Pettitte interested in returning for 2009

NLCS Game 5: Phillies @ Dodgers
A Doomsday scenario

As the playoffs are slowly drawing to a close, the rumors are starting to ramp up a bit. Just a few hours ago, Buster Olney reported that both Andy Pettitte and Mike Mussina may return to the Yanks. A few hours later, Ken Rosenthal struck back.

In his afternoon piece, Rosenthal dropped a plethora of rumors. I guess Fox is really dreading that Phillies/Rays World Series.

Anyway, Rosenthal contends that Derek Lowe isn’t interested in pitching in the pressure cooker of New York City. He also claims that Mike Mussina isn’t interested in pitching for the Yanks because he “fears that the Yankees will not be good enough next season for him to sufficiently chip away at the 30 victories he needs for 300.” That’s funny; a rather mediocre Yankee term just earned him 20 wins. I’m leaning with Olney on this report.

Meanwhile, the real news hit this evening. As the Yanks prepare for their organizational meetings in Tampa, Buster Olney reports that Andy Pettitte’s agents have told the Yanks that the lefty wishes to return for 2009. But do the Yankees want him?

Right now, it’ll be a while before we hear anything more about Andy Pettitte or any free agent, for that matter. We have to get through the World Series before MLB lifts its gag order — or really its gag request — on news not related to the playoffs. But we can speculate.

The Yanks seem to want two of CC Sabathia, A.J. Burnett and Derek Lowe. Clearly, Sabathia is the first choice. With Lowe seemingly out of the picture, they have to consider if the team would they be better off with Burnett or Pettitte. To me, the answer is Andy Pettitte, but I don’t think the Yanks should count on him to be as good as they want.

We don’t need to get into the numbers. We know Pettitte had a good 2007, a good first half in 2008 and a terrible end to the season. He seemed to fatigue in the second half, and his velocity was down by the middle of August. But with Wang and Chamberlain fronting the rotation, and Phil Hughes, Al Aceves or whoever else shows up at the back end, Andy Pettitte probably won’t need to be more than a fourth starter.

For one year, I’d take Pettitte rather than Burnett. The current Blue Jay just isn’t that good against teams that aren’t the Yankees, and he’s had a tough time staying healthy. Why waste money on four or five years of an injury-prone, average hurler when one year of that would suffice?

NLCS Game 5: Phillies @ Dodgers
A Doomsday scenario
  • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

    It’s a really tough call on Pettitte.

    You know that he’s a workhorse, so if you bring him back he will make starts and win you at least ten games, but if he pitches like he did in August and September 08, the result won’t be pretty.

    • Ivan

      Well you have to consider that unlike last year, there will be no distractions with the HGH/PED’s scandal, so this year he can be alot more focus on baseball matter and have more time to prepare himself physically.

      Second, while he didn’t pitch well in the second half, his FIP was good and his BABIP was approaching .350. Those #’s contribute to the fact that he was unlucky and also the yankee D was putrid. He can still be a solid big league starter in the AL East.

      Third, it’s for one year. That’s a very good deal right there. Hey he may not be a front-line guy like he once was but as a 4th/5th guy for one season, that’s cool with me.

      • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

        Ivan: I agree with your second and third points, but not thefirst. I think if the PED thing was a distraction it would have affected him early in the season, but it didn’t seem to.

        • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

          How about if it affected his offseason program and that, in turn, affected him in the second half?

          • CLT_JR

            Ding Ding!! I think this was exaclty the case.

  • AlexCT

    why wast 4 years on an injury prone pitcher?? because some one has to take glass carl’s place thats why!!!

    funny related story, i work at a boatyard in CT and maybe 2 weeks ago a loyal yankee fan cutomer and i were ripping pavano a bit, and this woman standing nearby came up to me and asked if we were talking about carl pavano. i said yes. she said that he is her husbands cousin. i bit my tongue….. awwwwkwardddd.

    • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

      Awkward, but hysterical.

    • JeffG

      Whoa that was a close one.

