TiqIQ: Ticket prices skyrocket following Jeter’s retirement announcement

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Earlier on Wednesday, Derek Jeter announced the 2014 season will be his last with the Yankees. He is planning to retire after the coming season and that means fans only have a few short months to say goodbye. With some help from our friends at TiqIQ, here’s how Jeter’s announcement is affecting the prices of New York Yankees tickets:

  • The current average ticket price for Jeter’s last game is $1,153.01, which is up 43.49% since 3:17pm EST ($803.54), up 176.08% since 2:46pm EST ($417.64), up 278.20% since 2:08pm EST ($304.87).
  • The current get in price is $278 which is up 348.39% since 2:46pm EST ($62)  and 969.23% since 2:08 PM ($26).
  • In the same time period above the Yankees home average ticket price increased from $206.97 to $224.94.
  •  The Yankees’ 12-game pack with the home finale sold out shortly after the announcement.  They also have a single game presale on 2/18.
  • By about 2:55pm most tickets had been bought or pulled down by brokers and have since been relisted at higher prices.

Below is the price movement for the last game of the Yankees regular season in Boston, which might be his final game of his career:

  • The current average ticket price is $509.90, which is up 104.25% since the time of announcement ($249.65).
  • The current get in price is $265, which is up 159.80% since announcement ($102).

Below is some price data on Mariano Rivera‘s final home game last season:

  • At its peak average price on 3/9/13 tickets for his final home game were $467.06 and fell to a final average of $237.89 on the day of game (-49.07%).
  • At its peak get in price on 3/11/13 ticket for his final home game were $143 and fell to a final get in of $59 (-58.74%).
Wednesday Night Open Thread
2014 Preseason Top 30 Prospects
  • Wicomico Pinstripes

    Hal paid Jeter $2.5mil for him to announce his retirement just before ST.

    No shot.


    • Dr. Gregg Steveneson DDS

      I was thinking the same thing, weird he did it before the season starts and now coincidentally season tickets are selling out. Seems like collusion.

      • pat

        Unless this is some weird comment section inside joke you’re both morons. Was it collusion when Mariano announced his retirement in March last year? When is he supposed to announce it otherwise?

  • CNight_Cortland

    It annoyed me. Went to buy tickets right after, many of the secondary sites pulled the tickets it seemed initially, so that many didn’t get “deals”.

  • Dr. Gregg Steveneson DDS

    So my friend bought tickets right after the announcement of Jeter’s retirement. They take the money out of his account. Then an hour later they personally call him to tell him the seller reneged on the deal and is refusing to sell them for that price even though they already took his money. Those tickets would now be going for about $2000+… Through this TiqIQ site. Sellers should not be allowed to do that crap. What a piece of junk website.

    • Kiko Jones

      Yeah, but if your friend had reneged to pay, he would’ve caught all sorts of grief. Fuck ’em, I hope your friend has some kind of legal recourse, especially since they originally pulled the money from his account.

      Of course, if Jeter’s 2014 is even similar to his 2013 I wouldn’t want to be a ticket holder to a game Jeter won’t be even remotely playing in.

      • BC-203

        Try reading the terms of the site before buying then. StubHub, TicketExchange, etc are never responsible for the seller failing to provide the tickets. The only thing that can happen is they suspend or ban a seller from selling — that’s it.

        If you want to blame someone, blame your friend for not thinking of buying tickets sooner. Did anyone really not see this coming at some point and time this year? I bought close to 20 extra tickets for the final game weeks ago…

  • willie w

    too many people have too much money or too little brains

  • willie w

    I hope jeter isn’t playing in those games and the people who paid insane money for those tickets feel like fools

  • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

    Money-grubbing bastards….

    Grumble, grumble…

  • http://www.penuel-law.com/ Cuso

    I hope they bench Jeter because they clinched the #1 seed 20 days earlier and want to rest Jeter

  • LarryM Fl

    When the Yankees play in Tampa. I will get my tickets at a realistic price. I hope Jeter can stay on the field for the year with the Yanks making the playoffs.

    • I’m a looser and a trader baby so why don’t you kill me?

