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The Yankees have an awful lot roster questions to answer this winter, including a bunch on the infield. Robinson Cano is a free agent, Mark Teixeira and Derek Jeter missed all of 2013 due to injury for all intents and purposes, and Alex Rodriguez may or may not be suspended in the coming weeks. There’s not a single sure thing on the infield at the moment.

New York has reportedly agreed to re-sign Brendan Ryan as insurance for Jeter, but they’ll need more help than that. They need to figure out a plan at third base regardless of what happens with A-Rod because even if his suspension is overturned, they can’t count on him to stay healthy for a full season. The Yankees have reportedly shown interest in bringing back Eric Chavez to provide depth on the corner infield spots, but the trade market could offer some help too.

According to Andy Martino, the Mets are open to trading infielder Daniel Murphy, mostly because his style of hitting doesn’t fit the organizational philosophy. I’m guessing this is a “if someone makes a nice offer, we’ll move him” situation rather than a “oh my goodness we have to dump this guy” situation. Either way, should the Yankees even have interest? Let’s dig in.

The Pros

  • Murphy, 28, is an excellent contact hitter who consistently hits to all fields produces solid batting averages. He hit .286 with a .315 BABIP in 697 plate appearances this past season and is a career .290 hitter with a .320 BABIP in a little more than 2,400 plate appearances as a big leaguer. His strikeout (13.6% in 2013 and 13.0% career) and contact (88.5% in 2013 and 88.2% career) rates are both well-above-average.
  • Believe it or not, Murphy is a borderline elite base-runner. He stole a career-high 23 bases in 26 attempts (88.5%) in 2013 and is 42-for-56 (75.0%) in his career. Murphy also took the extra base (first-to-third on a single, etc.) an insane 61% of the time this past season (49% career). Some nice hidden value there.
  • Murphy offers some versatility. He came up through the minors as a third baseman but moved to second in deference to David Wright. The Mets have also had him dabble in left field and at first base. The left field thing was a disaster but he can play the three non-shortstop infield positions in a pinch.
  • Matt Swartz projects Murphy to earn a reasonable $5.8M in his second trip through arbitration this winter. He will remain under team control as an arbitration-eligible player in 2015 before becoming a free agent in two offseasons.

The Cons

  • The contact and batting average comes with no walks and little power. Murphy drew a walk in just 4.6% of plate appearances in 2013 (6.1% career) and his career-high 13 homers came with a below-average .129 ISO (.134 career). Yankee Stadium will help as a left-handed batter, but not a ton because he goes the other way so often.
  • Although his average doesn’t really suffer, Murphy does have a big platoon split. He hit .273/.292/.324 (73 wRC+) against lefties and .292/.331/.459 (122 wRC+) against righties this past season, and for his career it’s .274/.301/.375 (86 wRC+) against lefties and .295/.344/.441 (115 wRC+) against righties.
  • Murphy can play all over the field, but that doesn’t make him good defensively. The left field experiment was a disaster, as I said, and the various defensive stats (-26 DRS, -13.3 UZR, -12 Total Zone) indicate he stinks at second. The sample sizes at first and third are too small to take any numbers seriously, but his defensive reputation isn’t good.
  • Injuries have been a bit of a problem. Murphy missed just about all Spring Training this past season with an intercostal strain, and he also missed close to two months in both 2010 and 2011 with MCL sprains in his knees — right knee in 2010, left in 2011.

The Yankees and Mets have not made a trade involving a player of Murphy’s caliber since the David Justice-Robin Ventura swap in December 2001. They’ve gotten together for a couple of minor deals involving relievers (Mike Stanton, Armando Benitez) since then, but nothing major. This isn’t a Yankees-Red Sox thing though — I don’t think either Brian Cashman or Sandy Alderson would balk at a trade that made sense for their team just because it involved dealing with their crosstown rival.

Infielders traded two years prior to free agency in recent years include Jed Lowrie (Astros to Athletics), Aaron Hill, and Mike Aviles (Blue Jays to Indians). Lowrie (and a reliever) was traded for six years of Chris Carter and two okay prospects. Hill was mostly a salary dump for a year and a half of Kelly Johnson. Aviles (and a prospect) was dealt for an iffy reliever. Lowrie probably fits best a comparison but it’s not perfect — he had a much longer injury history, he was more productive when healthy, and he could legitimately play shortstop. Seems like it’ll take at least two pieces to get it done though, including one that is Major League ready. That sounds like it’s in the ballpark.