    • Joey

      Maybe awkward, but I think Pavano’s family are huge Yanks fans and are pissed at him 2. I would have kept talking shit, he and everyone on the earth knows its true

  • AlexCT

    oh, and yeah, i say take pettitte back. probably at reduced pay though. preferably 12mil or lower. i’d probably still do it for 16 though. expensive one year pitching contracts are better than 6 year monster risks.

  • Ivan

    But you know what, you hear the yanks are in the market for pitching and how we in the blog feel that the yanks may need some arms and that’s understanable.

    Yet, we as yankee fans and the yankee organization watch this team in 08 didn’t make the playoffs because of A) because of the offense, B) because the defense was down right awful in concern of coverting balls in play into outs and C) struggling to get on base or lack of OBP guys especially with Giambi and Abreu leaving.

    The pitching despite the bad D and injuries to the front of the rotation was ranked in the middle of the AL, so pitching was solid albeit not great but not terible.

    Wouldn’t it be better to get Tex than CC because Tex fit all three of ABC of what I,ve mention which is improve the offense, improve the defense and have another OPB guy in the lineup. Hey if the yanks want to go for CC fine, Im for it but persoanlly it would be better to go after Tex. Plus add a player to improve the OF D as well.

    The pitching is solid with Wang, Joba, Potentially Pettitte/Mussina, Hughes and another guy, albeit some risk but hey not everything is garenteed and alot rotations have risks.

    • Joey

      true that, I think recently I’ve been moving for Tex over CC although I would love to have them both. Only thing I can’t get off my mind when I think of Tex is that aging first basemen kinda situation that will be there at the end of his contract that one of the guys touched on awhile ago. Younger would be better, but not exactly realistic now when we need the bat and D…

      • A.D.

        he’ll still have the glove, and the Yankees currently the Yankees 1B in the minors aren’t anything exciting

  • JeffG

    I’d still like to see:


    Injury… Hughes comes up early, if not, Pettit not as good, Hughes comes up next year.

  • Greg C

    You said you side with the reports of Mussina wanting to come back, but then you did not include him in the discussion of the rotation if Pettitte comes back. So is the choice Pettite over Burnett or Pettitte over Burnett AND Mussina?

  • Dillon

    CC or bust

  • Steve

    So we’ve established that Andy wants to come back and the the Yanks want him. We don’t know what Moose’s plans are and since the Yanks have made it clear that they wont bring both of them back, we have to assume its Andy.

    So lets assume our rotation right now is

    Joba has to be the 5th starter, so you can skip him on off days and keep his innings down. That’s why I dont see how you can put Hughes and Joba in the rotation, since BOTH will have innings limits next year. Plus, after this years disaster of relying on two young pitchers, you can see them only slotting in one to start the season.

    If we sign CC, that’s one spot. We would either need to sign Burnett or swing a deal to fill the other with a veteran who can give us 200 IP next year. Looks like Peavey’s out, so it will need to be someone else.

    That’s why I can see Hughes getting traded this off season. He doesn’t really fit into our plans. I don’t like it, but I understand it.

    • TurnTwo

      i know the reports say Peavy wants to stay in the NL, but i wouldnt rule him out of the picture just yet.

      to me, if you can use Hughes in a Peavy deal, and go:


      thats an ideal rotation.

      then you sign Teixeira to play 1B and bat cleanup, and Gardner plays CF.


      • steve (different one)

        the Yankees are *probably* not going to get Peavey and here is why:

        the Padres can do better trading with the Red Sox.

        that’s all there is to it.

        if the Padres want to trade Peavey, and he is amenable to going to Boston, the Yankees won’t be able to beat Boston’s offer without doing something foolish.

        why? because with Lester’s emergence, the Sox can trade Buccholz without blinking. the Yankees could counter with Hughes, but from there i think the Sox can make a better package.

        the Yankees aren’t going to do Hughes, Jackson, Montero for Peavey.

        unless they get creative and do something with Cano, which could happen, i think the Sox are in a better position to make the trade.

        just my gut feeling.

