Feinsand: Mutual interest between Yankees and Carlos Beltran

J.R. Murphy cracks Baseball America's list of the top Double-A Eastern League prospects
What Went Wrong: David Phelps

Via Mark Feinsand: There is expected to be mutual interest between the Yankees and free agent-to-be Carlos Beltran this offseason. The team figures to be in the market for an outfielder and offensive thump in general, while Feinsand hears Beltran would “strongly consider” coming to the Bronx. He’s shown plenty of interest in wearing pinstripes in the past, on multiple occasions too. The Cardinals will surely make Beltran a qualifying offer after the season, so he’ll cost a first round draft pick (#18 overall) to sign.

Beltran, 36, hit .296/.339/.491 (132 wRC+) with 24 homers and a career-low 6.3% walk rate in 600 plate appearances this year. The walk rate is a red flag because older players tend to stop drawing walks when they have to cheat by starting their swing earlier to compensate for lost bat speed. Beltran has now played in 140+ games in each of the last three years, effectively putting any lingering concern about the health of his knees to rest. His defense isn’t all that good anymore, but he could spend time at DH and there isn’t much ground to cover in right field at Yankee Stadium anyway.

There is an obvious spot for a guy just like Beltran — legitimate switch-hitter with power, patience and the ability to hit for average from both sides — in the Yankees lineup. I didn’t think that was the case two years ago mostly because his knees were huge question marks, but things have changed since then. As an added bonus, Beltran dominates in the postseason (career 204 wRC+ in the playoffs), which would be helpful if the Yankees manage to put together a team capable of actually getting to the postseason in the next year or two.

J.R. Murphy cracks Baseball America's list of the top Double-A Eastern League prospects
What Went Wrong: David Phelps
  • RetroRob

    Still not convinced the Yankees are signing anyone this offseason with a QO attached to them.

    I also read there is no guarantee the Cardinals will make a QO as they are concerned about his declining defense. Not sure I buy that either, meaning they won’t make the QO because of his declining defense. They did fine wit him this year, so they can get by with him again if he were to accept the QO.

    • Preston

      They won’t re-sign him because they don’t need him. The emergence of Matt Adams at 1b frees up Allen Craig to move to RF full time, and they have Oscar Tavares a top 10 prospect waiting in the wings. The money can be better spent elsewhere.

      • Preston

        They still might make him the QO, but like when Soriano accepted with the Braves I think they might trade him if he accepted.

    • Wolfgang’s Fault

      Yanks need to make Granderson a Q/O. If he accepts, that ends this speculation. If he (hopefully) rejects, take the pick, & consider Beltran but only if he’s free & clear of a Q/O himself. If they go into ’14 w/an outfield of Soriano, Gardner, & Beltran, left to right w/Almonte spotting the two corners, that’s not too shabby. If they’d lose Granderson’s draft pick to sign Beltran, wouldn’t do it. Besides, I’m willing to start the year w/Almonte or former NY Met prospect Fernando Martinez in right field, & I’d like to find out if one or both of the two Cubans, Adonis Garcia & Ronnie Mustelier can be useful , as well.

      Obviously, Cano is the guy you rebuild around, but if he walks, you have to recalibrate & stockpiling draft picks & young talent should become the order of the day. W/Murphy, Romine, & Sanchez on the way, & others like Torrens in the pipeline, Yanks have some future upside behind the plate. They need to either bring back Stewart next year for continuity sake, Cervelli, or a different veteran (Dioner Navarro anyone?) so neither Murphy nor Romine is rushed too quickly. Romine could probably use a few more months in Scranton as he’s missed a lot of time & is coming off a season ending concussion. Murphy looks like he’s just about ready, if not to start every day, then a majority of days. If Cano walks, no point in signing Brian McAnn, & personally, I’d rather use the dough it would cost to sign McAnn for other needs & stick w/our in-house catchers for 2014, see what they’ve got, & hope Sanchez is ready by 2015-2016,

      Regardless of what happens w/Robbie, they have a lot of work ahead rebuilding their infield. They’ve got Brendan Ryan at short-stop (does he have a contract for 2014?), and Tex coming back at 1b, & 3b is anybody’s guess. Clearly, the left-side of the infield is a problem, & they’ve gotta acquire &/or groom some players there. Personally, I’d love to see Tex come back, re-establish some of his value, & then deal him, even if it means picking up a good chunk of the dough left on his deal. I’d even consider dealing him for some other team’s disappointing contract depending on the specifics. At the very least, they’ve gotta make sure they’ve got a middle infield that can pick up the ball & get outs before they fix 3b, & Jeter ain’t the solution here.

