Rumor du jour: Extending Derek Jeter


The Internet can be a dangerous place during the Hot Stove League. Anyone with a computer and an idea can start a rumor, and it’s tough to know what information is reliable and accurate and what is not. Even established reporters — Jon Heyman comes to mind — tend to tie teams to many available big names, and we’re left trying to sort out noise from reality.

Late last night, we came upon an update on Twitter from someone who calls herself TheSportsDiva23 and with the initials SW. This person says she covers the Yankees but cannot reveal her name. After an extensive look back through her 2400 updates, we felt comfortable enough mentioning this update not so much to report it as a bona fide rumor but to use it as a starting point for a discussion on Derek Jeter.

First, the rumors: According to two posts on this person’s Twitter timeline (1, 2), the Yankees may be gearing up to offer Derek Jeter a three-year deal worth $60 million. Supposedly, this deal would be wrapped up before Thanksgiving.

We don’t know if this deal would supplant the final year of Jeter’s current contract and extend him for two more seasons at $20 million per. We don’t know if this deal would be a three-year extension to carry Jeter through 2013, his age 39 season. We don’t, in fact, know if we should even trust this source at all.

So then why even mention it all, regular readers of RAB might wonder. After all, we tend to shy away from rumors we don’t believe have legs. Now, this anonymous person’s claim may not have legs, but to extend Derek Jeter is a question we’ve pondered this season. In early September, we noted that the Yanks planned to take care of Jeter but probably wouldn’t — and shouldn’t — extend him until after his contract runs out.

I still believe that the Yanks should wait until after next year to extend Derek Jeter. After all, as a 35-year-old short stop — the oldest player to win a World Series at that position in over half a century — Jeter is ripe for more money than he deserves. He just set the Yanks’ career hits record, and he should place in the top five in the AL MVP voting. Jeter’s agent should want to sign that extension now while the Yanks should want to wait a year.

But let’s say the Yanks would rather not allow their captain to touch free agency and don’t want a lame duck season swirling over their heads. Is a $60 million offer that covers the 2010-2012 period reasonable? For Jeter, those seasons are going to be his ages 36-38 years, but he probably won’t readily move off of short stop. Whether that is a liability or a benefit for the Yanks will depend entirely on Derek’s offense prowess.

Since 2006, Derek has earned a per annum salary of over $20 million. The Yanks, in fact, have doled out approximately $85.4 million over the last four seasons to their captain while getting back $88.8 million in production, according to Fangraphs. To continue to pay him a lofty salary would be to pay him for services rendered and not, at this point in his career, expected return and value. Considering who he is, the Yanks can get away with overpaying Jeter if it comes to it.

And so we’re left with a rumor from an unnamed source we are led to believe is a Twitter account of someone close to the Yankees. If it’s real, indications suggested that it could be Suzyn Waldman; if it’s fake, well, that’s quite an undertaking. Either way, we can still consider if the franchise should extend Jeter now or wait until after next year.

In the end, I take the rumor with a giant grain of salt and assume, until we start to hear otherwise, that it has no legs. But those in charge of the Yankees are probably giving some thought to re-upping with Derek Jeter now. His asking price might be too high, but he’s going to get overpaid no matter what. Better, perhaps, to get it over with.


  1. Chris says:

    SW = Suzyn Waldman?

  2. Doug says:

    i would ink him a 3/60 contract right now if i could, especially if it’s 2010-2012. i’m personally worried that they’re going to open the vault to him in terms of $ and especially years. a 3-year contract would suit me just fine.

    • Reggie C. says:


      There aren’t SS substitutes on the horizon. We’re gonna need 3 years minimum to develop a prospect or just get lucky and hope a solid ML hits FA / trade market.

    • CountryClub says:

      3 years and 60 million won’t get the job done. It’ll have to be at least 4 years and maybe even 5.

      At the end of the day, I can care less what they pay him. i just want to see him end his career in the Bronx.

  3. Weisdog says:

    The same person also posted that Damon, Matsui and Pettitte deals would be announced before Christmas. Let’s face it, anybody with a brain and a computer can fake a Twitter account. C’mon, you guys are better than this.

    This is RAB, not TMZ.

    • I’m just curious. Did you read through the entire post I wrote? I think I addressed that issue pretty comprehensively here.

      If this person has been faking a Twitter account since the start of Spring Training just to do this, then so be it. Either way, discussing Jeter’s contract status is still a legitimate topic of conversation, as I said in the post.

