Fan Confidence Poll: June 15th, 2009

Not the last dance for Chien-Ming Wang
Bruney's return creates a roster decision

Record Last Week: 3-4 (39 RS, 30 RA)
Season Record: 36-27 (360 RS, 324 RA), 2.0 GB
Opponents This Week: vs. Washington (3 games), @ Florida (3 games)

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Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the team. You can view the Fan Confidence Graph anytime via the nav bar above, or by clicking here. Thanks in advance for voting.

Given the team's current play, roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?
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Not the last dance for Chien-Ming Wang
Bruney's return creates a roster decision
  • Matt ACTY/BBD

    Confidence Level, as always, is a ten.

    • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

      Just humor me with this comment… But is ALWAYS voting 10 really so different than people who come in and vote in the 1-4 range? To me, voting 10 means you think this is the best team in baseball and is positioned to be the best team in baseball for the coming years. Do you think that? You don’t think there’s any room for improvement?

      • Joseph Pawlikowski

        I think always voting 10 is more a sign of not letting a few games change your opinion of the team.

        It’s all about the individual interpretation of confidence. I have the utmost confidence in the current team, and confidence that they will continue to field winning teams in the coming years.

        • ChrisS

          Just winning teams or playoff teams or championship teams?

          I think that how confident are you in the Yankees’ overall future?

          Is awfully vague and tough to develop any kind of trends out of opinions, which are going to be all over the place.

          “not letting a few games change your opinion of the team.”

          Then why have a weekly poll?

          • Joseph Pawlikowski

            Because people’s opinions do change over time. We’re just trying to capture it here. This is a relatively new feature, so we’re trying to see how it goes. Who knows, maybe we’ll go to a monthly poll for next season.

            • ArodMVP217 FTW!

              Always voting 10, to me, refers to having the best team.. on paper. that is how i rationalize his acciones

        • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

          “I think always voting 10 is more a sign of not letting a few games change your opinion of the team.”

          Ok, maybe I shouldn’t have emphasized the “ALWAYS” part. I actually haven’t changed my vote all year, either (I think maybe I changed once, I honestly don’t recall). I guess I have an issue with “10” votes. Obviously everyone has their own interpretation of what this “confidence poll” means, I just don’t see how this team/organization is a 10 right now. I’m very confident in the team this year and in the health and ability of the organization as a whole, but I think it’s a bit disingenuous to claim there’s not a few areas with some significant room for improvement. And if there’s significant room for improvement, I wouldn’t vote 10. It just seems a little bit like a Pavlovian response from some people, like they’re asked “how good are the Yankees” and they immediately snap back “best ever I love them so dearly,” and I guess I’m not sure how that’s so different from the people who are constantly shitting on the team and think the sky is falling.

          • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

            F’ing Positive Posse!


          • ChrisS

            I agree with this post. I think that a rating is meaningless if there isn’t room for improvement. Nothing is perfect. Michelin only rates restaurants to three stars and just the difference between 1-star and two is exceedingly difficult overcome. No stars is the common rating.

          • Joseph Pawlikowski

            I also see it as: No team is without flaw. Every team in the league can stand to improve. So, as compared to every other team in the league, I find it hard not to have the utmost confidence in the Yankees.

            Point taken, though, that if the Yanks themselves can improve, it would be silly to vote 10, since that would mean that an improvement would put the meter off the charts. But, again, when I look around the league I see flaws in every team.

            • ChrisS

              No other team is perfect, 10 is perfect. The Yankees are a 10. That doesn’t make sense to me.

              To me a ten at this point would be, as someone else posted, the ’98 team with no injuries/question marks, plus a slew of top-100 prospects in AAA/AA out-performing expectations, and an awesome haul in the draft. Is it possible? No, but thats what they should be striving towards. There’s nothing wrong with a 7.

              As it stands with the pre-season #2 starter throwing batting practice, the set-up man on the DL, the 3rd/4th OFer trying to avoid surgery, the MVP at 3B coming off of hip surgery, a high-priced LHP reliever out indefinitely, Mo looking a little shakey, and a big FA signee looking shakey, I can see room for improvement.

            • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

              Yeah, my formulation does make the 10 vote exceedingly rare, I’ll concede that. I kind of saw that coming and that was why I said there are “a few areas with significant room for improvement.” Obviously there’s never going to be a completely perfect organization – I’m not saying I wouldn’t vote 10 unless the Yankees were a juggernaut that would win nearly every game and have the best people at every position in the organization and the best prospects, etc. I would probably be voting 10 if this were June 15, 1998, or 1999, instead of June 15, 2009.

              But this organization, right now… I’m very confident, like I said, and I’m very much behind the direction this organization is moving… But it’s not like there aren’t holes in the development system and it’s not like this team is clearly the best-assembled team in MLB. I just think the 10 vote is a little premature and doesn’t reflect a reasonable analysis of the team/organization at this point in time.

              Whatevs… It’s a poll and the whole point is to see how different people feel. I guess I just spoke up because people who vote low tend to get criticized (for good reason), and I think people who vote 10 should maybe get called out for the same principle.

              • Jamal G.

                Although I have consistently voted an “8”, my speculative rationale for those people who vote a “10” is the fact that their view of the organization is relative to the 29 other organizations in the Major League Baseball.

                Honestly, you can make a valid case that the Yankees are the best team in baseball right now. The consensus pick for that title is the Los Angeles Dodgers. However, the Dodgers are 16-12 outside of the NL West, and they play in the Senior Circuit. Personally, I’d say the Dodgers are tops in baseball right now, but again, a “valid case” can be made for the Yankees.

                Also, the team with the highest payroll in the league also has a middle-of-the-road farm system which boasts a dearth of starting pitching, baseball’s “number-one commodity”, as it’s greatest overall strength.

                I don’t agree with rating the Yankees a “10”, but I think there are a multitude of valid points to be made for voting such to just regulate it as fanboyism.

                • Jamal G.

                  Oh, I know I touched on it in my opening paragraph but I did not expand on it enough throughout: If the Yankees aren’t a “10”, then which team is? And if there is a team out there, what makes them so much better than the Yankees that one can reasonably argue said team is clearly head and shoulders above the Bombers?

                • ChrisS

                  Does there have to be? The poll question is too vague to make accurate assessments.

                  If the best team in baseball is a ten, then it should just be a power rankings (1-30).

                • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

                  “If the Yankees aren’t a “10?, then which team is?”

                  I don’t think there is a team that is a 10 right now, according to my reasoning above. I think much of your argument is based on the assumption that there must be a team that’s a 10 and a team that’s a 1, but I don’t agree with that. I’m not saying that’s wrong, it’s just different than my idea of what the poll should mean. I disagree with that take on the poll because I think voting that way makes the poll more susceptible to people’s ideas of absolutes rather than honest analysis of individual organizations. I’ll also note that nowhere has anybody ever asserted that this poll should be taken as a ranking of the organization relative to other organizations. If that was the point I think a 1-30 ranking would be a more reasonable scale. As written above each weekly poll: “Given the team’s current play, roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees’ overall future?”

                  However… Look, I’ve said multiple times that everyone has their opinion and that’s the point of this poll – to gauge those opinions… I don’t think it’s completely insane to vote 10 I guess, I hear where you’re coming from with a lot of your comment. I just, personally, think those people are mouth-breathing troglodytes. (*Sarcasm alert*, of course. Just kidding.)

                  (And, just for future reference, “dearth” means the opposite of what you think it means.)

                • Jamal G.

                  Yeah, I physically did a facepalm after I read the post (re: use of “dearth”).

                • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

                  lol… Sorry, I shouldn’t have pointed that out. Seriously, it had nothing to do with the substance of your comments. Dick move by me, my bad.

                • Jamal G.

                  Nah, no issue, man, it was funny. It’s weird becuse I was thinking “wealth” the whole way, I have no idea how that happened.

            • Andy In Sunny Daytona

              On this poll, it says 10 for very confident. I am very confident in this team and this franchise. The poll says nothing about perfection.

              So, with that being said,

              Confidence level = 10

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              • ChrisS

                How much do you love the Yankees?

                A) I love them very much.

                B) More than peanut M & Ms

                C) I love them more than you do.

                D) My feelings for the Yankees transcend love.

                E) My love for pinstripes is pure, blinding love like the Sun’s radiance.