      Would be nice if a couple of quality pitchers (Masahiro Tanaka being one?) could fall into their laps. If no better options present themselves, I’d re-sign both Hughes & Joba if the dough is right, see if they can rebuild their careers, & if so, ride them for 2014 & see if they fit long term or help to acquire someone or another who does. If (either one or both) suck, cut or deal them during the spring/summer. Stockpile draft picks & prospects, get value where you can find it, make a deal when the right player is available, & spend the big dough for the franchise player. If Robbie does resign, you’ve gotta find another bat to pair w/him in the middle of the lineup if Yanks are going to legitimately compete.

  • mitch

    He wouldn’t be my first target, but if some team made Granderson an offer he couldn’t refuse, i’d be on board with a short deal for Beltran.

  • BeanTooth

    Is spending a draft pick for an outfielder in his late 30s on a team that will most likely be worse than this year’s worth it? I love Beltran, but it sounds a bit dubious to me. Maybe ten years ago, when he was begging to come to the Yanks…

    • Luke


    • http://www.thebronxempire.com The Bronx Empire

      Totally agree. You don’t forfeit draft picks for a non-franchise centerpiece player like Beltran. I’d be crushed if that happened, even though I like Beltran in a vacuum.

  • Nate

    Would you rather Beltran or Granderson?

    • http://twitter.com/#!/Clay_Bellinger Clay Bellinger

      It isn’t that simple. The price tags attached to each of them need to be considered.

      • http://www.rugenrealty.com Billy

        Their price tags are probably going to be about the same. Both will get at least two year deals. Granderson will probably get a third. Signing Beltran and letting Granderson walk will net the Yanks a comp pick in the early 30s. So, they’ll give up #18 to get #30ish.

        Two options:

        1. Keep Granderson at three years and about 40 million. Keep pick 18.
        2. Sign Beltran at two years and 25 million. Lose pick 18 but gain pick 30-something.

        • http://twitter.com/#!/Clay_Bellinger Clay Bellinger

          Actually this is pretty realistic. I also don’t really know which way I’d go.

        • WayneD

          I like Beltran, but a 30-something pick typically gets you a guy who might be a major leaguer in 3-4 years. And, unfortunately, we’re already loaded with guys who are 2-4 years away from being MLB-quality players. So, the last thing we need are more cross-your-fingers-and-hope-to-hell-they-pan-out draft picks in return for yet another guy on the way-wrong side of 30.

          An 18th-round pick is not fantastic, but it’s substantially better than a 30-something pick. If Beltran is available without any strings attached (i.e., we keep the 18th pick), then they should consider signing him for two years; otherwise, I’d pass on him.

          It really is a shame, though, that a really good ballplayer who always wanted to be a Yankee, probably never will be.

    • Kosmo

      Beltran. His age is a concern but he´s a far more reliable hitter than Granderson. Granderson has never been a middle of the lineup hitter and for good reason because he´s so unclutch.

      • hogsmog

        Except for 2011 and 2012 when he, you know, hit in the middle of the lineup.

        • Kosmo

          simply not true ! He batted 2nd most of the time in 2011 and 2nd and 6th in 2012. Neither qualify as middle of the lineup. 3rd,4th and 5th are considered middle of the lineup.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            Yes, but he did hit cleanup during those years.

            So did Sammy Pearce, of course, so that doesn’t count for much.

        • MannyGeee

          Butbutbutbutbut…. teh narrativez!

    • I’m One

      I like Beltran’s offense and Granderson’s defense. If Beltran is tied to a draft pick, then I’ll take Granderson and keep the #18 pick.

      • TheEvilUmpire

        Word, brother!

        Granderson is due for a rebound offensively and Beltran is due for decline. Although if we could engineer a player with the best attributes of both players….

