Fan Confidence Poll: March 24th, 2014

Open Thread: 3/23 Camp Notes
Dean Anna, Yangervis Solarte, and replacing Brendan Ryan

Spring Training Record: 15-10-2 (115 RS, 88 RA)
Spring Training Games This Week: Mon. OFF, vs. Phillies (Tues. on YES, MLBN), @ Blue Jays (Weds.),  Pirates (Thurs. on YES, MLBN), vs. Marlins (Fri.), vs. Marlins (Sat. on YES), Sun. OFF

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Open Thread: 3/23 Camp Notes
Dean Anna, Yangervis Solarte, and replacing Brendan Ryan
  • The Great Gonzo

    OK, I am done with Spring training. Lets get some games in the books.

    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

      Got 2 of em in the books already!

      What a weird way to “start” the season.

      • The Great Gonzo

        I know… I need more though. That was a tease.

  • I’m One

    Holding (barely) at a 7. Very excited about the pitching staff this season and going forward, especially if Banuelos can make some strides in AAA. Not so excited about the offense, which is keeping me at a 7. Longer term, obviously the IF needs to be at least 50% rebuilt next season. I have no idea what the plan is for A-Rod and how he’d perform if he returns, but Teix should still be around, leaving holes at 2B & SS.

    Looking forward to the real games beginning next week.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    The 8 is sturdier than last week’s 8, as a lot of the potential question marks are holding up as ST moves forward (Tanaka, fifth starter, bullpen options, even CC.) My belief is that this team will be able to answer some of these questions well with the options we’ve got. The infield remaining healthy and productive remains a concern for me for sure, but that shouldn’t underscore my increased confidence in the rotation and bullpen at this moment.

    • Masahiro Dinero


      I think this rotation is going to be a beast.

      CC – Kuroda – Nova – Tanaka – Pineda

      May very well turn out to be the best starting 5 in the game this year.

      • Dropped Third

        The potential for them is off the charts as is the risk. CC and Nova could suck, Pineda and Kuroda could get hurt, and Tanaka could under perform, OR they all stay pretty healthy and pitch to their potentials of 14+ wins and 3.50 era and lower for everyone.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          Like with what I said to Da Great Gonzo below, i don’t need them to be the best. I just need them to be good enough.

  • RetroRob

    Still at a 6, which is unusual as I used to be slight ahead on ratings and now I’m probably either at or a little behind the pack.

    I should move up to a 7. I dropped to a six when it was unclear if Plan 189 was still in effect and there were so many openings on the MLB roster, coupled with the uncertainty of the minor leagues. With Plan 189 gone, new blood on the team like McCann and Ellsbury, it’s probably time for an upgrade. To get back to an 8 where I sat for quite a while, I’ll need to see Tanaka and Pineda in action for the regular season, and hopefully some additional progression from the minors.

    • The Great Gonzo

      One could argue… Even though our minor league system will never be at the level of a Houston or St Louis, alot of those higher level guys have had solid springs. That’s got to help, right?

      • Jorge Steinbrenner

        “Even though our minor league system will never be at the level of a Houston or St Louis”

        Well, they won’t be there tomorrow, or in the next year or so, but….

        The Yanks don’t have to have the best system. They need to have one that’s good enough to meet their needs.

        • The Great Gonzo

          Absolutely fair point. “I don’t need to outrun the bear, I just need to outrun you…”

          Keep giving me the Robertsons and Gardners (good to really good players to round out the roster), and go be the Yankees to get the other areas of need. They can’t all be Cano

          • Jorge Steinbrenner

            I hear that, for all their beards and flannel shirts, the Red Sox are deftly afraid of bears.

            How New England of you, btw.

  • TWTR

    8…Tanaka, Pineda, Betances, no dumb trades of prospects.

  • Mandy Stankiewicz

    Like any team this early, lots of ‘if’s.’ IF defense is still weak, but the team is really coming together. Glad to see Betances in the pen and looking sharp (pen is looking better every day). It’s hard not to be excited about Pineda/Tanaka, and injuries are nill compared to last April. Looking forward to real games!