      • Yeah, totally. I mean, if this person has been faking a Twitter account since the start of Spring Training just to do this, that’s kinda crazy but so be it.

        In any event, discussing Jeter’s contract status is still a legitimate topic of conversation. I don’t think Weisdog read the entire post you wrote.

        [Full disclosure: I did not read your entire above comment before posting this reply, so there may be some overlap between it and my response. If so, forgive me.]

      • Weisdog says:

        of course I read the entire post, and the Jeter contract discussion is probably more interesting than any other free agent issue the Yanks have right now – I just figured that an unconfirmend Twitter account wouldn’t be the basis to start that discussion.

        I also think the 3 years part of the deal calls into question the legitimacy of the post. Jeter will be 36 next year. As far as I can recall, the team gave Jorge a 4 year extension at the same age – no way Jeter gets less.

        • Mike HC says:

          If every journalist was judged based on how accurate the “rumors” they “reported” actually turned out, everyone would be a “fake” journalist.

        • of course I read the entire post… I just figured that an unconfirmend Twitter account wouldn’t be the basis to start that discussion.

          But if:

          A) Ben acknowledged that the Twitter account was unconfirmed
          B) Ben acknowledged that they rumor was most likely bogus
          C) Ben took great pains to say that he knew the dubious nature of the account and the post but chose to use the unconfirmed, bogus rumor as the starting point of a legitimate, serious discussion because he knows that we’re adult enough to ingore the rumor as bogus but see the value of the discussion absent of said rumor
          D) It’s Ben’s site and not yours

          … then, you aren’t really complaining about anything of any value, relevance, or germanity, are you?

          • Weisdog says:

            like I said, this was supposed to be the basis of a discussion about Jeter, yet most of the posts so far have been about SW

            • So, because other people decided to talk about one aspect of the post, Ben shouldn’t have posted it?

            • What’s your point? What does the fact that people are making comments that are related to Suzyn Waldman mean to you?

            • A) Most of the posts have not been about Suzyn Waldman. Most of them have been about Derek Jeter.
              B) Of the posts that have been about Suzyn Waldman, about half of them are about how stupid it is that you’re getting so hung up about some of the posts being about Suzyn Waldman. Meaning, you’re complaining about it being a big deal mainly because you’re the one making it a big deal.
              C) The other posts about Suzyn Waldman not related to you have been just us making silly jokes. It’s our thing, it’s what we do. We would have done it some other time when some other post was tangentially related to Suzyn Waldman as well. It’s moot.

              Summation: You do not have a point.

    • jsbrendog says:

      right, and if you read the article you would have read that they were using it as a souding board to start a commentor discussion about jeter, his contract, and whether it should be done now, later, at all, and how much it should be for.

      • Weisdog says:

        Yet there are more comments here about Suzyn Waldman than Jeter’s contract.

        • Irrelevant. Your point would only be relevant if there were a bunch of comments here extolling the veracity of this rumor and claiming Ben somehow, in this post, offered this rumor some credibility. Unfortunately for you, there aren’t.

        • Mike HC says:

          You do make a decent point here. The intention was to talk about Jeter and not discuss the validity of some anonymous source.

          But, it is nothing like TMZ, which would imply the commenters were all hung up on the actual rumor, as opposed to digging deeper to see if there is any truth to it.

          • “You do make a decent point here.”

            I don’t think the word point means what you think it means.

            • Mike HC says:


              But still, the only thing this guy should get shit for is for bringing up a concern Ben already addressed in the post:

              “So then why even mention it all, regular readers of RAB might wonder. After all, we tend to shy away from rumors we don’t believe have legs.”

              Ben also took a large portion of the post to further explain why he would even mention it. This guy does have a point, in my opinion, it is just that it has already been covered.

              • No, here’s what he should be getting shit for:

                C’mon, you guys are better than this
                This is RAB, not TMZ.

                Had he just repeated Ben’s concerns about the dubious nature of the tweet, that would have been one thing. What he did was chastise Ben for not appropriately censoring the dubious tweet and refusing to discuss it/link it due to some standard of journalistic integrity, even though Ben gave plenty of appropriate disclaimers AND Ben didn’t actually use the substantive nature of an unsubstantiated tweet as the focus of the post.

                Ben didn’t link to a bullshit unsourced rumor and ask us all “Do you think this is true?” or “Since this is probably true, what should we do about it?” He linked to a bullshit unsourced rumor and explicitly said “This is probably bullshit, but it does remind us of the pre-existing question we’ve considered in the past. Now, fuck that rumor, but let’s revisit that discussion.”

