Newsday: WFAN to host 2014 Yanks’ radio games

2013 Minor League Awards
2014 Schedule Released: Yanks open in Houston

In a move surely designed to annoy tri-state area Mets fans, the Yankees and CBS are close to a deal that move the team’s radio broadcasts for 2014 and beyond onto WFAN, Newsday reports. The Yankees and CBS have had a relationship since 2002 when games shifted from 770 AM to 880. The move, still not yet official, would put the Yanks on the strong 660 AM station as well as on CBS’ new FM origination of the FAN on 101.9 and, according to the Daily News, could be worth as much as $15-$20 million a year for the next ten years.

According to the reports, though, we may not yet have the chance to hear John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman coming to us on the crystal clear FM dial. According to Newsday, Sterling’s return is all but guaranteed, but Waldman’s future remains hazy. Neil Best notes that “if the team gives its blessing, they will continue the on-air partnership that began in 2005.” Despite Waldman’s shortcomings, she’s been a long-time Yankee booster, and I can’t imagine the club is quite ready to dump her.

Nothing though has been finalized, and Lonn Trost said as much to Newsday. “Right now we’re in negotiations and everything is confidential,” the Yanks’ COO said. “Part of the agreement we’re drafting has a confidentiality agreement. I can’t even get into it. I am close with some entity for next year.” The Mets could end up on ESPN Radio or the Clear Channel-owned WOR, an early bidder for the Yanks’ rights.

2013 Minor League Awards
2014 Schedule Released: Yanks open in Houston
  • David N

    I wonder if this would mean that we’d get something like Mets Extra for Yankees games – I’ve always thought that WFAN did much better pre-game and post-game programming than the Yankees broadcast did, particularly after the switch to CBS (whose signal sucks, and I won’t be sorry if I never have listen to all that static in the background again).

  • Howie Rose

    So WFAN gets rid of us as we are getting younger and better for a team that is old and getting worse.


    • Suzyn Waldman

      Goodness Gracious!!!

    • JohnnyC

      Howie you would remember since you were there in 1987, WFAN originally wanted to air Yankees games. The Mets were the consolation prize. This despite the fact the Mets had just won a World Series the Fall prior. So, after 26 years, WFAN finally gets its first choice. It’s a business, Howie. LOL.

    • Jean Dixon

      Weren’t the Mets supposed to overtake the Yankees and win multiple World Series after 2006?

  • crawdaddy

    The Yankees must love incompetence then as Sterling and Waldman are awful.

    • I’m One

      Isn’t that obvious by the team they’re fielding/contracts they’re awarding?


  • The Other Sam

    I wonder if they’ll censor Francessa. He hasn’t always been a flattering mouthpiece for ownership the way Lorenz and Curry are. I’m sure they were thrilled when he had A Rod on, both making accusations.

    • JohnnyC

      I don’t see it (of course, I’m not Bob Raissman either). YES is negotiating to get Boomer/Carton on as their morning simulcast as their MSG deal is up this month. And neither Boomer nor Carton are exactly Yankees boosters, to say the least. It’s a business. Only ratings count.

      • Andy in Sunny Daytona

        Didn’t the Yankees sell their share of YES to Fox?

        • JohnnyC

          Fox has the option to increase its stake in YES from 49% to 80% in 3 years. That 80% may be worth as much as $3 billion.

    • RetroRob

      He’s the most pro-Yankee broadcaster on the network. I’m more curious if their “editorial” slant will change if the Yankees are their home team.

      • JohnnyC

        It’s been subtly less anti-Yankee for a couple of years now. The Yankees rights have been in their sights for a while and the management has culled the on-air talent with that in mind. Only Steve Somers remains among the hard-core haters (and it’s his personal shtick so there goes his career).

        • Slu

          Getting rid of Somers would be great. His shtick is played out and his rambling is unlistenable. I love the summer when he is on vacation.

          • Wolfgang’s Fault

            Somers is a mensch, belongs on the FAN, & his schtick is timeless. Perhaps you could find a vacation spot for yourself elsewhere during the spring, autumn & winter months?

  • Squints

    Good news. Just wish Waldman would get the boot.

  • Mr Pappageorgio

    I like Sterling. He has a good broadcast voice and I like the way he calls homeruns – even if it is a little cheesy.

    As far as Waldman goes… they can load her into a rocket and fire her into the sun.

    • RetroRob

      Oh, no, John, why are they strapping me to this rocket?

      Sterling: She is far, she is deep, she is gone!

      • Chris Z.

        Um…no John. Apparently there was an issue with the rocket and I only went 25 feet down the right field line.

        • jim p

          Listening to Sterling I get one picture of the game. Then looking at highlight video, I’m amazed at how far away from the actual game his descriptions are. Especially if anything unusual happens.

          Not to say he isn’t a likeable presence. It’s just he really doesn’t call the game in front of him; a listener doesn’t know what’s going on, really.

          And if there’s such a thing as a jinx, it’s Waldman. She’ll gush about how great Andy is doing, or whoever, or throw out “just doesn’t give up home runs” a few times, and next thing you know… Happens over and over.