The Mets have a bunch of needs, specifically in the corner outfield and bullpen. They’d also need a second baseman to replace Murphy. The Yankees could offer a smorgasbord of fringy big league ready guys like Zoilo Almonte (outfielder!), Dellin Betances or Preston Claiborne (reliever!), and David Adams or Corban Joseph (second baseman!), something like that, but that package is more quantity than quality. Who knows, maybe Alderson would take it, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Murphy makes a ton of sense for the Yankees as a part-time corner infielder/DH would could step right into the lineup everyday at first, second, or third in case of injury, but finding common ground with the Mets figures to be tough.

The Latest on Not A Yankee Robinson Cano
Prospect Profile: Aaron Judge
  • Matt :: Sec110

    I couldn’t read past the title. The Yanks and Mets basically never trade and especially with a piece of this value. Maybe 2 scrub relievers…

    • Havok9120

      By this logic, we wouldn’t be interested in trading with the majority of the league. How many trades for major pieces have the Yanks been involved in in the last two decades?

  • Robinson Tilapia

    I’d be interested. If you’re not going to get power from third, you can at least get a contact guy that will extend the lineup. At the very least, he could play the role we seem to have anointed Chavez or Reynolds for as corners backup (can he stand there at first and move to either side, if needed?) I actually don’t think price would be much of an issue. Our fringy parts may be able to work their way right into the Met lineup.

    I also don’t buy that the Yanks and Mets wouldn’t trade with one another. It’s not frequent, but it’s happened.

  • Vern Sneaker

    Hmmm, a 28-YO proven good hitter who can steal bases, fill in for the regulars (assuming we even have decent regulars), and doesn’t cost much. I guess we should reject the idea outright and sign some old guys.

  • Mouse

    He’s still too young (and inexpensive) to play for the Yankees. Maybe in 10 years they’ll get around to him.

    • jjyank

      Oh shut up.

  • LarryM Fl

    How many players do not have warts attached to their game. He is no Robbie Cano but can do the job at three positions which would mean playing time if he were traded to the Yanks. I have watched him occasionally at second and first. He is OK in the field. But I have seen the bat. It’s better than many options out there and his running ability is a plus. He plays hard which I find an attribute which makes up for some warts.

    I would rate him as an overall improvement over Nunez. Ryan and Murphy make a good combination as backup starters.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Agreed. If these were my second line of defense, we’d already be in a hell of a lot better shape than in 2013.

      Now who’s our first line of defense? :)

      • I’m One

        Yeah, as a backup, it seems he would fit (although I still think I’d prefer Chavez or Reynolds). Still, the first priority is finding out who he’ll be backing up. Let’s explore this again in late January/early February.

      • OhioYanks

        I think it’s pretty optimistic that the Yankees are going to pay prospects + $6 million for a backup who hits better than league average and at the same time find a better starter. I only really see Murphy fitting the Yankees needs as their 2014 starting 3B. And I think he’s be very solid in that role. He’s an above average hitter who has been at 3 fWAR two of the past three seasons.

  • zs190

    Honestly I would rather have Kelly Johnson, cheaper and generally considered to be a better defender.

  • Mike

    Couldn’t we just sign Kelly Johnson for that role plus he can play the outfield semi-decently.

    • mt

      I like Daniel Murphy but Kelly Johnson may be more realistic since he is a FA. Also with departure of Granderson, limbo of Arod, and questions around returning Teix I wonder if Yankees, as they look at flawed, limited players to fill some of the holes they have 9outside of the top free agents), will at least covet power as the primary skill as opposed to on-base average. That would also favor Johnson.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Both would be solid options.

        Roster crunch is also a real issue, and I’m definitely not content with what the bench would look like if it consisted solely of 2013 holdovers. Someone’s got to move out. The trade market could facilitate some of that.

        I can totally, TOTALLY envision Nuney lobbing throws into Citifield stands.

        • MannyGeee

          hehehe. This. Totally this

    • Vern Sneaker

      Johnson strikes out a ton and hits .230. Even with the marginal defense, I think Murphy’s a more versatile option since he makes contact and can for sure hit for decent average — assuming we can get him without over-paying.

    • Vern Sneaker

      Johnson strikes out a ton and hits .230. Even with the marginal defense, I think Murphy’s a more versatile option since he makes contact and can for sure hit for decent average — assuming we can get him without over-paying.

  • TWTR

    I like Murphy if the price is right.

  • Batsman

    Great defense is overrated. As long as he doesn’t drop the ball, then he should be fine.

