The Latest on Not A Yankee Robinson Cano

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(Ezra Shaw/Getty)
(Ezra Shaw/Getty)

Robinson Cano has a been a Not A Yankee for a little less than three weeks now, but his market has yet to really take shape. He had not received any offers from other clubs as of November 10th. That isn’t all that surprising, however. Things have been relatively quite for other top free agents like Jacoby Ellsbury and Shin-Soo Choo as well. The market for the big names usually starts to pick up during the Winter Meetings in early-December.

Until then, here is a roundup of the latest on Cano, courtesy of Ken Davidoff, George King, Andy Martino, Andrew Marchand, Andy McCullough, Wally Matthews, Tim Brown, and Joel Sherman.

  • Hal Steinbrenner confirmed the team will meet with Cano’s people sometime this week, but also indicated they will continue to talk to other players in case things drag on too long. “We haven’t really had any communication on any specifics yet, but it’s the beginning of the process,” said Hal.
  • Jay-Z and agents Brodie Van Wagenen and Juan Perez met with Mets owner Jeff Wilpon, GM Sandy Alderson, and assistant GM John Ricco at a Manhattan hotel yesterday. They supposedly made a “Scott Boras-like” presentation. Cano’s camp initiated the meeting and it sounds like they’re trying to drum up some leverage. The Mets aren’t handing out the type of contract it will take to sign Cano, especially under the risk-averse Alderson.
  • “[Jay-Z is] going to be intimately involved in all areas, and that has been true for the last six months” said Van Wagenen recently. “Jay is a very, very successful businessman, who has a keen understanding of value, a keen understanding of brands, and a keen understand of what this player, Robinson Cano, wants to accomplish in his career. He’s been at the table both in strategy sessions and in preparation. And he absolutely has, and will continue to be, involved in the actual negotiations with potential suitors.”
  • Cano’s camp has not yet budged off their ten-year, $305M request, but Randy Levine ain’t havin’ any of that. “We want Robbie back — we think Robbie is terrific — but we have no interest in doing any ten-year deals and no interest in paying $300M to any player. Until he gets a little more realistic, we have nothing to talk about,” said the team president.
  • The Dodgers still insist they will not get involved in the bidding for Cano. We first heard that a few weeks ago. Los Angeles seems like an obvious fit for Robbie given their huge wallet and second base vacancy, but they appear to be saving the majority of their cash for the inevitable Clayton Kershaw extension. Maybe they’ll circle back if they have some extra cash once that is taken care of.
  • Just in case you were wondering, the Marlins will not be in on Cano this winter. Shocking, I know. “We have to know our market and our payroll and our history, and our history is to build around young players and add pieces when it has become very clear that we are ready to win,” said GM Dan Jennings.
Tuesday Night Open Thread
Scouting The Trade Market: Daniel Murphy
  • Mark in VT

    Similar to ARod’s deal, the Yanks are only competing against themselves. Hopefully they don’t screw this one up too.

    • jjyank

      Are they? We don’t know that at all. Just because the Dodgers are apparently not bidding (and they still might) does’t mean there aren’t other teams. It’s still November.

    • Laz

      At the reported price though. Every team would be happy to have cano, but no one wants to pay $300M.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Wake me when it’s over. No one ever looks good here.

    • lightSABR

      When I first saw the Levine news this morning, I went full panic mode – amazing what a season like the Yankees’ 2013 will do to you – and figured Cano’s a goner. But you’re right. This is all ugly posturing, the less salacious version of the media game A-Rod and MLB have been playing all year.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        They all do it, to an extent. Even Mo have us a “you never know” when asked if he’s play somewhere else during contract negotiations.

        Do I enjoy this? Hell no. It’s part of the game, though.

        • Chris Z.

          I believe the Yankees 100% when they say no shot at 10 years or 300 mill. Its important that they say it publically also. No one in the game is worth that kind of money. Jay-Z is putting so much into the branding and marketing of Cano that I could see this backfire on him.

          Ok sure, Robbie is a star who can increase sales in NYC. But will his “brand” be as strong in Detroit? Possible, will it be that big in DC if he goes to the Nationals? No chance. LA? Yea probably because of the media market but I just eliminated all the other teams who have been rumored to be in on him and the last one is saying no way.

          I always laugh when agents try to market their players as brands because if you want to go down that road, NYC raises that specter and puts the Yanks in a position of strength. Ok Cano, you think you can be a super star page 6 guy and live the high life in Texas? Go for it bud.

