Tellem explains Matsui’s Anaheim move


Apparently, Arn Tellem is really taking to this whole blogging thing. Just a few weeks after touting the virtues of signing Hideki Matsui, Tellem issued another Huffington Post missive. This time, he explains why Matsui went west. According to Godzilla’s agent, Matsui wanted to play for a potential winner and had the Yanks, Red Sox and Angels on his short list. Because the Red Sox have a DH, the Angels sans Vlad were an appealing target, and when they made an early offer, he was inclined to take it.

“In the end,” Tellem writes, “Hideki chose to accept Angel’s offer rather than wait for Yankees to decide whether they wanted to bring him back. Failure to act quickly might have caused L.A. to withdraw its offer and forced Hideki to sign with a weaker team, thus forfeiting a shot at another World Series. Conflicted, Hideki stayed up all Sunday night mulling his final move in this limited game of musical free-agent chairs. He didn’t want to be left standing.”

Matsui’s agent still believes the slugger to be “a complete player” and claims the Angels will test his knees in left field during Spring Training. The plan would be to give Matsui one or two starts a week in Anaheim. If that’s what Matsui and Tellem were after, the Yanks were never a viable option, and I have to wonder if the Angels will stick to their word or if those promises are just the sweet nothings of a December courtship.

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  • JMK THE OVERSHARE’s Milton Bradley Fat Park Factor

    The only way Matsui plays the outfield on ANY team is with the aid of a motorized scooter or Segway. They’d be straight-up nuts to allow him to play the field.

    That said, best of luck, Matsuichu.

  • Double-J

    Are the Angels even the best team in their division at this point? I loved Matsui, but damn bro. Cold blooded. :P

    • Hey ZZ

      The Angels may not even be the 2nd best team in their division at this point

  • lebigyank

    someone was in a hurry eh?

    • JMK THE OVERSHARE’s Milton Bradley Fat Park Factor

      I think it was a premature evacuation.

  • Brooklyn Ed

    “Matsui’s agent still believes the slugger to be “a complete player” and claims the Angels will test his knees in left field during Spring Training. The plan would be to give Matsui one or two starts a week in Anaheim”

    that will turn out ugly. Angels fans will be cruel to him. :(

    • Double-J

      I guess this can finally put an end to the persistent Mike Scioscia as a defensive/fundamentals first mythos, right? Because Matsui will get eaten alive in their outfield with his legs.

      • andrew

        Mastui is left, Abreu in right. Lots of balls dropping.

  • The Three Amigos

    Well he an try to play the field, however when both his knees fill up with a quart of liquid I think the experiment will end prematurely.

  • steve (different one)

    i think Tellem read the market well and was smart to advise Hideki to take this deal.

    the Yankees were possibly going to have some money left over at the end of the winter to sign him, but maybe not.

    if he really only wanted to play for LA, BOS, or NY, he was smart to jump on this offer.

    i’ll miss Hideki, and i wish it could have worked out, but i see both sides of it. Yankees weren’t prepared to commit that chunk of their budget yet, Matsui didn’t want to wait and be left holding the bag (“the bag” in this case is DH’ing for the Orioles)

    • Wilcymoore27


      I wanted to see Matsui come back, but I guess it wasn’t in the cards. He was probably right to take the Angels offer. Farewell, Hideki.

    • Double-J


  • DSFC

    Yeah, it’ll take about 2 preseason games for the Matsui in the outfield experiment to end.

    It’s a shame about those knees, because there’s no way the Yankees let him walk if they felt good about his health.

  • Steve

    Sucks to see Matsui go, but his decision not to wait on the Yankees, who maybe weren’t coming back to him anyway, is understandable. He was the best situational hitter we’ve had in years, I wish him the best.

