Yanks top Angels to seal 40th World Series berth


Pettitte, Rivera combine for 5-2 win


For the first time since 2003, for the 40th time in franchise history, the New York Yankees are going to the World Series. After dispatching the Angels 5-2 in front of a record crowd at the new Yankee Stadium, the Yankees sealed a date with the Phillies. The Bombers have finally topped the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in October, and the team is now just four wins away from World Series Championship number 27.

The final score tonight shows a close game, and it was, in fact, a one-run game into the bottom of the 8th. That score, though, doesn’t tell the full story. After Andy Pettitte ran through the Angels in the top of the first, the Yanks put two on against Joe Saunders in the 1st. In the 2nd they loaded the bases but failed to score. The Angels, though, played poorly at first. Vladimir Guerrero got doubled off first on a liner to right, and the Yanks’ bats were just itching to explode.

First, though, came an emotional setback for the fans as the Angels grabbed an early lead in the 3rd. The pesky Jeff Mathis doubled to start the inning and moved to third on a one-out groundout by Chone Figgins. Bobby Abreu picked up a big two-out RBI, and Yankee Stadium’s crowd of 50,173 grew silent.

In the 4th, though, the Bombers finally got to Joe Saunders. Robinson Cano led off the inning with a walk, and Nick Swisher singled. Melky Cabrera sacrificed the runners to 2nd and 3rd, and a Derek Jeter walk loaded the bases. Finally, the Yanks broke through as Johnny Damon singled in two runs. Mark Teixiera singled, and A-Rod walked to force in a run. Joe Saunders would leave having surrendered three earned runs in 3.1 innings, but he put on 12 Yankees.

With the bases loaded, Darren Oliver relieved Saunders, and Jorge Posada promptly hit into a rally-killing double play. Posada would go 0 for 5 and leave 10 runners on base, and the Yankees were clinging to a two-run lead, just 15 outs away from the World Series.

As the game moved along, Andy Pettitte grew stronger. In the 5th, he allowed a lead-off single to Juan Rivera but escaped after a Jeff Mathis strike out and an Erick Aybar double play. In the 6th, we grew nervous. With two outs, Torii Hunter reached on a slow roller to A-Rod, and Vladimir Guerrero doubled. With the tying run in scoring position, Kendry Morales hit a bouncer back to Pettitte for the final out.

Pettitte got an out in the 7th, allowed a single to Juan Rivera and gave way to a standing ovation and Joba Chamberlain. For Joe Girardi, turning to the inconsistent Chamberlain was a leap of faith, but Joba got two outs on the ground. Six outs remained, and this time, Joe would turn the ball over to the master.

In the 8th, Mariano got the ball and promptly pitched his way into trouble. Chone Figgins singled and advanced to second on a Bobby Abreu ground out. Torii Hunter hit a roller up the middle, but Robinson Cano had him played perfectly. Figgins advanced to third, but Mo was now just four outs away. Vladimir Guerrero, though, had other plans. He singled home Figgins to bring the Angels within one, but Kendry Morales grounded out. Three outs left.

The Yankees though gave themselves some breathing room in the 8th. A walk again to Robinson Cano leading off the inning set the stage for a pair of runs. Both Nick Swisher and Melky Cabrera bunted, but the Angels’ fielding let them down. Howie Kendrick, covering first, dropped the toss on Swisher’s bunt, and Scott Kazmir lofted an airball to first. A run scored, and the Yanks were primed for more. A few batters later, Mark Teixiera launched a sac fly to deep center, and the Yanks had their three-run lead. While Jorge Posada would again leave the bases loaded, the Yankees were sitting pretty.

The ninth was easy. Howie Kendrick, ground ball, one out. Juan Rivera, fly ball, two outs. Gary Matthews, Jr., strike out, three outs. Series over. World Series.

