The Peavy rumors just won’t die


According to Ken Rosenthal, the Yanks and Padres held “numerous discussions” about Jake Peavy during the GM meetings. Supposedly, the Braves and Cubs, Peavy’s top two destinations, are out of the running, and this trade may come down to the Yanks and Angels. I don’t think I’m going out on a limb when I say that whichever of these two teams doesn’t land CC Sabathia will push hard for Peavy.

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  1. Ricochet says:

    I think the Yankees are very interested in Peavy but they want CC Sabathia regardless of Peavy.

    Getting Peavy would be in place them going after Lowe and Burnett.

  2. Al says:

    I’ll tell you what, I could see the Yanks making a push for both. Sabathia would get the big bucks but Peavy would be cost controlled salary wise. The price would be high. I think the package would have to START with two of the three – Cano, Hughes, AJax. I’d imagine Hughes and Ajax since SD doesn’t look like it wants to take on additional salary (Cano).

    So you’re probably talking Hughes, AJax, and perhaps a B-level player (Kennedy/Melky?)

    On the other side – the Yankees would be assembling quite a rotation of power arms. Sabathia, Peavy, Chamberlain, Wang would be your top 4. You could probably bring Pettitte back. That would be a SICK rotation.

    As much as I’d hate to see Hughes go – if you could score a rotation with Sabathia and Peavy at the top and Wang and Joba as your middle of the rotation guys – you would be in every game.

    That rotation would be built for October.

    • JD says:

      Honestly, I believe the Yankees can get a deal done with the Padres for Peavy without involving Hughes. AJax though would most definitely be in the deal though.

      If we could acquire both CC and Peavy and keep Hughes then I say let Pettitte walk back to Houston and take the 2 draft picks (Thats how we got Hughes to begin with)!

      I think Tex will stay with the Angels, forget Dunn with all his strikeouts. Use Swisher at 1b and corner OF, Ransom on some occasions and sign a player like Sean Casey and I think we would be fine at 1b.

  3. Art Vandelay says:

    I just hope the rumors aren’t true that they’re willing to let Tex go now that they have Swisher. Spending all that money on Burnett and Lowe would be really stupid when you could sign Tex and bring back Petitte/Moose on a one-year deal.

  4. F***YouKevinBrown says:


    Pitching wins titles. No thanks on Tex. Throw that money at pitching, pitching and more pitching.

    Swisher- great move. Put in center.
    Adam Dunn – make it happen.

    Team complete.

    • Ben K. says:

      Careful there with the user name. This is something of a family blog.

    • Mike Pop says:

      Why no thanks on Tex when your signing Burnett ? Why want Dunn instead of Tex. Is it the Contract?. Forget Burnett if we get Peavy. Use that other money on Tex after we sign CC… You got CC Peavy Wang Joba and your 5th starter is either Pettite or Mussina… Peavy does worry me a bit though.. An injury could happen but thats the risk with all pitchers…

      I wouldnt get Peavy unless we get a discount though.. I wouldnt give up that package of Hughes Ajax and Kennedy.. I know Peavy is great but its just not worth it for me.. Give em Kennedy and some other young arms.. If we cant get em for that than its no big deal.. We just move on

  5. Chris says:

    I think the Padres are finding the same problems that the Twins found. Teams just aren’t willing to trade huge packages of prospects for any established player.

    I expect the Padres to go around searching for a better offer, and when one doesn’t materialize, they’ll go with whatever the Braves are offering. This is essentially what happened to the Twins last year.

    • Steve H says:

      But Johan was a year away from free agency, and therefore the team trading for him had to give him the biggest contract ever for a pitcher. Though I hope you’re right. I don’t want Peavy if the cost is exorbinant.

  6. SWB says:

    Peavy>>>>>>>>>>>Burnett or Lowe.

    As long as they still get CC it would be a big upgrade over the other two FA’s they are looking at. I think if they get both CC and Peavy they fill the last spot from within or with Pettitte. They aren’t going to add Burnett or Lowe and those two in my opinion

    • Steve H says:

      Peavy is a better pitcher, but it all comes down to cost. The FA’s only cost money, which we have an abundance of, and they have both had success in the AL East, the toughest division in baseball. Peavy’s success has come in the best division in baseball for pitchers.