      At this rate it’d be cheaper to fly down, get a room, car, etc :)

  • RetroRob

    If the Yankees are out of the hunt, Jeter doesn’t play in Boston. He does what Mariano did, and his final game will come at Yankee Stadium. If the Yankees are heading to the postseason, those games at Fenway will not be his final games. So, yeah, ummm, I think people are going to be very upset they paid $1,000 plus to see Brendan Ryan play short at Fenway.

    • BC-203

      Exactly right. I plan to sell my extras now while the market is ridiculous — “if” he gets injured, prices are going to drop fast.

  • CountryClub

    Keep in mind that Jeter’s retirement ceremony will be in that last home game whether he’s playing or not.

    • Nick

      wrong it will be done sunday the 21st

  • Dr. Grenaldine


    That FanXChange ticket sales place left a bad taste in my mouth and it was the first time I’ve ever used theme…and the last.

    I bought 2 tickets right around 2pm for final Septemeber 25th home game at the stadium for roughly $160 TOTAL. They weren’t great seats but I didn’t care. I bought them. FanXChange took my money. It was no longer in my bank account. The “exchange” had been made – or so I thought. As soon as (what I thought was) the exchange had finished – I receive an email saying “What you need to do now” and one of the two things said “Wait for the seller to confirm availability and approve the sale” – I was absolutely flabbergasted. They had already taken my money. What is there to approve? The seller and broker listed a price and I purchased it for that price. My money was taken.

    Of course they took my money and then worked together to decline my order because they both would gain so much more if they screwed me over and re-listed it for a thousand dollars more.

    It just left a really bad taste in my mouth and I will certainly never use them again. If you all have better experiences, great. Mine was pretty unsettling.

    Dr. Grenaldine

  • Steve

    “•In the same time period above the Yankees home average ticket price increased from $206.97 to $224.94.”

    If my math is correct, based on last year’s home attendance of 3,279,589, the Yanks just made OVER $59M yesterday !


  • Masahiro Dinero

    Why are people going to the secondary market already when face value tickets haven’t even gone on sale yet?

    2/18 @ 10am is when you can buy tickets off ticketmaster, I’d just wait until then and make sure you log in right at 10.

    Also, the last Regular Season Game last year *WAS NOT* Mariano’s retirement ceremony, that happened on the weekend before the last game.

    I had tickets to the last regular season game, and when they announced the change I was able to buy pretty good tickets off ticketmaster for face value, and sell my other tickets on stubhub.

    I’d be highly suspect of them doing a going away ceremony on a weekday night against the Orioles… I bet it comes on Sunday against the Blue Jays.

    • Dr. Grenaldine

      You’re absolutely right. It wasn’t the last day of the season.

      As for the presale, you can’t just log on at 10am though right? LAst year you had to be a MasterCard holder…and most other places you have to have a presale code. Right? Anybody know what the deal actually is this year?

      • King George

        Also curious…if anyone knows, I’d appreciate it. I have a MasterCard, but I’m in grad school out of state right now. Would love to purchase some tickets.

      • BC-203

        The 2/18 presales are for season ticket holders. The start time varies depending on which package you have and your seniority, but you nevertheless need to be a season ticket holder.

        They have done a MC holder presale in the past, but I haven’t heard that this year yet. As of right now, they have only posted the ST presales and the general public on sale date (2/24 @ 10am).

  • MB923

    2/18 is the pre-sale and it’s at 2pm, not 10am. It’s for season ticket licensees, this includes people who have partial plans such as myself thankfully. Although 1 of the partial plans actually includes the last game of the season and a game against the Red Sox. The one I have does not, but it includes Opening Day and a game against the Mets.

    But overall you’re right, I don’t have a clue why people are spending this much money at this time. Wait until the day of hte game or day before if you’re going to buy them off the secondary market

    Another thing to remember is the Yankees don’t work with StubHub anymore I believe, so if there is a problem at the gate, the Yankees can’t do anything about it. I”m sure StubHub would give you your money back though

    Try Yankee ticket exchange instead of the other ticket sites.

    • BC-203

      The ST presale times depend on which package you have. There are 3 start times — 10am, 12pm and 2pm. Typically FS ticket holder go first, with those with greater seniority or more expensive packages getting the earliest of the times.

      • MB923

        Ahh that makes sense.