          The Yanks (and Mets but who cares about them?) have something no one else has. New York City.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            I don’t think there’s a snowball chance in hell he gets that much from anyone. I don’t even think it’s good posturing on Jay’s part. You shouldn’t be illiciting universal eyerolls, and this is doing so.

            It’s quite possible, when this is all said and done, that Roc Nation doesn’t wind up being any good as sports agents and goes the way of Cash Money here, although Master P sucked at just about everything.

            Let’s not forget, though, that the Yankees are posturing too. This “we’re not waiting for you and, if we spend all our money before you sign, oh well” is just as much a negotiating stance, to me. Even in this supposed 189 million environment, I really doubt they’d hold to that in the end. The pot of money would magically appear, celery cap or not.

            I think.

          • ChrisS

            I would give Trout a 10 yr $350m contract in a heartbeat.

            • Robinson Tilapia

              I wouldn’t give Jesus a 10/350 deal.

              • lightSABR

                What if Jesus played catcher? ;)

                • Robinson Tilapia

                  Then we’d have a new commenter, CristoIsDinero.

              • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

                Jesus probably wasn’t very good at baseball. But he could probably make a damn good bat!

                • Robinson Tilapia

                  He’d be a great third base coach.

          • Holy Ghost

            Trout and Miggy are worth $300 mil.

            I love Cano but no way he should get that much

        • lightSABR

          I’ve often wondered if I would act like that if I were the best second baseman in baseball – whether, when I’m already worth hundreds of millions, I’d be willing to be an asshole to try to get another hundred million more. And part of me wants to say no, I’d care about the team winning and about the fans and about the sport, and I wouldn’t play these ugly games or hold out for every last penny I could get on the open market.

          But if it’s all about the money for Hal – and the $189m plan makes it hard to say it’s not – why shouldn’t it be all about the money for Robbie?

          • Robinson Tilapia

            You may not act that way, but you might put your future and finances in the hands of people who may not necessarily be working in your best interest.

            It makes for great newspaper fodder, but all 10/300 is getting is eyerolls. It’s grandstanding for grandstanding’s sake. It’s empty and hollow…

            …unless someone gives it to him. I’m pretty sure they won’t.

          • Nat King Kong

            Why is it “being an asshole” when the player allows his representative to negotiate for the best possible contract from the team, after he has been forced by the system to play for well under market value for the first few years of his career?

            I realize it’s all Monopoly money and an absurd clown circus, and I’m not crying for anyone who gets to play MLB for a LOT of money — even at the minimum — but that doesn’t mean they are “assholes” for going for maximum dollars after the team and MLB has owned them and dictated their salaries for the first few years of their careers?

            Cano’s salary in 2003 when he broke in was $381,000. The next year, when he hit .342 with 15 home runs and an .890 OPS, was $490,000. The next year his salary jumped to $3 million, still way, way below market value. His salary didn’t even come close to market value until 2012, when it was $14 million (still likely way below what he could have gotten on the open market).

            So the team’s been taking advantage of him for all these years, but he’s an “asshole” now, when he has his one chance on the open market, to allow his agent to negotiate to get top dollar for his talents and services?

    • Pat D

      Should I shake you, then wake you……when it’s over?

  • Jamie

    Robbie needs to get his head out of his ass and realize that it just makes him look stupid with this $300+ Million BS. Best 2B in the game but not even close to the best player…No MVPs, one year over 30 HRs…I love Cano as a player but this is rediculous

    • Robinson Tilapia

      It’s the perfect storm of douche-dom right now. You’ve got the sort of negotiation grandstanding that never makes anyone look good combined with an entity trying to establish itself as a player representation powerhouse and, therefore, trying to blow as much hot air as possible and making it look like they’re seeking unheard-of money for their client. It’s just a bunch of nonsense we’re better off ignoring until he signs on the dotted line somewhere and, probably, for a hell of a lot less than that ridiculous figure.

      • jjyank

        Yeah, this. Also, consider the market. Cano is probably the single best free agent on the entire market this offseason, even including pitchers. Of course the agents are going to shoot for the moon. But yeah, it’s nonsense, and we all know it. Cano will get his money, and it will be somewhere near the Tex contract. It baffles me when commenters here say “ZOMG, don’t sign him for 10 years and/or $300 miil!” That’s not going to happen. So don’t think about it.

  • forensic

    The Winter Meetings are in December, not January.