For the Yankees, the victory was a sweet one. In a well-played series with ups, downs and more tense moments than we expected, the Bombers finally beat the Angels and squashed the Rally Monkey in October. They made it back to the World Series for the first time since 2003 and put the ALCS demons of 2004 to bed. A-Rod was a beast; he was on base in 12 of his final series at-bats. The new guys — Mark Teixeira, series MVP CC Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, and even today, Nick Swisher — all chipped in, and the pinstripe veterans — a Pettitte win with a Mariano save is as old school as it gets — made their presence felt. We’ll get to the Phillies soon enough. Tonight, though, it’s about the celebration. A number one, top of the list, king of the hill, a number one. We’re going to the Series, baby!

For more post-game coverage on RAB, we have the World Series schedule and a brief bit on CC Sabathia earning the ALCS MVP. Don’t miss Mike’s recap at YESnetwork.com either.

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  1. Lorenzo says:

    +27 Yanks in 5!

  2. Raf says:

    back in the WS. 4 more wins to go!

  3. BigBlueAL says:

    Im shocked that John Kruk picked the Phillies to win the WS during Sportscenter tonight.

  4. pat says:

    Seriously though, Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels…… Pedro? Blanton? Happ?

    Come on now.

    • whozat says:

      And Hamels has been awful!

      Lee will be a tough draw, but CC is up to the challenge. And the Yanks will be able to eat Lidge and the rest of the pen alive while Mo and Phil hold the phils down.

  5. Turnpike Series 2009.

    North Jersey PWNS, bitches.

  6. Salty Buggah says:

    Even the Rally Monkey was rooting for us


  7. Rey22 says:

    Fuck yeah!!! That’s all I have to say!!

    Yankees in 6!!

  8. BigBlueAL says:

    Mo I Hope Pedro pitches Game 2 in NY and we kick his ass and serenade him with the “Who’s Your Daddy” chant as he leaves the game.

  9. Handtius says:

    27 on the horizon. 4 more with CC winning 2 of them. ready for the parade.

  10. ansky says:

    I hear Pedro is getting a start…time to dust off the old “who’s your daddy?” chants.

  11. What’s that TSJC likes to say?


  12. Salty Buggah says:

    Said it before but want to repeat it:

    Mystique—–>Kendrick’s Error
    Aura—–>Kazmir’s Error

  13. Ivan says:

    Yankeess in 4, at best 5.

    As soon Howard see that first from CC, he’ll say to himself “Yo we don’t see that shit in the NL, WTF”

  14. whitey says:

    So exciting for us fans!!!!!

  15. Bob Stone says:

    This AL Pennant is just fantastically enjoyable. I am so pumped. I can’t wait for the Phillies and number #27.

  16. Salty Buggah says:

    Cliff Lee’s career ERA against the Yanks: 5.02

  17. Free Mike Vick says:

    i didn’t see Cash in the celebration….

    i guess he was out somewhere buying Aroldis a new Car or something.

  18. Moose Man 12 says:


    But on a more somber/awkward note – how the fuck does A Rod NOT win the MVP???? Who hits .440, 3hrs, and 7 rbi’s and NOT win an MVP?? Gimme a break, that was clear payback from MLB for looking “stupid” with the whole Arod steroid scandal. That’s bullshit – he hearned that hardware, and you know he wanted it. The guy played “All-world”, but…once again, the impression is “good, but not good enough.” Maybe i’m just grasping at straws, but I really thought he deserved that MVP. For all he’s been through, that would have been really nice.

    Either way, CC’s a stud. LETS GO YANKS!

  19. Tom Zig says:

    Who had the balls to spray Hal Steinbrenner with champagne when they were awarding the AL Champion trophy?

  20. Tom Zig says:

    i’m blasting New York, New York…screw my neighbors

  21. BigBlueAL says:

    Cant wait til Wed night, Knicks 1st game of the season!!!!

  22. Evil Empire says:

    Sabathia > Lee

    Mo > Whoever the hell their closer and/or best reliever is

    A-Rod > Howard

    Yankees > Phillies

  23. DSFC says:

    Phillies lineup is awfully tough, but their pitching after Lee is spotty, and the bullpen is downright bad.