    As to the vacant DH slot, I absolutely love that the Yankees are rumored to be talking to Nick Johnson about a 1-year deal. He’s got a sweet lefty swing with a fantastic OBP – I think his HR numbers would probably triple from last year (he was coming off another injury and a virtually lost 2008 and hit only 8 HR) hitting in Yankee Stadium. While I don’t think a Nick signing would neccessarily mean Damon won’t be back, if Boras/Damon continue to try and extort a 3-year/$13 million per year deal out of the Yankees at least Nick gives them another very solid, almost perfect fit as a #2 hitter to replace Damon if need be.

  • Salty Buggah

    The real reason Matsui went to LA (or whatever they call themselves this minute) is for the fireworks after every homerun, the chance to see the rally monkey more often, and of course thunderstix.

    • steve (different one)

      i figured it was to be closer to the center of the porn industry

      /too obvious

      • Salty Buggah

        I was going to somehow tie in fireworks and porn but couldn’t that well.

    • Riddering

      Don’t forget warmer weather for home games = better knee health.

      • JMK THE OVERSHARE’s Milton Bradley Fat Park Factor

        Don’t forget warmer weather for home games wildfires, earthquakes, sharks, mudslides = better knee health


  • Head Scratcher

    Hideki’s off to greener pastures – or in LA’s case – burning bags of silicon.

    Farewell, Matsui. It’s been a great ride.

  • JobaWockeeZ

    Man I already miss him. I’m going to hate watching Angels games now or rather even more.

  • The Evil Empire
    • Joseph Pawlikowski

      Yeah, we know. 40 minutes.

    • Head Scratcher

      YES. Nick Johnson would be great filling in the DH hole. I am worried about his riskiness health-wise though.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      Are you really going to make me delete a second off-topic comment from you in the same day? Please take a look at the commenting guidelines, e-mail us tips and don’t make me ask again.

      • pat


  • Free Mike Vick

    Matsui in the OF 1 or 2 days a week???

    ::thinks for a second::


  • Slu

    I love how everybody knows for sure that Matsui can’t play the outfield anymore.

    I am not saying he can, but I certainly don’t know if a year of not playing the field and an off season make it impossible for him to play once a week in left.

    • Drew

      When your knees swell up numerous times throughout the year from strictly playing DH, I think it’s safe to assume the OF will be a huge risk for Godzilla.

      PLus, back when his knees worked he was awful in left, imagine him now.

  • JMK THE OVERSHARE’s Milton Bradley Fat Park Factor

    Art “Soulja Boy” Tellem did a good job representing Matsui. He would have been taking a big risk waiting for the Yankees, and the Pacific Coast Time Zone Angels will let him run around left field for three innings—three innings more than the Yankees would have agreed to.

    Besides, LA isn’t a bad market for Matsui. It’s not like he’s in Idaho.

    • Salty Buggah

      Lmao at “Soulja Boy” Tellem

      • pat


  • aj

    Why am I the only one concerned the Nick Johnson barely hits for power anymore? 8 HRs in 2009? AND he hasn’t been healthy his entire career. I don’t think we’ll get any more production out of him than Jim Thome or Vlad Guerrero at this point. I know the OBP is good, but is that the only thing we value in a DH?

    He has no position to play, no speed, and has spent the last 5 years on bad teams (except 35 games with the Marlins). Besides a very very good OBP, Why so much love?

    • JMK THE OVERSHARE’s Milton Bradley Fat Park Factor

      You want a #2 hitter to get on base as often as possible. Nick Johnson is easily one of the best in all of baseball at that. Power, again, I don’t think is that concerning. It’s not really the role of the 2 hitter and also, his power was sapped by a wrist injury last year. It should return this year. I don’t think it would surprise many if he put up 20 home runs.

      Speed isn’t a huge deal. A two hitter shouldn’t be stealing a lot of bags in front of A-Rod and Tex behind them. It would be good to avoid double plays, though.

      Who cares if he spent time on bad teams? He’d be an excellent fit on the team, though he doesn’t offer the flexibility Damon does, and I’m not sure A-Rod really has a lot of protection in this lineup (Posada, Cano, Granderson at #5?).