  7. Towers should have waited until after CC signs to announce that the train left the station. Even so, he could have taken a pretty good offer from the Braves, even if Hanson or Heyward wasn’t offered. The offers he’ll get will probably suck because he only has a couple of choices to work with and he basically has to deal him.

  8. Ivan says:

    Chances of Peavy comin to the yanks are mininal especially if they sign CC.

    • Ivan says:


    • Mike Pop says:

      But who thought Mets were going to get Johan last year ?

      • Ivan says:

        different situation, and besides I had a feeling that the Mets would get Johan. I mean the mets didn’t really have the pieces and they got em cuz the yanks and sox didn’t want him.

        Plus, there wasn’t no CC Sabathia type pitcher on the FA market either last offseason.

        • Joey H says:

          I think saying the Yankees didn’t want him is a little over the top Ivan, I think their desire to keep it with Hughes and Kennedy was stronger than their desire to have Johan, Not necessarily that they DIDN’T want Johan you know?

      • Z-man says:

        The Mets just copy the Yanks all the time.

        We wanted Beltran, then we decided eh not worth it, now he is playing for the Mets.

        We wanted Santana, then we decided eh nah we’ll pass. Now he is playing for the Mets

        We want CC, now the Mets are involved.

  9. Mike Pop says:

    Whoever they get for Peavy is going to be less then they wanted I would think.. I dont get why the Mets dont get involved if Peavy would okay it to Yanks why not Mets.. F-Mart and Niese for starters ya know.. Thats a good package to start out but this is a yankee blog so Idk I wouldnt give up or Hughes or Ajax in any deal for him.. Same goes with Betances or Montero.. So obviously I couldnt make the deal for him

  10. Joey H says:

    Isn’t it fair to say that if the cubs and braves are out of it and its down to 1 team, the yankees that the price will go down because they are anxious to move him?

    • Steve H says:

      But it’s really not down to one team. No one is out of it. Even the Braves have said they’ll revisit. They were trying to strike a deal before free agency and weren’t able to. When the free agent chips start to fall, more teams will be involved. Even the Braves, who are clearly frustrated, said they are open to revisit the talks down the road.

      • Joey H says:

        I know but what I’m saying is that for now, nobody else has been interested and regardless if they are or not, its going to take Peavy to waive his no trade clause for a specific team, which he has not expressed interest in yet.

    • Mike Pop says:

      The Cubs arent out of it.. Towers said that a 3rd team needs to come in to make it happen though

  11. James S. says:

    The Padres i believe have had the Yankees and Brian Cashman on their radar the whole time.

    The only thing holding the deal up is Jake Peavy himself…Which is a serious problem! lol

  12. Ivan says:

    I still think the Cubs could get Peavy unless Towers is really desperate to em and Peavy really wanna stay away from the Northeastern teams.

    • Mike Pop says:

      Idk man… What if they resign Dempster and sign the Unit would they still want him ? I think the Cubs are the best landing spot now especially if ATL goes out and signs Burnett and Lowe.. Or any combination of 2 FA SPs like them, sheets, perez, garland…. I think they have to deal Peavy for at least one stud..

      • Ivan says:

        If the Pods don’t get Vitters than how can the Pods call that trade a success.

      • Ivan says:

        Plus, Dempster just turn down a 4-Year 50M deal which at that contract is clearly overpaying mustless considering he wants more. So the cubs might feel hey, I might as well trade for Peavy if im gonna pay all that much money.

  13. Nick-YF says:

    If the Yanks are going to focus exclusively on pitching and maybe add 3 pitchers (and maybe a fourth by re-signing either Pettitte or Mussina) then it’s probably time to trade Hughes or at least a couple of their many pitching prospects, who will be effectively blocked at the major league level for the next 2-3 years. The Padres are in fire sale mode, they have pretty weak system except for Banks who is a 1b, so…Why not target the very valuable Adrian Gonzales with a generous package centered around Hughes? Am I being shortsighted or are the Padres not trading Gonzales under any circumstances?

