Rumor of the Day: What the Indians want


While we generally shy away from posting the endless speculation about potential trade requests, this one is too good to pass up. According to Jon Heyman via Twitter, the Yankees asked the Indians about Cliff Lee, and Cleveland expressed its desire for Phil Hughes or Joba Chamberlain and more. As Chris at iYankees said, a trade involving either of those two would defeat the purpose of acquiring a replacement for Chien-Ming Wang. That Mark Shapiro, he’s quite the joker.


  1. Mikebk says:

    forget lee, go call up zach duke from our AAAA club in the pirates.

  2. pat says:

    Does anybody have some trinkets and bead necklaces lying around? That should do the trick.

    • pat says:

      Oh come on, Native Americans allegedly traded the entire island of Manhattan for trinkets and bead necklaces.
      I hate you all.

  3. Simon B. says:

    That isn’t such a ludicrous offer, I think. People keep writing off Cliff Lee, but he’s been excellent the last two years. He was better than Halladay last year, and not too far behind him so far this season and he’s cheaper and younger.

    • Mike bk says:

      he is 8 months younger so lets not go crazy there. his 8 mil is cheaper than roy, but i wouldnt give up joba or hughes to get roy either.

    • Double-J says:

      Lee just came on with his big season last year, and so far, cost notwithstanding, Halladay far and away the better pitcher overall, especially considering their ages.

  4. Phil McCracken says:

    If Wang is done for the year, which probably equates to next year as well, they will need a decent starter. Not of Washburn quality. Something a bit better.

    Obviously the Lee proposal doesn’t make sense, but I’d look at some other avenues, ie Kazmir or Felix Hernandez if we’re looking for a rotation replacement for years to come. Wouldn’t pay big prospects for a guy in his thirties like Halladay.

    • Salty Buggah says:

      And King Felix is NOT available, they have no reason to trade him yet as he’s so young like a prospect still.

      • Phil McCracken says:

        There was also no need to Florida to trade Beckett and that happened. Everyone is available if the package is right.

        • JobaWockeeZ says:

          Well it’s going to be like Joba, Hughes, Jesus, AJax and like ZMac.

        • Salty Buggah says:

          Alright but since we’d have to give one, if not both, of Hughes and Joba for King Felix, which like the Lee proposal, defeats the purpose.

          • Phil McCracken says:

            Felix is 23.
            Lee is 30.

            There is nothing similar about trading for these two other than the fact that they both throw a baseball.

            • Salty Buggah says:

              Ok BUT we lose 2 pitchers to gain one…not helping.

              • Chris says:

                You don’t know what it would take, so you can’t assume we’d lose two pitchers.

                That being said, the Mariners are currently 4.5GB in the wild card and 5.5GB in the AL West, so they’re not going to trade Felix. Also, unlike the Beckett situation, the Mariners are willing and able to spend some money. There’s no incentive for them to trade him.

                • Salty Buggah says:

                  I agree. And we dont know what it would take but you have to START with Joba, Hughes, Jesus, and Ajax to get a 23 year old CY Young contender in the AL.

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      Washburn of 09 126 IP, 104 H, 38 ER, 30 BB – 2.71 ERA
      He’s pretty good this year, I’d like him.

      • Chris says:

        He pitches in Safeco with one of the best outfield defenses in baseball. I doubt his numbers would translate at all.

  5. GG says:

    Mike whats a realistic non Joba/Hughes package that would make sense for both teams? Obvs you can’t give up either of them for a year and a half of Lee

    • Mike bk says:

      with only an 8 mil cost next year there is no reason for cleveland to sell him cheap. in fact they should be looking for just less than what the o’s got for bedard as the contract situations are very similar and lee won a cy young.

      • GG says:

        I feel that, they kinda need the chips to fall, maybe if someone loses out on Halladay they go in hard for Lee. Maybe LA puts the best package for Lee together after the Phils grab Doc

  6. VO says:

    What would be the price on Justin Duchscherer? I know he’s been injured but would that take the price down?

    • The problem with Duchscherer is that the Yanks need someone to fill in definitely and not someone who might fill in when/if he’s healthy. If we’re talking about replacing Wang, Duchscherer is not the guy.

    • Mike bk says:

      it should since he is being paid 3.5 mil and beane just folded the year by dealing holliday so might as well get something for justin.

  7. Mike bk says:

    Ed Price of AOL FanHouse hears that the Jays are considering trading Halladay to the Phillies for Kyle Drabek, Michael Taylor, Jason Donald and Lou Marson. However, no deal appears to be close.

    That would be an excellent haul for Toronto

    • V says:

      MLBTraderumors says the Jays want Drabek AND Happ. It looks like a matter of ‘who blinks first’?

      • Mike bk says:

        i know happ is 7-0 and all but he is already 27 in october. i would rather force them to give me drabek, taylor and brown along with marson and donald. i know they have lots of of’s but they can always deal some of their of prospects, or these along with arrebencia for other holes like 3b, but maybe that is part of getting happ cause he could bring a decent return.

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