                F) They suck.

                • Andy in Sunny Daytona

                  Can I take (G)?

                  (G) Read what the poll actually asks.

                • ChrisS

                  Reading the poll, it asks if you’re confident in the Yankees’ future, and using that metric, I change my response to 10. I’m very confident that the Yankees will have a future.

                  The poll is meaningless question that basically generates a response like, “I love the Yankees.”

              • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

                My ears are burning…

        • BklynJT

          Isn’t the whole purpose of doing a weekly fan confidence poll to gauge a fan’s confidence at a particular point in time. If everyone is thinking about the confidence of the franchise for the whole year and years to come, you wouldn’t/shouldn’t see much change in the poll from week to week.

  • A.D.

    8…stay the course.

    • yankeegirl49

      Me too!

  • Reggie C.

    Confidence level = 7

    The 7 figure is about as low as I can go. The Yanks simply didn’t impress till yesterday’s demolishing of the Mets. The sweep at Fenway was an embarrasment. Momentary yes, but an embarrasing showing nonetheless. Wang is teetering on the edge of a something unknown. Does it end in DFA? Demotion via injury/ psych health? Return to the ‘pen? Interesting stuff for sure, but not in a good way for us fans. Burnett’s jekkyl-and-hyde performances are maddening, as when he’s off his game we’re not even competitive.

    Finally, in my opinion the week shows that a deeper ‘pen is required. We need a veteran. We need Huston Street.

    • V

      Anytime someone mentions t3h DFA!!!!, I instantly lose respect for their opinion.

      • A.D.

        Unless is Angel Berroa…then it just makes sense.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      Why can’t Wang be teetering on the edge of a return to form? His velocity was up. His location was off. DFAing him would be the dumbest move ever by any team really.

      • Reggie C.

        I did say something unknown, so i guess my wording is amorphous. A return to form? No. If Wang can’t locate his pitches or get his out-pitch (sinker) sinking to work, then the velocity he showed in Fenway means little.

      • BklynJT

        Wang is slowly showing us signs of returning to form, he just hasn’t been able to put everything together. On separate occasions, he has

        1. shown that his velocity back
        2. shown that his sinker is working again
        3. shown that he cant/”scared to” throw strikes

        Now only if he can correct 3 and do 1 and 2 together, he will do much better in games.

  • V

    8. As good a chance as any team of winning the World Series this year, next year, and the next year, but let’s face it, the World Series is a crapshoot (get hot at the right time, you get the winning at an .800 clip, get cold at the wrong time, you get 0-8 vs. the Sox).

    They’d have to be the ’98 Yankees (who were 47-15!!!! on June 15th) for me to go to a 10.

  • ChrisS

    I voted 7, but I’m thinking more like a 6.5 right now.

    The offense is great, hell, even Melky is showing a little hot streak after I wrote him off two weeks ago (he’s still not walking as much as he should, but aw hell).

    Robertson has shown the hook can get big league hitters out. Aceves and Cokes are as good as then can be. Mo is scaring me a little bit, but he’s one of the best and Bruney is on his way back. CC is a stud. Pettitte may or may not hit the DL with back pain. Wang should be replaced by Hughes. Joba is still finding his game. Burnett, well, he’s why people gamble.

    Ajax is raking and Montero hasn’t shown power at AA, yet, but he still has command of the strikezone. The draft is over and while I’m not as high on Slade Heathcott as others, he’ll be a Yankee soon enough and we’ll see what he can do in pro-ball.

    But the Yankees look a ton better than they did last year. Overall, it’s good to be a Yankee fan.

  • Jake H

    Dropped down 1 from a 9 to the 8 I have voted all but 1 week out of the year.

  • Frank

    Until this team beats the Red Sox and beats them often, you cannot be confident. I’m not going above a 7 until they can beat the best teams consistently.

    • jsbrendog

      the yankees will not be behiond the red sox when they meet again in august

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      There are other good teams besides the Boston Red Sox, you know, and against those other 28 teams, the Yankees still have a better record than them.

      They could go 17-0 against us, for all I care, as long as we’re 18 games better than them in the standings (and they miss the Wild Card….;) )

    • Jamal G.