    As for the Dodgers, I really don’t think they’ll get into it too much. They did spend $28 million on Alexander Guerrero, so I think that’s where they’ll go with 2B, even if he doesn’t quite start the season in the Majors.

    It’s just Levine and talk, but it’s nice that they say they don’t have any interest in doing 10 year deals, at least at this point.

  • Eselquetodolosabe

    NY should take advantage of the value hit that Granderson took last season and try to re-sign him for somewhere in the 3 year, 39 to 42 mm range. Might be the best value sign of the off-season.

    • Darren

      Grandy’s gonna get 4 or 5 years for $60-$80mm plus.

      • OldYanksFan

        I might guess this depends on if someone signs him to play CF, as opposed to him being signed as a COF?

        If this is the case, maybe we go 4/$56m or a tad more?
        If you want a prime/prime-ish FA, you’re always going to overpay. At 4/$60m, he needs a dozen WAR over 4 years, to pay his freight. He might not get that, but it’s not crazy to think he might.

        So if it IS an overpay, it ain’t too bad spread out over 4 years.

        • Darren

          I’d give Grandy 4 years at $60mm. I wouldn’t be happy but I’d do it. You can’t have an outfield with no pop. I can see Beltran falling off a cliff in NY so unless he’d take a Yankees doscount and do 2 years . Choo is gonna get $90mm. The question is would you rather do Grandy at 4/$60mm (AAV $15mm) or Choo – 6 year/$90mm (AAV – $15mm).

  • Darren

    I know the agents just have to do their job, but their whole pitch about how not only are you getting a great baseball player, but you’re getting this whole multi-media marketing asset is delusional. I think Robbie is GREAT and deserves $180mm – $200 mm, but to think a team would pay him any extra money due to some percieved value outside the baseball sphere is fuckin dumb. What are the Yanmkees gonna do, produce a movie where he’s the star? Put him in a TV show? Come on! He’s shown no interest in that and even if he did, the team won’t benefit. They’re desperately trying to get him an ARod style contract but that was a perfect (shitty) storm of Hank trying to out-George George. It ain’t happening.

  • Nathan

    I’d like to see the Yankees take a hard stance with Cano, take it or leave it. The FO has to know what the absolute most they’d be willing to pay Cano. So give him an offer near there, let him know that’s it and if he wants to leave, let him leave.

    I don’t know if the A-Rod, Tex and CC deals have just soured my view on huge deals but a huge contract for Cano just feels like it would handcuff the franchise. If Cano leaves, fine…the Yankees almost need an organizational “reboot” anyways.

    • jjyank

      There has to be some line, sure. But it has to be realistic. Not the idiot a week or two ago who said 5 years and two club options.

      Also, we need to get over the big deal aversion. A lot of big deals end badly. But if you avoid them entirely, you lose out on way too much. It’s a risk, but a necessary one. You can’t build a franchise that drafts at the end of the round without spending big money. Just a couple examples off of the top of my head to make you feel better: Derek Jeter, Jason Giambi and Mike Mussina. It can be okay.

      • Nathan

        I think seven years would be as long as I would like to see the Yankees go for anyone. 10 years? Maybe Trout.

        • jjyank

          Cano isn’t getting 10 years, so let’s remove that from the discussion. I think 7 is perfectly reasonable, yeah. I might go 8, but it depends.

        • TWTR

          Sure, Trout is nine years younger. In fact, I would go longer than 10 years with Trout given his age.

          • Bob Buttons

            My armchair GM offer to Trout: 13 Years 400 mil, each MVP adds 2.5 mil bonus, take it or leave it.

            • TWTR

              Works for me!

    • Nat King Kong

      How exactly is it going to “handcuff” the franchise?

      Jeebus, some of you guys need to stop sucking up every bit of b.s. that comes from the f.o. The Yankees print money. Just because a couple of billionaires have said they want to cut payroll so they can go buy an extra golden shoehorn or whateverthefu** to put on one of their yachts, doesn’t mean we have to buy it.

      When the Yankee f.o. starts cutting the outrageous ticket prices, concession prices, and executive salaries, then maybe I’ll start taking this garbage about $189m. Besides, the Yanks lose more money by missing the playoffs as they did this past year than by paying luxury tax anyway.

      They need to field a competitive team, not a lineup full of dumpster trash like they did this past season. And why any fan would be more worried about a couple of billionaire’s bank accounts than they are about the makeup of the team is beyond me.