                Weisdog is taking Ben to task for being a poor journalist when Ben was not doing anything that remotely could be called poor journalism.

                • Mike HC says:

                  Ben was clearly unsure about whether to use the tweet as even the starting point for a conversation, evidenced by the amount of space he used in the article defending his use of the account. The reason he was hesitant, is because it leads to conversations like this, which have dominated the comments, when his intention was to discuss Jeter.

                  Now, this is a blog and who cares what people comment on, and who cares how accurate the rumors are. But if the goal is to stick with Yankee related comments, and not comments about some 12 year old kids twitter account, then that goal has obviously not been accomplished.

                  After the comments on this article, I’m sure Ben will think twice about using a source like this again. Or maybe Ben liked the this discussion about sources and journalism more than Jeter’s contract, which is fine to, although I doubt he does.

                • My favorite part of all of this: The post is tagged “Irresponsible Rumormongering”.


                • andrew says:

                  AND WE LET HIM OFF THE HOOK!

  4. cr1 says:

    I followed your lead and read back quite a ways in SportsDiva23′s entries. If it’s not Suzyn Waldman it’s somebody who’s put a good deal of time/energy into researching/imitating her.

  5. Stadium Garlic Fries says:

    This one sure sounds like Suzyn Waldman. Look at this tweet.

    “And speaking of Derek Jeter, he was announced today as a winner of the Silver Slugger Award.”

    “And speaking of so and so” is so typical suzyn. During the game she probably uses this phrase like 20 times…

  6. So of course I’m wasting time trying to figure out if this is really Suzyn Waldman, and I just found out that Suzyn starred in Man of La Mancha for two years on Broadway.

    You just can’t predict Man of La Mancha, huh?

  7. crapula says:

    Unless Jeter says he’s sick of the Yankees and wants to test the free agency market or retire, there is NO Jeter news. They can pay him now or pay him later, but they will pay him and they will pay him more than he is worth and he will take it and the fans will rejoice and all will be well in Yankee land. There would need to be a HUGE, HUGE pot-stirring for Jeter to make any news at all on the Yankee front. And Derek isn’t a pot-stirrer.

  8. Chris says:

    For Jeter, those seasons are going to be his ages 36-38 years, but he probably won’t readily move off of short stop. Whether that is a liability or a benefit for the Yanks will depend entirely on Derek’s offense prowess.

    I disagree with the last part of this. Whether Jeter remaining at SS is a benefit or liability for the Yankees is mostly dependent on his defense, not his offense. If these defensive improvements over the last two years can maintain themselves, then he would still be a net positive at SS even with a significant offensive decline.

    • Well, let’s look at it this way: the defensive improvement was definitely welcome, but can we count on it? Not a lot of guys improve on defense in their age 34-35 seasons. I’m glad it happened, but I’m not gonna hold my breath for it to happen again.

      • themgmt says:

        I’m of the belief that a large part of the defensive improvement was better positioning, which also lead to deeper routes to the ball. I think him playing so shallow in years past lead to poor UZR ratings. Jeter has never exactly been slow and lumbering.

        • That’s true. Hopefully he maintains that. I’d still like to see his range to his right improve. Up the middle, he was great this year, but it seemed that to the right, he was still lacking a bit.

      • Ed says:

        Most guys in their 30′s don’t suddenly start massive offseason workout programs designed to improve their defense. And from the stories we’ve heard on these workouts, he’s so serious about it that his trainer has to make him quit to avoid overworking himself.

        Plus as themgmt said, he’s also changed his positioning. He always played exceptionally shallow, but not anymore. That makes a huge difference.

    • Tank Foster says:

      Whether Jeter remaining at SS is a benefit or liability for the Yankees is mostly dependent on his defense, not his offense.

      Interesting comment. At first, I agreed with Ben–offense has to be the main consideration. But when I crunched the numbers, well, Ben’s still right, I think, but there are some interesting things to learn.

      While I’m not 100% on-board with UZR, many here are, so let’s use it. UZR/150 for the finest shortstop in the league, Jack Wilson, is +20 per 150 games. The worst, Yuniesky Betancourt, is -23. So, the difference between having the best possible SS and the worst in the league is 43 runs, which is equal to about 8 games of average offensive production for a typical AL team. 8 games is nothing to sneeze at.

