Is the end for Sterling and Waldman nigh?

Open Thread: Uggla on the market
Fan Confidence Poll: November 15th, 2010
Ed Murawinski's poster of Suzyn Waldman and John Sterling affectionately dubbed the pair Ma & Pa Pinstripe. (Murawinski/Daily News)

Few members of the Yankees’ extended family elicit more debate and dissension than John Sterling and his Yankees Radio Network compatriot Suzyn Waldman. We’ve gone on the record wondering if the Yanks could do better but recognize that we’ve been stuck with Sterling for better or worse. Some people love his histrionics and gregarious radio voice while others would prefer that Waldman and Sterling work on their descriptive abilities and call the game as its played instead of the game in their mind. According to one recent report, though, we may be nearing the end of the Sterling-and-Waldman Era.

Bob Raissman, the well-sourced sports media columnist for the Daily News, questioned the future of Ma & Pa Pinstripe in his column on Saturday morning. The team’s radio deal, estimated at an annual worth of $12 million, with WCBS AM 880 expires after the 2011 season, and so too do Sterling’s and Waldman’s employment contracts. As Raissman puts it, Hal Steinbrenner‘s Yankees are in no rush to renew the deal if the finances aren’t just right, and the team may be willing to let its next radio partner pick the broadcast voices.

“The Yankees regime, led by Hal Steinbrenner, will be more concerned with obtaining maximum dollars in a new radio deal than who the broadcasters are,” Raissman says. “Loyalty ain’t even a factor here.”

It will be interesting to see how this storyline plays out. Sterling and Waldman were George’s people through and through. Steinbrenner loved Sterling’s personality and his campy approach to Yankee games, and Waldman has been an organizational favorite and a female trailblazer in sports media for nearly two decades. Compared to the stars they cover, they don’t earn large salaries, but if another station wants to build its own identity, it sounds as though the new generation of Steinbrenners would have little use for the old.

And what might that new station be? Raissman reports of a potential change and one that would not be welcomed by many Yankee fans. “Outside of WCBS, which probably wants to keep the Yankees, it’s highly likely ESPN will – if it hasn’t already – stick its beak into the mix. For ESPN-1050, the process of trying to chip away at WFAN, longtime Mets rights holder, has not been easy,” he reports. Adding Yankees radiocasts to the mix of Jets, Knicks and Rangers would help change the equation – drastically. But how much would ESPN be willing to pay for the radio rights to Yankees baseball? And would pinstripe honchos be satisfied having their games go out over ESPN-1050’s weak signal?”

WEPN 1050 AM has a notoriously weak signal in the New York area. While WCBS 880 AM is one of the FCC’s clear-channel class A stations that doesn’t face competition for signal strength in the eastern half of the United States, WEPN isn’t so lucky. This class B signal is limited by a station in Philadelphia at 1060 on the AM dial, and it must avoid pointing or powering up its signal to the southwest due to the clear-channel status of an AM station in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Listeners near Boston and Washington, DC, can hear WCBS while residents in Monmouth County, New Jersey, have trouble with WEPN.

Right now, this contract status isn’t a very big issue. The team has another year left, and Sterling and Waldman will be around for it. How this is eventually resolved though will be an indicator of how things have changed business-wise for the Yanks after the passing of King George. Hal’s approach could be much, much different.

Open Thread: Uggla on the market
Fan Confidence Poll: November 15th, 2010
  • BigBlueAL

    Bring back Bill White and the Scooter!!

  • Ellis

    Before this thread is filled with “Hallelujah!” comments, I wanna say that I thoroughly enjoy listening to John and Suzyn on the radio (iPhone-style). I appreciate their love and knowledge of the game, and I think the Yankees could do much worse.

    • Linda

      I agree. The fans use all of Sterling’s silly nicknames so to kick him to the curb would leave a big hole for the fans. And heaven forbid that we lose better radio signal – sometimes that is all I have for the games.

      • Benjamin Kabak

        I do believe that, generally, the fans that use the nicknames do so mockingly. Losing the stronger signal is a bigger problem.

        • Tom Zig

          The signal strength is pretty bad everywhere. But it’s especially bad in the suburbs of Suffolk county. They’d really need to fix that somehow.

          • Kiersten

            Better question – why is AM radio still used?

            • Tom Zig

              Good question. Between HD radio, Sirius/XM, and FM radio; use of AM radio should be abandoned for better technology.