  24. Rey22 says:

    “ANYONE in the threads knows how i feel . . . .

    Sincerely, fan from the 12th greatest sports blog.

  25. e mills says:

    “Champagne’s beautiful!!” ~ Nick Swisher lol

  26. Evil Empire says:

    Goodnight RAB. Been fun celebrating a World Series berth with you thugs.

  27. Salty Buggah says:

    Haha, those guys at NoMaas are hilarious.

  28. pat says:

    (throws empty 40 oz at the door as EE leaves)

  29. Kiko Jones says:

    I am…so happy…pennant no. 40…props to the Halos for not making it easy…now, the World Champion Phillies…World Series in the new House…so, sweet…OH, YES!!!

  30. Tom Zig says:



  31. Frank1979 says:

    The Yankees obviously paid off the weather to force another day off and kill off all the momentum the mighty Angels had going into game 6.


    • Mike Axisa says:

      He, I checked out the comments there. Some guy was like “I’m a Yankee fan, you guys have a great team, but [insert the blogger's name here], you are the least classy fan in the world.”

      Some guy responded “eat shit,” then the Yankee fan replied “I would, but I’m too busy celebrating the victory. Enjoy the offseason.”

      I laughed.

      • Matty Ice says:

        I enjoyed “Go Phils, I hope your offense bombs the Yanks back to the 1970′s”

        Yes bombing us back to, say, 1977 or 1978 would be AWFUL.

      • Frank1979 says:

        Hahahaha, yeah, those people over there are CRAZY. I don’t comment on this site too often, but I read everything on here all the time and I just want to say that, 1) you guys do a great job running the site and 2) even when things get “out of control” here in the comment section, the people on this site aren’t anywhere near as immature and/or insane as the people on HalosHeaven…

        Long Live RAB!

        Lets go Yankees!!!

      • Jake H says:

        I laughed pretty hard myself. Those guys are some of the worst fans ever. Every pitcher they had was squeezed.

    • Salty Buggah says:

      I can’t believe Scioscia complained how too many off-days take the advantage away from the deeper team and how some media members thought that the Angels were the deeper team so Scioscia was angry about that. Please, the Yanks are the deeper team i every aspect of the game no matter what ya’ll say.

      • Frank1979 says:

        You know part of me agrees with Scioscia about the too many days off…but I mean come on…if they really had a “deeper” team then why were they using Santana, Weaver and Kazmir out of their bullpen?! Why did their team make more errors and more baserunning mistakes? And how come Joe Saunders only went 3 1/3 in their final game of the season?

        • Salty Buggah says:

          Oh yea, I agree with the too many off days thing. I just think its funny because the Yanks are easily deeper.

          • Frank1979 says:

            Yeah, I mean more powerful starting lineup, deeper bench (assuming Hinske is back there for the World Series), deeper bullpen, better starting pitching…thats the part that makes Scioscia sound like a sore loser. The Angels did have a really good team…but the Yanks were just better. End of story.

          • andrew says:

            The Angels do have deeper starting pitching, so I’m pretty sure that’s what he’s referring to. He wouldn’t have minded seeing Gaudin.

            • Salty Buggah says:

              Yea sure but after Lackey, I’m not sure they matchup well anyway. Saunders, Kazmir, and Weaver = Meh

              CC > Lackey
              AJ > Saunders
              Andy > Weaver
              CC on short rest > Kazmir
              Gaudin = Saunders/Kazmir

              I dont see they are deeper.

              • Rey22 says:

                Nah, in fairness I think anyone here would pick Saunders or Kazmir over Gaudin anytime. Gaudin’s a swingman we acquired for nothing pretty much. Kazmir or Saunders are both perfectly good 4th/5th starters in the AL and probable #3s in the NL.

                • Salty Buggah says:

                  Probably but with everything else, we’re better. Having one good pitcher and 3 meh pitchers isn’t depth. Having 3 good pitchers and one meh pitcher is.

    • Salty Buggah says:

      And I can’t believe those people think that the MSM and FOX like the Yankees most. Hilarious!!!!!