  14. Erik says:

    I like the idea of this.

    They sign CC, and then trade Hughes, Kennedy, Garnder and Romine for Peavy, assuming he waves his no trade clause.


    CC, Peavy, Wang, Pettitte and Joba, with Aceves and/or Coke for long/back-up slot starters.

    I believe Al or Mr. Anti-Kevin Brown said it best above.

    Then, target Dunn. He’s looking at 4 years, $60M. Use Dunn at 1B. Swisher in RF.

    Shopping done.

    Damon CF
    Jeter SS
    Dunn 1B
    A-Rod 3B
    Posada C
    Matsui DH
    Cano 2B
    Swisher RF
    Nady LF

    • Erik says:

      Rotation is dominant, built for October!

      • Mike Pop says:

        Could even rotate Dunn and Swish betweeen 1st and the cornet outfield spots while stilll being able to play Gardner and putting Damon as DH with Matsui out

    • Joey H says:

      Any citation where Dunn said he is willing to play first?

      • Erik says:


        I think Dunn feels burned by the JP Ricchardi issue, saying how he hates baseball. I think he, after toiling in Cincy and then missing the playoffs in Ariz, is looking to go to a contender, not just a paycheck.

        He reportedly told an old teammate, Bronson Arroyo, that he wanted a $100M deal. But there is no way, not in this economy, that that is going to happen. Maybe 7 years ago, but not in 2008/2009.

        I think if the Bombers told Dunn 4 years/$60M, he would jump. And, Girardi could essentially do a coin flip for Swisher/Dunn for 1B/RF.

        Think of Dunn at YS. That right field porch will get pummeled.

        Of course, they would have to trade Nady. Maybe try to flip Nady, or Matsui, or Damon for a real CF.

        Then they have a real power threat to protect A-Rod in the lineup.

        This is all speculative, of course. But I’d like to see it happen.

        • JD says:

          Think of all the strikeouts as well. I’ll pass on Dunn! A deal with the Padres can be done without invovling Hughes as well.

      • Mike Pop says:

        “Im open to playing first base if it gives me a chance to be on a championship caliber team like the Yankees” —Adam Dunn Sports Illustrated October 2008

  15. James says:

    Hughes, Ajax and one more prospect gets Peavy i believe!

  16. Mike Pop says:

    I’d take Burnett over Peavy if it came down to Hughes or Ajax…Rather give up money than these guys.. Especially if a bad injury goes downn.. Look at the Bedard trade god thats awfull.. We dont need that to happen to us

  17. RobC says:

    What is the chance the Padres want Peavy out of the NL if they trade him?
    I suspect that was an issue with the Twins last year.
    I’d give up Hughes, IPK and Melky in a heart beat for Peavy but ? who else to add. Doubt Padres want Cano’s contract.

    Don’t ge so excited about a CC, Peavy, Wang rotation with out the defense behind it.
    And who touches the ball the most? 1B, and what good fielding 1b is available……

  18. FuckYouKevinBrown says:

    Why no Teixeira? You would think that after year and years of no championship you guys would have learned something. Pitching gets it done in October.

    Why throw all that money at Teixeira when it can be used to stock up on quality pitching? Is he good? No doubt, but so was Jason Giambi when he came to the Yankees.

    Dunn puts up some nice power number and is MUCH cheaper.

    Sign CC, Sign Burnett, Trade for Peavy.

    I wouldn’t even bat an eyelash at throwing Hughes in a trade for Peavy. Hughes is young, yes, but injury prone and still a ways away from being a full time starter. He can only pray that he has half the career that Peavy has had already.


    All you that are gung hoe on stocking up on hitting are clueless. The Yankees have PLENTY of hitting and acquiring Swisher and signing Dunn would solidify probably the best hitting in baseball WITHOUT the need for Mark Teixeira.

    • Erik says:


      I don’t think they will target Burnett if they can get CC and Pettitte off free agency, and if they can acquire Peavy via trade.