        • Joseph P.

          They absolutely are. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them use their farm to add a few chips this off-season.

          • RichYF

            Now that I think about that idea, I’m a little nervous. I really hope the Yanks get their signings over with EARLY.

            I can see an AWFUL situation playing out:

            Sox trade for Peavy.
            CC signs with (Dodgers). Doesn’t matter who.
            Lowe signs with (NL team). Again, doesn’t matter who.

            Yanks overspend on Burnett, Sheets, who the hell knows who else. Both are hurt all year.

            Am I the only one dreading this idea? I really want the Yanks to snag CC and Tex, but I understand that there are 29 other teams (well maybe only 8 or so) that want them too. That’s why it’s unreasonable to just ASSUME the Yanks will get what they want.

            If to Sox trade for their farm to bolster their arsenal, it might cause the Steinbrenners to press on Cash and make some bad deals. I do not want this to happen. Oh, how I don’t want this to happen.

            • Joseph P.

              Yeah, dude. You just vocalized what is in the backs of all our minds.

            • JohnnyC

              The Sox may not be that aggressive this winter. John Henry, whose main source of income is a hedge fund, has lost close to a billion dollars in the past 12 months (the recent stock market crash just exacerbated the several hundred million he was down already). Peavy is due a reasonable $8 million in 2009 but that jumps to $15 million in 2010 (and increases through 2013). Yes, Manny and Varitek’s dollars come off the payroll in 2009 but Henry’s lack of liquidity will hamstring the Sox as he takes profits from the team and re-captitalizes his investment properties.

        • JD

          The Yankees will tarde whoever they would have to not to see Peavy end up in a Red Sox uniform. They will however have to start off better than the Melky and Kennedy they offered to the Twins because the Twins didn’t want them for Santana or at least I know they refused to want to take Kennedy!

    • Joseph P.

      When did the Yanks make it clear they wouldn’t bring both back?

      • Jamal G.

        My sentiments exactly.

    • Ben K.

      I fail to see how Hughes doesn’t fit into the plans. He’s currently pitching over the winter so that he won’t have that much of an innings limit, and even if he does, that’s probably the worst reason to dump him that I’ve heard.

      • Bo

        Hughes is 22 yrs old. Why wouldn’t he be in their plans in some way?

        Why would Cashman give up on the guy he bet his career on?

        • JD

          Hughes doesn’t go anywhere, not even if they try to trade for Peavy!

    • Chris C.

      “That’s why I can see Hughes getting traded this off season. He doesn’t really fit into our plans. I don’t like it, but I understand it.”

      You understand why Phil Hughes, a guy the YAnkees wouldn’t move last season for the best pitcher in baseball, doesn’t fit into the Yankees plans????
      Wow. Could you fill us in on what these plans are, because I haven’t attended any of the organizational meetings yet. The plans must be to have no patience. I mean c’mon, he’s already 22 years old, and he hasn’t even made the All-Star team yet? The plan must be to pay enormous sums of money to players who are injury-prone and have not come through the system. To replace Hughes with guys who are 8-10 years older, because we have this pipe dream that we can circumvent developement from within and somehow pass the Rays and Red Sox through shear mercenary signings.

      This always works. It’s a hell of a plan.

  • Arizona Steve

    Bring back Moose and Andy. This way when injuries happen we can have Hughes and Aceves fill in instead of Rasner and Ponson. Thats what killed us this year.

    • Chris C.

      Bring back Moose and Andy. This way when injuries happen we can have Hughes and Aceves fill in instead of Rasner and Ponson. Thats what killed us this year

      And what if Hughes and Aceves prove to be better than Mussina and Pettitte, who’ll be another year older, in the preseason?
      Then it’s tough luck, because the Yankees are doling our almost 30 mill for those two?

      Heck, I think Aceves is better than Andy Pettitte RIGHT NOW! And that margin will only increase in the future. But if the Yankees sign Pettitte, they’ll start him regardless.
      And THAT is what’s been wrong with the Yankees!