    The Power scenario is no big deal, but as mentioned Yankee Stadium should help him in that regard.

    The Walks is an issue. If he can be more selective, his overall offensive stats have the potential to be much greater than it has been.

    I would be okay if the Yankees did trade for this guy.

    • TWTR

      “Great defense is overrated”

      Tell that to Chris Stewart. Oh wait.

    • OhioYanks

      Absolute statements are overrated.

  • Waniel

    •Believe it or not, Murphy is a borderline elite base-runner.

    Watch him on a daily basis, and you’ll see how stupid these stats are over time. He’ll never steal as many bases as he did this year, again.

    Guy runs like a chicken without a head, regardless of the situation.

  • Mandy Stankiewicz

    Yankees get: Murphy, Blue Smoke, the delivery company that handles Mets bobblehead nights, and the forced retirement of Cowbell guy

    Mets get: Nunez, Betances, the delivery company that handles Yankees bobblehead nights, and Lobels

  • Darren

    We don’t have enough pieces to get him.

    You want to give the Mets Nova for him? Robertson? I don’t. The Mets are going to want that kind of quality. It’s always funny to see what we want to give up. Nunez and Betances. To quote ARod: “Ha!”

    It’s not happening.

    And even if we had a ton of good young players, Peralta makes much more sense as a player. Unless you think Cano’s not coming back in which case fuck.

    • I’m One

      2-way street on Peralta. He has to want to sign with the Yankees. And he costs a ton more. And, we really have no idea what the Mets will want. Mike may be right (MLB-ready player and a RP) or you may be. You can’t definitively say the Yankees don’t have the pieces to pull this off unless you’re a decision maker with the Mets.

      • Darren

        Do you really think the Mets are gonna take all of the slop Mike mentioned for their starting second baseman? Zoilo Almonte, Corban Joseph and Preston Claiborne? Maybe we can throw in Drew Henson and Erik Almonte while we’re at it.

        Theoretically we might have the pieces, if you wanna start with Mason Williams or Gary Sanchez, plus Claiborne and maybe a JR Murphy and a Warren or Phelps. If we were signing Choo and McCann and I knew Cano wasn’t coming back, I guess that would be on the table, but I would hate to give up Williams or Sanchez to get a super sub.

        • OhioYanks

          Are you really suggesting that Gary Sanchez is what it would take to get a league average starter-type who people want to move off his position to a less valuable position?

          You are right to suggest some people are underpaying in their scenarios (it’s human nature… a loss stings somewhere between 2 and 10 times more than a gain feels good). You are going way too far to the other extreme, though. If the Mets want two strong prospects and a middle RP for two years of an average IF… they don’t really want to trade him.

          Guys like Zoilo Almonte and Corban Joseph have hit 20-30% above league average in the high minors. They have a legitimate shot to be average MLB starters. Opinions are likely to vary on guys like that, with some evaluators being higher than others. They have 6 years of control. I doubt the Mets are dealing Murphy for one of them, but for two they happen to be high on it could make sense for them. Like a watered-down version of the Granderson trade (the prospects are inferior, but so if the MLB player).

          • Darren

            I’m not saying the Mets would require a Sanchez type prospect from every team. I’m saying the Yankees just don’t have the kind of players that the Mets might otherwise take. Combined with the Mets/Yankees factor, I do think the Mets would insist on a prospect closer to Sanchez.

            I like your point about Joseph and Zoilo hitting well in high minors, I just don’t think it would hold much weight for the Mets considering they have so few major league assets. They are going to want either a proven, real major leaguer (Nova) or top prospects. I’ll buy beers for everyone on this thread if the Yankees get Murphy for Joseph, Zoilo and Claiborne.

            • OhioYanks

              Again, dude, how do you know what the Mets will or won’t take?

              You’re acting like there’s some universal prospect ranking that exists. Look at a few media rankings. Notice how widely opinions vary on given prospects. Why wouldn’t the same thing hold across 30 teams that holds across a handful of media outlets?

              You’re also making a lot of assumptions about what they want. They absolutely might say “top prospect or MLB proven guy at another position only.” Again, though, they are very unlikely to get a top prospect for Daniel Murphy. It’s two years of about a league average player. You’re also unlikely to get an equally proven player with more years of control (Nova) for a guy with less control. What you can do, though, is get some less proven guys with 5 or 6 years of control that you project to be as valuable or more valuable going forward. My point is not to say that is Zoilo or Adams or anyone specific. (I also think you are undervaluing the Yankees young players based on media hype that they have no talent. Those guys aren’t studs, but they have different degrees of promise.)