      Sorry guys, Hughes, Kennedy and Melky isn’t getting it done. The Padres have said they want pitching and MLB ready, yet-on-the-cheap position players to plug in.

      Think more along the lines of Hughes, Kennedy, Gardner and Romine.

      A rotation of 1.) CC, 2.) Peavy, 3.) Wang, 4.) Moose (I hope) / Pettitte (I’ll take it) and 5.) Joba is ill.

      And plugging Dunn into the 3-hole, in front of A-Rod and behind Jeter and Damon would be sick.

      If it was me, I’d try to flip Nady and/or Matsui, plus a B-level prospect or two, for a real CF. Someone like Shane Victorino or David DeJesus.

      Then you have:

      Damon LF
      Jeter SS
      Dunn RF
      ARod 3B
      Posada C
      Cano 2B
      Matsui DH
      Swisher 1B
      ******* CF

      Or, have Posada DH and Molina catch. Or Damon to DH, Nady in LF, Dunn in RF and a real CF.

  19. Joltin' Joe says:

    I’d rather trade guys who are still in the minor leagues (Betances, McAllister, etc.) if possible because the odds are simply worse of them being successful in the majors, as opposed to guys who have dominated all levels and broken onto the big league stage (Hughes, IPK, etc.) And furthermore, it doesn’t make much sense for the Padres to trade for players who are close(r) to arbitration when they know contention is at least a few years away.

    McAllister, Betances, Romine, Suttle, Sanchez, Kontos, and company are several players the Yanks should consider parting with if it makes the difference to get Peavy. Why wouldn’t the Pads want, say, McAllister + Betances in place of Hughes? Makes more sense for both clubs.

  20. Manimal says:

    Yeah fuck burnett/lowe, a guy like peavy doesn’t come around often.

  21. Erik says:

    So many Yankees fans, especially the ones that started watching after 1996, for years wanted an all-star at every position.

    Now, that that hasn’t worked, everybody is an armchair scout. Everyone knows the hot prospects and many people want an all-prospect team.

    Doesn’t work that way in NYC.

    • Ivan says:

      Nobody is saying that. Of ourse as yankee fans we love when the yanks can use their financial power and take advantage over pretty much all the teams in the MLB. That said, their should be balance with using that money and building a “core” from within and focus with player development.

      It’s called smart business, and when you can develop a player like Joba who can be just as good as Peavy and ALOT less cheaper, is a huge asset.

      At the end of the day, the “core” players you produce from within, usually last longer than the FA you sign.

      • Mike Pop says:

        We should just buy Peavy from them.. We will give them Kennedy and McCallister with Melky then we wil include 25 million

  22. Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

    I think that one holdup on the trade with San Diego. The Yankees are insisting that the Padres take Kei Igawa and that the Yanks will pay his entire salary. The Padres won’t budge.

  23. FuckYouKevinBrown says:


    Why sign back Moose and Pettitte? Moose had a good year, but this guy is done. The Yankees don’t need Jamie Moyer 2 on their team. Pettitte had a poor year. One hell of a clutch pitcher, but his time is up.

    Burnett has Cy Young stuff and is younger than both. He’ll command a longer contract than Pettitte, but probably a similar yearly salary. Thanks for time Moose and Pettitte, but the Yankees are moving on.

    CC, Peavy, Burnett, Wang, Joba

    Any of those guys has Cy Young potential, if not a Cy Young already!

    Those guys will win a championship. Moose never has. Pettitte won a bunch, but many years ago.

    Move on Erik.

    • Steve H says:

      Jamie Moyer’s World Series ring says hello.

    • Erik says:

      Move on? Your the one still mad at that no talent ass clown, Kevin Brown!!!


      I know we are talking about the Yankees here, but they will show some financial restraint.

      If the stars and moons align, and they can sign CC and trade for Peavy, the only addition will be a back-end starter, ie, Moose or Pettitte.

      They will not add a risky proposition like Burnett or Lowe when Wang will be getting closer and closer to free agency. They will have to pay him someday as well, unless they trade him.