  • Geno

    If Pettite realizes he’s not a $15 million/year pitcher anymore, he’ll be back. One year, 9 mil, loaded with incentives sounds right. He didn’t get his usual off-season training in, and it hurt him as he fatigued in the second half. I suspect he’ll come back to ’07 form next year. Burnett seems like a whiney little bitch – someone who hurts a team more than he helps. No thanks. IF we can sign CC and bring back Andy we’ll be in good shape.

    • steve (different one)

      Burnett seems like a whiney little bitch – someone who hurts a team more than he helps. No thanks.

      i’m 99% sure this isn’t true.

      • Chris C.

        There’s some truth to it.

        They didn’t miss him a wink when he went down with an injury in Florida. I’ve also read where he’s not exactly the life of the party either.
        Now, if he comes in and is light’s out, it won’t matter. But if he struggles and gets booed, he may not take it all that well.
        Think Jack McDowell.

  • http://yankeepinstripes Orlando

    I couldn’t agree more…..NO on Brunett but the Yanks have a facination on players or pitchers in this case that just destroy them. Please NO NO NO on Burnett. Bring back Andy for 1 year (i trust him more than Burnett) and let’s make a run at Carsten Charles Sabathia with a possible rotation of:

    1. CC
    2. Wang
    3. Joba
    4. Pettitte
    5. Hughes


    Marte (pick up $6 million option)
    Affeldt (pick up this FA)

    I want 2 lefties!!!!!!!!

    • Jamal G.

      Why would you sign Jeremy Affeldt to a multi-year deal when you have a younger, cost controlled option in Phil Coke? Also, even if the Yankees start Coke down in Scranton Wilkes-Barre to transition him back into a starter, why spend money on a free agent reliever?

    • radnom

      I like your rotation, but I don’t think signing Affeldt would be a wise more in the BP. I would much rather that last spot be filled by
      Sanchez/Robertson/Coke/etc. all in that order.

    • JD

      The facination with Burnett goes further than not being able to beat him. It has these reasons as well.

      1. He has not lost to Boston in his career.
      2. He is AL East tested.

  • http://yankeepinstripes Orlando

    I have a feeling that Moose is going to go out like Michael Strahan did. Obviously, the MAJOR difference is that Strahan went out with the Vince Lombardi trophy. Now, Moose getting to the magical number of 20 coupled with the uncertainty of the Yankee team I don’t know if he is going to comeback and run the risk of having a bad year.

  • Ehren

    With all due respect, I think we yankee fans are being a little sentimental on a number of issues:

    1. In respect to Pettite: we love him for everything he’s done over his career (big game wins, consistancy, championships). He’s a pitching version of Bernie Williams. However, watching him all year, I’m not sure how anyone can say from a baseball sense that he’s anywhere close to the pitcher that Burnett was. Granted, Pettite avoids injuries, but Burnett has ace stuff. Because of the deep farm, the yanks could have a young guy come up if/when Burnett is sidelined for his annual 5 start injury break.

    2. Peavy: I don’t think it’s likely that either the Sox OR the Yanks land him. According to sources close to Peavy, he greatly prefers the NL:

    Many pitchers realize how much of a meat-grinder the AL is, especially the AL east. Why take the chance when you can coast through weak NL teams and their pitchers, generate sick numbers, and cash in on huge contracts?

    3. C.C.:The Yankees are not the draw that they once were to players. Gone are Joe Torre and the lure of winning a ring. Sure they’ll pay the most, but you’ll have to deal with a cut-throat media, fair-weather fans booing you for a cold-stretch, relentless pressure, and unrealistic expectations. My guess is that we’ll see more and more prime free agents (especially pitchers) avoid the Bronx for greener pastures.

    That said, I think the yanks will kick the tires on both C.C. and Peavy. C.C. never considered signing a deal this year because he wanted to test the market. If he wants dollars, the yanks will offer them. But my guess is that he’ll end up using them to increase an NL teams offer.