              • Benjamin Kabak

                For broadcasts such as sports, AM is far better technology than FM. The AM signals reach for hundreds of miles beyond the range of the strongest FM transmitters.

              • Brian in NH

                Who uses HD radio? And Sirius/XM can be expensive. And if you buy a car with satellite you better hope it came with XM if you wanted to listen to baseball, or pay a ton extra for “Best of XM” which I refuse to do. I do just fine listening to my local AM1270 simulcast of yankee games.

        • steve s

          You have no basis for saying that. If you do so mockingly then ok but speak for yourself.

          • Benjamin Kabak

            I did qualify it and say “I do believe.” Ask around though. Be my guest.

            • Johnny O

              I mock. Tex message? you’re on the mark, teixeira? i could almost put up with them if they usually weren’t preceded by “and there’s a lazy fly to center….oh wait, it just went over the restaurant and out of the stadium!!! how do you like that suzyn?”

              The constant mis-description (yes i made that up) of plays as they happen always infuriates me.

          • Zack

            Yeah, how could fans listen to the games if the players didn’t have nicknames. A game without “the Grandy man can” is so empty…

            It’s the same phenomenon with people liking Chris Berman, he makes 1 or 2 good nicknames and then he has a following.

      • bumboklaat

        I really appreciate the ability to listen to 880 while driving from Jersey to VT.

    • Pasqua

      “Knowledge of the game” is a debatable point. To me, it’s knowledgable in the Joe Morgan sense of the word, which is to say they rely on surface observation to generate conjecture. They seem more interested in narrative / drama than calling a game.

    • Jay

      I want to offer a big “Ditto” there to “Ellis”. I very much like both Sterling and Waldman, and while I respect the right of others to dislike them, they have been part of my Yankees experience for many years, and I would hate to see them go, even if their replacements were in some way or another technically and factually more “capable”. George’s loyalty was just one of the things I really appreciated about him, and I would not like to see this change simply as the result of crunching a few numbers. After all, isn’t loyalty to one’s team really what such an organization counts on? Such loyalty, especially in this arena, should have value in and of itself.

      • Neil

        For better or worse loyalty=the almighty dollar in the new Yankee Yankee regime.

    • bob

      I agree

    • Kathy

      Amen, Ellis. And the Yankees have already done worse — remember the Sterling-Steiner days? They hated each other, and it showed in the broadcasts. John and Suzy get along well, and the broadcasts are more enjoyable for it.

  • nathan

    Let this happen. Let this happen.

  • Jeff Levy

    I’m happy with the broadcasts being on CBS 880. I was in Ohio once and was able to pick up the signal at night. If 1050 ESPN did want the Yankees broadcast they might have to consider beefing up their signal.

    I like Sterling and Waldman, but wouldn’t be sorry to see them go. Waldman could definitely be improved upon.

  • Cecala

    If ESPN gets the Yankees, does that mean Jon Miller will be calling the games? Please say no Ben.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      No. Miller is the primary play-by-play announcer for the San Francisco Giants, and only does work on ESPN Radio for national broadcasts. Since 1050 is an affiliate for ESPN Radio, it can select its own local programming when it’s not carrying national broadcasts, and the Yankee games would be a local broadcast.

      Anyway, Miller by himself is a perfectly fine play-by-play guy, but his home is in the Bay Area.

      • Frigidevil

        I’d imagine he still gives his own ‘correct’ pronunciation of every hispanic players’ names on the radio too.

    • MikeD

      Or, gasp, Joe Morgan will replace Sterling!

  • dc1874

    I can hear cbs at night when i go down to Florida during summer vacation….

    • Kiersten

      South Florida? Cause then that’s not CBS, there’s another station down there that carries the games.

      • BigBlueAL

        Yeah, 640 AM down here in South Florida carries the Yankee games.

        • Kathy

          I wish I could hear them in Marion County. Since we moved from NJ to Florida, I have to listen on my iPhone or on if I want a taste of home. And I do, whenever the games are on Fox, ESPN, and for all of the Tampa Bay games (since we’re blacked out of all of them) — and for games that run late, I go to bed with it on the netbook. We have XM in my husband’s car, but those only give the home broadcasts, so if the Yankees are on the road, out comes the iPhone — and I even use it to listen to the WCBS broadcast in restaurants.