      Its not about moving on or not, its simple economics.

  24. Rob says:

    I dont get why people are saying that to give up hughes, austin jackson, etc. is too high an asking price. It absolutely makes no sense. With Hughes, you have a guy that at his very best could be Peavy. That is at his very best. Yes he has a smaller contract, but the contract just offered to CC should show that money doesnt really matter right now. Hughes may develop down the line, and hopefully he will, but it is definitely not 100% that he will. The same goes for austin jackson and all our other prospects. Yes, some are very good, but in the end, proven major league talent, especially young major league talent like Peavy, always outweighs unproven prospects trying to make it. If you have the opportunity to get Peavy for the likes of Hughes, Ajax, and others, then you go for it. He is a former Cy Young award winner and would not even be our #1 if we get CC.

    • Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

      So would you put Jesus Montero in the trade for Peavy?

    • Nick-YF says:

      I think Peavy’s NTC is a hugh factor. In order for the Yanks to pull off this deal, they’re probably going to have to lure him away with a generous renegotiated contract offer in addition to prospects. AJax, for one, is just too important to the future plans of the Yanks to include in a deal that will cost the Yanks additional money. On the other hand, the Padres are in a weird position because everyone now knows they want to get rid of Peavy in order not to pay him.

  25. Erik says:

    No to trading Montero, Betances, McAllister, AJax.

    Yes to the rest (of the prospects)

    The only guys I don’t trade on the MLB team are:

    Wang, Joba, Cano and (obviously) Jeter, ARod, Posada, and Rivera

    • Reggie C. says:

      The only untouchables in the Yank system are the potential all-stars and right now that’s only 3 guys: Montero, Betances, and Brackman.

      I’d have zero remorse trading McAllister in a deal for Peavy. McAllister gets alot of props for putting up a great ’08, but lets not get carried away with his ceiling. By and large it is accepted that McAllister doesn’t have the upside of a Betances or Brackman b/c he doesn’t have a real K pitch.

      A-Jax’s .420 slugging was solid for a 21 year old in AA, but lets not think he’s going to become Granderson or Beltran or Upton. He doesn’t have that kind of speed or pop. Its unfortunate the Yanks don’t have another advanced OF prospect, but that’s tough luck.

  26. Erik says:

    And, FYKB, you are wrong on one account:

    “Burnett has Cy Young stuff and is younger than both. He’ll command a longer contract than Pettitte, but probably a similar yearly salary.”

    Wrong! Burnett is seeking Peavy/Zambrano money. IE 4 years at $60-65 M or 5 years at $80M.

    Pettitte the Yankees could get for 1 year, $11 or (tops) $12M.

    “Burnett has a four-year, $54MM offer from the Blue Jays to shop around. The Yankees should make an offer soon.” — courtesy MLBTR

  27. Rob says:

    I would not trade montero because I think he has a chance to be something really special and he is still very young and we have a need for position players, especially a first basemen down the road. But, I absolutely would consider including a guy like McAllister depending on the deal. McAllister was very good, but he is still so far away from the majors that it is absolutely impossible to determine if he can make it. The majority don’t.

    • Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

      But I quote:

      “Yes, some are very good, but in the end, proven major league talent, especially young major league talent like Peavy, always outweighs unproven prospects trying to make it.”

      What is it?

  28. Erik says:

    Off to work. Have a good day fellas. !

    Hey, BTW, I hate Kevin Brown too!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Mike Pop says:

    Perhaps Kennedy, Cabrera, Igawa, Humberto Sanchez and Phil Coke?

    • SWB says:

      Would you trade Joba for that package? That is well less than Atlanta is offering and is more quality than quantity. You have two bad starters, two decent BP arms and a bad OF

      • Mike Pop says:

        Humberto can be more than a pen arm… same with coke.. Kennedy Humberto and Coke could all possibly start for Padres in a couple years

        • Reggie C. says:

          This is what i’d offer: Hughes, Kennedy, Suttle, & Phil Coke.

