Booing Pedro Martinez

Laird breaks out of his mini-slump
How did Pettitte fare after high stress starts in 2009?

Later tonight, the Yankees and Phillies will take to the field in the Bronx for Game 6 of what has been a very compelling World Series. Tonight’s game will pit Andy Pettitte and his 17 postseason victories against a reinvented Pedro Martinez. During the regular season, these two pitchers have faced each other six times, and the Yankees were 4-2 in those games.

For the Yankees, this will be their second crack against Pedro, and tomorrow’s game should be a bit more serious than the Game 2 pitcher’s duel. During Game 2, the crowd soaked up Pedro Martinez, and Pedro Martinez soaked up the crowd. Chants of “Who’s your daddy?” rang through Yankee Stadium from the first pitch to the last, and as Pedro left the mound, he smirked at adoration from the crowd.

After the game, Pedro’s press conference featured Pedro being Pedro. He talked at length about his relationship with the Yankees and New York. “If I was on the Yankees, I’d probably be like a king over here,” he said after Game 2. “I know they really want to root for me. It’s just that I don’t play for the Yankees. I’ve always been a good competitor and they love that. They love the fact that I compete.”

In addition to these hyperbolic comments, Pedro gave his thoughts on New York parenting. Although FOX replays showed no words coming out of Pedro, the Phillies’ right-hander claims he was shocked at the words spewed forth from the stands. “It’s a new Yankee Stadium, but the fans remain the fans,” Pedro said during a rambling post-game press conference. “I remember one guy sitting right in front, in the front row, with his daughter. He had his daughter in one arm and a cup of beer in the other hand and saying all kinds of nasty stuff. I just told him, ‘Your daughter is right beside you. It’s a little girl. It’s a shame you’re saying all these things.’ I had to stop and tell him because I’m a father myself, and God, how can you be so dumb to do those kinds of things in front of your child? What kind of example are you setting?”

Pedro didn’t stop to tell anyone anything. Instead, he embellished to seem more like an entertainer than a pitcher. We go to the park to see Pedro pitch, win, lose or draw, he thinks.

That has to end tomorrow. As 7:57 p.m. rolls around, Yankee fans can’t let Pedro enjoy himself on the mound. He is expecting a world of “Who’s your daddy?” and he is expecting to be half-loved and half-jeered. Let’s give him a proper Bronx jeer. Let’s just boo and boo and boo. The love-hate relationship should disappear into the meaning of Game 6, and we should remember the Pedro who went head-hunting against Chuck Knoblauch and Derek Jeter, not the Pedro who wishes he could have been a Yankee.

Nearly 11 months ago, I called upon the Yankees to sign Pedro Martinez. At the time, I judged it to be a low-risk, high-reward signing that would have given the Yanks a veteran arm mid-way through the season. Now, with the World Series in the balance, the Yankees will face off against Pedro Martinez. Once, we might have wanted Pedro Martinez. Tonight, we want to beat him. Let’s do it — and show him New York’s tough love. No one deserves it more.

Laird breaks out of his mini-slump
How did Pettitte fare after high stress starts in 2009?
  • Salty Buggah

    Boo Pedro.
    Beat Pedro.
    Win #27.

    Sign me up!

    • yankeexx

      LOL Pedro giving out life lessons to a fan dad in the audience! Still wondering what he was trying to teach his children slamming old Don Zimmer down to the ground? Throw gramma from the train?

  • Free Mike Vick

    Your daddy is who?

  • Rose

    Can we just win tomorrow, please??

    Enough with the heart attacks already!

    We’re a better team…so let’s kick their asses like we’re suppose to! Stop with the nonsense!!

    That being said, we haven’t seen a good ol’ botched call in a while go against us…can’t say I miss them either…

    Go Yankees!

  • Randy A.

    The stadium better be crazy tomorrow night. Its time to take away the phillies second breath before they know they had it.

  • aj

    I”m tired of everyone picking the Phillies to win even though we have a lead and we’re going home with Andy and CC. Anti-Yankee rhetoric makes me sick.