  • Endlessmike

    How about Jeter?He’s a Yankees mascot for the next 40 years and many people espcially this website believe Jeter can do anything.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      Just curious: Who among the three authors believes that Jeter “can do anything”?

    • Mike R. – Retire 21

      What about right whales? Their testicles weigh approximately 1,100 pounds!

    • pat

      This comment was f*cking stupid.

  • Apollo22237

    I am probably in the minority, but I enjoy John Sterling. I don’t really like Waldman, but I deal with her. During the school year I don’t get YES, so I have to listen to all of those games on the radio. I enjoy listening to Sterling call games, and even though there are times when he can be horrible, it wouldn’t be the same for me.

    Not that my opinion matters, haha.

    • PJBaseball

      I agree with you. Sterling has his faults, but I generally enjoy listening to him. For some reason though, I can’t stand Susan. I find her completely unlistenable

  • kosmo

    Frankly each new year Sterling and Waldman sound more and more like an old vaudville team.Listening to the 2 of them for 3 or 4 hours is to my ears unbearable.
    They are not knowledgeable baseball people.They tend to be more Broadway than Baseball.

    • harry

      You hit the nail on the head, Kosmo. They’re like two annoying, jock sniffing characters from a “Seinfeld” episode. Just a couple of shills in the Howard Cosell mold.

  • KeithK

    Could there really be a hope of getting rid of dead-air Sterling and his comic side kick? Please, oh please make this happen Hal!

    The only thing that makes Sterling and Waldman tolerable to listen to is the fact that they’re covering the Yankees.

  • Kiko Jones

    While I am one of those who mocks Sterling’s calls and nicknames while acknowledging he’s a homer, I do enjoy his style. We already have “proper” announcers on YES. So keep Sterling on, I say.

  • Rod

    Listening to Sterling hearkens back to a simpler time, a time when sitting on a porch with an old radio and a glass of lemonade were the 2 staples of a baseball fan. I love to close my eyes and let him paint the picture for me of what is going on – the sights sounds and smells of the ballpark. Keep doin what you’re doin Johnny boy!

    Suzyn Waldman, on the other hand I find no redeemable qualities; that hyper emotional, brain frozen Boston twang rivals finger nails down a blackboard. For a first class organization like the Yankees, their continued faith in this BORING and grating individual is truly a black mark. There are literally MILLIONS of more interesting female sportscaters than this weak offering we are forced to listen to. C’mon Hal- cut her already….Sheeeeeesh!

  • Peter

    I enjoy Sterling at times, and he drives me crazy other times. The bigger issue for me is signal strength. I can actually get WCBS quite well in Cleveland, Ohio! It comes in stronger than some local stations, on a good evening, and I would really miss losing radio access to games. (I can also get WFAN fairly well, and I have gotten 1050 occasionally, but not strong at all.)

    • Kathy

      When we drove to Florida, we were able to get WFAN clearly into South Carolina!

  • mac1

    FWIW, the Yanks simulcast the games on an FM station on the border of Eastern Pennsylvania (FM 107.1) to service the far Northern NJ fans and whatever the fanbase is in North East PA.

    • the other Steve S,

      Also, I believe you get MLB games free with Sirius. MLB on the internet is just $15 a year for the iPhone crowd and 640 in Florida (WMEN-AM) broadcasts Yanks games with about a 10 second delay. Unless you are sitting on the curb with a transistor radio, there are options.

      • sammyb

        XM carries MLB on satellite radio, at least here in Canada, but you only get the home team announcers. MLB on the internet is fantastic, allowing you to choose which broadcast (including Spanish) you prefer.

  • Jackman

    I can’t stand the broadcast, it’s terrible. Waldman is just plain terrible. She isn’t knowledgeable at all, seriously has no clue about pretty much anything. All she really does is get really happy about minute things.

    I don’t mind Sterling’s antics, heck I sort of enjoy them. The problem with him, other than also not being that well informed, is that I believe he’s going blind. If you watch YES, and have the radio broadcast on (which you normally wouldn’t, because the radio is faster, thus the timing is off) you’ll see how bad he is. It’s almost like he can’t see the ball, just listens to the crack of the bat, and goes based on that.

    I’m not saying, hire guys from Fangraphs, or make it information overdrive. But atleast call the game as is, not like every pop up is a HR. I’d much appreciate someone else in there. Call the game as it is, or be well informed. Don’t be stuck in the middle, that’s all I ask for.