    The Yanks should absolutely try to sign Burnett who’s at least proven that he can pitch in the AL east, unlike Sheets. Sheets reminds me of a Pavano II. Moose is proving he’s aging better than Pettite and would be a better short-term bet than the lefty.

    Just my two cents.

    • A.D.

      Peavy is going to cost a lot of prospects, and why Yankee’s fans are high on their prospects there’s only so many that have a lot of open market value, we don’t have a LaPorta to ship off, and SD is going to want a near ML ready player back, i.e. Phil Hughes

      • Reggie C.

        Ehren, i think it’ll all happen within a short time frame over the Winter Meetings. By “all” i mean the signings of Sabathia and Burnett. Burnett would be foolish to sign first, only b/c his agent will know that the Yanks would cough up a little extra more in effort to keep him from Boston.

        I’ll go out on a limb and guarantee: If Sabathia doesn’t sign with the Yanks, the Yanks will sign Burnett to a 4 yr deal.

    • Steve S.

      The premise that free agents came here because of Joe Torre is the biggest farce I have ever heard. Besides the infamous Mussina story, I never heard anyone say I need to come to NY to play for Joe Torre, oh and Ill take less than market value to do it.

      CC will come here for two reasons one because of the money and two because no other team can offer him a consistent chance to win.

      Second, I assume from your comment that you watched Burnett all year? Or perhaps you simply watched when he pitched against the Yankees. Ben never said Pettitte is a better pitcher than Burnett, but the overall expense and commitment to Burnett far outweighs his actual talents. Pettitte actually fits the Yankee needs better for next year and for the future. There is a serious problem if the Yankee thought process is that if we cant get CC then we can supplement with Burnett and another free agent starter. CC is tier one and Burnett is well behind in tier two. The whole offseason revolves around getting CC, who will be overpriced but fits this team perfectly right now.

      • Steve S.

        And Burnett mirrors Pavano even more than Sheets. We know Sheets is hurt. Burnett has a history of injuries and seems to only put together 200 innings in his walk years or arb year. And then he follows it up with multiple injuries where he cant make 30 starts.

  • A.D.

    I rarely believe a word Rosenthal says, he’s just a giant fox puppet. Ken is to Fox what Gammons is to the Sox

    • Bo

      Giant Fox puppet? So hes pro American Idol and House and 24?

      Are there national reporters you guys DO like??

  • Z1m

    I would not be afraid to deal for Peavy incase the situation where the Yanks have trouble getting CC. Remeber Boston Becket/Lowel with Florida. That seems to have paid off well for them. You have to give to get. I think you use either Hughes or Cano but not both. This way you have 3 frontline starters in Peavy, Wang and Joba. Keep Andy for a reasonable price and because you could use a lefty. Now your going hard after CC but if lessens the bite if you don’t get him. If you do have him your set. CC-Peavy-Wang-Pettitte-Joba and better talent ready in the minors if someone gets hurt. I would be looking more to trade Cano/Kennedy/?? for Peavy because I can get Tex. And I am a Cano fan. Get a solid defensive second baseman and Tex will more then make up for Cano’s departure.

    The beauty of this is you have the money to throw at CC and Peavy is signed for the same money that Lowe or Burnett would get. I think that is the 2 pitchers the Yanks keep talking about.
    Making those moves with the pitching staff will improve the team.
    Lineup/order–Damon LF-Jeter SS-Tex 1B-Arod 3B-Matsui-DH-Posada-C-Nady RF-Hudson 2B?-Gardner/Christian CF

    • Ben K.

      How do you — and everyone else advocating for Peavy — get around the facts that (a) he has a blanket no-trade clause and (b) has expressed his desire to avoid the AL? I don’t think anyone should get their hopes up about Peavy. There’s no benefit to his coming to the AL, and if he doesn’t want to, that’s a big red flag.

      • Reggie C.