              • Darren

                You don’t really think Nova has a proven track record like Murphy do you? Nova is still a big fat question mark. We might have him penciled him as the #2 starter out of necessity, but it’s only because our pitching is so sparse. I don’t think the Mets make that trade straight up despite the fact that they’d get four more years of control.

                The Yankees young players are correctly valued.. Please tell me why Zoilo is undervalued. It’s not media hype. His minor league numbers are ok but he’s 24 and he was on nobody’s radar until this year. Sure, maybe the Mets or the Royals or someone have him rated highly and they’re just biding their time to fleece the Yankees out of a starter in the making.

                But assuming he’s a 4th outfielder type, which is totally reasonable, I just don’t see the Mets trading their starting second baseman for him. Control doesn’t matter if the asset isn’t worth much.

                • OhioYanks

                  Nova has posted 2.4, 1.4, and 2.5 fWAR the past three seasons. 3.4, 0.6, and 3.6 bWAR. Murphy has been at 1, 2.8, 1.3, and 3.0 fWAR and 1.6, 3.0, 1.4, and 1.8 bWAR. I can’t speak to your subjective opinion on the two players, but as objectively as possible Nova is as proven as Murphy with, I believe, two more seasons of control.

                  Correctly valued by whom? No two people are likely to value every one of the Yankees’ prospects the same. I have already asked and not gotten an answer, but what are these mystery universal prospect rankings you keep implying exist? The actual prospect rankings still have their system middle of the pack and have plenty of complementary things to say about some of these players.

                  Projections are all about probabilities of various outcomes. Almonte may be most likely to be a 4th OF, but that doesn’t mean we should just ignore the probability distribution and assume 100% probability to that outcome. There’s a ton of variability with prospects. Often you’re trading for them because you disagree about their probability distribution with the other team.

                  And who said that the Mets should trade Murphy straight up for Almonte? No one even said they want Almonte let alone a straight up deal. (Though anyone whose radar he wasn’t on before this year wasn’t actually following the Yankees’ system.) We haven’t even discussed some assets like Phelps or any prospect who isn’t either MLB ready or a top 100 talent. The point is that there might be a package of multiple Yankees assets that the Mets feel is more valuable that Murphy (and any other team’s offer) and the Yankees feel is less valuable than Murphy. Not that they are counting on one guy, but that they are playing the probabilities. Say they have 33-40% probabilities on 3 different pieces becoming starters plus 33-40% probabilities that they become quality back-ups… they might like those odds over 4-6 years compared to 2 fairly certain years with Murphy.

                  It seems like you think other teams will only trade for guys who are at the peak of their values. You can also make a trade based on the probabilities of unproven guys growing into their values. The idea is that you can’t trade Murphy for two or three Murphy caliber talents who have proven it in MLB, but you can trade him for 2 or 3 guys you think are just as good but haven’t yet proven it. You’re trying to grow the value of your assets and this is one way to do that (especially for a bad team, but for any team really). Again, the Granderson trade was an example of this.

                  • Darren

                    WAR is good for a lot of things but are you seriously to trying to tell me, knowing what you know aboout baseball, that Nova’s track record as a major leaguer is equal to Murphy’s in terms of proven ability?Let me ask you this. What would be more surpising next year, that Nova picthes to a 5.00 ERA over the first two months and gets sent to the minors, or Murphy hits .200 and gets sent to the minors? Murphy is eminently more predictable at this point in his career than Nova. You could even argue that Nova has greater upside, but in terms of proven ability, no way.

                    I can’t believe you believe that, regardless of what WAR says, after watching Nova pitch the last few years.

    • OhioYanks

      Overall I think you’re right that their asking price will be high. I don’t think Robertson makes much sense for them as they’d be getting one cost controlled year of a RP. They’re a bad team that doesn’t need to trade two years of a starter for one year of a RP. I think Nova is too high. He’s got a lot more control left. If that’s all the Mets will take (could be) I imagine that the Yankees walk away. Just not a match in that case. Yankees would probably be looking for a team looking to sacrificethe present for the future in that case.

      At the same time different people have different valuations for prospects and young players. Nunez and Betance are most likely just icing on any deal’s cake. Guys like Zoilo, and maybe Adams and CoJo too, are guys who you can legitimately see becoming league average starters at best who have 6 years of control. Trading two years of a league average-type starter for 6 years of a couple of guys they happen to be high on might make sense for the Mets. (Not saying they are high on those guys specifically… could be Warren or any number of prospects… or no one in the Yankees’ system).