  • TWTR

    6 years $150-$160m is a more than generous offer for a 31 year old with Cano’s stats and likely career trajectory.

    Above that, move on.

    • CashmanNinja

      I think they could push it up to $170 mil to make him feel like he “won” by getting a higher contract than what Sabathia previously got. I love Cano, but he’s not an MVP type player. The only player you break the bank on is someone like Mike Trout, Miguel Cabrera, etc. I think Trout is probably the only player in the league that is worthy of a 10 year deal. Cano is great, but 6 years is really the highest he should get. He’s on the wrong side of 30 and chances are his numbers won’t get any better than they are, and will start regressing a bit in a few years. I figure we could get elite/above average production out of him for 4 or 5 years and then he’ll fall off the cliff in terms of his standards. We don’t need to break the bank on him — even if there wasn’t the whole $189mil cap to get under.

      • TWTR

        I agree. The years are the key.

      • Chris Z.

        Ive been pretty locked into the idea of 170-180 for Cano over 7-8 years. That’s where I see him falling. I don’t think he is a 200M player.

        7 @ 24 = 168m + money for MVP voting, silver sluggers, gold gloves which can push the deal up another 2-3m a year.


        8 @ 22.5 = 180m flat out. extra cash for MVP but that’s it.

        That’s my guess and i’m sticking to it.

  • Psycho Trish

    “Just in case you were wondering, the Marlins will not be in on Cano this winter.”

    And Fishy, Mr. Pond Scum, curls up in a little ball to cry. His favorite team the MARLINS won’t be getting Cano. Looks like Fishy has to fake his Yankee fandom for another year, as the Marlins will suck again.

    *Cue JJ-Jerkoff to run to his BF’s defense. HA HA

    • jjyank

      I think it’s really cute that you care so much.

      • SDB

        The psycho part of the name at least seems accurate.

        • Bob Buttons

          So now we got a commenter from the past too.


    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

      No wonder Sal/Bo/Lanny stopped trolling. Didn’t want to be associated with the junk we have these days.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Today’s Adam/Steve/Mike/John/Guillermo is yesterday’s Sal/Bo/Lanny, only they can’t even hold a candle to them.

        Hell, even whatever Rainbow Connection is masquerading as now doesn’t hold a candle to Rainbow Connection.

        • Poconos Adam

          I’ve been posting here for four years. I just don’t post every four minutes.

  • Bob Buttons

    Only reason Marlins aren’t in on him is because Brodie laughed in Loria’s face when Loria insisted that not handing out no trade clauses are integral part of the franchise strategy.

  • Get Phelps Up

    The constant perception people seem to have that it’s either giving him 10 years and $300M or let him walk is very annoying.

    • jjyank

      Yeah, really. I’m so tired of seeing that figure.

      • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

        You know what’s fun? I haven’t been seeing that figure anywhere because I’ve mostly been ignoring everything, since nothing really worth talking about has happened yet. So I’m not tired of it yet!

        I’m sure I’ll hear when something relevant happens.

  • LarryM Fl

    I believe the Yankee offer of 7/161 is very fair. But some team will come in and take Cano for slightly higher dollars. So, I would raise the the offer to 7/175. Robbie Cano is a baseball player. I observe his play. I do observe his actions in the clubhouse. How is the great team mate. His appeal to the masses means nothing to me. Its all about the play and can we win with him.

    If Cano walks away from a Yankee offer. It will show more about Robbie Cano than we will want to admit. Also more about the guy who we do not see on the field.

    Really 23 or 25 million is not enough then I’ll say it, “let him walk.”

    • Havok9120

      No, it will mean someone made a better offer.

      People need to quit trying to make some slapdash moral point out of this. He is under no moral or duty-based obligation to make this easier on the Yankees and their fans. It’s baseball. If he turns down a Yanks offer and signs elsewhere it will almost certainly say absolutely nothing about his character. At least nothing we’ll be able to get an accurate picture of.

  • mt

    There is a problem if an employee’s initial request is too high especially when agents who want future business from other players are involved. You can go in and ask your boss directly for some absurd salary and then settle for a much lower figure but the whole world will not know that you were initially aggressive or “delusional”; in Cano’s case, the whole world (including Scott Boras, who Jay-Z already called out) will comment.