        Gentlemen, we can rebuild him!

      • Need Pitching & Hitting

        Granderson would essentially be tied to a draft pick as well (albeit a lower one).
        Make Granderson the QO.
        If he takes it, RF – done.
        If he rejects it, decide whether Granderson at whatever contract he’d get + the 18th pick (if they don’t sign another QO free agent, like McCann) is a better deal than Beltran at whatever contract he’d get + a supplemental pick.
        Or non-Beltran and non-Granderson alternatives.

  • Reuben Sierra’s Chains

    DO IT!!

    Do anything and everything possible to get back into October play. This shit is fucking miserable watching all these other ass clown teams in the playoffs and not the Yankees.

    • Reuben Sierra’s Chains

      Oh and I would give my left nut for Puig. God I love that guy. Last night was amazing.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        I agree with you here. I fucking love the guy. The more I hear people complain about his antics, the more I like him.

        Sportsmanlike? Probably not. MLB needs some new showboats who can back it up on the field.

        • http://twitter.com/#!/Clay_Bellinger Clay Bellinger

          I’m not one to complain about fistpumps and slow HR trots, but I kind of think he crosses the line a bit.

          I just know that if I’m the pitcher, or anyone on the opposing team for that matter, it would rub me the wrong way.

        • I’m a looser baby so why don’t you kill me?

          Anything for the ratings these days.

        • Lukaszek

          Considering how hard it is to hit a baseball these days (lowest Runs Per Game this year since 1992), batters IMO should have the full right to brag when they hit a baseball

    • chris

      I disagree. You need to rebuild the minors. The Yankees need too many pieces to make giving up a #18 overall pick worth it. It’s not like we’re a former all-star outfielder away from the playoffs. We’re half a rotation, bullpen pieces, half the infield and an outfielder away from the playoffs. That many good free agents don’t exist and even if they do, you’re going to have this same problem again next year. Suck for a few years, rebuild in the minors and bring up the next generation of young talent. If we can’t develop the talent because our management in charge of that stuff sucks, then find new people.

      Bottom line: before the 70’s came the 60’s and before the 90’s came the 80’s. We’ve been riding the coat tails of the 90’s guys for the last decade. Time to let go and rebuild.

      Let’s try to draft our own Puig or sign an IFA, rather than getting him when he’s 36.

      • Wolfgang’s Fault

        Well stated! They actually can rebuild AND put a quality &/or interesting ballclub on the field next year, but they’ve gotta be thrifty & smart and getting a little lucky wouldn’t hurt either. That being said & among other things, they need to get a whole bunch better at finding and developing quality starting pitching. They should have a new quality starter coming up almost every year, & if not, they’re doing something wrong. Things would look so much brighter if they had a couple of big-armed studs ready & able to join their staff in 2014 & a couple more just a year or two behind them.

  • Kosmo

    I´m on board. He can play RF for 90 games or so and DH for another 40-50. He´s a clutch player who´d fit in nicely in the 3 hole.

  • Vern Sneaker

    Even a declining Beltran will be an upgrade over Ichiro, Wells, Almonte, et. al. We need him even if Granderson signs.

    • RetroRob

      Beltran in right, Granderson in left with Gardner in center, with Ichiro acting the role of the 4th OFer would not upset up. I just don’t know if they’d give up their #1 pick for Beltran and also bring back Granderson. If they let Granderson leave, they’d at least get a draft pick back.

      • RetroRob

        Hmmm, I forgot about Soriano. I suppose they could rotate this group of OFers and Soriano using the DH spot to have them all play, yet they’ll want Jeter to DH a bit I would think, and if A-Rod comes back they’ll want to rotate him in there for a number of games.

        It may mean a Beltran arrival means a Granderson exit.

        • TheEvilUmpire

          You know, one of them is bound to get hurt at some point. Probably more than one. Doesn’t hurt to have a surplus of functionable players!

    • Mike B.

      I agree with you!

  • Robert

    Ump Wally Bell died yesterday age 48 way too young,just did the Card/Pirate series.

    • RetroRob

      Was he overweight? I know the name, but don’t know what he look like. Awfully young to be checking out without health issues.