    • Bo

      Who cares who pundits and “experts” pick?

      That really affect ur day???

  • jim p

    Don’t forget he threw an aged Zimmer to the ground. (Seems to be a Red Sox disease.)

  • Bushido216

    You don’t need to tell me… I’ve never liked him. “Who’s your daddy?” isn’t me loving and hating him… it’s me hating him.

    He’s a narcissist. Nothing grinds me more than a narcissist. Nothing pleases me more than seeing a narcissist get smacked.

    And Dead Yankees… fail troll is fail.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      He takes it as a loving taunt, and I think that’s what more than few fans mean. We the fans should just leave that at home tonight. No mercy.

      • AdamParker

        Weird… I always thought it as a pejorative.

        He can take it any way he wants… but the Yankees ARE his daddy, and he will take the loss for the Yank’s 27th World Series title.

  • Dela G

    bring out the fucking bayonets and let’s all go slay the “beast” that is pedro

  • pat

    Pedro would be a legend if he were a Yankee. Every single one of us would love him if he had been headhunting Manny and Ortiz instead of our guys. I my case he’s completely correct,I hate his guts but I respect him because he usually brought his A game against the Yanks. I expect him to do the same tomorrow.

    • jsbrendog

      this is, begrdugingly, how i feel as well. thankfully for us his a game in the grand sceheme of things is now just a b/b+, nothing to scoff at but still his A game days are long behind him

    • toad

      I agree, except for the “hate” part. You don’t have to hate him to beat him. Sometimes it even interferes.

      Let’s give the guy his due. He was great in his heyday and has made an admirable return. After giving him his due let’s pound him.

  • Kiko Jones

    Whatever love Pedro may be getting from the stands is from baseball-loving fellow Dominicans in the crowd, many of whom became and are still Sox fans because of him. (After NYC, New England has the largest Dominican population in the US.)

    I acknowledge his first ballot HoFer to-be status, yet despite being of Dominican descent myself, I have nothing but an extreme dislike of the man. I fervently hope the Bombers show up Wednesday night and pound the crap out of him.

    To win #27 against him would be SO sweet.

    • JMK aka The Overshare

      Wrong about the Dominican figure. New York is the highest, followed by New Jersey, of course. However, Florida alone has a higher amount than New England.

      • JMK aka The Overshare
        • Kiko Jones

          I stand corrected.

          However, according to that report, the MA and RI pop. combined practically equal that of FL. It doesn’t dilute my point, tho.

          Also, in addition to Pedro, and Ortiz, Manny being from Washington Heights—and frequently hanging out there during his years playing for Boston—was a big part of the Dominican identification w/the Sox here in NYC and New England.

          Trust me; I’ve had to deal w/that grief.

          • ansky

            I agree with Kiko. As a Dominican born and raised in Washington Heights me and my Yankee-fan family hate Pedro. In our house we’re Yankee fans first, Dominicans second!

            Lets Go YANKEES…WIN THIS SHIT!!!

  • ADam

    Get through 7 innings with a lead and the game is over… Simple formula… Lets Go get #27

  • Joemomma

    i hope we beat one of the phils relief pitchers, im a huge yankees fan but you gotta admit when pedro got it he got it. i hoped the yankees signed him during the middle of this year as the 5th starter when wang went down

  • baka nakamura

    i will be shouting vile things all the way from san francisco at pedro. go yankees!

    • king of fruitless hypotheticals

      i will be echoing vile things all the way from huntsville, al at pedro. go yankees!

  • TheLastClown

    Pedro apparently doesn’t want to be a horseshit human being.

    Just puttin it out there.

  • China Joe

    I hope they wrap it up easily tonight. If they do, in honor of the New Yankee Stadium, they should play a clip from “Goodfellas” on the big screen: the part where young Henry Hill walks out of the courtroom and is surrounded by the old mobsters. They cut off his tie and say “YOU BROKE YOUR CHERRY!” That’s a New York moment.

    • SteveD Fla

      Great movie and scene.

      GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • EB

    Tonight is the night everyone. Everyone just relax and enjoy history.

    This is what you are going to see

    Tonight its #27.

    • Pete

      Wow, Mo’s going with the road greys at home?

      • EB

        Well you get my point…

        • king of fruitless hypotheticals

          Mo goes with whatever he wants, and if you knew what was good for you, you’d zip it quick before he hears…he’s been on a no mercy kick lately…

  • crapula

    There are many players on opposing teams that I actually like and enjoy seeing them play and have a lot of respect for them (see e.g., David Wright, Joe Mauer, Ichiro).

    Pedro is NOT one of them. And it’s not because he played for the Red Sox and now play for the Phillies. And putting on the pinstripes would most likely not change it. I was never a Randy Johnson or Gary Sheffield fan. Wasn’t thrilled they were on the Yankees even when they were doing well. It’s not JUST about putting on pinstripes.

    It’s the current fantasy Pedro lives in the land of arrogance and some of his past behavior that makes him just a distasteful kinda guy.

    • tony

      oh please – get off your high horse – We root for the Yankees 1st & foremost. If Pedro was on your team – you would pull for him. It is because he is a polarizing figure that we dislike him so much. I actually find him entertaining & fun

      • Rose

        Do you feel the same about Curt Schilling? lol

        • HolyGhostClaw

          Ughh why did you bring that douchebag’s name up? I had almost forgotten about his ugly face. I hate him. I hate his wife. I hate his ugly kids. And I hate everyone that ever admired him. I hate his fake bloody sock. Fuck Schilling!!

          And Fuck Pedro!! Lets crush his soul tonight and force him to retire!!

      • Kiko Jones

        Crapula’s not the only one: rooting for the team doesn’t automatically mean we like everybody on it. Putting on pinstripes doesn’t make someone become beloved overnight.

    • yankees=warriors

      Same here.

  • tony

    You know I hate to say it but Pedro is actually right. Beat him today & then sign him up for your 5th slot.

    • The Lodge

      I hated to hear it more than you hated to say it.

  • dc184

    I hate Pedro as much as anybody..that being have to believe the Yanks would have made a GIANT push for him in the summer…except Cashman wimped out ( was scared of getting Posada angry )….

    • Benjamin Kabak

      Wimped out? That’s a new one.

      • Tank Foster

        Heh…but he could be right. Do you think there is ANY chance the Yankees would have brought Pedro to the team, given his history with Posada? I don’t think so.

        • Benjamin Kabak

          I think it’s pretty clear that the Yanks do not make personnel decisions based on Jorge Posada’s feelings. Otherwise, Jose Molina would never catch A.J. Burnett.

          • dc184

            …during the season Girardi could use the excuse Posada needs the day off..its Molinas turn..etc get around that fact…

  • Raf

    a couple of early runs and Pedro is done in this game. cant let him get some momentum of easy innings early on. get the crowd into it and roll with it to the 27th out.

    • Tank Foster

      +1. I think Pedro is – or can be – mentally weak. If he gets hit hard early, he will fold up his tent. I think Pettitte is going to get hit, so we need to hit Pedro. I think Andy will be prepared and will fight, and can get through 6+ giving up 3-4 runs, but expecting better than that is not realistic, I don’t think.

      If Andy has a shut down game, even for 6 innings, I would consider it one of the greatest pitching performances ever.

      Still, we need offense tonight. Without a doubt, if the Yankees have a lead, Mo is pitching 2 innings. We need a multi-run lead, because we don’t need any Dave Roberts crap tying the game and leading to a loss, and have Mo have to pitch 2 innings in game 7 after being depleted in game 6.

      Ok, I’m being a Debbie Downer, a Nervous Nellie. So shoot me.

  • Jake H

    I want Pedro to get rocked. Keith Law was on Mike and Mike this morning and made a great comment. The Yanks just saw Pedro and thinks that they will be better equiped to hit him hard.

  • Rose

    Do you think Pedro used steroids and that played into his whole early regression? Or do you think that his early dominance and current rebirth is mainly due to his E.T. fingers…

    • Bo

      What early regression?