    But signal strength would bother me. I lived in Nassau for a few years, and you barely could hear it sometimes.

  • Mike Ri

    JOhn is the MAN !!

    I live in Rhode Island and growing up as a kid , thats all i had was Sterling !. We didn’t have WPIX or the YES network.

    Is he perfect ,, NO .. . but is any radio announcer perfect with the exception of Vin Scully ?

    John will be around for as long as he wants !. He’s a fixture now.

  • Phil “the commish” Selig

    I hope it stays with WCBS, during the evenings we get it in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. I have even gotten the signal while vacationing in Nova Scotia.

    • Brian in NH

      It must travel better over the open ocean. I’m in Seacoast NH and I don’t get that signal. It could be AM1270 you get in Nova Scotia, they carry the games locally for us

      • MikeD

        Skywave interference. The signals for AM radio stations skip across the ionosphere at night, greatly increasing their range, although the signal can fade in and out the further from the tower. WCBS-FM is a 50,000-watt dominant, clear channel carrier, which is FCC speak for “get the f*ck out of my way, I’m coming into your town tonight.” These are super stations, with their signals at night reaching up to 750 to even 1,000 square miles. Any clear channel station (not to be confused with the radio Owner & Operator that goes by the same name) is one of the originally assigned carriers dating back to the 1930s. Around here they’re stations such as WABC, WCBS, WOR and WFAN.

        They can (and are required) to make their signals more directional if they’re going to trespass on the broadcast rights of another station. Since there are no radio stations in the ocean, it’s probably possible to pick up WCBS at night 1,000 miles out at sea, (and may explain why it reaches Nova Scotia) but not necessarily several hundred miles north if there’s a station on that frequency. Is there another AM station in your region on 880?

        The real question, though, is why would the Yankees move off a clear channel to a radio station that can barely be heard five miles away?!

  • usty

    ESPN Radio’s signal is terrible. I’m just glad I have XM so I can hear the games crystal clear no matter what station they’re on.

    Side note – listening to other teams radio broadcasts has actually given me a little bit of appreciation for Sterling/Waldman. Compared to some of the dreck out there, they’re not so bad.

    • Kathy

      Yeah — people complain about John and Suzyn, but the reality is that there are far worse broadcast teams out there. We hear them as we scroll through the XM stations on summer afternoons when the Yankees are playing later in the day.

  • larryf

    Replace them both and just use his homerun calls and Yankees win!!! to end the game. He paints a terrible picture for the radio listener.

  • RCK

    I have to say that I listen to a lot of Yankees games on the radio and complain bitterly about what a bad game-caller Sterling is all the time. The worst was when I was stuck listening to part of ALCS game 6 on the radio, and he faked me out into thinking that long fly ball was actually a go-ahead home run.

    As far as Waldman goes, I once turned on 660 and heard Steve Sommers doing an interview with a woman who was reasonable and interesting and seemed to know a lot about baseball. After a minute I was shocked to realize it was Suzyn Waldman! Even her voice sounded less annoying. I really do think that Sterling brings her down. She can’t ever show him up, and so she has to be as inane as he is. I’m not saying she’s Nate Silver here, but I think that she is not as terrible as everyone here seems to think she is.

    I was really proud that the Yankees were the first team to ever have a female broadcaster call a World Series game. I would be thrilled to see Sterling go, and despite my defense of her here, I really don’t have any great love for Waldman, but I would love it if the Yankees decided to continue to have a woman in the booth.

    • the other Steve S,

      ERIN ANDREWS!!! Oh, thats right, radio, duuhhhh….

    • MattG

      Let’s find the equivalent of the Devil’s woman broadcaster. She knows her shit.

      I can’t believe Waldman actually knows baseball. This radio interview you speak of was surely a dream. Everyone’s brilliant in dreams.

      • RCK

        She was by no means brilliant, just, not dumb. She was making arguments about baseball that I found palatable and slightly above the level of cliché. I hardly believed it myself.

        There are definitely a lot of qualified women out there who are knowledgeable about baseball. I think it would be fantastic if the Yankees would hire one of them.

        • harry

          A question: why should women be in baseball broadcasts? The only ones I can stand are eye candy like NESN’s Heidi Watney. The trouble with Suzyn is that she doesn’t really know the game, although to a casual fan it might sound as if she does. Anybody can sound authoritative if they memorize a bunch of statistics, which is what Suzyn has done.

