Brackman put on 60-day DL; Traber added to 40-man roster

Hank, Papelbon square off
Hank spars with another team

Via PeteAbe comes word that the Yanks have placed Andrew Brackman on the 60-day DL as he rehabs from TJ, and added Billy Traber to the 40-man roster in his place. This doesn’t necessarily mean Traber will be with the big league squad come Opening Day, but his chances just went up exponentially. Let’s just hope the Billy Traber Era goes better than the Wedsel Gary Groom Jr. Era. The Organizational Depth Chart has been updated accordingly.

Hank, Papelbon square off
Hank spars with another team
  • Jeff

    Hey guys, sorry this has nothing to do with the transaction….Found this on baseball fever which is high quality pictures of what the New Yankee Stadium is going to look like….

    Check it out..

    • steve (different one)

      wow. i am generally among those that are not thrilled with the prospect of the new stadium, but i have to admit, those pictures got my blood pumping a little.

  • E-ROC

    Billy Traber is definitely distancing himself from the pack. I wonder if he’s keeping that spot warm for Damaso Marte.

  • Jamal G.

    What would you guys propose a Damarso Marte deal to the Yankees would get the Pirates? Im pretty sure a Jeff Marquez straight up would not be enough but would that be a good start?

    • Mike A.

      Bah, I’m sick of Marte. He has no problem destroying lefties when he’s on bad teams, but he craps his pants when it comes to getting them out in big spots.

      Just look at how terrible he was in the playoffs for the ChiSox the year they won the WS. He pitched in two games the whole postseason – racking up an infinity ERA in the first game, and only getting into the second game because it went 14 innings and he was the last guy left in the ‘pen.

      Give Traber a shot, and if he doesn’t workout, then go with 7 righties in the ‘pen. Giving up a potential #3-4 big league starter like Jeff Marquez for a LOOGY is the definition of insanity.

      The only lefty reliever out there I would even consider trading a decent prospect for is CJ Wilson. That guy’s as legit as they come, but the Rangers will never move him. Not unless they’re blown away with an offer.

      • Jamal G.

        Im actually in favor of giving Traber a shot. I personally think it’s bad baseball to trade any prospect for a reliever, I just don’t see the value in that type of move. I was asking b/c I wanted to know what would be a possible package seeing as how there’s been so much talk about Mr. Marte.

      • dan

        To quote Roger Clemens, you’re “mis-remembering.” Marte didn’t give up any runs in those playoffs (all of 1.2 innings). He did, however, walk everyone in sight, hot dog vendor included.

        I’m not saying they should get him btw, those walk rates are scary, but I’m just sayin’

  • Micky#7

    Hi people,
    Just back from Tampa. Saw some good stuff from a few of my fav’s. Really enjoyed the weather and players; Brett Gardner, Ross Ohlendorf, etc. I know it is ST but, I still like Brett G., he’s a game changer. IPK is still the best PITCHER of the thee young guns. Mussina, Farnsy and Wilson Betemit are somewhat of a surprise, but after last year…it shouldn’t be.
    It would be nice to have a good lefty in BP, the key word is GOOD. Can Cash get a good one? Tune in again…who knows when!

    • steve (different one)

      Mussina, Farnsy and Wilson Betemit are somewhat of a surprise, but after last year…it shouldn’t be.

      not sure what you are saying here, a good surprise or a bad surprise?

      isn’t Farnsworth pitching fairly well?

      • Micky#7

        Steve, ADO, sorry about that.

        Yes, I meant…very nicely surprised. Everyone knows Farnsy has the stuff, let’s hope it is for the complete year. Same thing with the others, we will need them this year. Go, Yanks!

        • steve (different one)

          no problem, i like the optimism.

  • Joe

    No chance Patterson is that far down on the reliever depth chart. If he doesn’t break camp on the 25 man roster, there is something wrong.

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