      The Boston Red Sox lost the regular season series to the New York Yankees in 2007. How did that work out for them?

  • Pablo Zevallos

    Spanking Santana for 9 runs? Confidence level = 10.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    Agreed on the idea of DFAing Wang being the absolute height of lunacy. At worst, you exile him to the bullpen for the remainder of the season and get the process or righting him over the off-season correct the second time around. For god’s sake, he was a two-time 19-game winner before he hurt his foot while running the bases. Really?!

    I voted “8” because a healthy organism can heal itself, and I believe this franchise to be a healthy organism. It may happen slower than some folks want, but it will happen. The pieces that are working are working magnificently well. Brian Bruney is coming back, and we will make the pieces work in the bullpen without sending prospects over for mediocre relief help. My biggest concern is simply whether our pitching coach possesses the ability to get his pitchers to throw strikes. This team is at its best when its STARTING pitchers are perfoming to their potential.

    • jsbrendog

      eh but burnett has ALWAYS been this way and you cant teach a 32 yr old dog new tricks unless he wants to learn them and then teaches himself. Look at moose, it took him getting TATTOED in order for him to pitch like jamie moyer (:-P) and hughes and joba are still developing. but the bullpen, yes, eiland should just go out there and say, throw strikes. give up a hr. if you dont walk anyone then its not a big deal. dont throw strikes and we’ll fire up the chris britton shuttl for you

  • ARX

    8. As usual. I’d be lying if i said it didnt dip a tenth of a point or 2 watching us getting chased out of Fenway tho. I know this is probably too optimistic, and most would be happy with simple series’ wins, but can we PLEASE take 5 out of 6 this week? :-)

  • Frank

    It’s still 6 for me. Starting pitching is a concern- CC is fine, but Burnett, despite yesterday’s win, still needs to be more consistent. After that, who knows. Joba is still going through growing pains- 5 innings and 100 pitches per start won’t cut it and will kill the BP. Pettitte looks finished, thus more of a burden on the BP; Wang is a mystery and Hughes, like Joba, will have his ups and downs if he winds up starting. And then of course, there’s the BP.

  • Stryker

    i maintain my vote of an 8.

    the way the poll question is worded – confidence in the yankees’ overall future – takes the present AND future into consideration. but i’ll have to go ahead and agree with mondesi here. there’s nothing wrong in being very confident in the team, but it’s my opinion that voting a 10 should be the equivalent to the yankees being the picture perfect baseball franchise for now and the future. smart drafting, smart signing of free agents, outstanding development of minor leaguers, fiscal responsibility, etc.

    while i do think the yankees have set themselves up very nicely and i like where the organization is going there are still some holes and questions that will have to be addressed going forward.

  • A.D.

    Pen will be helped by having Bruney back, assuming he can do what he was doing before.

  • Jeremy

    I’m still at 7.

    CC is awesome
    The lineup is full of threats even with ARod not at 100%
    Bruney’s coming back
    Aceves has emerged as a versatile piece

    Pettitte has a WHIP over 2
    Burnett hands out walks like it’s going out of style
    Even if Bruney returns strong, pen is shakey with Edwar, Veras, Marte, and Albaladejo all injured/ineffective at the same time
    Wang angst continues

    Notice that everything in the “bad” category is pitching related. If our non-CC starters and non-Mo relievers can avoid giving up free passes and HRs on a regular basis, I can give this team a 9.

    • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

      I’ll go ahead and co-sign this comment.

  • YankeeScribe

    My confidence has been shaken by the lack of consistency from our starting pitchers sans Sabathia. Due to the weak competition from other divisions in the American League, we might be able to slug our way into the playoffs. Still, our pitching weaknesses will have to be addressed and resolved by September if we’re going to make anything happen this year.

    I’m not as confident in Girardi’s managing after this past week. It doesn’t make any sense for him to bat Cano 5th. He should use Robertson out of the pen more often. Cervelli should catch more games.

    Nick Swisher is not the answer for Right field. He adds depth but he’s barely an everday player.

    Damon looks old.

    On the positive side…

    Jeter is still good and not showing signs of slowing down.

    Teixera and Sabathia are earning their paychecks.

