Olney: Yankees do not have an offer out to Stephen Drew

Sherman: Yankees sign Yamaico Navarro to minor league deal
With first rounder gone, Yankees in position to add more qualified free agents at reduced cost

Via Buster Olney: Shortstop Stephen Drew is not among the players with a contract offer from the Yankees in hand. The team reportedly has several offers out even after agreeing to sign Brian McCann. They’ve been adding infield depth these last few weeks, specifically by agreeing to re-sign Brendan Ryan and acquiring Dean Anna.

Drew, 30, hit .253/.333/.443 (109 wRC+) with 13 homers and six stolen bases in 501 plate appearances for the Red Sox this past season. He also plays a mean shortstop. Boston did tender him a qualifying offer, so teams will have to forfeit a high draft pick to sign him. Drew turned down more money from the Yankees last offseason to sign with the Red Sox because of playing time uncertainty, uncertainty that still exists. The Bombers still need help on the left side of the infield, but at this point they might settle for lower cost options like Ryan.

Sherman: Yankees sign Yamaico Navarro to minor league deal
With first rounder gone, Yankees in position to add more qualified free agents at reduced cost
  • Anthony

    Scott Boars is his agent. Yanks could probably wait until later December/early January to extend an offer. By then they may know A-Rod’s fate.

    • BrianMcCannon (formerly HateMclouth)

      I feel like “Scott Boars” has some limited meme potential. Especially because not many people are a fan of his. But anyway, I get the feeling that Drew might be signed before then. I mean Rafael Furcal is being talked to by 8 different teams and Peralta just got that nice contract. Shortstops are in high demand and Drew could be gone soon even with the pick attached.

      • Mike HC

        Now that we are subjected to Jay Z, the “agent,” I think fans are going to long for the good old days of Scott Boras.

        • Albearrrr

          Haha. Hey JZ will make a star out of Cano! You just wait till all those commercials start rolling in.

  • Kluang Yankee

    I am against signing Drew. He does cost a draft pick and, believe it or not, Ryan may be a better alternative. He is certainly a better fielder and might be a better hitter if the playoffs are an indication of Drew’s hitting ability. Stephen Drew as a Yankee LMAO. let him stay in Boston.

    • Anthony

      If Jeter goes down – and that’s likely going to happen – are you comfortable giving Ryan and Nunez significant at-bats? We all saw how nasty it was to lose Jeter and not have anyone thats’ capable to play SS. There’s also the question of who plays 3B. A-Rod will likely get suspended and if he doesn’t, which is very unlikely, you’re relying on a 40 year old that has become plagued by injuries. Are the Yankees really prepared to go into the 2014 season without someone capable of giving them offensive out of the left side of the infield?

      I get not wanting to surrender the draft pick but…Drew just seems like someone the Yankees could really, really use. If the Yankees are abandoning plan $189 (which everyone should root for) or they’re operating under the assumption A-Rod gets suspended, then why not spend money on Drew? Yes, it’ll cost a draft pick but…eh.

      • BamBamMusings

        Just as comfortable with giving them ABs as I would be Drew!

      • Caballo Sin Nombre

        Ryan is very capable of PLAYING SS. In fact, he is far better than either Drew or Jeter at PLAYING SS. He just can’t hit worth shit. But as a semi-fulltime player, he’s a ~3.5 WAR guy based on his defensive prowess. Putting a value on defense is a bit of a crap shoot, but I would be perfectly OK with Ryan as the SS if the other team holes were filled. Ryan is basically Mark Belanger– the Orioles did pretty well with him.

        • Greg C

          Did you read my Belanger ? on the post about the Ryan signing? That’s what I was saying/asking. I’m not sure that all these decent hitting good fielders are that much better than glove-only guys at SS, especially considering they want superstar level contracts.Plus, this guy is 31 and was a below avg batter 2 of the last 3 years. He’s Jeff Blauser! I would take Mark Belanger over Jeff Blauser, especially if the latter is getting a long-term big money deal.

    • Nuke Guy

      In no universe is Brendan Ryan a better alternative than Stephen Drew.

      • TCMiller30

        Is there a universe where you only play defense? If so, then I think you’re wrong.

        • Adam

          Nope, there is no such universe. All realities known to exist to humans involve baseball players being forced to bat once every nine times, unless they pitch in the AL.

      • Nick

        What about the universe where money is a consideration? I’d argue that Ryan @ 1-2 million is a much better option than Drew at 12+ over multiple years. There are bigger holes than backup SS. We need a starting 3B, a setup man and at least 2/5 of a starting rotation. Drew is a solid player, but he’s not the kind of guy I pay big bucks to.

    • FIPster Doofus

      If the playoffs are an indication of hitting ability, Ted Williams was terrible.

      • Adam

        If blog comments are an indication of baseball acumen or cogent analysis, FIPster Doofus is terrible.

        • FIPster Doofus

          You misspelled “tremendous.”

          • Jimmy

            What he did there was juxtapose one word for another thereby rendering the sentence the exact opposite from what the original author intended.

          • Robinson Tilapia


          • forensic

            Well done.

    • forensic

      Not that it matters given the sample sizes here, but even with how bad Drew was in the postseason he still put up better numbers than Ryan did in his one career postseason series.

  • TWTR

    Given their supposed budget, they are likely engaged in a delicate balancing act.

  • BamBamMusings

    No sense in wasting money on slightly above average SS when you’re missing half a Pitching staff a 3B a 2B an an OF/DH. Move on please..