      You know 6 foot 150 lb pitchers sometimes lose their stuff as they hit their late 30’s.

      And hes still effective.

      • Rose

        He was losing it in his mid 30’s…that’s why the Red Sox didn’t re-sign him. And they feared he was going to start getting injured, etc.

        Red Sox Honcho, Bill Simmons, wrote about him possibly using steroids in the past…

        It’s not that far fetched…he pitched in the Steroid Era

        • Raf

          so Simmons is now an authority on steriod use on the Red Soxs when initally he didnt believe Ortiz used?
          the Soxs didnt sign him because they correctly predicted his demise, especially if he stayed in the AL. he had some injuries on the Mets and never got it together. he showed he still can get by on his skills in the NL this season.

  • OldYanksFan

    Pedro is one of the greatest pitchers in baseball history. Putting up his numbers in the AL East during the steroids era, and has the best ERA+ is MLB history. Amazing! I hated him as a Red Sox, but I love and respect the dude. Fans should give him the love he deserves.

    Yankees batters should show him 10 runs!

  • Rose

    Pedro might be tough…BUT

    Check out this pretty awesome statistic…

    This year…Andy Pettitte won the AL East clinching game, the LDS series clinching game against the Twins, AND the LCS series clinching game against the Angels…

    It’s just perfectly fitting that he top off that weird stat with winning the World Series clinching game!!!!


    • Rose

      AND…Mariano Rivera saved each and every one of those games…

      Pretty cool stat…eh?

      • HolyGhostClaw

        Very cool stat!

  • The Lodge
    (Definitely NSFW)

    But it sums up how we feel about Martinez.

  • X

    Fuck a Pedro!

  • Tank Foster

    I don’t like Pedro for the usual reasons, the head hunting, the Don Zimmer body slam, etc. But I love him as a pitcher and a competitor. I think his ability and record is sometimes overstated, as the one chink in his armor was a lack of durability, and that chink hurt his teams more than once. But in terms of pure pitching value and ability, even if it’s only for 5 or 6 innings, he is the best I’ve seen in 37 years of following baseball closely. And it really isn’t even close.

    The fact that Derek Jeter would say – with all the history between the two players – that Pedro is “the smartest pitcher” he’d seen in his 15 years in MLB is significant.

    So if you’re Charlie Manuel, why are you starting him tonight? Gotta win tonight, gotta go with your horses, like Girardi did with AJ on Monday? I like this guy’s thinking:

    Actually, I hope Charlie Manuel doesn’t read this, and doesn’t take the advice. The best chance that the Phillies have to win is to try to get a slugging victory tonight and hold Pedro for game 7. Which means….Pedro pitching tonight gives the Yankees the best chance of winning it all. Let’s hope Pedro is weaker tonight, still creaking a bit from his 107 pitch game 2, broken down as he is. I certainly don’t want to be in a close game 7 and have Cliff Lee come in in the 7th inning…

    • Benjamin Kabak

      I certainly don’t want to be in a close game 7 and have Cliff Lee come in in the 7th inning…

      Cliff Lee in Game 5: 7 IP, 7 H, 5 ER, 3 BB, 3 K

      As someone said yesterday, Cliff Lee sucked just a little bit less than Burnett. I’m not afraid of him.

      • Rose

        Cliff Lee did stink pretty badly…we just couldn’t do anything with his bad pitching until later in the innings. And if I remember correctly a few of Cliff Lee’s runs were inherited…no? Either way, we let him get away with quite a lot in the early going…which didn’t help us, clearly. For whatever reason we weren’t capatilizing on Lee’s mistakes until his last two innings or so…even though he stunk the entire time. I guess that’s what’s to expect when you have Gardner, Molina, and the pitcher in your lineup though.

      • Tank Foster

        Come on Ben. I’m not “afraid” of him either, but he pitched 7 innings and gave up less runs than AJ did in 2+. AJ sucked alot more than Lee did.

        I think Lee can be effective for at most 2 innings in relief in game 7.