      One of the posts said how they “can’t wait to see more of this:


    • pat says:

      People there are terrible, one dude said he hoped Arod died of aids soon and like 5 people +1′ed the comment. Just terrible.

      • Frank1979 says:

        Yeah, thats so many levels of wrong…I mean its baseball…relax. You think a fanbase that actually experienced a real tragedy with Nick Adenhart would have some sense of reality and would know when to cut themselves off from ridiculous comments like that. But I guess not.

      • Salty Buggah says:

        Those guys really have no class whatsoever. I mean no one. and I mean it, not one single person here would say that to anyone else.

  32. Matty Ice says:

    If the Angels and Twins were making errors in the postseason, I can’t wait until Chase Utley continues his fantastic post-season defense and Knoblauchs 43 people.

    The first base line seats should come with complimentary riot shields.

  33. Salty Buggah says:

    Congrats to Andy Pettitte for becoming the winningest pitcher ever in the postseason.

  34. Don’t know if anyone else has said something like this tonight… But man, that place was rocking tonight. There were even a couple of moments when the grandstand bumped up and down ever so slightly (which was awesome until I remembered that the concrete is defective and cracking) and I was reminded of the old house across the street. Awesome crowd, sloppy and frustrating but, obviously, ultimately fulfilling game.

    Can’t wait for Wednesday. 4 more wins.

  35. pat says:

    In case anybody is bored for the next few days waiting for the WS to start, I implore you to pick up this noble cause-


  36. Salty Buggah says:

    Sterling’s win-warble was really awesome tonight.

  37. Salty Buggah says:

    CC and especially A-Rod (and Tex, Swish, Cano, and Cabrera among some others) have got to feel really good to finally go to the World Series.

    • Frank1979 says:

      I have to say, I feel really good about Arod. With all the crap he’s had to deal with about “not performing when it counted” and with all the crap Yankee fans had to deal with, with everybody making fun of Arod for the past few years, this all feels really good. No matter what happens in the world series, I really love this team.

      And guys like Cano and Melky just make it even better. They’ve been great.

      • Salty Buggah says:

        Believe it or not, A-Rod’s career playoff OPS is nearly the same as his career regular season OPS. I think it might even be higher after adding tonight’s perfect night into it.

        • Frank1979 says:

          Oh no, I believe it. I think the whole “Arod can’t perform in the postseason” storyline was so overdone. He’s still easily one of the top 5 hitters in baseball. The one problem with the baseball playoffs is the extremely small sample size compared to the length of the regular season. So if a guy has 3 or 4 bad games in a row in the playoffs, unfortunately thats all they remember.

          I mean look at Swisher this year. He’s struggled so far in the postseason, but everyone forgets how great he was during various times of the year. And if he comes around in the World Series then our circular lineup will be complete once again. Kinda like Voltron coming together.

  38. kunaldo says:

    WOOOOOOO!!!! I just got back from the game, it was friggin awesome!! The stadium was rockin, everyone was standing for the majority of the game, just amazing! 7-0, i’m going for win #8 on wednesday…magic number is 4 baby!!!

  39. Rey22 says:

    “Q: So, how about that Angels team?

    A: How about this Yankees team?”


  40. WeAin'tTheRays,Philly says:


    MLB/Yanks/Umpires Man on the inside:The conspiracy gets to Scott Kazmir

    New York Times
    Cano’s second unintentional walk of the game comes on four pitches; experts agree End Times are upon us.

    New York Daily News
    ALCS MVP Award Disgrace: Angels Defense Snubbed.

    Nick Swisher text message to Vladimir Guerrero: I kno I had 2 look it up 2, turns out u need 4 balls 4 fr a BB.


    Got last minute tix last night in 118 at a discount to face value. Quite ready to die happy now. Pics from the game to follow. Question: if, hypothetically, someone took some video at the game, and posted it online, say on a theoretical blog, would the hypothetical individual or the blog be sued by the Yankees?