    As far as delusional, his agents compare him to a “rock star” (an MLB official used the “Michael Jordan” comparison so I will not pin that on his agents). Really? Probably Jeter could have pulled that – and he probably somewhat did pull that in his negotiations as the “modern day” Joe Dimaggio – but as far as Cano, a lot of Yankee fans don’t necessarily love and embrace because he doesn’t hustle; now a lot of us on this board pooh-pooh much of Cano’s lack of hustle given his superb durability and overall WAR, etc. but when you are talking about icons and marketing value so that the the general fan (and even non-baseball fans) buys your T-shirts or loves your commercials that “love and admiration” stuff does factor in):

    To the extent the Cano $305 mm or $310 mm is way too high and based on some marketing value or brand that does not exist while Yankees have on the table a decent offer (say,7 years at $161 million) how long will it take to get to a compromise we all feel may still be a little high but reasonable (say, 7 years at $180 million) – the problem is that the Cano initial demand is so high that his agents will look foolish moving too quickly to a 7 year/$180 million agreement. Therefore Cano will want to wait as long as possible hoping that as top FAs go off board, teams that may have been shut out (maybe Mariners, Cubs,) or teams that may have salary room (Nationals coming off a disappointing year, Rangers who can in turn trade one or some of Kinsler, Andrus for salary relief) will bite. Then Yanks feel they have to act and have to use up their budget as the McCanns and Choos come off the board.

    For those who say it is all negotiating in good faith, remember how in Damon’s negotiation what would have been his first re-signing with Yanks he and Boras insisted on some high contract with Yankees and when Yanks went in another direction he ended up taking a contract from some other team at a lower value than what Yankees would have given him. (then spin starts as to “I always wanted to play with xxx team”).

    The problem for Yanks is not whether some team will pay Cano 10 years at $310 million this whole offseason – the answer to that question, I believe, is a resounding no. The real question that should be asked is will there be some team that has the budget to still swoop in and pay him 7 years at $160-$180 million in January after many of the top free agents go off the board whereby Yankees, who have numerous holes, may have already gotten nervous about Cano and spent some of money allocated to Cano. I think the question is that there will be at least one team in this category (I say look out for Mariners who may whiff initially on offensive FA additions like Choo even though they need to add offense) and it only takes one team (then we can hear “It’s not about the money – I have always wanted to play with Felix Hernandez, Hisashi Iwakuma, and Danny Farquahar”)

    The only caveat in my scenario is the Arod suspension. If arbitrator does eventually decide on 162+ games (seems like a lot of commentators seem to be expecting more like an eventual 50-100 games; sleazy MLB investigation offsets any elements of Arod obstruction or recruiting of players to PEDs); if Arod still gets really banged at 162+ games, Yanks would be more able to pay late.

    Of course if $189 million is no issue at all, then Yanks may just do something high like 8 years at $210 million and call it a day.

    • Poconos Adam

      I love the sudden need the Yankees have for marketing….yeah, the brand has really been struggling.

      To me, Cano represents the delusion that the Yankees can compete this year. Between the bad contracts, the injured guys, ARod, etc…..forget it.

      As a life-long Yankee fan, I’d rather let Cano walk (would have dealt him last year if possible), sign a group of reasonable players, many of whom you flip for prospects in late July — and take 1-2 years to ready a new dynasty.

      There’s still enough star power on the roster to keep the stadium relatively full.

      David Murphy, 2 years 12 million would have been a nice addition….but the Indians are taking him.

      I sense massive train wreck coming in 2014 with the 189, Cano, Arod, etc.

      • mt

        Agreed. I know he had a bad year last year but in a $189 million environment David Murphy would have been great risk/reward play – think he might be better value than some of the more highly touted outfield free agents.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        “As a life-long Yankee fan, I’d rather let Cano walk (would have dealt him last year if possible), sign a group of reasonable players, many of whom you flip for prospects in late July — and take 1-2 years to ready a new dynasty.”

        If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it. No one would want each other’s players because they’re all trying to flip theirs.

        You don’t ready a dynasty in one or two years. If you’re really lucky, your team will build something that resembles a dynasty once in your, and your kids’, lifetime.

        • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

          The 4 in 5 years run has only happened 3 other times in history, and only if you count the Yanks from 47-53 twice.

          The 96-2000 run has a very very high chance of not happening again while we live. And baseball has much more competitive balance now than it ever has. It almost doesn’t matter how good the Yankees are at everything; the standard with which some fans hold this team to is ridiculous and unrealistic.