        But I think we agree, we want this over tonight. We need to hit Pedro hard and exhaust that bullpen early. The more runs Andy has, the better he’ll do, and the longer he’ll last.

        We don’t need Pedro shutting the Yankees out for 3 innings and getting an adrenaline rush.

  • Dave

    Definitely boo during the game.

    But to add an interesting twist, I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets a decent ovation when he leaves the game. It will probably be the last time any of us see Pedro pitch at Yankee Stadium again. You have to acknowledge the utter domination of all opponents in the height of the steroid era. He is the greatest pitcher of this era who isn’t “tainted” (yet).

    • Mike HC

      No way he gets an ovation of any kind, unless it is a tongue in cheek one after he gives up six runs in two innings.

      • Rose

        I hope it’s that kind of ovation!

        • ansky

          Why should he get a respectful ovation? This aint CBP!

  • Mike HC

    The fans like him because he acknowledges them and gets them involved in the “show.” He does not act better than them. I think Pedro is right here. The fans do like him. It is more entertaining when he is pitching, even now, later in his career. He makes it more fun to be a fan.

    Saying all that, I hope we crush him and he leaves the field crying. But that is the beauty of it. You want to beat Pedro extra bad. It adds to it.

  • Jay

    What’s killing me is that once again, the pundits are looking past game 6 and talking about game 7 as if the Phillies winning tonight is a foregone conclusion. This is just like the ALCS. Everybody talked about Joe Saunders as if he was the greatest thing since sliced bread and how the Angels had the upper hand because they could use Lackey in game 7 thanks to the rain-out. Saunders as everybody remembers, didn’t make it out of the 4th inning.

    Aside from Game 1 of this World Series, there is yet to be a game in these playoffs where the Yankees were beaten decisively in their 4 losses. They are a tenacious bunch. Until Jeter hit into that killer double play, I thought for sure they were winning that game especially with A-Rod looming.

    So f**k Pedro. They got a look at him just like they did Saunders. I think the bats are coming alive tonight and I see the team knocking Pedro out early just like they did Saunders.

    Number 27 is going to be won tonight.

  • Steve S

    I have to be honest, I kind of feel sorry for Pedro, he really was a major component in the rivalry, not to mention he is almost the only thing that made the Red Sox semi-relevant in the late 90’s. I feel bad that in 2004 he sort of got brushed aside by Schilling who really has used the rivalry to bolster his notoriety and sort of forced himself into that rivalry. And we should also note, Schilling took a lot of credit for 2004 when he was far down the list of “heroes” for the Sox. I mean David Ortiz, Derek Lowe and Keith Foulke all come to mind before I think Curt Schilling in 2004. I feel like Pedro was forgotten in the whole mix and to look at his numbers from 1999, its astounding how good this guy was. I think its comparable to a level headed Red Sox fan being able to admire Mariano. You grit your teeth a little bit but part of you has to acknowledge them and admire them to an extent.

    All that being said, let him enjoy the spotlight now and tonight he’ll go back to having to explain how he didn’t have enough to beat the New York Yankees.

    • mark

      that’s crap… when the last time mariano went headhunting, or even get involved in a bench clearing brawl? they’re both hall of famers, probably first ballot, but mariano plays baseball “the right way”, and pedro can’t see past his massive ego to worry about anyone else…

      • Steve S

        Okay, I wasnt comparing the two aside from the from the fact that as opposing players, their talents are remarkable enough to admire even from an opponent. They are both extremely talented.

  • HC

    I hate that guy. I hate him less than Curt The Shill but I hate him nonetheless. I will never cheer for that A-hole.

    I hope this chant reverberates through the stadium tonight when the Phillies are up: “YOU ARE PHILTHY”

  • since57

    i would rather the yanks go after lackey than pedro-phile.if he is available you know the redsux will throw tons of cash at him the way he worked us over in the alcs.

  • Victoria

    “we should remember the Pedro who went head-hunting against Chuck Knoblauch and Derek Jeter”

    You forgot Zimmer, Pedro literally went head-hunting against him!

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