Calculation error costs Yanks $10K each from playoff shares


Back in November, I reported on the Yanks’ record-setting playoff shares. After winning the World Series, the team doled out full playoff shares of $365,052.73, topping the 2006 Cardinals’ record of $362,000. Today, we learn that the record will not stand. Darren Rovell reports that the 46 members of the organization who received full shares will have to give up $10,000 each because two trainers and one player were not allocated the proper amount. Interestingly, Rovell adds that each player nets approximately 50 percent of the total share after taxes.

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  1. Tom Zig says:

    That’s fine, the Yankees will (re)set the record in 2010.

  2. This exchange between Joe and Moshe on Twitter about Johnny Damon’s hypothetical reaction to the cut made me laugh.

  3. Steve H says:

    Peter Gibbons: [Explaining the plan] Alright so when the sub routine compounds the interest is uses all these extra decimal places that just get rounded off. So we simplified the whole thing, we rounded them all down, drop the remainder into an account we opened.
    Joanna: [Confused] So you’re stealing?
    Peter Gibbons: Ah no, you don’t understand. It’s very complicated. It’s uh it’s aggregate, so I’m talking about fractions of a penny here. And over time they add up to a lot.
    Joanna: Oh okay. So you’re gonna be making a lot of money, right?
    Peter Gibbons: Yeah.
    Joanna: Right. It’s not yours?
    Peter Gibbons: Well it becomes ours.
    Joanna: How is that not stealing?
    Peter Gibbons: [pauses] I don’t think I’m explaining this very well.
    Joanna: Okay.
    Peter Gibbons: Um… the 7-11. You take a penny from the tray, right?
    Joanna: From the cripple children?
    Peter Gibbons: No that’s the jar. I’m talking about the tray. You know the pennies that are for everybody?
    Joanna: Oh for everybody. Okay.
    Peter Gibbons: Well those are whole pennies, right? I’m just talking about fractions of a penny here. But we do it from a much bigger tray and we do it a couple a million times.


  4. ROBTEN says:

    See you nerds, math always ruins things. Always.

    • Thomas says:

      Math is a wonderful thing. Math is a really cool thing. So get off your ath, let’s do some math. Math, math, math, math, math.

  5. Bryan says:

    I bet it was Costanza

  6. Steve H says:

    This is just Cash being a Ninja (again). Now the Yankees’ players think they are out $10k, and are more motivated to win again in 2010.

  7. larryf says:

    Plenty of money to be made in NYC. Just opened the latest New York Magazine to find a new 2 page Canali ad with Mo lookin’ good.

    But is that the cutter he is about to throw???

  8. Drew says:

    Ha well that’s kind of dick.

  9. Steve H says:

    Took the people who got left out quite a while to report this huh?

  10. I bet Eric Hinske spent all his money already.

  11. Jamie says:

    So… my question is who in the Accounting Department is going to be fired for this? And can I apply for said job?

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