          And I know the response,

          “We don’t need 4 in 5, we just want to be competitive!” Bullshit. Every time we’re competitive and don’t win, it’s cash failed, or arod failed, or girardi failed, or God failed, or the med staff failed, or the umps failed.

          We’re in a 2-3, maybe 4-5 year rough patch when the remains of the core of our dynasty are disappearing and the risks we took to replace them haven’t worked out. And even in all these “terrible” years, we’ve been competitive down to the wire. And until we have a year where that doesn’t happen, I’ll continue to believe it will.

          Any delusions that the Yankees “can compete” this year are well-founded, because they rest in lots and lots and lots of recent and past history. All our speculation about budgets, about who we will or won’t sign, about who needs to be fired, is all just noise. You’re free to discuss them, to bring in all the arguments about why they’ll suck, but to dismiss anyone who thinks we can compete as “delusional”? That crowd can go eat a bag of dicks.

          • Robinson Tilapia

            SO MANY BAGS OF DICKS.

            So many “championship or bust” replies for you to swat away.

          • Poconos Adam

            The problem with your statement is the way you use “competitive”. The 2013 Yankees were competitive in the way the bottom feeders want to be. The team was poorly constructed, full of declining players and wasn’t going to win the east.
            Sure, they were 8 games over .500 with a 228 million payroll. That’s not competitive. That’s the inevitability of a massive quantity of cash equating to enough wins to avoid rock bottom.
            I agree that this is a rough patch — and I’m fine with it. I’ve lived through very good Yankees (twice) and very bad yankees (once 1989-1992). I don’t need a WS every year.
            Heck I enjoy the rebuilding process — and with Yankee resources, rebuilding can be a relatively quick thing.
            Hey, if you want to be on the “sign McCann and Garza so we can compete in the east wagon” — then enjoy the six year long dick you’ll be sucking on with guys like that.
            I’m saying, take the year off from “hanging in there” and attempting to be good enough to chase Boston/Tampa.
            Make moves that will pay dividends down the road. Tanaka for one. Or trading for a player who has prime years ahead of them, not all behind them.
            You guys like lumping new or occasional posters into some narrative that makes you feel superior? Hey, fine, you guys rule the comments section on a blog on the internet. You will surely have statues on Trafalgar Square someday.

            • troll


      • I’m One

        I’m not sure there’s enough “sizzle” in the roster make-up to keep the stnads relatively full without Cano unless the team can compete and Jeter, CC and perhaps A-Rod all perform close to their career norms.

        I do, however, believe the NY offers more to Cano in terms of marketing that Cano offers the Yankees. As was stated, there are 2 places that off marketing opportunities far more lucrative than anywhere else: NY & LA. Anywhere else? You’re marketing mostly to baseball fans, and far fewer of those exist in other markets than the 2 biggies. Jay-Z & Cano need to be reminded of what the Yankees bring to the table due to their location that won’t be duplicated elsewhere.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          A topless Katy Perry could play second and, if the team’s not in contention, less fans will show up.

          “The stands” really don’t matter to me when having these discussions. If you don’t support your team when they’re down, you’re a fairweather fan.

          Other than selling to Trump, I’ll be there. :)

          • I’m One

            I’ll follow them as well, but a lot of fans won’t. Lower attendance, lower TV ratings, fewer stadium sales, etc. = less overall revenue. The Yankees need “star power”, but NY adds opportunities beyond baseball that aren’t available elsewhere, outside of LA. It is a 2-way street.

          • Poconos Adam

            Of course…if it doesn’t matter to you, it must not matter to the people who actually make the decisions.

            I mentioned the stands because it matters to ownership and any discussion of keeping/not keeping, adding/not adding players needs to take the ’empty stadium’ concerns into account.

            Fair comments on my “build a dynasty” in 1-2 years — I mean re-load….sorry for trying to be optimistic.

            Speaking of “dicks” — Tilapia here obviously has no job and arrogantly believes that posting here as much as possible makes his opinion matter. Trust me douche-bag, opinions are like assholes. Or in your case, big assholes.

            I’m not ‘championship or bust’ — but anyone who doesn’t see that “the piece it together” approach influenced by the unholy trinity of 189/ARod situation/Cano contract is going to result in a downward spiral….well, then your crystal ball is far rosier than mine.

            I’m advocating taking a year or two off from the “must be competitive” approach … I believe it will pay dividends.

            • Pat D

              You need to get over yourself. I love how you resort to personal attacks just because he’s making fun of your opinion. That’s not an attack on you, but that’s how you choose to fire back? Grow up.