      • gc

        Heart issues. Had quintuple bypass surgery many years ago.

        • RetroRob

          Thanks. Yes, I went and found an article and picture. He was overweight, although probably wouldn’t be in danger of a heart attack at that age unless, of course, he had some other issues.

          To have quad bypass (can you have a quint?) at 34 with the level of artery blockages he had means there was an underlying health issue that wasn’t going away. Perhaps he suffered from very low HDL levels, so his body just didn’t process cholesterol properly, leading to the blockages. If that’s the case, he needed to maintain a very healthy diet and keep his weight low. Obviously, for whatever reasons, he didn’t.


    As long as the Yankees field every day players I’m find with it. This team needs to stop fielding other teams junk and replacements playing full time. 140 games played there is a guy you pencil in every day. Next Catcher.

    • TheEvilUmpire

      I’ll bet you they do field players at all 9 positions everyday next year. I think what you’re talking about is players that don’t make you want to puke when you see them roll over on a ground ball to 2nd AB after AB.

  • Mister D

    No. Keep the pick, build from the minors.

  • Theonewhoknocks

    Who cares if we give up a first round pick?
    We’d draft a terrible player.

    And even if we drafted a good player, we’d develop him poorly.

    Even if we drafted a good player and managed not to ruin him, he’d get hurt and never be worth a damn.

    I don’t trust this organization with the pick anyways. Rather have Beltran.

    • Monty

      The trust shall set you free.

      • Monty


  • Hassey

    Miss Take

  • HateMclouth (formerly I’mVernon)

    I wouldn’t do it unless ownership plans to toss Plan 189 and go all in for next year (by signing the likes of Tanaka, McCann, Cano etc.). If that’s not the plan, I doubt we’ll be real competitive. And so there’s no point in forfeiting that pick.

    • Need Pitching & Hitting


  • Robinson Tilapia

    Mike Lupica didn’t like this idea.


    • I’m One

      Hmmm …. Maybe I should change my thinking then.

      • Mike B.

        Oh yeah…we should ALL agree with Lupica….. The twerp.

  • http://twitter.com/matt__harris Matt :: Sec110

    Wonder if Beltran would be willing take slightly less money from the Yanks like he did in 2005 before signing with the Mets.

    2 years, 30 million? I’d do that.

    Gardner – CF
    Jeter – SS
    Beltran – RF/DH
    Cano – 2B
    Tex – 1B
    Soriano – RF
    McCann – C
    Reynolds – 3B/DH
    Ichiro – RF (days Beltran isn’t there obvs)

    • http://twitter.com/matt__harris Matt :: Sec110

      you’d also need a F/T 3B, that’ll help, right?

  • Mark from Chicago

    Signing Beltran makes zero sense for two reasons:

    First, a one year qualifying offer for Granderson is way better than give up the #18 pick in the draft and signing Beltran for the two years he’ll likely get on the open market.

    Second, assuming they sign him and let Granderson go (the only way he can fit into the Yankee line-up), just how is he going to find time at the DH position with Jeter, Soriano and likely Teixeira all needing games at that position?

    • http://twitter.com/#!/Clay_Bellinger Clay Bellinger

      Problem is, Grandy most likely (and shouldn’t) accept the QO.

      • http://twitter.com/#!/Clay_Bellinger Clay Bellinger


    • Need Pitching & Hitting

      Soriano will play mostly LF, likely no more than a handful of games at DH.
      Tex will play mostly 1B, likely no more than a handful of games at DH.
      Jeter shouldn’t DH unless it’s vs. LHP.

      They should easily be able to get 80-100 games at DH for Beltran (assuming no A-Rod). He should be able to play RF at least that much.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    It’s a great fit. I’d honestly pass, though.

    If this team is going to straddle the line between competing and building better from within, signing older players who would cost draft picks to one-year deals is bait that should be avoided. Find another good fit and keep the pick.

    • RetroRob

      That is the problem that Kuroda faced last year, too, and will again this year if the Yankees extend a QO. A team will sign players who have QO’s attached, but they’ll want more than a single year from them. So I like the idea of Beltran on the Yankees, but would I want them to sacrifice their pick for just one year?