  41. Salty Buggah says:

    CC: It’s really not a surprise that we are here.
    Hal: We’re going to give the Phillies hell.

    Confidence Level: 27

  42. mustang says:

    Just got back from the game… UNBELIEVABLE

    The party after the people on train back home just great Yankees fans at their best.

  43. Joe D. says:

    Sometimes Joe Girardi frustrates me, but I am very proud of the job he does overall. In fact, as I watched — dumbfounded — some of the moves Scoscia made both before and during tonight’s game, I grew to appreciate Girardi even more. I don’t think he’s made a single move this postseason that was as odd/weird/backwards as some of Scoscia’s decisions tonight.

    2009 Stats:
    Maicer Izturis: .359 OBP .434 SLG
    Mike Napoli: .350 OBP .492 SLG
    Gary Matthews, Jr.: .336 OBP .361 SLG
    Jeff Mathis: .288 OBP .308 SLG

    The guy with zero ABs in tonight’s elimination game? The one with the highest OPS, of course: Napoli. Fine, Mathis as the hot-hand understandable perhaps. But then two ABs to Izturis & Matthews late in the game? And zero for the .850 OPS guy?

    Joe Saunders: 5.17 FIP (Fielding-Independent-Pitching ERA)
    Jered Weaver: 4.04 FIP
    Scott Kazmir: 4.26 FIP
    Kevin Jepsen: 2.86 FIP
    Jason Bulger: 3.83 FIP

    Which two pitchers didn’t see *any* action in tonight’s elimination game? Why, the bottom two on this list, of course.
    And who was pegged to start? Yep, the dude on top, he of the 5-plus.

    I have my issues with Girardi at times. The starting Molina thing, D-Rob a bit low on the depth chart for my tastes, perhaps exactly one batter too long with AJ. Always fairly little things.
    Minor quibbles compared with not getting your best players in there at all with your backs slammed against the wall.

    • Hey Philly: We're Not The Rays says:

      While, granted, the postseason is a very very small sample size, pinch-hitting Izturis (.125 BA for the postseason at that poing) for Mathis (yes he’s terrible, but we couldn’t get him out, think I saw .538 postseason BA on the board) has got to be some sort of postseason pinch-hit negative post-season BA disparity record, no?

  44. mustang says:

    Congrats to all of you.
    For us HARD CORD Yankees fans we know what this means it goes pass our differences.

  45. Hey Philly: We're Not The Rays says:

    Reactions in the media:

    MLB/Yanks/Umpires Men on the Inside: The Conspiracy gets to Kazmir, Saunders, Aybar and Mathews Jr.
    /Halos Heaven

    Yanks caught cheating: A-Rod caught on film spitting on balls three and four for RBI walk
    /Halos Heaven (again)

    Cano’s second unintentional walk of Game 6 comes on four pitches; Experts agree End Times are at hand.
    /New York Times

    ALCS MVP Award Disgrace: Angels Defense Snubbed.
    /New York Post

    I know rite?? I had 2 look it up 2. Turns out U need 4 balls 4 a walk.
    /Nick Swisher in-game text message to Vlad Guerrero

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we have had to isolate the first car on the train due to an unsanitary condition.
    /4 Train PA Announcer


    Got last minute tix before the rainout at discount to face in section 118. I can die happy now. Will post pics tomorrow.

    Question: If someone at the game were to have hypothetically taken a few short video clips, and the hypothetical person put them on the internet, on a theoretical blog let’s say, Yankees would sue/file cease and desist order?

  46. Yankeefan91 Arod fan says:

    Man wat i a great game was watching da game with bunch of friend and family and we drunk from first pitch to like 15 minutes agoooooo im so f……. exited were going to the world seriesssssssssss and i want to thank god for making me a yankee fan :) good night yankeefans and sleep well.

  47. Salty Buggah says:

    Though I’m not complaining, I gotta stay up til 5 tonight to study for an exam tomorrow.

    Anyone see how Cervelli did a fake pie in the face to AJ as he was giving an interview? Hilarious.