          I believe the ATL offer died on the table B/C ATL didn’t include a top prospect/ML player better than Yunel Escobar. If ATL parted with Hanson or Jurrgens, the deal would’ve already been done. The Braves don’t have a Joba-type pitcher on the club or farm. That’s the difference b/w them and us. We keep the top pitcher in the class.

    • Al says:

      Why would the Padres do that? Kennedy’s stock is low. Cabrera’s a 4th outfielder. Igawa’s an overpaid bum who’s your typical AAAA pitcher. Sanchez can’t stay healthy and Coke is a 26-year old “prospect.”

      Seriously, to get a pitcher like Peavy you HAVE TO GIVE UP SOMETHING. He’s established. He’s proven. He’s won a Cy Young. He’s a top 5 pitcher.

      Hughes, Cano, and AJax. You’re looking at giving up two of the three. IF the Yanks can sign CC. I would do Peavy for Hughes, AJax and Kennedy or Cabrera. You’d have two young pitchers in the prime anchoring your rotation in Sabathia and Peavy. Joba is cost-controlled and Wang will be reasonable for another two years.

      I wouldn’t dump money into Burnett or Lowe, I’d get Pettitte on a one year deal as your 5th starter. He’ll eat innings and let the monitor Joba’s innings.

      In a few years – hopefully someone from the Betances, Brackman, Horne, Heredia group can emerge as a 5th starter.

      The offense is getting old. Young pitching opens the Yanks championship window again.

      Peavy, CC, Wang, and Joba – that’s a tremendous quartet for October.

      • Ben K. says:

        Mostly, Al, I agree with you. But you’re leaving out a big piece of the equation: The Padres are looking to trade Peavy because of his contract. Since the Padres want a team to assume a fairly significant chunk of change and need that money to initiate a serious rebuilding effort, they’re not in a position to demand a King’s random for Peavy. The Yanks probably would need to include just one of those three players. It would be a Prince’s ransom instead.

        But yes, you’re right. To get someone of Peavy’s caliber, in return, the Yanks will have to give something up.

        • Al says:

          Ben K – But Peavy’s salary is actually reasonable for the next few years. His last year and option year are pretty expensive but it’s still not close to the Santana/Sabathia dollars. Peavy doesn’t hit free agency for a few years either so the team getting him won’t have to worry about him leaving.

          Pitching is at a premium. Everyone wants it. The Pads will hold out for a ransom. If the Yanks can make the trade without giving up Hughes, Cano, and AJax I’m all for it. But I don’t see it happening.

          Jackson and Hughes is where the package starts.

      • Larry says:

        Al…thanks for reiterating my 3:55p post (below).

        Agree completely!

  30. Larry says:

    Getting Peavy is far greater than Burnett/Lowe (Lowe sucks more). Cash should be able to come up with a decent package for Towers.


    We’ve got the bullpen to support these guys. We get younger and better with this 09 staff. Still leaves room for a run at Tex. Dunn feels too much like Giambi. I’d sooner go with Manny.

  31. CJ says:

    If we’re trading with the Padres, I’d rather get Adrian Gonzalez. They probably wouldn’t trade him though.

  32. Al says:

    Gotta love some of us Yankee fans. We want the moon but we’re only willing to give up the smallest stars.

  33. ortforshort says:

    The dearth of young Yankees position players in the majors, the lack of impact position players in the minors and also the lack of potential impact free agent position players over the next few years, means that the Yankees should hold onto Montero and AJax even if it means losing a deal for Peavey. I’d include any two minor league starters the Yankees have, however. Peavey is a quality, young arm.

  34. JeffG says:

    I think this is nothing more than a rumor. It helps both the teams who are going after Sabathia to negotiate under the premise that there is an alternative and it alows the Padres GM to put pressure on the teams he’s negotiating with.
    Ultimately I believe Peavy when he says he prefers the NL and seeing he has the final say so I’d say the chances of him comming here are slim. There is a lot more rish for him to come to the AL vs. the guaranteed year. He stands to make a lot more money if he keeps doing what he’s been doing to the NL and becomes a FA when his contract expires.

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