  • http://twitter.com/matt__harris Matt :: Sec110

    I’d give up the 18th pick for McCann though. Also, you’ll def get one for Granderson, so that’s in the 30s.

    • TheEvilUmpire

      1 year of Grandy > 30-something draft pick

      I’ll take him on an improve your value contract, maybe even up to 3 years. 40hr power is rare. Even if he’s only a 30hr guy from hereon out, he’s worth it.

      • http://twitter.com/matt__harris Matt :: Sec110

        Beltran, McCann and a supplemental pick is better than the 18th pick, Granderson and the dumpster fire we had a catcher this year.

        • Need Pitching & Hitting

          You’d lose the supplemental pick as well in your scenario, assuming both Beltran and McCann turn down Qualifying Offers.
          The Yankees would lose their 2 highest picks – #18, and the supplemental pick for Granderson.

  • crawdaddy

    I would not give up the 18th pick for Beltran, not at his age and probably for a 2 year contract.

  • Kevin G.

    Should’ve signed him him 05, but I don’t know about now.

    I know Beltran would help but do the Yankees want another outfielder in his late 30s? I know he’s been healthy but we can all know from experience that it doesn’t really matter anymore once you get up there in age.

    Plus this is along the same thought of mediocrity as last year. Beltran won’t push the Yankees over the time alone or help us rebuild even if better than Ichiro and Wells.

    Of course if the Yankees sign other guys to fill out areas of need and think he can help win 28 then go for it. But I would rather the Yankees go all out to win or just blow it up, none of this mid 80s win BS. I do wonder if the Cardinals will just let the (future) World Series MVP walk however.

  • Algernon Blackwood

    Can’t we find someone a couple years older and with more health concerns than Beltran?

  • MannyGeee

    I am torn on this one. On one side, I am biased because I love Beltran. Guy is an absolute beast with the stick. I would love to sign him, and I would have loved to sign him 2 years ago. Hell, I wanted to get him back when he signed with the Mets…

    That said, I think he gets offered a QO. And if he gets offered a QO, I betcha he accepts it. A guy at 36 isn’t getting much more than 14.1M on the FA market. Hell, I am not positive Granderson (with better defense and much more power) gets 14.1M… Swisher, a younger, more complete player, didn’t get 14.1

    ***DISCLAIMER*** All of you who are gonna give me the “Swish and Grandiez is a choakah in teh playoffz!!!” can go ahead and help themselves to a bag of dicks. Don’t want to hear it. Thank you.

    And all this said, if he miraculously decided to decline the QO, it would be on the expectation that he expects to make more than that 14.1M, like 3/30 or something like that. That price tag scares me, and definitely would scare the Yanks.

    • Robinson Tilapia


    • Theon Greyjoy

      I would have an interest in this said bag of dicks. I find myself in the market.

    • Mike B.

      So is there a real market here for a bag of dicks? If we can find a bunch of sorority girls who’d be interested I would definitely watch.

  • Darren

    I’ll eat John Wetteland’s hat if Beltran accepts the QO. Homeboy is gonna get at least a two year deal worth $26mm. Granderson is also gonna get a multi-year deal.

    • 461deep

      If you want .280 avg, 90 rbi, 25 hr minimum sign Beltran. He is older but should be okay 2 more years. YS will add to his stats.
      DH him 40 games to keep him fresh. Grandy, Cano, Carlos & Tex equals nice solid middle of line-up with 120 hrs. Some health concerns but team has 3 of above already if Robbie, Curtis resign.

      • Need Pitching & Hitting

        You’re forgetting Soriano, I think.
        I don’t think there is any way they sign Granderson and Beltran – they would be filling one role between them (unless they trade Gardner and make Grandy the CF, but I can’t imagine they’d do that)

  • Al

    And the chances are, Cardinals will end up drafting someone like Mike Trout.

    • FIPster Doofu

      Probably. The Cardinals could draft a RAB poster and turn him/her into, at least, an average regular.

    • RetroRob

      Yet the Cardinals somehow passed on him, as did virtually everyone in the first round, a few years back. It was the Angels and the Yankees on him. So close…

  • Mandy Stankiewicz

    Because we have so many holes in the OF that require giving up a draft pick to plug with an aging player.