  48. Andrew says:

    I’m out in CA and desperately missing the NY metropolitan area.

    I think the new Stadium must be blessed, this year has been very special.

  49. dkidd says:

    i ate some bad shrimp and watched the game in a food poisoned haze, which made it even more special and dreamlike

    mo’s reaction after the final pitch is the definition of “acting like you’ve been there before”

    what a team, what a year

  50. Kiko Jones says:

    Torii Hunter on the Yankees during the post-game: “Some of my favorite players are over there. I promise you I will be rooting for those guys, keep it in the American League. It will be a mountain to climb to try to get past those guys…We got beat by the best team. If they lose, I’ll be ticked off.”

    I’ve always liked this dude, going back to his days with the Twins. Now I have another reason. A real class act.

  51. crapulent aka I said good day sir says:

    SportsCenter says Phillies can’t wait to hit in teh bandbox.

    Yes swinging strikes are magical in the Bronx. You will love the feeling.

  52. crapulent aka I said good day sir says:

    Halo Heaven says Saunders was squeezed. Conveniently forgets those balls thrown into the stands.

    They mention the Yankee payroll. There’s a big surprise. Says that the argument that Yankess are “damned if they do, damned if they don’t” (because people will ride us if we lose with a payroll like that) is stupid because no one makes them spend that much on a team. hey fuckers, New York City says hello.

    They minimize the luxury tax and revenue sharing. Just like they forget the Angels’ errors.

    The whole little guy thing is overrated and bullshit to boot.

  53. Opus says:

    Remind me of something… is this the first pennant clincher that’s ending with Rivera striking a guy out? All of my memories of Mariano being on the mound and winning have ended with a play in the field.

    • Camilo Gerardo - your inception? fuck perception, go with what makes sense says:

      smart batters shorten their swing much with 2 strikes on Mariano

  54. Mike Pop says:

    This team is going all the way!

    Start spreading the news baby.

  55. Bo says:

    I don’t think we’ll be hearing about how much of a genius Scioscia is after this.

    Starting Saunders in this game over Weaver was terrible.

    • Frank Fernandez says:

      Sure was. No talk about it in the media either. Just let Girardi try to pull a blunder like that; he’d be roasted.

  56. Tank Foster says:

    I consider the Angels series the ‘real’ World Series. Yes, the Phillies are good, and the Yankees could lose to them, but it’s still the AL v. AAAA.

    Yankees in 5. The bats are going to heat up.

    • Andrew says:

      People need to stop with the ‘the only reason the Yankees won is because their payroll is so high’ bullshit.

      Clearly a high payroll didnt do anything the past 9 years, so I dont know what itd have to do with anything.

      Yanks overpay everrrrrybody on their roster because they can. No one would be making as much money on another team, not even A-Rod. The Yankees are the cause of the high salaries, not the players. The Yankees simply are the company that pays its employees much more than they probably would make otherwise. Like In-N-Out Burger, a normal fast food chain on the west coast that pays $10/hr starting wage. McDonalds doesn’t pay $10/hr starting wage. That’s because In-N-Out (the Yankees in this analogy) cares about performance more than McDonalds (McDonalds represents all the other MLB teams). McDonalds just cares about profit, not how well its team performs, though the Angels and Red Sox may not fit into that category (they also pay their players handsomly).

      And it’s not like the Yankees have 9 free-agent signed starting players anyway. They didn’t go to the free agent market and buy the team! Tex, Damon, and Matsui (if you can count him as a true free agent..) are the only non-trade or farm system guys in the starting 9 (plus CC and AJ). That is not unreasonable! They didn’t buy this pennant! They earned it!

      • Andrew says:

        this was no directed at any particular comment on the board… i’ve just heard too much money talk on the radio and ‘baseball fans’ (aka red sox/angels fans) who have no right to talk

  57. [...] 25, 2009: ALCS Game 6 This one — the ALCS clincher — is still fresh in our minds, and every Yankee fan would take this outing and outcome from Pettitte. Facing a feisty [...]

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