Injury report: Posada back; Melky available

Cash issues company line on Stadium dimensions
Teixeira not seeing more fastballs

The injured Yankees are on the mend, and the team could soon be back at full strength. Let’s just jump in and cover the news.

Jorge Posada
The Yanks’ 37-year-old catcher has been on the shelf since suffering a hamstring strain on May 4. He will be activated today from the DL. With Hideki Matsui on the brink of one of his hot streaks, Posada should find himself behind the plate tonight. Sweeney Murti reports via Twitter that tonight will be the first time since June 22, 2008 that A-Rod, Posada and Matsui will all be in the same lineup.

The Yanks will have a roster decision to make tonight, and despite Posada’s age and fairly quick 25-day recovery period, they seem intent on switching out a catcher. Francisco Cervelli will probably be optioned down for regular playing time. If the team decides to stick with three catchers, Angel Berroa will probably find himself unemployed. We’ll post word of the corresponding move when it comes down or in the game thread.

Melky Cabrera
Various sources are reporting divergent news on Melky. The Bryan Hoch article linked in the Posada section claims that Melky will be out 5-7 days, per Joe Girardi. A slightly more recent Marc Carig report says that Melky will be available off the bench this weekend. I find this odd. If Melky is available off the bench to pinch hit for, say, Brett Gardner or even Nick Swisher, is he able to man the outfield with a sore non-throwing shoulder? If not, he wouldn’t really come off the bench because the Yanks’ only other outfield option would be Hideki Matsui and his balky knees or perhaps Ramiro Pena. That has potential disaster written all over it, and I’d rather see the Yanks give Melky the proper time to heal.

Xavier Nady
According to the Associated Press, Xavier Nady is well on his way toward a mid-June Bronx return. As Joe noted last night, Nady went 2-for-5 in an Extended Spring Training game with one longball. More promising, though, is the news that he is set to begin a throwing program on Monday. If Nady can be a viable option in the outfield soon, Swisher’s playing time will diminish.

Everyone Else
Jose Molina and Damaso Marte are in Tampa working out. No word on when to expect them back…Cody Ransom hit in Extended Spring Training. He is not eligible to be activated from the 60-day DL until late June…Brian Bruney should begin a throwing program this weekend or early next week. After his aborted comeback last week, the Yankees are going to take it slow with him. I would be surprised to see him back before the All-Star Break.

Cash issues company line on Stadium dimensions
Teixeira not seeing more fastballs
  • Mattingly’s Love Child

    As happy as I am to see Jorge coming back, I won’t hold my breath on this being the last time he’s on the DL this year….damn aging catchers! But anything he gives them will definitely be an upgrade on the wet noodle swinging Kevin Cash!

  • Nady Nation

    I agree they’ll take it slow with Bruney, but the All Star break is still 6 weeks and change away. I’d think we would see him back by early July. Great to see X working his way back though.

    • Mattingly’s Love Child

      I was so on the Swisher bangwagon, but now I’m definitely very happy to see Nady get back soon!

  • Andy In Sunny Daytona

    Once Cody Ransom gets back, the Yankees can FINALLY have their starting 9 from opening day ready to go.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      Clearly, the team is better off without A-Rod. I can’t wait for Ransom to return.

      /Ian O’Connor’d

      • Andy In Sunny Daytona

        teh six-game hiiting streka!!!1!11

      • jsbrendog

        to quote strongbad:

        “man i hate dat guy”

        • Mattingly’s Love Child

          Strongbad! Shit! I haven’t thought of him since college….at least 5 years ago!

          • TurnTwo

            seriously… one of my old AOL names used to have ‘Trogdor’ in it.

            where’s the 30 pack of keystone light?

            • jsbrendog


              haha, oh man

              “fwuffy push marthmallowed. when i eat something, i like to dirnk something tooooooo”

    • OmgZombies!

      You mean we can finally win the box jumping championship?

