2014 Draft: Baseball America releases first top 50 ranking

The Upcoming 40-Man Roster Crunch
What Went Wrong: Curtis Granderson

The 2014 draft is still seven months away, but this is as good a time as any to start familiarizing yourself with the draft class. Baseball America published their first top 50 draft rankings yesterday, and best of all, you don’t need a subscription to read it. Fifty players with a little blurb on each. Pretty cool. NC State LHP Carlos Rodon predictably tops the list — he’s the best draft prospect since at least Gerrit Cole in 2011, maybe even Bryce Harper in 2010.

“After a below-average 2013 draft, the 2014 class has potential to be the best class since 2011’s banner crop,” says the very first line in the write-up. The Yankees hold the 18th overall pick at the moment — they could lose that for signing a qualified free agent, obviously — and are in position to add a supplemental first round pick or two if their own qualified free agents head elsewhere. Keep in mind that is is mid-October. The high school and college seasons are still weeks away from starting, so those rankings will change a lot between now and the draft. A lot. In all likelihood, someone not on that top 50 list will wind up going in the top ten next June. These rankings are just a snapshot of what’s going on right now, that’s all. They aren’t intended to be some kind of prediction.

The Upcoming 40-Man Roster Crunch
What Went Wrong: Curtis Granderson
  • Bryan

    Obviously a lot of things left to be determined, but interesting to see Sean Newcomb from Hartford up so high on the list. Saw him last year when I worked for the America East and he was impressive, but had a tendency to be erratic.

  • I Went There

    Is there anyone on the list who’s likely to start his career on the DL and then completely flop?

    Because if so, that’s who these fucking idiots will draft.

  • Thomas

    Definitely some plus names on the list:
    Trea Turner
    Touki Toussaint
    Justus Sheffield
    Ti’Quan Forbes
    Keaton McKinney

    Of course, Joey Pankake leads the pack.

  • Dick M

    Why even bother (with the draft)? According to the DCAs (Delusional Cashman Apologists) and our recent history, all draftees go bust.

    • BFDeal

      When has anyone said all draftees go bust? Give an example.

      • Dick M

        I guess you don’t read this board much.

        • BFDeal

          I read it every day. Now, give an example where someone has said all draftees go bust.

          • Dick M

            Look, Francis, this isn’t a proper message board where you can go back and easily find stuff.

            But 2 days ago there’s a post that “all prospects can go bust”. That was 2 days ago mind you. That kind of shit gets posted on here all the time. Now before we go parsing the meaning (and intent)of the word “can”, the bottom line is there is a segment of this board which defends, and yes apologizes, for Cashman and the brain-trust by saying that the draft is, in essence, a crapshoot. Which is a crock of shit.

            • BFDeal

              The antithesis to your statement is “no draftee can go bust”. So that’s what you must believe if you don’t think any draftee can go bust. The fact a segment of this board can actually use logic when assessing Cashman (instead of those like you who rant and rave based on pure emotions)does not make them “apologists” no matter how much you want it to be so.

              • Dick M

                That’s a good one. Now, give an example where one of the DCAs actually used logic when assessing Cashman.

  • Joe

    Any guesses here. The Yanks will have over/under 1.5 first roung picks next year…

    • http://www.thebronxempire.com The Bronx Empire

      My guess is two. I think we’ll keep our original pick and get one for Granderson when he leaves, (because I’m pretty sure he’s gone).

  • mick taylor

    prediction brian mccann will be a huge bust if yanks sign him. please do not waste a draft pick on him.

    • CashmanNinja

      I’m one of the few here who wants nothing to do with McCann. I get that he’s a huge upgrade over Stewart, but at this point it would tie up a lot of money for someone who is good, but not great. I think McCann’s best days are behind him and he’s already 30. Catchers don’t last forever so that means he’ll probably eventually have to move to DH/1B. We’re pretty stacked at DH and I feel that 1st/DH is a good position to leave open in case of an emergency — which we seem to have a lot of lately.

      Anyway, I just don’t think McCann is worth the money AND the pick. If he didn’t require a pick then I’d be more open towards getting him, but I just don’t feel the value is there. I’d rather plug Murphy in as catcher at this point.

      • Eselquetodolosabe

        Poor percentage against base-stealers. Catching is a position of strength for NY, albeit young and somewhat unproven. I would encourage using resources to fill other needs, i.e., ifa’s Tanaka and Abreau. As far as Beltran, if we’re going to lose a pick, I’d rather do it for a guy like Elsbury.

        • W.B. Mason Williams

          I don’t know man, Ellsbury is a pretty iffy commodity. People are so worried about Beltran’s health, but he’s put up much better numbers in the past few years than the constantly injured Jacoby.

          Don’t get me wrong, his breakout campaign was monstrous, but it’s been pretty pedestrian since.

  • Bo Knows

    Good to see my fellow Wolfpack be so highly regarded