              • Poconos Adam

                So these guys telling people to “eat a bag of dicks” is “making fun of” opinions, but me saying he posts too much and that opinions are like assholes is a “personal attack”?

                Sorry — that makes zero sense.

                • Pat D

                  Really, playing the victim card? You completely and conveniently overlooked the fact that you called him a “douchebag” and a “big asshole,” and implied that he’s an unemployed loser.

                  Believe it or not, and you don’t, but that “eat a bag of dicks” line has become a meme for “your opinion sucks,” more or less. Yea, it’s crude, that’s the point. But it’s not personal, either. I mean, who honestly talks like that? When you see something like that thrown around more than once by more than one person, that should tip you off as to its meaning.

                  Oh, by the way:

                  • Robinson Tilapia

                    Gold, Patrick. That is gold.

                  • Poconos Adam

                    Yeah — by 1992 I think you’d rather visit Somalia than that place.


                    They demolished the old dive and built this.
                    Not a fan of casino-hotels, but it sure beats the old lodge.

                    Yeah, fair enough, I tee’d off on tilapia — but this is the internet….it’s free and open and if you’re going to throw around phrases like “eat a bag of dicks” you’d better be prepared for people to fire back.

                    Stop holding his hand and let him trash me himself — he seems to be more than capable.

                    • Pat D

                      I know what the place is like now. I have a friend who works at one of those “fuckhuts.”

                      But, seriously, if you are too thin-skinned for “eat a bag of dIcks,” and take that personally, you’re in the wrong place. I wish I could remember all the things that I’ve been called on this site.

            • Robinson Tilapia

              Listen, you piece of shit, perhaps it hasn’t fucking dawned on you that someone might be posting on the internet during the day because they are actually at work, sitting on a computer reviewing documentation, reports, etc., because they actually have a pretty decent job while you give out blow jobs outside the beautiful Mount Airy Lodge in the Poconos. Yes, I remember the commercials in the 70’s too, flapjack.

              No one was insulting you but, hey, god forbid you think Poconos Adam is wrong.

              “The stands” do not matter to me because I’m not here playing MLB Ballpark Empire or whatnot, and because I’ve been around enough ebbs and flows in Yankee attendance to know that, when you’re the New York Yankees, the stadium both fills when you’re winning and is never THAT empty when you’re not. This ain’t Tampa. Hell, it wasn’t Tampa in ’91…..when you were starting to give out blow jobs outside the beautiful Mount Airy Lodge.

              • Poconos Adam

                So the best you can do is go to the 70’s and Mt. Airy?

                Funny how you and Patty D both decide that someone firing back after they’ve been fired at is somehow wrong.

                You and Peckerhead are telling people to eat bags of dicks, but when someone tells you something in return you get all high and mighty…before of course going ever lower into the gutter.

                Keep reviewing documentation with one eye on a Yankees blog…..sounds like a very good career move.

                Oh, tell Hal that 1.7 million in the seats would be okay….give me a freaking break — 60% less than the 2008 peak won’t matter to anyone? Jeez, don’t let facts get in the way of your Tilapiatic opinion.

                Thank goodness you’re here to keep things real.

                • Robinson Tilapia

                  I’m doing just fine for myself, brutha. Don’t you worry. Just fine.

                  How is the lodge doing these days?

                  • Poconos Adam

                    You should come over and see it. It’s now a multi-billion dollar casino and hotel that millions of people drive from NYC to come to every year.

                    Do some research.

                    Oh wait, you were reading the blog instead of checking the documents, so I’m sure there’s no time for research.

  • nycsportzfan Why would anybody pay a baseball player half that is beyond me. Baseballs the ultimate team game. I wish i could say i’m glad finally teams are like “dude, ur kidding right?”, but its pathetic that 300million is what it takes for owners to say that. These sports players need to be knocked down a notch.

  • mt

    Just saw something from Ken Rosenthal in which he says that the $300-$310 million demand from Cano is “a myth” – that figure was supposedly the price during the 2013 season for Cano to forego his free agency and sign during 2013 season. Now that he is a free agent that figure does not apply at all. I understand that nuance but then what is his new demand as a full FA? It’s the midle of November already and Yanks need to know that (I hear different reports as to whether or not Yanks and Cano’s agents are even meeting this week).

