 can be fit in will all the money off the books. McAnn and Beltran/Cruz with Tex, Jeter, Soriano and Cano plus Gardner gives a solid team although not elite for 2014. Gardner will decline as his speed goes but for 2014 he still should be fine. You can get by 2014 with Jeter and Ryan at SS and perhaps bring back Reynolds and use Adams at 3B. Garza with CC, Nova and Phelps are a decent rotation, add Pineda. I would add a reclamation project like Halladay/Johnson or Haren to round it up. I think all of this can be done and still meet the 2014 goal of 189M.

    In 2015 we will need to have the farm start contributing. At least with one outfielder. Tyler Austin is my best bet. Also we will need another starter to come forward, likely Manny Banuelos. I would then sign Colby Rasmus, Chase Headley and Asdrubal Cabrera in the 2014 offseason. Supposedly in 2015 we are full of cash again.
    The 2015 team would look like this:
    OF: Rasmus, Cruz/Beltran and Austin
    IF: Headley, Cabrera, Cano, Teixeira, McAnn
    SP: Nova, Pineda, Banuelos, Sabathia and Garza

    Late 2015 you start bringing other pieces like Gary Sanchez, Mason Williams.

    I do not think the mess is as big as they are making it to be. It will require some solid recruiting and contracting though, but fixable as soon as next year we could have a different looking team already.

    • mitch

      Agreed. I don’t know why everyone is already writing off 2014 and 2015 as lost years. They can easily patch together good teams while transitioning to a new generation of players at the same time.

      I’m hopeful that they’ll start developing the farm better and guys like Sanchez and Austin will become part of the future core, but they shouldn’t just sit back and wait for it to happen. Stay competitive and add those guys to the mix when they’re ready.

    • Kosmo

      I´ve always been a big fan of Beltran BUT he´s up there in years and tends to be brittle. To me Jagielo trumps Headley, Jags should be ready by 2015 to take over at 3B. Haren no, Johnson no, Halladay maybe. The sooner NY dumps Reynolds a happier camper I will be.

      McCann will want a 4 to 5 year commitment. Sanchez is 2 years away right now pursuing McCann doesn´t make a hell of a lot of sense to me.
      Garza yes, Cruz maybe, Tanaka yes.

      • I’m One

        Even with Sanchez beeing ~2 years away, I’d take a run at McCann. He can be moved to 1B/DH when his time behind the plate is done. Agree with the rest of your assessment. Just hope the Jagielo turns out to be at least a servicable starting MLB third baseman. And I’d hate to see both Reynolds and Granderson being top 5 (or 3 or 2) in the league in strikeouts on the same team.

        • Mike B.

          Agree about McCann.

      • Laz

        I have high hopes for Sanchez, but I’m not going to sit around and not sign a guy because we expect him in 2 years.

      • I’m a looser baby so why don’t you kill me?

        Jagielo starting 3B in 2015. On the Yankees??? Tad optimistic methinks.

    • Mike B.

      You have a decent plan! Would you like to be our GM?

  • JLC 776

    All in all, this team is still several wins better than where I thought they’d be. I know it’s tough to not succumb to short-term market volatility, but big picture to me is that this team overachieved.

    Not too excited about next year, but I hope we get to see the occasional glimmer of a better future (ala 1993).

  • Bob Buttons

    5 for 2014. Less and less great FAs out there each year and we really don’t have many good young players yet.

    7 after 2015. A lot can happen in 2 years especially with our pocket and a lot of money off the table.

    I know I’ve been on the other side of the fence for a long time now but wow, we’re kinda fucked for 2014.

  • Kosmo

    Overbay hasn´t gotten a meaningful hit in how long?

    I think Wells has hit 1 HR 1 ! since May

    Ichiro can´t hit a ball out of the infield.

    Youkilis was MIA

    as was Hafner.

    Granderson is the K master along with Reynolds.

    Adams, Cruz, Francisco, Brignac, Nelson, Lillibridge, Gonzalez, Neal, Ishikawa some are absolutely the worst players to ever wear the pinstripes.

    Yesterday´s loss was for me the low point of the season. Right now the Yanks are really just a .500 ballclub at best.
    Major changes are in order for the coming season. I was on the fence regarding Girardi returning next year but now I´m hoping NY let´s him walk. We can argue this all we want but to me his bullpen management and his starting lineups day in day out should be called into question. His almost insane use of Wells and others is a head scratcher. He has a kid who can pump high 90´s gas with a good breaking ball rotting in the nether regions of the BP. Adios to Hughes and Joba not going to miss either of you or wax over what might have been.

    Moving forward and looking ahead to 2014 and beyond I remain reasonable optimistic, hopefully with a little luck from the farm system and picking the right FAs NY can turn it around as soon as 2015.

    7 for the future. Right now I can´t find a fitting number.

    • Mike B.

      You make some good points, Kosmo.

  • JFH

    I was a 6 all year last year. I adjusted to a 4 after the weak offseason we had, and remained at 4 all year.