        You could see Peavy’s agent using those comments as leverage against AL teams in negotiations that would happen if the Padres accepted an offer from AL teams. Peavy is going to get some form of compensation for waiving his NTC, and that likely is going to be extra years and extra money. Its leveraging.

    • steve (different one)

      Get a solid defensive second baseman and Tex will more then make up for Cano’s departure.

      no he won’t.

      you are forgetting that the Yankees got pretty good production out of Giambi last year.

      i don’t really see how the combination of Teixeira + “defensive” second baseman is an offensive upgrade over Giambi + Cano.

      • Bo

        People are forgetting that Giambi is leaving behind 30 homers 90+ ribbies and a high OBP.

        Why isn’t there talk of signing him and putting him at DH?

        Hes been healthier than Matsui the past 2 yrs.

        • steve (different one)

          good question. but if you take what he said, he is seeking more than a 1 year committment.

          i don’t think i would do that if i were the Yankees.

        • Reggie C.

          Bo. The Yanks are trying to unload those kind of stationery players. Matsui can hit for a better average, and though the power gap is sizeable, a healthier Matsui is a strong run producer.

          • JD

            The Yankees might try to trade Matsui again this offseason as they were about to last offseason.

        • Chris C.

          Giambi is brutal.

          Can’t field, can’t throw, can’t run, too selfish to slap the ball to left or roll one down the third base line when the Yankees desperately need it and the other team is giving it to him, and for cryin out loud, CANNOT DO SHIT when the game is on the line.
          Giambi is the George Scott of this generation, and he’s about the 5th DH-type they currently have on their roster. The others are signed through next year.

          What the Yankees should pay Giambi, he won’t take.

      • steve (different one)

        sorry, i see now that you suggested Hudson for 2B.

        Hudson + Teixeira? possibly.

        i thought you were suggesting Mark Ellis or someone like that.

  • DonnieBaseballHallofFame

    I agree. I would let Andy walk if I think he would sign elsewhere and I would get picks but I think he would just take a arb deal anyway.

    Andys agents did the smart thing and put him out there as Mr Good Guy and Mr I Want to Stay Here before Moose does. Because if the Yanks are really picking between one year deals with either of them they would do it with Moose before Andy at this point.

    Id like the picks either way, or for both. I do not mind a one year deal on either or both for low $.

  • Bo

    What is the Peavy nonsense?

    They wouldnt trade prospects for a lefty ace in his prime that was begging to come to NY.

    So a yr later they are going to ship those prospects off to SD for a NL pitcher who is a small town guy with a violent delivery and has had Zero success in big games?

    • Chip

      There’s only about 115 million reasons that this is a bad argument. The Yankees could afford to have both Peavy AND CC because Peavy is cost-controlled for a bit (slightly anyway) while Santana would have cost them a huge amount of money that could have prevented them from signing CC.

      Also, last offseason we weren’t coming off a non-playoff season

  • http://yankeepinstripes Orlando

    my fault I forgot about Coke and Robertson. Coke is NICE as is Robertson. His “hook” is really really good. You know Torre used to say that “its a good problem to have” when you have excess pitching. Yet, I dont think Affeldt is a bad idea either. He is 30 yrs old and also gives you the flexibility of starting in a pinch.

  • Matt M.

    the yankees will bring back pettitte. we just need to go through this dance for a little bit.

    we all love pettitte, but look at this:

    2008: $209,081,577
    2007: $189,639,045
    2006: $194,663,079
    2005: $208,306,817
    2004: $184,193,950
    2003: $152,749,814
    2002: $125,928,583
    2001: $112,287,143
    2000: $107,588,459

    we have been primarily responsible for these outrageous FA markets. we’ve made our bed and now we have to grit our way out of it. For all the people pointing at Boras and AROD doing this–its nonsense. AROD is probably the best talent in the game so while his contract is obscene, it is the ceiling.

    where WE get into problems is through our more middle tier contracts (and thus by us setting the price, others have to pony up to that too)

    pettitte making 16 a year —eeek! people seeing that money for that production DIRECTLY RESULTS in people like carlos silva getting 4/48.

    giving damon and matsui 13 results in posada demanding for 13.1

    the yankees have to play hardball with pettite…not for 2009’s salary sake, but so the next Burnett/Lowe on the open market wont command 16-19 per year without blinking.