      • Darren

        I agree that Drob isnot the centerpiece but at least he’s a legit AllStar or close to it and steps in as the closer right away. Yes, they’d want more. Yes, legit young guys with 6 years of control would be worth giving up 2 years of Murphy, if the young guys were talented enough. The problem is that we saw all too well from 2013 that The Yankees simply don’t have anybody like that. It would be pretty shocking if Sandy Alderson valued Zoilo, Joseph, Adamsor Warren more than the Yankees and evey other team. And you have to factor the inherent wariness of both sides in doing a Yankees/Mets trade.

        It’s not happening.

        • OhioYanks

          It takes two teams to make a trade. Robertson just seems unlikely to be a fit. The Yankees probably value him more than the Mets because they theoretically need bullpen help in 2014 more than the Mets do.

          How do you have any idea how highly the Yankees or “every other team” values those guys? You don’t. And you also can’t base their entire careers on a 150 PA sample in their debut.

          You are also making up the inherent wariness thing. Once again speculating on something you have no idea about.

          Why you would possibly be inclined to reach a definitely conclusion here is just completely beyond me.

          • Darren

            Because it’s the internet?

            • OhioYanks

              Being on the internet does not mean you should throw all logic and common sense out the window to just say foolish things.

              • Darren

                With all due respect, you’re the one being illogical if you think the Yankees and the Mets are ACTUALLY going to execute a trade for Daniel Murphy.

                If you want to quibble with my tone for being so sure about it, fine, I get it. I can’t actually predict the future and I don’t work for the Mets.

                But your argument is essentially that there’s some theoretical, magical world where Sandy Alderson thinks Zoilo Almonte and Corban Joseph are more than just 24th or 25th men and that controlling those assets is worth giving up his proven ML, above-average starter.

                But I repeat, that’s not happening.

                It’s just not a good fit, I don’t see why that’s a huge issue. Other trades might make more sense. This one doesn’t.

                • OhioYanks

                  That it’s unlikely any two specific teams get together to trade for any one specific player does not mean we should just assume every trade will never happen.
                  Why are you so sure that Zoilo, CoJo, Adams, Warren, etc. cannot improve? That’s what drives me nuts. That you’re so sure a few guys who aren’t top prospects will never be any good.

                  I would say it’s a bit of an exageration to say Murphy is above average. Which may be why we disagree on his value.

                  You will probably be right in any one specific case that a specific player with no rumors swirling will be traded to a particular team and that any non-top prospect will become an average MLB starter. That doesn’t mean that it’s the right general approach. You’re going to miss a whole lot of very good MLB players if you use such an overlysimplistic, illogical system. The idea is not, by the way, that any one of those players will be better than Murphy. It’s about probabilities, which I’m sure you’re not very comfortable with based on some of your comments about statistics.

                  It’s an issue because you have no idea if it’s a good fit. You have no idea what Alderson is looking for or how he values any of these players. No one is sitting here suggesting he values Zoilo Almonte at X. People have been saying that there are a whole lot of non-elite pieces throughout the Yankees’ organization that he might value.

                  • Darren

                    I hope Zoilo and Corban and the rest improve a ton. I was dying to see Zolio come up and would love nothing more than to see him become a great starting left fielder. But I don’t see Alderson making a trade of one of his few assets based on that kind of optimistic viewpoint.

                    And yeah, of course it’s theoretically possible the Yankees could come up with a package of young players to make a trade worthwhile for the Mets. What I’m saying is that the Yankees’ clear dearth of Major League ready young talent – as evidenced by 2013- makes such a trade far fetched.

  • Raff

    Daniel Murphy? Ugh.

  • OhioYanks

    If the Yankees bring in Murphy, I’d say that it’s as their starting 3B for 2014 (after A-Rod’s suspension is upheld). He is the Mets’ second best position player and has been worth 3 fWAR two of the past three seasons. Who knows, but I don’t think they are trading Murphy for the kind of package you’d want to pay for a back-up.

    I like him quite a bit as an option at 3B, actually, at the right price. A bit above league average as a hitter and might at least hold his own defensively at 3B. Depending on what both cost, I could see preferring him over Peralta.