    A-Rod is going to get hot eventually. I don’t think he’s fully recovered from his hip injury.

    Phil Hughes looks great out of the pen. Dont’ get me wrong. I hope Hughes is in the starting rotation next season but it’s not a bad thing if he’s learning on the job and helping the team this season from the bullpen.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

      Nick Swisher is not the answer for Right field. He adds depth but he’s barely an everday player.

      Nick Swisher, 2009:
      OBP – .392 (30th best in all of baseball)
      SLG – .521 (31st best in all of baseball)
      OPS – .913 (28th best in all of baseball)
      XBH – 27 (t38th best in all of baseball)
      P/PA – 4.43 (3rd best in all of baseball)
      RC27 -7.17 (30th best in all of baseball)
      SecA – .511 (7th best in all of baseball)
      wOBA – .398 (26th best in all of baseball)
      wRAA – 12.8 (28th best in all of baseball)

      Nick Swisher isn’t a borderline starter. He’s a borderline All-Star.

      • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals


        there was a severe lack of snark this weekend…and i blame you. i hope she was worth it…

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

          She was. She is every weekend.

      • YankeeScribe

        Swisher should start RF on most teams but not the Yankees. He will return to platooning RF with Nady once he returns from the DL.

        I’d take Abreu, Matsui, and Sheff in their primes over Swisher. Nick had a hot April but I’m afraid that the guy we’re seeing now is the Swish we’ll see the rest of the season.

        • ChrisS

          “but I’m afraid that the guy we’re seeing now is the Swish we’ll see the rest of the season.”

          Nick Swisher since May 19th (24 games):
          91 PA 4 HR 13 RBI 15 R .269/.433/.522/.956 OPS

          Nick Swisher in June (11 games):
          44 PA 2 HR 6 RBI 7 R .333/.500/.667/1.167 OPS

          I’ll take it. Nady can’t throw a ball from 1st to 2nd yet and he’s no where near the hitter Swisher is. Sadly, Prime-Gary Sheffield, Prime-Bobby Abreu, and Prime-Hideki Matsui were unavailable in the off-season.

          Bobby Abreu as a Yankee: .292/.383/.459/.847 OPS. Just saying.

          • YankeeScribe

            “Sadly, Prime-Gary Sheffield, Prime-Bobby Abreu, and Prime-Hideki Matsui were unavailable in the off-season.”

            True but prime Adam Dunn was available

            Dunn – .258/.396/.530//.926

            His 5 straight seasons of 40HR/100RBI/100BB are a plus too…

  • Januz

    I gave the Yankees a “7” but that grade (Like any other one for that matter) is essentially meaningless (Only one team per sport, deserve a 10……… the champions). It has all the credibility of the ESPN polls that graded the Pats the NUMBER ONE team in the NFL in MARCH. As a Steeler fan, I found it bogus (At best), and utterly disrespectful. Rankings and grades (Except in College Football) are meaningless until late in the season. Changes happen: Injuries, trades, players brought up from the minors (See David Price last year as exhibit A), changes of management etc. Here is another example: In February, the Penguins were TENTH in the East. Then they fired the coach, got Sergei Gonchar back, made a couple of trades, and now they are STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS!
    I only hope that after my Steelers and Penguins won, it can be the Yankees turn and nothing could be better than to beat the Sox in Fenway (On a 9th inning, Game 7 Mark Teixeira HR), then beat Joe Torre and the Dodgers in the Series.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

      What the fuck is hockey?

      • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals

        dont worry–if youre not from Canadia, it doesnt matter.

  • AlexNYC

    I voted 9, I still have faith in this team.

  • YankeeScribe

    Someone might have posted this already but Subway Squawkers has a solid article covering how Posada may be falling out of favor with Yankee pitchers

    Burnett’s ERA is almost 4 pts higher with Posada catching his games. No wonder he had so many nice things to say about Cervelli

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

      All the more reason to move him to DH next year and sign Bengie Molina.

      • YankeeScribe

        I think they’re going to have to start DH’ing him more often starting this season. With such lopsided catcher’s ERA’s for games caught by Posada vs games caught by all other Yankee catchers, you have to think that at some point the starters are going to begin to lose confidence in Posada’s defense and game calling if they haven’t already…

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