    • Sandy

      Yes Rick I think you are 100% right. Suzyn is always playing under Sterling. In the 5th inning when the Daily News guy comes on you can see that he enjoys the conversation with her and finds John a complete bore.
      Sterling’s ego does not permit her to shine. He is a little better this year, but previously he was unable to give her any credit for making a good point. He just continues on like he didn’t hear her.
      She tries so hard not to show him up. I give her alot of credit and wish he would go and she could work wth someone else.

  • RJ

    Near Hartford, we get the AM feed on 1410 which is a ESPN affiliate.

    I don’t mind either of them, but they are very similar, and I wouldn’t mind one or the other partnered with a former player.

  • Mariano’s Pimp Hand

    Listeners near Boston and Washington, DC, can hear WCBS while residents in Monmouth County, New Jersey, have trouble with WEPN.
    I can get WCBS up here on the Canadian Border in Vermont

  • Monteroisdinero

    Marty Glickman gone, Ernie Harwell gone. They don’t make announcers like them anymore. One thing that I can’t stand about Sterling is how moribund and depressed he gets when things aren’t going well. Torture.

  • joe(sit)ragman

    I live and love the Yankees from Michigan, U of Mich. area. We had a radio guy much like Sterling, named Bob Ufer. His style and love for the Wolverines was never questioned yet often criticised. An icon sorely missed after he passed. Enjoy John and Suzan while you can and remember its radio,entertaing those without a visual.

    • MattG

      See, and I already mourn the loss of the voice I could be hearing, the memories I could be cherishing, while listening to, “Anyone who bets on baseball is nuts! You can’t predict baseball! Who could predict that? Amazing!” This while I have no clue what just happened.

      No, nothing to enjoy here. Get me a good announcer, someone I can lament about in my old age, before it’s too late! I’m probably going to be older than the next guy! It’s already too late!

  • Mariano’s Pimp Hand

    Why is ESPN mentioned as the only alternative? Wouldn’t other area stations love to have the Yanks and the $$$ to get them?

    • MattG

      I would think that Yankee games are a massive disruption to services other stations offer. How many WCBS listeners flip to 1010 during Yankee games? How many just STAY on 1010 after they flip?

      ESPN and WFAN are the only stations that already have a format conducive to broadcasting the games, and WFAN is spoken for.

  • Januz

    ESPN has shown that is willing pay any price necessary to get what they want (Look at what they paid for the ACC Football & Basketball package). What I could see ESPN doing, is buying a radio station, to increase their strength, and entice the Yankees to jump. In addition, if ESPN would have decent radio personalities (NOT Steven A. Smith), they could beat WFAN in the ratings . I am sick of Somers, Francesca etc, and I am sure many others are.
    As for Sterling & Waldman, I cannot stand them. It is an embarassment that the Mets have much better announcers then we do. The quality ratio between Met>Yankee Announcers is greater than the Yankee> Met team.

    • MattG

      It seemed like ESPN was poised to demolish WFAN, but then they gave up their 920AM affiliate in the Philly area, and Dan Patrick’s national show bolted for other pastures. Dan Patrick was the first (and unfortunately thus far the last) sports jock to take his job down a notch, have some fun, and the rest of the shows seemed to follow his lead. Francesa would have you believe his debates determine international policy.

      I really miss Patrick’s (and Dibble’s, for that matter) 2 hours of light national sports talk. I haven’t cared about the Charlotte Hornets since.

  • steve (different one)

    Maybe the only person on earth that could make me sympathize with Sterling and Waldman is Raissman. That guy might be the biggest douche in an undisguished field of NYC tabloid writers.

    • Kathy

      Raismann’s columns are all about Raismann, ultimately.

  • lordbyron

    I can put up with Sterling, but Waldman has absolutely no business announcing a professional baseball game!!!

    • Yankeegirl49

      My thoughts exactly

  • MattG

    Here’s the thing about Waldman–she’s supposed to be a color commentator, but her insight is stuff I learned in little league. Anything that resembles a new nugget of information is always being relayed by Susan from a source. This makes me wonder why the Yankees don’t just have a baseball person in the booth, like 29 other teams I can mention.

    She (they) could make up for this by doing preparation, and becoming knowledgeable, but she (they) skate on their past accomplishments and contract status.