    At the same time, giving up on 6 years of two or three decent prospects for two years of an average starter is exactly the kind of move that has sapped the Yankees’ roster of homegrown talent. If AJax, IPK, and Melancon were on the Yankees’ roster right now we wouldn’t be complaining about not having cheap homegrown talent. They would have plenty. Both Adams and CoJo really struggled in 2013 in their own ways, but both have hit similarly well in the minors as Murphy did (granted he was fast tracked, but Adams may have been on a fairly fast track without the ankle injury and CoJo was a HS guy). I understand the rationale behind trading an unproven guy for a proven guy and am not saying never to do it, but the downside of that is that in two years the proven guy is a free agent. If you’re going to advocate for the trades, you can’t turn around and lament not having the young cost controlled players anymore.

    • Darren

      Jeez, I’d give up Adams and Joseph in a heartbeat for Murphy. The problem is those guys would be the throw-ins, not the center piece.

      • OhioYanks

        I think that you’ve missed my point completely (and are really overvaluing Murphy… guy is solid and you’re not getting him cheap, but you’re acting like he’s some stud). People were also generally thrilled to give up AJax for Granderson. Thing is that the Yankees also gave up IPK and Coke, and a few years later the same fans are really pissed off that the Yankees don’t have cost controlled players on their roster. If you trade the cost controlled guys for short-term fixes, you will not have them anymore. I am not saying not to trade them, I am saying that you cannot advocate trading them and then get all bent out of shape a few years later because they are gone.

        • SullyLV

          Ohio Yankee-Wow good common sense on a Yankee blog.Keep up the good work and I agree with you.

        • Darren

          Your main point was that people shouldn’t get bent out of shape if a young player that’s traded does well? Fine. This is the first time you mentioned it.

          I don’t think Murphy is a stud – EXCEPT if you compare him to what the Yankees put on the field last year. He would have been a fuckin savior compared to Adams, Cruz, Nunez, et. al. And Zoilo. Don’t forget Zoilo.

          And if you use logic, you’ll see that if we didn’t have ANYTHING close to Murphy in terms of available talent, the likelihood of a being able to use that non-talent to trade for him is nil.

          • OhioYanks

            No. The entire last paragraph of the comment you replied to was about exactly that: “At the same time, giving up on 6 years of two or three decent prospects for two years of an average starter is exactly the kind of move that has sapped the Yankees’ roster of homegrown talent. If AJax, IPK, and Melancon were on the Yankees’ roster right now we wouldn’t be complaining about not having cheap homegrown talent. They would have plenty.” This is the paragraph you replied to, and you don’t seem to have even read it.

            You need to study basic statistics if you think that a 150 PA sample after a major promotion is the way to judge someone’s talents. I don’t mean to be a dick, but if you don’t know anything about stats you should learn rather than making invalid assumptions. The whole science of statistics is about using samples to find what the underlying population is with a certain probability. You can’t measure the population (in this case a player’s talent level) and the samples are incomlete snap shots of information. So stats (as a science) is there to reconcile the differences. You can’t just look at a small sample and decide that’s how good a player is because there is too much variability (a 5 person sample, for example, probably isn’t the way to predict a presidential election). A guy’s first taste of MLB after being promoted as an injury replacement before he otherwise would have been called up might not be a representative sample anyway. This is all stuff you can learn in an intro stats class or the corresponding textbook.

            • Darren

              Thanks for the incredibly pompous tips. Good job.

            • Darren

              Where did I even talk about Zoilo’s MLB stats? I think they tell you a little bit, but not much. I’m going on minor league stats and the way he has been evaluated by the Yankees. Did you ever hear Cashman mention his name befoe this year? Was he in the mix for the starting job? You don’t think perception plays any role in the Mets’ decision, or the decision of any GM?

              It’s astounding to me that you’re actually arguing that Zoilo and Corban Joseph would be the key components for a trade for Murphy. It’s not about whether they might improve, it’s about whether the Mets would ever pull the trigger by taking that leap of faith.

  • MannyGeee

    RAB Comments 3 days ago: ZOMG teh Zolio should be starting teh gamez! Too many old guys, and Yankees are teh suck!

    RAB Comments today: ZOMG the Zolio isn’t even worth trading for a league average Daniel Murphy! Yankees are teh suck!

    • Darren

      No offense but your overuse of the “teh” meme is pretty grating.

  • Roadgeek Adam

    Daniel Murphy should be in the Mets as the backup franchise player to David Wright. He’s been there 6 seasons already, so I feel like he should stay there as their 2nd baseman.

  • Dicka24

    It would probably take one of Phelps/Warren + one of Zolio/Nunez. Give or take.