  • Isles

    If he’s the only type A FA they sign, then it’s probably a mistake to trade the pick for the aging Beltran.

    If they sign a bunch ala 2009, then why not? You only have one 1st roung pick to lose.

  • Ghost of Joe Dugan

    Is this 1983? Hopefully we aren’t going back to the cycle of losing top draft picks for guys who have 1 or 2 decent years left in them.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      I was wondering what Steve Kemp was doing here.

      • Mike B.

        LOL. Or how about Don “Pop-Up” Baylor?

  • Claudell

    Boo. This team keeps finding ways to get older.

  • Mark from Chicago

    They should go for Beltran only if Granderson rejects their qualifying offer *and* Nelson Cruz rejects signing with them. 2013 needs to be a reminder what happens when you rely too much on players north of 35! It’s high time for the Yanks to start targeting younger players.

  • Tom

    I like Beltran but my issue is signing another 35+ player. WE NEED TO GET YOUNGER!

    Sign Granderson who is going to hit 30-35 HR, 100 RBI, swipe 20-25 bases, and plays good defense. You don’t give up a #1 pick which is big. This is the highest the yankees have drafted in ages.

  • FIPster Doofu

    I wanted Beltran badly until finding out it would cost the 18th pick. Never mind. It’s a shame he’ll go his whole career without ever having been a Yankee.

  • Hanzi

    Beltran is not worth it, if he will cost the 18th pick. Why are the Yankees always considered a possibility for guys on the downslope of their careers? It’s time to rebuild, and while the Yankees likely won’t end up with anyone meaningful at 18, it’s still a decent slot with an outside chance at yielding a real prospect. Whether people here like to admit it or not, this team badly needs to rebuild. They are entering a relatively dark era when playoffs aren’t very likely for the next 5 years or so. Signing a guy like Beltran to make a desparate attempt to make the playoffs next year isn’t worth it. Use the money to post for Tanaka. Won’t cost them the 18th pick, and maybe in a few years they’ll be ready to make a real run.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      “while the Yankees likely won’t end up with anyone meaningful at 18”

      Ain’t the NBA, son.

    • Chris

      Yes, yes and Yes. 100% agree with you.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    only try to sign him IF he accepts a 1 year deal AND the Cards don’t offer him arb.

  • steves

    On the other hand and FWIW, has there ever been a player who wanted to be a Yankee more than Beltran? Perhaps the Yanks can deduct some of his salary for charity as part of a Make a Wish gift.

  • I’m a looser baby so why don’t you kill me?

    Sign Beltran for two years.
    Beltran gets injured and misses serious time.
    Cashman failed.

    Am I doing this right?

    • Robinson Tilapia

      You got it wrong.

      Take out the first two lines.

      • Mike B.

        “Cashman failed.” Why would I not be surprised?

  • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals

    I wish there wasn’t such public knowledge about NY being interested in Beltran, or any player for that matter. Every bit of this gives the current team just a little more confidence in making a QO. How do we know for certain the Cards would make one? We don’t. Gotta protect your info, folks…

  • mick taylor

    the time to get beltran was 2 years ago instead of exercising swisher’s option. now at 36 it could be a gamble not worth taking if yanks are on a tight budget.

  • Fin

    Over the age of 35 and best years behind him? Yes. Injury history. Yes. Sounds like he’s exactly what the Yankees look for.

  • toad

    No more greybeards, please.

  • bpdelia

    Not buying it. There is simply no way cashman gives up his best draft position (by a LOT) in years for a 35 year old outfielder that, subtracting Granderson, nets what? 2 wins? 3 at best? Pointless. Cashman has made mistakes but he isn’t an idiot. You can easily make the case for Mcann who nets you 4 or more wins over stewvelli each year for four years.

    If he doesn’t get the Q.O then oh baby I’m in. And that’s certainly possible. But the second an offer is extended a big fat sharpie will cross his name out on Cashman’s board. Rightly so.

    At least I really fucking hope.

  • WayneD

    There’s an issue I would like this site to address that I’ve been wondering about for several years now that, to my knowledge, hasn’t been addressed. (If it has please display a link to the story.)