    • Preston

      Is the infield defense weak? Tex is Tex, Roberts looks good at 2b, Johnson looks great at 3b, so really we’re just back to the old Jeter can’t field thing. That’s not going to change. And honestly I’m still confident he can field better than Nunez, and Anna didn’t always look great at SS either. Hopefully Ryan gets healthy and he can log some innings in the field to help in that regard.

      • Mandy Stankiewicz

        I love this team too, but c’mon–with Ryan out Nunez is the depth on every IF position except 1B. Do you honestly think the defensive makeup of this team is a strength?

        • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

          If you’re judging the yankees based on their backup infielders, you have to do the same for everyone else.

        • Preston

          Strength? No, it can’t be a strength when we will feature one of the worst defenders in the league at the most important position. But overall I think we’ll be fine. Tex is as good as it gets at 1b, Roberts will be league average if not better and Johnson looks like he might be a plus defender as well. Nunez might get the first crack at being the main backup, but if he’s a butcher in the field I think Girardi will have a short leash, and Anna is a fine defender.

      • Mr. Roth

        I’m with you on this. The infield defense has looked pretty solid so far. They’re not going to set the world on fire with flashy plays, but they’re all veterans who will make the smart play and not try to do too much.

        That being said, I’m still at a 6. Before I bump up to a 7, I want to see the starters do what they’ve been doing in games that count, and I want to see a little more offense out of the starting lineup.

  • Kosmo

    Outside of McCann the INF doesn´t do much for me. Jeter is healthy which is great but he hasn´t done squat this spring. Tex is still a ?. Johnson and Roberts are what they are 2 players trying to resurrect their careers. Fingers crossed.

    Everything else seems fine. Maybe Ichiro gets traded this week ?

  • marechal

    Unless I’m misreading him, Jack Curry is all but confirming on Twitter that Pineda will be the fifth starter.

    Jack Curry ?@JackCurryYES 39m
    As solid as Phelps has been, he has versatility that Pineda doesn’t. That’s why Pineda was the favorite as long as he was healthy/effective.

    Jack Curry ?@JackCurryYES 38m
    Phelps becomes Ramiro Mendoza-type, which is a vital role. Could see Girardi using Phelps anywhere from 5th to 8th inning or to spot start.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      Not surprising. I just think the upside is too great, and the wait on the investment too long, to not roll with him if he’s looking healthy and effective.

      There’s not much you can do about that shoulder. Either it holds up or you’ve got a sunk cost.

  • Chip Rodriguez

    Holding my 8, but feeling increasingly happy with the team.

    Lewis and Greene look like possible bullpen options that we didn’t have on the radar a couple of months ago.

    Dellin continues to be awesome.

    Teixeira and Jeter may not be hitting that well, but they’re looking healthy, moving well, and there are no alarms on either of their injuries. I’ll take it.

  • BK2ATL

    Interestingly enough, I’m now at an 8, up from a 7. This spring has been an eye-opener as far as the young talent that we appear to have ready to provide depth and in-season help.

    The rotation is shaping up to be something formidable, if all goes well. CC, even with reduced velocity, appears to remember how to command the strike zone and just pitch. Kuroda is Kuroda. Hopefully we can get him some rest, so that he doesn’t slow down in the 2nd half. Tanaka might be something special and will solidify the rotation for years to come. Nova appears to be turning the corner and becoming more consistent, to go along with his stuff. Then there’s Pineda….just whoa, IF he can stay healthy.

    While I do think we should explore trades for a young SS/2B with our surplus of young MLB-ready SP (Phelps, Nuno, Warren), I’m also cool with keeping them and building up their value further. Banuelos needs another year in AAA of consistency and command. Ramirez is capable of some interesting things in short relief. Montgomery is on the short list to impact MLB. Betances appears to have finally figured some things out.

    Positionally, well, yeah, we’ve got a ways to go, but ALmonte or Flores can easily slide into the Ichiro role, if we trade him. Cervelli and Murphy provide an in-house backup C option, as well as trade bait.

    Ready for the season to start. 8

  • sojuyankee

    What time was voting over? Haven’t been able to vote since 0900 he’s.

  • sevrox

    Up one from 7 to 8 – stoked by the starting rotation. Maintaining optimistic buoyancy.

  • Eddardo Nuney

    We’ve been at a 10 the past few weeks but came to the conclusion this morning that our confidence in this team was a bit on the low side. Therefore, we are bumping up our ranking to an 11.