  • Z1m

    You can also help your hitters by throwing quality pitchers every game and by having a much better defense. This may allow some pressure to be off the lineup. I believe the players were a lot tigher last year. The last few years they had to carry the team. Last year they never all got going together. Injuries could have played a part in this but I also think mentally they felt a lot of pressure because of having a weaker pitching staff.

    I know Peavy has a no trade clause. Great. Players have wavied no trade clauses before. I think it’s a long shot but this is something I would really explore. As a fall back option I would look to Houston for Oswalt. I would not put all my stock into the FA market. I just think you need to be very careful with signing FA pitchers. I don’t want to see the Yankees sign players just to sign players. That is a fear if they don’t pickup CC.

  • Baseballnation

    Pettitte wants to come back to the yankees then he needs to take one for the team and sign a 12 million dollar contract like Mussina did two years ago. Otherwise, there’s no point in this world to resign him and Mussina and frankly, Mussina should be their first priority over Pettitte.


    And if C.C balks at New York Then

    Pettitte (I really prefer Lowe and would advise changing his mind with dollars)

  • Marty Puccio

    Offer Pettitte one year at $8 Million. If he balks, buh-bye.

  • Z1m

    The last trade/FA pitcher signed that really made an impact was Mussina in 2000. Before that the Yanks made great deals for Wells, Cone, Key and even the Rocket. I think the decision making then greatly outweighs the decison making now.

    Stay away from Pavanos, Big Units, Wrights, Weavers, Contreas etc…

    Eample:burnett, sheets, lowe

  • Old Ranger

    By chiming in here I will be ripped but here goes;
    CMW, Joba, Moose/Andy, Pavano, Phil as my starters. With this line-up, we have 2 very good pitchers at the #1-2 spots and 2 good #3 (type) pitchers at the #3-4 spots with Phil getting his legs under him in the ML as a #5. Problem with this is; next year we would have to replace Pavano, Andy/Moose. Do we take the chance one/two of our own MiL pitchers could move up for 2010?
    Granted CC, CMW, Joba, Moose/Andy and Phil is better for the future…replace Andy/Moose in 2010 with someone from our own farm system. CCs’ cost would be worth it but, I would stop at only CC and Tex.
    Pressure is very overrated, if one can’t handle it they are in the wrong job. When a pitcher gets in a jam, dose he fold because he can’t handle the pressure…very seldom! 27/09.

    • Marty Puccio

      If Pavano is a Yankee next year I will remove one of my testicles.

      • Old Ranger

        Do you or anyone else think I like the guy? I don’t, just pointing out another way we could go, without spending a lot of money and another long contract plus, he is a good pitcher. 27/09.

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  • Slugger27

    ben, ur last sentence implying pettitte is injury prone is extremely unfair

    • Ben K.

      You’re right the modifiers were misplaced. It’s five years of an average pitcher who’s young but injury prone vs. one year of an old pitcher on the downside of his career who’s about average as well.

      • Slugger27

        much better lol… but im with u, pettitte much smarter sign, i never advocated for burnett

        in fact, to modify ur sentence even further, one could argue theyre both on the downside of their careers, describing burnett as “young” could be misleading, he will be 32 opening day

        all in all though, we agree completely here… with stats virtually the same, of course andy on a 1 year deal makes more sense

  • Reacher

    Andy is a true gentleman, but the next time I see him in a Yankee uniform I hope it’s at the annual old-timers game.

  • http://kwhitey kevin white

    I would take Pettite for 1 year 8 mil. He stated he only wants to pitch for the Yankees next year so you don’t have to worry about being outbid. If he wants to come back to play in the new stadium then money shouldn’t be the issue. If it is, thanks for the memories Andy and see you at Old Timers Day.

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