  • gxpanos

    I thought X was for sure done in the outfield? Was everyone just hedging, so as not to be disappointed, and to be ready for dealing with having two good DH’s? A throwing program is great news. This PRP stuff is ridiculously awesome.

    Plus, it sounds badass. A giant honking needle that shoots plasma directly and painfully into the body? That’s some comic book shit, there.

    • Mattingly’s Love Child

      Yeah, who needs HGH when you got PRP!

      • gxpanos

        I’m on board for both. I say (a little tentatively), drop the HGH ban in baseball, since it seems limited use of HGH (e.g., for rehabbing) doesn’t have any negative side-effects. Let the team doctors monitor its use.

        Am I wrong? I’m not an expert, just an observer.

  • TurnTwo

    I would think it’d make sense to keep 3 catchers at first, and let Jorge work his way back by sharing some DH time with Matsui first, and then reevaluate when Jorge can catch daily at 100%.

    • Mattingly’s Love Child

      It would be great to lose Berroa…but I worry that they are keeping him around because ARod’s hip isn’t really in good shape….but I’m also a big worrier….

      Ship Berroa back to his van by the river, keep Cash (for now) and Frankie.

      • TurnTwo

        but Berroa couldnt play 3B anyway… you have Pena on the roster to backup, right?

        • Tom Zig

          Berroa’s purpose is to pinch run for Matsui when no one else is available. Oh and then try to tag up and run home on a ball that is barely out of the infield.

          • JohnnyC

            The Mets should pick up Berroa and have him pinch run for F-Mart whenever he hits a pop-up in the infield.

            • Brendan


  • dan

    They don’t NEED Cervelli in the majors all the time. If Posada or Molina go down, just call him back up the next day. The chances of both guys getting hurt and NEEDING a third catcher are so tiny that it’s just not worth the lack of flexibility it will cause.

  • Matt ACTY/BBD

    I’d rather just peace Kevin Cash out now, keep Cervelli on until Molina gets back, then put Frankie in AAA. But, if that’s not what happens, I won’t be too angry.

    • steve (different one)

      it’s a little risky. if Posada goes down, you won’t have a backup catcher.

      and no, despite the backing of RAB, i’d rather have Cash than PJ Pilittere.

      • jsbrendog

        chris stewart hgets the call before pj

  • JP

    I’d rather have 3 catchers. Hideki is due for some DL time, which gives us more chances to DH Jorgie. If the team didn’t already have 4 DHs (Posada, ARod, Matsui, Nady), I’d say go with 2 catchers.

    Ok, so I’m exaggerating. A little.

    • radnom

      Hideki is holding up fine now that he isn’t playing LF.

      Even if he does go on the DL, is it really so hard to call up Cervelli? He would be their the next day.

      I know you said you’re exaggerating, but there were only 1.5 DH’s on that list.

      • JP

        Yeah, I was being “flip.” But Nady won’t be throwing initially, I thought…if he does come back as an OF, don’t count on it lasting; I’m predicting rubber arm. As for Jorge, I don’t care what his ardent fans say, his remaining days as a catcher are in very, very short number. Some of the throws he was making earlier this year – 8 feet wide of the bag, 3 feet short, etc. – showed that his arm is trashed. Better than last year, maybe, but very borderline competent.

        I’ve never liked his game calling, either. Totally subjective, and I got nothing to back it up, but it always seems like the pitchers do better with Molina and the other backup catchers.

        I don’t like Kevin Cash, but I’d love to have Jorgie, Molina, and Cervelli on the MLB roster.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    The Nady/Swisher thing is like dating two women who each have good points at different times and as soon as you start to really like one and feel good about making that choice, she shows some flaw that makes the other so much more attractive.

    • Count Zero

      ietc — too true

    • JP

      I’ve never dated two women at the same time. [Wistful, sad, middle aged sigh…]

  • BklynJT

    So quickly has the “Swisher for All-Star” campaign diminished…

    • JackC

      I disagree. I think Swisher would be a great guy to watch the All Star Game with

      • jsbrendog

        well played