    This is based on the fact that the pitching staff looks like it could be one of the best in baseball. CC looks like he’s the anchor again, still not ready to call him the ace just yet. Nova could be the ace. His sinking FB and back breaking curve are made to pitch in YS.

    The offense will be improved from last season.

  • losealot101

    i’ve basically been at 7 since the end of last season. i felt that the yankees were going to make the necessary moves in the off season to stay competitive but there sure were (are) a lot of questions.

    my real problem is that i don’t really understand the scale for fan confidence. does 10 mean world series? does 1 mean 1962 mets? help me out here.

    • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

      It basically can mean whatever you want it to mean, judging by how most people vote.

      • losealot101

        if that’s the case, i’m 70% confident that i won’t be taking any more polls.

        • CS Yankee

          Thinking you need more of a win mentality versus your Astros handle.

          Maybe “winsmostpost28in14”?

          BTW, voting is overall health, ignore any jokester whose at a 5 or less…I’m at a 8 and likely moving up once Jete and Teix start hitting.

          • Jorge Steinbrenner

            I just realized I have no clue what “CS” stands for.

            I’ll take someone’s “4” if they’re reasoning is sound. It takes all kinds in life.

            • losealot101

              cookie sniffer? confident sociopath? cradle shaker? creative salamander? cultured sparrow? clearly stupefied? chronically suspended? i could go on with the guessing.

              • CS Yankee

                Caught-stealing would have been a better guess…btw, how can a salamander be creative or a sparrow cultured, wait…um, I’m good.

            • Jim Is A (Bored) Peckerhead

              I won’t.

              Shun the nonbelievers.

            • CS Yankee

              The city where i reside.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      This is why I really don’t care what number someone votes. I care about how they arrive at the number.

      You’re supposed to take “overall future” into account. While, in this case, I do, I also will weigh my own thinking towards 2014 a bit more at the start of the season.

      No one’s going to be doing any scientific studies on this anytime soon. I’m still waiting for the study promised me at the start of last season.

  • JFH

    I am still at a 5, because I am still bearish for the short term on our infield and the for long term on our farm system. Although, I am more optimistic about our farm after spring training than I was before. I can see myself moving to a 6 or 7 in the coming weeks it the infield is solid and the farm looks good.

  • Preston

    The bullpen was really a source of concern entering ST. Last season we had a mediocre bullpen, and then Mariano Rivera retired and Boone Logan left through FA. If we’re going to be better in the pen this year it’s going to have to be because we’re deeper, because Robertson isn’t going to be Rivera, and whoever pitches the 8th inning isn’t going to be as good as Robertson. Betances and Montgomery have been exciting this spring and if either of them could seize the back end role in the pen it’d go a long way, pushing guys like Kelly and Claiborne into middle relief roles that they are more suited for. Hopefully Jose Ramirez can get healthy and he can get into that mix too. Michael Pineda winning the 5th starter job helps also because it makes Phelps, Warren and Nuno available for the pen.
    Also something that hasn’t been talked about that much is how well Kelly Johnson is transitioning to 3b. I think that is going to be the steal of the off-season. I’m at a solid 8.

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      It’d equally go a long way, if not moreso, if Kelley is able to build upon last season and seize that 8th inning role.

  • Silvio

    5. Too much age on this team (Jeter, Teix, Beltran, Alfie, Ichiro, CC, Kuroda) to be very confident they’ll hold up over 162 games. Too many infield doubts. Pitching this spring has looked good, but I’m gonna wait to see how Pineda and Tanaka do during the season and when teams are getting multiple looks at their stuff each game.

    Some spring doubts in particular, especially about Jeter. Hell, yes, with opening day, he might start whacking the ball, but he’s getting boring with all those weak grounders. I think I saw him hit a double once.

    Also, not much pop from Teix. Has he hit one out from the left? Well, he’s a famous slow starter. Let’s hope that’s what his March is all about. At least the defense will be good at 1st.

    The AL East looks like a meat grinder this season. With a little luck, any team seams capable of taking it all, but it’s a war of attrition when they play each other. Yanks better kick the tar out of the guys from other divisions and the NL.