      What he does really well is an extremely valuable commodity in baseball.

      • aj

        He hasn’t hit 20 HRs in a season since 2006. And even then, he only did it once. It would surprise me if he hit that all of a sudden in the BX. Yes he has a valuable asset in getting on base. But he’s extremely limited in that. I don’t see him as an alternative to Damon.

        • JMK THE OVERSHARE’s Milton Bradley Fat Park Factor

          He hasn’t hit 20 HRs in a season since 2006. And even then, he only did it once. It would surprise me if he hit that all of a sudden in the BX.

          Short porch. Left Field. Nick Johnson. Left-handed.

          Yes he has a valuable asset in getting on base. But he’s extremely limited in that. I don’t see him as an alternative to Damon.

          Hahahaha. Wait, what?

          • Keanu Reeves

            I’m assuming you meant short porch in RF.

            • JMK THE OVERSHARE’s Milton Bradley Fat Park Factor

              It’s late :(

          • aj

            First, the short porch is in right field. and ANY lefty at yankee stadium can hit 20 HRS? in words of Paul O’Neill – “Its hard to hit homeruns!”

            And to your second sarcasm: He’s not an alternative to Damon because Damon is more versatile and would fill two needs, DH and LF and he has speed and power and hes *lefty*. He’s got a good asset in OBP, but that’s ALL he can do. We’re not even sure if he’s going to be healthy.

            • JMK THE OVERSHARE’s Milton Bradley Fat Park Factor

              Yeah, small goof on the short porch. You know what I meant. And I never said any lefty can hit home runs. I said I think Johnson could in YS3. I bet a lot of others do as well.

              Damon offers flexibility, sure. His salary demands are also nuts. We don’t need Damon. Nick Johnson on a one-year> two years (or more) of Damon.

              We’re replacing Matsui at DH in this case. Granderson essentially replaces Damon (assuming Melky shifts to LF).

              A guy getting on base 40% of the time in front of Tex and A-Rod, with a line somewhere around .290/.410/.470/.850 and an OPS+ of 130. Yeah, that fills the DH spot. You have Melky in LF, Granderson in CF.

              I’m not saying it’s picture perfect, but health is his only real concern. As a DH with his power hopefully returning after a wrist injury, he could be a great pickup.

  • Omg!Zombies!

    Even when he was the Japanese Cal Ripken he was terrible in the OF. I would have loved him back especially at $6.5m but if he really wanted to play the OF then good luck to him in Anaheim.

    • Keanu Reeves

      UZR agrees with you, but I seem to remember him playing a decent LF. But I didn’t watch the games nearly as often as I do now back then.

  • crapula

    So now that we know what Cash isn’t doing (re-signing Mats), what IS he doing? It’s pretty quiet.

    • Zack

      Cash said it earlier this winter; look left, look right, look up, look down and you can find a DH.

      Hint: DH is not the #1 priority for Cash

  • Bo

    You cant kill the guy for wanting to play the field and not just DH. Thats what FA is all about. You are free to do and go where you want to. He has the money. He has the ring. Got to give him credit for wanting to play as much as he can.

    • Zack

      I think it’s fair to criticize those who thinks he can play the OF; his knees werent 100% healthy when he was just a DH, and even if he’s healthy he’s bad in LF

  • NG

    He was one of the best Yankees. The fact is that he never complained about not playing outfield doesn’t mean he couldn’t play it at all. He kept his mouth shut and went team first all the time.
    I love this guy. Sad to see him leave. Really sad. Imagine as a FA you are being told by a team please wait until we make sure that our first option is not available and if so then we will come back to you. He has always had too much pride. Wait for who? Damon? Yankees weren’t telling wait until we resign Jeter or Mo, they were telling wait until Damon’s situation is being resolved. Ouch.
    Great guy. I will miss him.
    Thank you Godzilla. You have been everything I could have wished for and even more.