      However…look at offense. Jeter led MLB SS’s last year in runs created. A sort of runs created for minimum 450 plate appearances gives us Jeter at 122 runs created, and Betancourt on the bottom with 37 (man, he stinks….worst offensive AND defensive SS in baseball, by a mile, AND he played 134 games for 2 teams). This is a difference of 85 runs, which is about 17 games worth of offense, or just over twice the effect of defense.

      I think when you use the appropriate comparisons, the importance of offense would become greater. A “replacement level” player is probably going to have offensive production somewhere in the range of Betancourt, but on defense, a replacement level SS probably would be closer to league average.

      So in the “calculus” approach to baseball, even a slow-footed, range-challenged, error-making, DP-muffing, 39 year old Jeter – if he’s still creating 80+ runs per season, is going to help your team more than a slick fielding Ramiro Pena.

      And let’s not forget that Jeter’s defense in 2009 was above the league average, with a UZR/150 of 8.

      Jeter will be better, offensively, than most league SS’s, I am relatively certain, even at age 38-39. The Devil is in the details, however, since we don’t know how much he’ll decline (creating 122 runs at age 39 is unlikely), and if the decline is enough, a salary of $20M per annum could be vastly overpaying.

      I do not envy baseball GMs. That’s alot of money and responsibility, and in some ways it’s less predictable than black jack.

  9. Mike HC says:

    If the twitter account states that they are anonymous, how can it be “fake?” Would that mean that they really are not anonymous?

    Anyway, I would pay Jeter whatever he wants. Shit, I would even chip in if the Yanks need me to!!!

    • Anyway, I would pay Jeter whatever he wants. Shit, I would even chip in if the Yanks need me to!!!

      Thanks. I’m sending you an invoice for $10,000,000.00 USD in the mail today. Please remit it in full immediately. Your help is appreciated.

      Brian Cashman

      P.S. Unfortunately, due to CBA regulations, no, I cannot give you a World Series ring.

      • Mike HC says:

        Hey Brian,

        haha, very funny. When I said “chip in,” well, yea, I really meant, uh, I would buy an extra beer or two at the next game I go to. I think that should cover most of it really, considering the prices.


        a much poorer Yankee fan after buying multiple playoff tickets

    • Riddering says:

      Haha, I’ve often said the Twins should host a bake sale for Mauer. So the Yankees can count on me to help them out with Jeter (and Chapman for that matter).

  10. Negotiating now would be no good. Jeter’s at his value’s highest point right now and the Yankees have no leverage. They really should wait.

  11. larryf says:

    Jeter can hit the curve better than Suzyn-lock him up asap! How about 3 years with a 4th year option to be 3B coach? By then, we should have a replacement and Jeter’s range will be 3 feet to his right and 2 to his left…

  12. themgmt says:

    Suzyn Waldman doesn’t know how to use twitter.

    She’s only good at one thing….Being smoking hot.

  13. I think the Yanks should wait until next offseason to deal with Jeter. I like their choice to not make exceptions to their rule that they don’t negotiate until a contract expires, because they treat everyone the same way and nobody can take any cues from the Yankees’ decision to either negotiate early or not if they just never do. It provides the Yankees with a nice poker face when entering into negotiations when contracts expire. The risk, obviously, is that you let guys get to free agency, but if that risk is mitigated for any team in baseball it’s mitigated for the Yankees – it’s not like it’s very often that some other team is going to swoop in and outbid the Yankees for a free agent they want to sign, especially for a Yankee with an expiring contract.

    • Count Zero says:

      I actually accept this argument more than the “don’t negotiate after a great season” one — in Jeter’s case.

      Let’s face it — when it comes to Jeter and Mo, they’re both going to get paid on the total body of work to date. Normally, this is a real bad idea. But in those two cases, anything else would be disastrous from a PR standpoint.

      So yeah, the best reason to wait till next year is that we already set a rule on this and we don’t want to undermine it. Even if Jeter hits .280/.330/.380 in 2010, he’s still going to get big bucks at the end of the season (short of a career-ending injury). Any GM who either (a) lets him walk or (b) tries to hardball him down to like $12MM per will get absolutely crucified by the NY media. We all know that’s a bad reason to give him a contract, but sometimes the PR nightmare is just as bad for your business as Jeter’s actual performance could be.

      Jeter would have to be postively Womackian for at least two consecutive years before the majority of NY fans would ever see him as anything other than Captain Clutch.

  14. CountryClub says:

    I thought it was a given that the Yanks would make Jeter wait until next off season. But Cashman’s comments at the GM meetings made me think otherwise.

    I’m pretty sure Lohud had his quotes. He basically said that as far as he knows, the Yanks will not be extending him this year. But he also said that if he’s told otherwise then things could change. It really sounded like he was laying the groundwork for the owner’s to overule him on his policy.

  15. steve s says:

    Interesting timing of the Jeter movie photos on front page of today’s Post and the Twitter rumor. Everyone is pretty certain that there is no real MLB competition for Jeter’s services so maybe Jeter (a la Jim Brown) is sending message to Yanks to lock him up sooner rather than later in that the real competition for his services is Hollywood (far-fetched I know but who is more adept at media image making and messaging than the Captain).

    • Riddering says:

      No, Jeter is trying to rouse the fans into a furor. “Our Captain, a bum? Not in my lifetime!”

      Then we’ll storm Cashman’s citadel, fight off his ninja sharks and robot gorillas, and beat him around until he signs Jeter what Jeter wants.

  16. Riddering says:

    I would be very surprised if the Yankees did anything with Jeter’s contract this offseason. They’d be as robbed as it possible to be robbed by Jeter. Cashman don’t play that.

  17. Will says:

    Sadly, this thread did become more about deciphering whether the account belongs to Suz and the merits of using an anonymous rumor as a sounding board.

    I am not sure why it was even necessary to reference the tweet because this topic doesn’t really need a hook. It’s not a big deal, of course, but I found it to be a little odd.

    As for Jeter, I would gladly give him his $60mn/3year extension. That’s the best part of being a Yankee fan…it’s nice to be able to potentially overpay fan favorites to keep them happy.

  18. A.D. says:

    Jeter is ripe for more money than he deserves.

    True, but that’s going to be true no matter what, this year, next year, whenever.

  19. Bo says:

    Again its not like they cant afford paying a DH 20 mil a yr and I really dont care what anyone gets paid if it doesnt affect the team. I mean come on. They pay 4 mil a yr to a Scranton pitcher who has a better shot of singing the national anthem than pitching in the Bronx. The more interesting convo will be what position he eventually switches to if its in the field at all. Hence why Matsui is staring at a 1 yr deal.

    • Yes, but Kei Igawa’s 4M salary in Scranton doesn’t block the Yankees from signing any players at the big league level, no matter how much he sucks.

      Derek Jeter making 20M at the big league level most certainly could block the Yankees from signing players at the big league level to replace his production if he does begin to suck.

      • Bo says:

        If Jeters 20 mill would really block their attempts to improve than they shouldnt sign him at all.

        But I like to think most of that 20 is based on marketing and goodwill and legacy etc etc.

        Rem this is the same team that had dead weight littering their roster for yrs and it really didnt affect how they did business. If they got by paying Pavano 10 a yr they can get by giving Jeter a retirement/lifetime achievment present of 20.

  20. Rose says:

    If it were in fact Susyn Waldman, what would be the point of staying “anonymous.” Any die hard person looking at the Twitter account would think that it would be her because nobody can seem to think of any other reporters, writers, or analysts with those initials. The fact that she claims to be a “writer” or whatever should suggest that this is probably somebody trying to have some fun at her expense. Funny how the person was clever enough to use a phrase she uses “and speaking of so and so” but didn’t realize that Susyn wasn’t a writer. Oh well.

  21. Ams223 says:

    They should give jeter a deal that not only pays him well on a base salary, but that alsohas career incentives (like arods hr bonuses). Give jeter bonuses for reaching 3000 hits 3500 and so on.

    Casey close is an excellent agent and will obviously get a great deal done.

  22. Arosen15 says:

    why not just give him a player option for 3 million and then pretend to be happy when he excercises it?

  23. Rose says:

    They’re going to give Jeter a deal regardless. Waiting til the end of the year (his current contract) will only determine whether his value slightly increases or slightly decreases compared with right now…which will, in turn, potentially increase or decrease money given to him. Either way, he’s re-signing.

  24. r.w.g. says:

    Well.. the team doesn’t really have a replacement for Jeter lined up. I think we can all agree on that.

    Outside of Pena, who I could live with depending on production from other positions, I don’t know if anybody down on the farm would be able to step in. Maybe that’s a good reason to hold off and let the contract expire, to give the team some more evaluation time. Or to allow free agent/trade scenarios to present themselves.

    That said, I’d be a lot more comfortable with the “rumored” extension if it overlapped one of the present years on his deal.

    But if Jeter can mantain his defensive improvement, like others have noted, or at least not wade back into the territory he previously occupied, then all pitfalls disappear I suppose.

  25. brian g says:

    if jeter made 20 million every year for the rest of his career that would be just fine with me, so long as it’s the yankees paying it to him. best player i have ever seen….period. you know, when they sign him they will not only take into consideration his numbers and abilities, do but also his “value” to the marketing side of the yankees obviously….and we all know that that is probably off the charts. the dudes face alone probably makes the yankees billions…let alone his glove and bat….this guy is their “product”….yeeeesh. i hate to even type that….it’s gross. anyone think he might go to left in a couple years if he ever get’s too slow for short?…or just DH…?…

  26. Renny Baseball says:

    1. Intriguing, this idea that Suzyn Waldman would be posting under a quasi-alias to announce hard Yankee news, as a way of reporting (leaking?) the story. Under the momentary premise that it was her, is she leaking something which was told to her in confidence, and if not, why wouldn’t she go the conventional route, allow it to be scooped on WFAN where she has written pieces before (or other forum of her choice)?

    2. The proposed deal to Jeter makes sense. No way he takes less than what he was getting before, given the value in dollars that he brings in to the franchise and the team’s willingness to give contracts to other “older” franchise players (Mo and Posada). Yes, Posada is one comparable in dollars as one poster mentioned. But another one is A-Rod ($25M+). Possibly, it would be hard for Jeter to swallow a lesser annual number than A-Rod gets, given what Jeter has meant to the team, as I’ve read that the thinking might follow and it is logical. Granted it is a lot of “educated speculation,” i.e., that Jeter would have a principled objection to taking less than A-Rod, but that’s what makes discussing it fun. I know it can be argued that A-Rod does more for run production and is younger (2 yrs?), but Jeter’s value as the cornerstone franchise player, face of the team has value and also there’s a history of some rivalry between the players on the topic of value to the club, grandiose impossible to measure concepts like “greatness,” etc. that could thus be relevant to this negotiation. Nonetheless still I have read (perhaps on here) that no other club would offer $20 mil to Jeter based on the reasoning that his value is higher on the Yankees than other clubs, which make sense, albeit presenting the scenario of a revere hometown discount, in effect, a hometown premium. So based on this, an offer of $20M for 3 years (as an extension I’d take it) would seem like a “bird in the hand,” get-it-done-now deal.
    PS, to be creative, the team might make an offer as above and if leveling to A-Rod’s number is an issue, it can pledge $5 mil/year to his Turn2 charity separately but avoid the additional $5 million from the payroll base subject to revenue sharing tax. Just a concept though I am not familiar with what the team does in terms of supporting charities of its players. Plus I am sure this would be subject to approval processes, scrutiny etc.

  27. Mark from Chicago says:

    If the Yanks agree to extend Jeter’s deal this offseason, they sure as heck better extend Girardi’s deal as well. I know full well that he is the Yankee captain and legend, but Girardi deserves some of the same respect after the stellar job of managing he did this last season.

  28. CW says:

    I’m a big fan of Jeter, but I’d rather the Yankees stick to their recent precedent of waiting until the end of contracts to negotiate. If both sides rake each other over the coals during next year’s Hot Stove, so be it, but something will get done.

    Besides, it’s not like Jete’s going to be a head case contract-whiner during his “lame duck” year.

  29. [...] a few hours ago, we were talking about low-level rumors concerning a Derek Jeter contract extension. Later in the day, pictures emerged that showed Jeter could really use the dough. As you can see, [...]

  30. Ross says:

    Bigger news from this Twitter account is that A-Rod and K-Hud are taking a break. This could have HUGE implications for ’10/

  31. jeterfan24 says:

    Sports Diva is probably Minka Kelly because she’s waiting for Jeter to put a ring on it so she will never ever have to work again. Just lay up and spend Jeter’s millions and let the nanny take care of the Jeter kiddies.

  32. Mattchu12 says:

    I had brought this up before, but kind of caught some heat for it being off-topic. But what if we moved Robinson Cano to shortstop and Jeter to second base down the road. I think with his range and arm, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine Cano as an at least average shortstop. And with work, he could be a plus shortstop. Jeter’s defensive abilities would play well at second base as it is a much less demanding position.

    Personally, I like this a lot better because we replace Cap in-house while keeping Cap on the team. It will also be easier to find a quality second baseman once Cap retires than it would be to find a good shortstop.

    • Mattchu12 says:

      And in doing so, I think it would justify resigning him to 3 + years if need be. His bat would certainly play at second base, probably just behind Chase Utley in terms of offensive production, and his defensive prowess wouldn’t be an issue.

      Forgot to mention that, lol.

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