Fan Confidence Poll: October 26th, 2009


Record Last Week: 2-2 (25 RS, 15 RA)
Season Record: 103-59 (915 RS, 753 RA), won AL East by 8 games, finished with the best record in MLB by 6 games
Opponent This Week: World Series Game One vs Phillies (Wednesday), Game Two (Thursday), Game Three @ Philadelphia (Saturday), Game Four @ Philadelphia (Sunday)

Top stories from last week:

Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the team. You can view the Fan Confidence Graph anytime via the nav bar above, or by clicking here. Thanks in advance for voting.

Given the team's current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?
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  • Andy in Sunny Daytona

    Confidence Level: 10 times infinity.

  • http://www.secondavenuesagas.com Benjamin Kabak

    Still a 10.

  • the artist formerly known as (sic)

    10. Feelin good, lookin good.

    Actually, I’m neither of those things. All those Brooklyn Pennant Ales and cigarettes at 2 am are puttin the hurt on me this morning.

    Worth. It.

  • Yankeegirl49

    This one goes to 11!

  • http://Youcan'tincreaseyourrange TLVP

    Normally a 8 or 9 because I worry about the long term situation but there comes a timne when you just have to say

    We play today – we win today!!!!

    So I’m a 10…

    • http://www.secondavenuesagas.com Benjamin Kabak

      What about the fact that we don’t play today? In fact, we don’t play until Wednesday. I hope that doesn’t impact your confidence level.

      • http://Youcan'tincreaseyourrange TLVP

        very funny

  • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

    Confidence Level: We’re gonna fuckin kill ‘em.

    • DreDog

      Then go tubing afterwards?

      • Mike Pop

        Can we have story time?

        • DreDog

          Hold on I gotta eat this sub.

      • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

        Everyone’s blitzing. Even Dirty Chimichanga.

    • Lefty

      Yea… Confidence level was at 28… But fuck that… I love the way Philly newspapers headline read something like “Is it the Yanks? Thanks!” These motherfuckers are soon going to get what they wished for and more… We’re going to have Ryan Howard and co. bent over on their knees and we’re gonna go tubing on these s.o.b.’s. Bend over and lift your sack Philly!!!!

      • Lefty

        I can’t vote though, they don’t have confidence level 8 or bend over and lift your sack Philly… Get either or and then we’ll talk Mike A…

        • Lefty

          Confidence level 28, sorry…

  • Reggie C.

    Confidence level: 10

    We’re gonna shave that goat hair from Werth’s face before its all said and done.

  • Mike Pop

    There’s no other guy I would want leading this team other than Joe Girardi. I mean, that man has weapons and he knows how to use them.

    Up to a 10 this week. How can I not be? Aroldis was there last night, he probably loved what he saw. Focused on the World Series no doubt, but I really want that dude in the system.

    • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

      There’s no other guy I would want leading this team other than Joe Girardi. I mean, that man has weapons and he knows how to use them.

      Agreed. ESPN, the Post, and the DN are wrong as usual. Girardi’s managing this postseason has been great. There were only two or three questionable decisions he made for the ENTIRE ALDS and ALCS combined. He’s managed well, despite the bullshit they spout constantly.

      • Andy in Sunny Daytona

        Jon Heyman gave Giardi the #1 spot in October disasters. #1!!! Really?? Douchebag.


        • http://twitter.com/tsjc68 tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside


    • Riddering

      Hah, seriously.

      The view of an AL pennant-clinching win has got to be a good deal more attractive than anything the Mets or Sox can show Chapman right now.

      Plus, we got the blang too.

    • Mike HC

      I’m with you. I was a big a supporter of keeping Torre for as long as Torre wanted to manage the Yanks, but I’m happy Cashman and Co. had bigger balls than me.

      As an outsider looking in to Torre as a manager, I’m happy he is no longer managing the Yanks. It was definitely time for a change. Girardi is the man!

    • toad

      One area where he’s plainly a genius is knowing when to call for a sacrifice bunt. :-)

  • A.D.

    9, up from an 8 all season. Obviously the WS berth + being in on Chapman is a + for both long and short term.

    • Mike Pop

      Only up one point? Tough crowd. Hah.

      • A.D.

        Try and not let emotions get the best of my very important RAB vote.

  • Amy

    When I voted, the number of 10 votes was 42.
    I like.

  • CountryClub

    I live in Philly, so losing this series is not an option. Confidence level 10!!

    A little perspective for all of us: The Yanks have won 4 pennants this decade. That’s 10% of their total in history. One more ring and we can say we’ve seen one hell of a decade.

  • http://bronxbaseballdaily.com Matt ACTY/BBD

    Confidence Level? Phuck ‘em.

  • dkidd

    i hope i’m wrong, but i think the phillies will make this a series. yanks in 6

    confidence level: aroldis

    • kunaldo

      i hope you’re right, b/c then i can be at the home game for the clincher

  • http://kierstenschmidt.com Kiersten

    I voted a 5. Mariano’s postseason ERA is now 0.77.