    The issue is this: why didn’t the Yankees make a serious bid for Darvish when he was first available out of Japan. And before anyone complains that this is an old issue, I feel it is important to our future success to understand and address the reasons for that earlier failure to correctly judge Japanese-pitching talent.

    I first heard of Darvish about a year and a half before he was posted. I did as much research as an amateur could do, and every sign indicated that he was the real deal: a mid-90s fastball and two or more other MLB-level plus pitches. And I’m not saying this in hindsight I suggested on the old Yankiest site that the Yankees should make a serious ($100M+) bid for his services.

    The fact that we didn’t make a serious bid for his services — I think we bid an insulting $10M for him — leads me to wonder:

    * Are our scouts in Asia to blame?

    * Is Cashman to blame?

    * Or did the Stein boys nix spending the money on a genuine offer?

    This is important going forward because, once again, another Japanese pitcher of some repute is going to be available this year (apparently). So, it’s important that the organization understand why they so completely and utterly missed the boat on Darvish.

    Texas obviously didn’t underestimate his ability and, as I recall, Boston also bid very high for him. So, who was responsible for this hideous mistake?

    If the scouts in Asia who judge pitching talent are at fault, they need to be replaced. (If Matsui lives in Japan, now that he’s retired, I hope to hell he’s doing scouting work for us over there because I respect his knowledge of the game.)

    If the scouts strongly recommended bidding high for him and Cashman nixed it, he either needs to be fired or removed from all decisions of that nature in the future.

    If the scouts and Cashman strongly recommended bidding high for him and the Stein boys nixed it, then they need to trust their scouts and GM and stay out of decisions of that nature.

    I realize it’s their money but . . .

    If Darvish was a Yankee, we almost certainly would have made the playoffs this year which would have put more dollars in the Yankees’ coffers.

    If we miss the playoffs again next year, there are going to be a whole lot less fannies in those seats next year and in many subsequent years. (Attendance will probably be down next year anyway based on our performance this year.)

    As I noted earlier, the answer to this question is important because another Japanese pitcher of some note will apparently be available soon. So, we need to know why we screwed up so royally in the case of Darvish so we don’t repeat that same mistake this year or in subsequent years.

    Our minor leagues are pretty sparse in MLB-ready talent, so international signings are going to be extremely important in building a championship-caliber team. (I hope most of you guys agree that this question is as important to our future as I do.)

  • Greg

    What happened to getting younger? The Yanks already have a strong veteran presence. I understand that Beltran has good numbers, but he hasn’t played in the American League since K.C. and who knows if he will still be productive next season. Odds are, he probably will be, but he’s just a stop-gap. Plus the Yankees already have an over-crowded outfield, and should focus on keeping Granderson. Signing all these “old” guys give you ZERO valuable trade chips, and forces you to trade your prospects.

    Plus they have more important needs than an outfielder right now (i.e. 3B, SS, C, SP, RP) address one of those before you miss out. If they address one or two of their other needs and THEN Beltran is still available and affordable, take him. Cut Vernon Wells, and even Ichiro. Give a young guy a chance too. I know we don’t have the most promising farm system, but how do you know unless you don’t give a guy a shot? Jeter probably won’t make 100 starts at SS, so there is a need for a competent SS, I don’t plan on seeing A-Rod in pinstripes next season. What’s their back-up plan for that? Eduardo Nunez and Brendan Ryan? Those two combined don’t equate to a decent hitter. And I don’t know about anyone else, but I am sick of Chris Stewart.

    The Yankees will continue to get worse if they do not address their ACTUAL needs, and not just signing someone that was good someplace else. Who knows, Beltran would probably thrive as a Yankee. But, stop-gap solutions are not what the Yankees need right now.

  • CardsFanNP

    Feinsand is a classless ass for airing this sort of news in the middle of a pennant race. You don’t talk about trade/signing rumors in the middle of the postseason, while Beltran is STILL playing for the Cards. Then the media picks it up, mentions it every time, and Cards fans can’t even focus on their playoff games due to these rumors. What a damn disgrace, what a shame. Go Birds anyway!

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa