Jeter day-to-day with soreness in left ankle

Yankees get depantsed by Red Sox in third straight loss
Game 143: Just Win

Derek Jeter is day-to-day with soreness in his surgically repaired left ankle. He was removed from yesterday’s game because Joe Girardi didn’t like the way he was running. The Cap’n will be re-evaluated in a few days, but as of right now, there are no plans to shut him down for the season. Eduardo Nunez is the only other player on the roster who can play shortstop unless they add Alberto Gonzalez to the 40-man or something.

Yankees get depantsed by Red Sox in third straight loss
Game 143: Just Win
  • Robi

    If Jeter truly means well for this team, he should retire. It would be absolutely blasphemous to use his position and PR skills to force the Yankees to give him an additional year even beyond 2014.

  • Jigga

    Lets just get the obligatory Jeter can’t play SS response out of the way early. Wonder who the SS is in an emergency. Adams probably.

    • ProjectNeo

      I think we saw Robby goto short and then Reynolds or soriano to second.

      • Nuke Guy (Knoxvillain)


  • Pat D

    I’m still holding out hope that Jeter has another 200 hits in him, so he passes Tris Speaker for fifth all-time, but…that seems like a lesser possibility with each passing day.

  • JoJo Vibes

    A-Rod is still the best potential defensive SS on this team, regardless of the health of Nunez and Jeter.

    • Squints

      Absolutely. He has been since hes been on the team, hitting in most seasons and definetly on defense.

  • RetroRob

    Meanwhile, another report on ESPN (which makes it questionable) says he’s out indefinitely, with Girardi saying he can’t be sure if Jeter will play again this year.

    I think it’s fair to at least wonder if Jeter’s ankle will ever be the same again. Two breaks, another injury, and at no point has he been able to run at full speed in eleven months.

    Hopefully an offseason where he can work his legs as he normally does and the additional time will be what’s needed. I’m just no longer sure.

    • RBC

      I think he has one more full year left in him. I still believe that the Yankees rushed him this year. Because of the ankle, Jeter never exercised during last offseason and he never had a full spring training. So for 2013, he was an injury waiting to happen. If he’s able to get back into playing shape during this offseason, he’ll be good for 2014.

  • Bob Buttons

    At this time Pettitte might outlast Jeter if he doesn’t retire this offseason.

  • gregnoodles

    Shut Jeter down now. He’s not doing anything to help. Let him know before he decides to come back next season that he is no longer the full time SS, as they did with Mattingly at 1B after the ’95 season.As much as I’ve enjoyed the last 18 years of the captain, I’m afraid its over.

  • Steinbrenner’s Ghost

    He probably not fully recovered from the muscle atrophy that occurs when having a cast and being immobilized.

    he could be at 95% muscle strength, but that leads him to overcompensate, which puts strain on a muscle group that’s tight, that already needs more time to recover as you age.

    I think he can comeback by spring.