    • FIPster Doofus

      You forgot to mention that their pets’ heads are falling off.

    • Albearrrr


  • Robinson Tilapia

    Jeez. Even I HAVE a contract offer from the Yankees right now. :-p

    • SDB

      you’re Cuban, haven’t the Dodgers reached out to you yet?

      • MannyGeee

        Well played.

  • Gonzalo Hiram

    In defense of “Kluang Yankee”
    In 2012 Drew bat was .223 .309 .348
    2011 – .252 .317 .396

    I just don’t see big numbers from this guy, so do you really want to get these kind of numbers for no less than 3y / 40M

    I really hope he doesn’t come to the Yankees. For the kind of money bye to him together with Peralta.

    • CashmanNinja

      I’m not a fan of Drew. I’ve always liked his potential, but he seems to always have a nagging injury and I just don’t feel he’ll provide much value for the money he’ll get. I realize Brendan Ryan’s offense is very limited, but I feel the defense is good enough to make him better than many other current options of ours. I would rather plug Ryan in than give Drew a big contract AND fork over a draft pick because I just don’t think the added offense/loss of defense is that much of an improvement in the grand scheme of things.

    • Dalek Jeter

      Just to take the other side of the argument, we’re talking about what is generally considered the weakest offensive position outside of pitcher and catcher…he was a 3.4 fWAR player in 2012, and was a ~5 win player as recently as 2010. Steamer is giving him a rough projection of 2 fWAR, but that’s only slightly below as the best season Ryan has put up in his career. Depending on what the deal is I would jump all over Drew if he was interested and became available.

  • Chris

    I can certainly deal with Ryan/Nunez over Drew at SS if Jeter goes down. We are upgrading at 1B, Catcher and potentially RF. If they resign Cano they are WAY better than offense. Drew is an average overall ballplayer and people are talking 45-60 million for him? I’ll take Ryan at 1 Million thank you.

    • Rob

      Agreed. If we upgrade the lineup elsewhere I/we can live with jeter being backed up by Ryan/Anna/nunez. Already massively upgraded our lineup at a tough to fill position with McCann. If cano returns, tex returns, bring back Reynolds and/or another 3b/CI. And adding a rf even if it’s not of the Beltran/ granderson caliber you can get by with an all-defensive ss, esp no longer having that at c. Drew plays a position that’s very shallow but he’s not going to carry team (the way Beltran potentially could) he’s a real solid player who’s had a history with injuries and at times underperforming expectations

  • Kiko Jones

    With a solid lineup ahead of him, I don’t mind Ryan in the 9 hole if Jeter goes down. Not one bit.

  • TWTR

    If it becomes apparent that Jeter can’t be a credible contributor at SS this season, they will go out and get an everyday SS who can hit significantly better than Ryan.

    • whozat

      They didn’t do that last year when they had more payroll flexibility, why would they do it this year?

      • TWTR

        I think they expected him back at some point last year.

        This offseason, there have been reports that Hal told Jeter that they will look for a starting SS.

        Whether or not that happens before the season, if he can’t play SS for two consecutive seasons, he never will again.

        Taken together, that suggests that they will want something more than a SS who hasn’t had an OPS+ above 59 since 2011.

        • Anthony

          It was foolish to expect Jeter back last season and it would be foolish to expect him to contribute in 2014. Asking a late 30’s short stop with ankle trouble to play most of the season at short stop was a mistake last season and it would be a mistake this season.

          True, the Yanks could acquire a SS during the season…but at what price? They would have to trade prospects, likely very good prospects, on top of taking the player’s salary on. Plus, who is the SS they could acquire that would be significant offensive upgrade over Ryan? If it’s another season of fielding trash at SS…ugh.

          With Drew you’re just giving him money and, yes, give up a pick…but I think it’s worth it. Jeter won’t stick at SS, Ryan and Nunez aren’t capable offensively (and in Nunez’s case defensively), and I’m not sure who they could acquire during the season that would be better than Drew.

          Just seems like the big gamble they made last season all over again.

  • Mick taylor

    How about a trade of ichiro for Josh Beckett and2 million. Beckett makes15 million. So under this trade, Beckett would cost 7 million for only one year. Then sign tanaka for 10 million, cano. 24 million, McCann 17 million and. Beltran 13million and you stay under189 million if arod is out for the year.

    • Dr TJ Eckleberg

      A) That it’s pretty much exactly the opposite of what the Dodgers want to do, as they already have too many outfielders and are trying to add to their pitching staff

      B) Fuck Josh Beckett

      • MannyGeee

        These are two very thoughtful and perfectly played reasons. I could not agree more.

    • forensic

      If we throw in Vernon Wells, would Beckett bring some of his fried chicken and beer too?

  • I’m a looser baby so why don’t you kill me?

    Fear of the Day (FotD™): all those “Yankees have interest in free agent X” posts will now be followed by a series of “Yankees do not have an offer out to free agent X” posts.

    • John C

      No, it’ll be more knee jerk reaction from posters like :

      “Free agent X? Really?”

  • RetroRob


    It’s not that I wouldn’t want Drew on the team, but the price in dollars, years and draft pick is questionable.

    Drew for his career is a below 100 OPS+ player. He did have a nice, sort of, rebound in 2013, yet it was Fenway driven. Away from Fenway, Drew triple slashed at a .222/.295/.392 rate for a .687 OPS.

    Resources should be directed elsewhere.