    The problem again is that even if Cano come back with a “high” salary demand, say, 8 years at $250 million or 7 years at $210 million, the media will spin that negatively for Cano in saying that he has already has made a significant concession from the initial, lofty $300 million and that it is a sign of someone aiming too high (media will not explan the nuance of the old $300 million as a “foregoing free agency” price versus any “current free agency” price.)

    Therefore it should be interesting when we hear a new “current free agency” salary demand from Cano’s side – I can see Cano’s side trying to delay revealing that number as much as possible.

    • mitch

      The media can spin it any way they want, but in the end Cano is worth what a team is willing to pay him. I really doubt any team offers Cano north of 8 years or $200mil, and if they do it should make it easy for the Yankees to walk away.

    • Havok9120

      You aren’t just buying trouble here. You’re speculating on it through the stock market.

      Just breathe a bit and see what happens. Chances are pretty good we’ll never know his initial offer in negotiations, let alone any of the counter-offers that flow back and forth between the two sides. If we get actual news, or a rumor on the negotiations break, that’ll be worth talking about

  • Vern Sneaker

    To me, 7/$180M is more than reasonable for probably four excellent years and then consider the too-high remainder $$ as having been paid for those four. He’s simply too good to let go now, especially with so many holes that need to be filled to get back to a championship (or even the playoffs. If he wants more and gets lucky somewhere else, I’d forget about him.

  • OldYanksFan

    People…. the length of contract is a NON-Issue. Cano’s contract will cover the rest of his useful career. He wants to get paid for the rest of his career.

    Is 8/$200m really a better contract than 10/$200m?

    The bottom line is a ‘fair’ contract won’t get him. You always overpay for a prime FA… and this year, Robbie is the prime-ist.
    I would like to keep Robbie, if we can do it without getting raped. But we will get buggered a bit.

    Here my idea:
    Offer 10/$200m?
    1) the number $200m MIGHT be enough. $200m is a nice number. Proposing Offers that won’t get him is wasted time. $200m might be enough.

    2) You front load the contract – $25,25,23,23,20,20,17,17,15,15, which makes a late term trade possible (without eating too much), but the AAV is still $20m. Having $20m as an AAV as opposed to $25m will save a bunch of money on payroll over the first 8 years. I’m guessing more than $10m.

    3) Robbie becomes a lifetime Yankee, Greatest Yankee 2nd Baseman of All-Time, The Plaque, yada-yada-yada. I mean, without being a homer, it really IS worth something. Hard to put a value on it.

    4) The biggest Pro is it fits within the $189m for 2014. A $20m AAV hit is at least $4m less than you can expect it to be with any other contract.

    Oh Hell! How about Offer 12/$204m? A $17m AAV. How nice.

    • I’m One

      Good thought, but I’m pretty sure Cano (& especially Jay-Z) will be looking at AAV moreso than total $’s He’d probably be more willing to go for few years at $26 or $27M/yr.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Shit. I have no clue what they’d go for there. I’d rather go less years, larger AAV myself.

        • I’m One

          As would I, and I think it allows Jay-Z to save face as well. He may not have gotten the total $$ he was looking for, but he can point to the AAV. He’ll never touch the $300M, even going out to 20 years (well, maybe then).

    • Nat King Kong

      Who’s “we”? Are you one of the Steinbrenners?

      Why do any of you care what the Steinbrenners end up having to pay? Cracks me up — you act like it’s your money and your emptying your own pockets. Are you really that concerned that a couple of billionaires might have to put a few more bucks into the team rather than pocketing it themselves?

      I can guarantee you this: if Cano walks and the little Steins end up saving $$, ticket prices aren’t coming down. The only way it will affect us is that our team will suck that much more…

  • mike

    Is Cano pricing himself out 0f the market?

    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

      This isn’t a thing. If no one bites early, the price lowers. He’s not going to remain a free agent into the next season.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Yeah. This is all just show. I don’t get why people bite on this every off-season. Actually, I do get why.

    • Havok9120

      A) That’s not possible in this case.

      B) Even if it were, we have no idea. We don’t have a clue what price he’s looking to get as a free agent, only what he wanted for an extension to avoid the open market.

  • Hector Lopez

    Mike thinks 150 for 6 would be an insult to Cano, I say let him be insulted. Take the 200 mil for 10 that people are using as a base and get two quality players instead of 1 good one.

  • Mike HC

    Didn’t Jay Z say he makes a Yankees hat more famous than a Yankee can? Maybe the Yanks should be offering Jay Z the 7 year 161 million dollar contract to him instead of Cano.