    Just kidding, I voted 10. There ain’t no stoppin us nowwwwww…

  • Jackson

    I was pretty much a ten all season. I wish I could go higher just to show how much more confident I am. This team is unstoppable.

  • Doug

    see we just got the token “no confidence” vote

    me? an 8 (9 for the big club, 7 for the minors)

  • Chris

    Confidence Level = 10

    I’m interested in what the people that voted 5 or 6 are thinking. Whoever voted 1 is obviously a troll, but I’m not so sure about the people voting 5 and 6.

  • Riddering

    For the past three weeks, I’ve loaded up RAB on Monday morning to see the fan confidence poll and just laughed in delirious joy.

    10 all the way.

  • Mike Pop
    • http://bronxbaseballdaily.com Matt ACTY/BBD
      • ansky

        who is Jeter dousing? Sorry I’m no longer in NY so I’m not afforded the luxury of the Yes Network any longer.

        • http://bronxbaseballdaily.com Matt ACTY/BBD

          Big Stein’s daughter.

          • http://www.facebook.com/dougchu Doug

            That’s an… interesting photo

            • Andy in Sunny Daytona

              Jeter dousing rich women. Good for him, he knows where his bread is buttered.

            • Lefty

              Haters wanna hate…
              I dont even want, none of the above! I want to piss on you…

    • Riddering

      The wettest that lady has been in years!

      • ansky

        Derek Jeter: making women wet since 1996.

  • Mike HC

    There should be a confidence level above 10. Just call it “Yankees”

  • http://twitter.com/hopjake Jake H

    10 mf 10!

    I got the Yanks in 6. Winning it at the Stadium!

  • http://bronxbaseballdaily.com Matt ACTY/BBD

    My confidence level is also higher because I called this World Series back in April. My WSMVP pick was Jorge and I’m going to stick with it!

  • ansky

    Confidence level? 42. or 13,2,25,33,53,52…pick your favorite.

    • Andy in Sunny Daytona

      I’ll go with Bruney. 99

  • Tubby

    I voted 10 despite the cosmetic cracks in the ramps.

    The Phillies are going to learn how to get ripped in 4 games.

    • vin


      both, actually.

  • Ivan

    Confidence level…5…Square…Yeah

    This Team Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, haeh, haeh, haeh. Take That, That that


    • Mike Pop

      Yo Yankees, I’m shutting down the stadium. You need to go out to Brooklyn and get a picture with a midget, holding these balloons.

      • Andy in Sunny Daytona

        Get me some breast milk from an Ethiopan woman.

        • Jackson

          breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeast miiiiiiiiiiiiiilk, you made my daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

      • Lefty

        Holding these balloons, holding these balloons… (echo)….

        Dylan’s priceless face….

        What is this?! I am not a sugar cookie getta!!!

        • Mike Pop

          Lol at that man.

          I LOVE that skit.

      • Ivan

        Hey Phillies, what does the 5 fingers say to the face…..SMACK!!!

        • http://bronxbaseballdaily.com Matt ACTY/BBD

          Game. Blouses Empire.

          • Ivan


          • Lefty

            Go purify yourselves in the waters of lake Minnetonka.

            • Andy in Sunny Daytona

              That’s NOT Lake Minnetonka.

  • vin

    9. I’ve been voting a 9 since August. Figured there’s no point in messing with success. Fact is, the Yanks are 4 wins away from me giving them a 10.

    Great season thus far.

  • TJ

    This one should go to 11

  • http://www.puristbleedspinstripes.com Rebecca-Optimist Prime

    If it’s not a 10 today, or something above a 10, you lose your fan cred.

  • http://www.stonerh1@aol.com Bob Stone

    I vote 10 again. I have to wonder if the few folks voting 5 and 6 are going to do that after the Yanks win the World Series. I would love to have at least one of them out themselves and please explain how their thinking works.

    • Tom Zig

      Angel or Red Sox fans probably vote 5 or 6

  • dela g

    i am at one louder

  • steve (different one)

    i voted a 3 b/c of the bandbox, not moving Hughes to the rotation, not signing Juan Cruz, letting Theo steal Smoltz and Baldelli, giving Cody Ransom 100 ABs, not using Melancon enough, calling for an occasional bunt, and not handing Swisher the starting job right out of spring training. all of these catastrophic events torpedoed what could have been a successful season.

    • Andy in Sunny Daytona

      All great points. I change my vote to 9 times infinity.

    • Mike HC

      Don’t forget those horrible deals we handed to CC and AJ. One for a pitcher coming off a 250 + inning year pitching on 3 days rest for like the last month who was bound to break down, and the other for an injury prone pitcher who has never pitched on the big stage and bound to crumble in NYC. Oh yea, Swisher is a strikeout king who can’t even hold Abreu’s jock.

  • Beantownbosoxh8er

    This is a glorious day here in Boston. Grumble grumble effin Angles GAVE it to em…Grumble grumble.
    We even have a Boston area Yankees fan meetup on game nights, the group is getting bigger and louder…..what a day to be in Boston!
    Oh and I still vote 9….keep it consistant.

  • Alan

    Confidence level: 27.

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