          They both are easier to take, though, than Michael ‘the actual game bores me so let me stir up a fake, weak, controversy based on ignorance, if I can, while showing off I”m pals with retired players’ Kaye.

          • Andy in Sunny Daytona

            That’s a long nickname.

          • JohnnyC

            I didn’t know Michael was related to showbiz great Stubby Kaye.

            • Wolfgang’s Fault

              Isn’t it Danny & Sylvia?

  • Robinson Tilapia

    I welcome the FM presence. I’m fine with them keeping ma and pa together. They may be losers, but they’re our losers, godammnit.

    • The Other Sam

      ^ This.

    • JLC 776

      I’m looking forward to Hawk Harrelson joining the crew. That’ll be fun!

      On a serious note – will the overall Yankees network grow as a result of this? I’m really hoping for the day where I might be able to listen live without paying money.

  • Wheels

    Good news. Can’t stand all the meaningless Mets games on the Fan.

  • Long-Past-His-Day-Rod


    I have no problem with 880 signal here in CT, but this will surely save me the minor annoyance of throwing on WFAN to be imediately repulsed by the sounds of an afternoon Mets game. Maybe they’ll stop talking about the Mets so much in general, although I suppose that’s just wishful thinking.

    Count me in favor of John/Suzyn 2014, even though I frequently go into some sort of catatonic autopilot trance while listening to their broadcast, during which 4 innings of baseball somehow slip by without my knowledge.

  • Mandy Stankiewicz
    • Chris Z.

      I highly doubt it. Just like the article said, Boomer and Carton talk about the Knicks and Rangers so much that its clearly in MSG’s best interest to keep them in house and on the air.

      • JohnnyC

        When dealing with Jim Dolan, don’t count on logic or good business sense.

  • Roadgeek Adam

    Honestly, my iPod only gets FM, so having WFAN is nice for Howie Rose and Josh Lewin (one of my favorite combos).

    Hopefully the Mets get to an FM station so I can listen to both.

  • Vern Sneaker

    For me, Sterling and Waldman have gotten so unlistenable that lately even when I am driving (the only time I might be listening) I listen to something else and tune in once in a while to get the score. Anywhere the TV isn’t available it’s Gameday or Yahoo Sports. I just can’t stand their inaccuracies, maximum extreme homerism, and general shtick — and ALL THOSE ADS!!! “And there’s [home plate ump] dusting off the plate, brought to you by Ajax, your home cleanser.”

  • mike

    it will be nice to get some Yankees to be on the air on the FAN….between Cash every now and then, Girardi’s spot and the occasional drive-by from Arod, there are no Yankee guest spots throughout the year

  • WFAN Caller

    John Sterling is a babbling idiot. Suzyn Waldman is as fun to listen to as a drunk singing Niel Diamond karaoke at a funeral.

    • WFAN Caller

      FYI – Niel Diamond is Neil Diamond’s slightly brain-damaged brother.

      • JohnnyC

        So it’s just the spelling that’s different between them. Gotcha.

      • 461deep

        Doubtful that Francesa will ever allow himself to be censored. Only obivous innappropriate mispeaks need to be cut. He is a Yankee fan but objective about their plusses and minuses. No one agrees with him all the time but that is why he is popular. Similarly S.A. Jackson of ESPN.
        Only NBC with it’s leftist Chinese praising loving GE CEO gets a pass for squashing liberal critics and news that does not favor Dems.
        I hope I die before one can no longer present a view in a civil but firm manner on any subject PC or not in this country. Yankees fired Mel Allen and Red Barber so no announcer is beyond the ax. That is the teams and broadcasters right to live and die by.

  • Likeacollegecampus

    I enjoy how stubbornly old-fashioned John & Suzyn are. The other night, they were recommending Red Skelton movies! Who recommends Red Skelton movies?

    George liked them both, and I wonder if that wasn’t because the 60s passed all three of them by.

    When they leave us, I’m afraid the mid-20th century will vanish along with them, so I’m in no hurry.

  • Jason

    Well, John & Susan and Boomer & Carton similar in that both pairs are unlistenable; bad enough we’re forced to hear the former when stuck in the car, imagine choosing to watch the latter. On the bright side, perhaps YES will be fortunate enough to capture another classic moment like this with those two:

  • Lawrence Boucher

    If the Yankees insist on keeping both Sterling and Waldman around when they go to the FAN, maybe they’ll consider making Suzyn the radio pre and post-game host and bring a new analyst to work with Sterling. C. J. Nitkowski filled in for Waldman last Wednesday (and will again Friday and Saturday) and was nice change of pace…

    • Wolfgang’s Fault

      Suzyn would make a fine pre and post-game hostess. As for Sterling, he always had the great voice, but the content is so shallow, it’s hard to listen for more than brief updates. Would be great if they could groom a great play-by-play guy who called it even steven, & you could tell loved calling Yankee games. A classic voice w/content, fairness, competence, sense of humor, class, & the ability to leave space for the analyst & color guy who’d compliment him would be the icing on the cake.