    I am amazed that we have won as many games as we have, and appreciate the effort the players made this year. But, I really do not see things changing in the near future. This is the least amount of confidence I have had for the Yankees since the late 80’s. It simply seems to me that the leadership does not know in what direction they want to go, other than cut payroll and we do not have a solid talent base on the farm to address the many needs we have, as we reduce payroll.

    • toad

      I agree with most of this.

      I voted 4. My major concern is that I don’t see management knowing how to deal the new realities of fewer FA’s, higher luxury taxes, etc. It seems obvious that effort needs to be redirected to evaluating and developing young talent, as well as IFA’s. I’m sure management knows that, but I have seen little evidence that they know how to do it.

      They’ve blown it on IFA’s, and the farm system is far from championship calibre. And it’s not all poor draft position. There’s a lot to do to get the Yankees back to consistent, solid postseason play. Maybe mangement can do it, but I’ll have to be shown.

      • Mike B.

        Amen, toad!

  • Chris Z.

    Here is my only question. Is Mo going to pitch no matter what on Thursday?

  • Vern Sneaker

    I’ve stayed at 4 most of the year and continue at 4. My criteria is the likelihood of us making the playoffs, for which we are marginal without major upgrades at key positions.

    • I’m One

      I understand your criteria, but what’s your time frame? This season? No upgrades coming. Next year? The next 2 years? 3-5 years?

  • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals

    It’ll be fun to compare all the irrationally low numbers today with the first Monday after a blockbuster signing or trade in the middle of hot stove…

  • VaYankeeFan

    I’ve been a 5 or 6 all season, but now I aee no need in this poll. All is done for this season. Where the Yankees go is all up to the Stines!? Major changes MUST take place to be a contending team the next few years. May be the owners & FO no longer care about the most powerful & respected ML Baseball team ever!! Time will tell? I wish the best of health to Andy & MO as they begin the next chapter of their lives. It’s going be damn hard to watch next season without those two and perhaps others? GO YANKEES…………………..

  • Bavarian Yankee

    still a 6.

    we’re done this season but I don’t expect them to be any worse next year. If they stay healthy they will be contenders again. A lot of money is coming off the books and there are some decent FAs on the market. No superstars (aside of Cano) but there are some players that could be very helpful. You don’t need superstars to contend, you just need a well balanced team that has no big weaknesses (like the A’s). If the Yanks spend their money wisely (that’s a big if unfortunately) they’ll be fine.

    • The Big City of Dreams

      I don’t expect them to be any worse next year


      Hmmm idk players a yr older, very little help from the minor leagues, guys like Hiro and Andy leaving, etc.

    • Betty Lizard

      I was wondering why I voted a 6. :-) I do feel optimistic about the next two years. Why not? It is the Yankees.

  • Winter

    I’m somewhere between a 6 and a 7. For all the problems the offense has had this year, I think a lot of then are solve-able via the FA market or simply players staying healthy. The Yankees should be able to fix their offense and stay under budget. Pitching is, to me, the much bigger concern. Every single rotation spot is a question mark at this point, and pitching is going to be harder to come by during the offseason. The bullpen has it’s share of question marks too, but given the abundance of relievers both internally and league-wide I’m not too concerned. But CC/Kuroda/Nova/Pineda/Phelps is about as shaky a rotation as you can get, so that’s why I’m going to round down to a 6 instead of up to a 7.

    • Winter

      Also the odds of Cano walking 16 times in 6 games are minuscule, which obviously drags my number down.

  • Mandy Stankiewicz

    6. Team really played hard through some line-up gutting injuries. Looking forward to an ‘creative’ winter. Hoping we move away from the culture of the declining, ex-all star platoon players this winter. Still rooting, will be in 203 tomorrow for hopefully the start of a Rays sweep.

    • ropeadope

      Nice! If you have an extra ticket, can pick me up and take me back and forth, I’m willing to go along.

      Lol, have a great time at the game. I’ll be rooting from home, but we’ll all be there with you in spirit.

  • Mike B.

    By the way, I’m between a 2 and a 3.

  • Mike B.

    I used to enjoy sitting in 203 but things have changed quite a bit out there. I prefer my memories from 37 and 39 across the street. I might do 203 one more time next year, but they might not appreciate the shirt I might be wearing…LOL. Have fun at the game!

  • I’m a looser baby so why don’t you kill me?

    I have been and remain a 4. I’m in full on show me mode. Until the FO/ownership mash up proves that it can develop talent from the farm in a meaningful way, and spend money wisely (emphasis on wisedly$ I see no reason to be particularly optimistic about the overall future. Just because “we can” doesn’t mean “we will.” Yes we have the resources. Duh. Always have. And when combined with a once in a generation bumper crop of HoF and borderline HoF guys has given us a magical ride. But it’s over now.

    Do we have the collective smarts and humility to hire the right people (and get out of the ways to make the best long term structural decisions required? I’m not convinced until shown otherwise. Any sober reading of the tea leaves over the last 24 months as to how this franchise has been handled is assuredly not a cause for optimism.

    Today bears waaaaay too much similarity to 1965 than I care to ponder at length. Sorry.

    • Mike B.

      As I said, it reeks of 1965. I sure hope I’m wrong….

  • Wheels