    My favorite example is a bit about a rookie named Hunter Pence. During a scoreboard, Waldman said, “On a home run by…Hunter Pence? I don’t think I’ve heard of him.” Sterling, “Mmmm…no. I haven’t either.” What made it especially funny is that the Yankees played the Astros in spring training that year, and Pence was in the lineup. Sterling and Waldman used his name on the air.

    • kosmo

      It´s funny but that comes to my mind too.At the time Pence was a highly touted prospect who had recently been called up.Any knowledgable baseball fan would have known it.
      That moment stuck with me.

  • Yank the Frank

    Both Sterling and Waldman have a good face for radio. Except for Sterlings constant miss of HR calls he is ok. I like his histrionics. I don’t think Waldman brings much to the table.

    • steve (different one)

      Problem is that Waldman has a voice for newspaper

  • MattG

    A: Here’s the pitch…

    B: Here’s the pitch…lined towards right, past Pedroia, just out of his reach. Jeter takes a turn at first and holds on as Drew tosses it in.

    • steve (different one)

      And sterling’s actual call:

      C: it is high…it is far…it’s a base hit past pedroia!

      • Benjamin Kabak

        It is high…it is far….it is caught in foul territory.

        • MattG

          What is especially egregious about the stupidest home run call ever conceived is that I’ve gotten good at reading the crowd noise. The crowd will tell you if it’s a no-doubter (the only time a competent announcer would ever call something before it happens is if the conclusion is not in doubt) or if Sterling’s call will end in disappointment. He’s in such an egomaniacal hurry to make his call, the crowd demonstrably has a better feel for the play than the announcer.

          Use this trick! Amaze your wife and kids!

  • Marsha

    Add me to the Hallelujah contingency. Get me Hal’s email address and I will share my feelings about the incompetent broadcast team. Knowing that this may be John and Suzyn’s last season will make 2011 even better. I will start my own countdown clock. This post has made my day!

  • Johnny O

    Win/Win: Keep 880 and ditch Ma and Pa Pinstripe!

    They’re really not even good together. Sterling basically ignores everything Suzy says. He describes the game inaccurately, and that’s really his only job. All Suzy does is come up with comments like “I saw Derek before the game and he said he was alive today, which is good news for the Yankees.” And anything that starts with “when i was growing up in Boston” causes me to automatically change the channel.

  • tommydee2000

    I have XM, and I’m always happy when I can get the opponent’s broadcast. I even listened to Miller/Morgan during the playoffs.

  • Januz

    I simply will not listen to Sterling & Waldman (Even if the Alternative is McCarver or Morgan). You can be a homer, but still know the sport (Ken “Hawk” Harrelson). Those two act like the game itself is secondary to Sterling’s comedy routine (Even Comcast Sports has Steve Stone to play “Straight Man” to Harrelson’s act. And Stone is exponentially better then Waldman).

  • ChrisS

    I don’t listen to the radio broadcast because I can’t stand either of them. I watch the games when I can and I can’t stand Kay either (though my opinion of him is mellowing). I prefer Singleton, Leiter, and Cone (Cone especially when he’s about 3 seconds away from starting a story with, “Well, Michael, there was this one time we were in Cleveland and I had this blonde in my lap, two brunettes, and a case of Schlitz. Nails was sitting on the couch eating an entire pizza by himself and …”).

    I find it hard to believe that in a city/metro area with 11+ million people, John Sterlin and Suzyn Waldman are the best announcers they can find.

    From upthread:
    I love to close my eyes and let him paint the picture for me of what is going on.

    Unfortunately, what he’s describing rarely has much in common with what’s happening at the game.

  • kendubrowski

    I can only hope it ends what has become obvious.

    That these two are indeed the worst radio announcers in baseball. For all their money and class you would think the Yankees would want to have the best radio announcers available. Not two people who condescend to their audience like they are six year old children. My kids refuse to listen to them when we drive in the car. They are two of the worst I have ever listened to and was the mitigating reason I purchased the baseball package here in Boston just so I can listen to the Yankees without hearing WCBS”s “talented team” talk down to everyone or go off on mindless rants .

    I know they have their fans but don’t count me as one. In fact they also have a mounting list of this who see them for what they are.

    • Januz

      Wyonna Ryder put it best in “Heathers” when she said “There’s A New Sheriff In Town”, that new sheriff is Hal. The days of having sub-par anything with no accountability, because George likes someone are over. That applies to Waldman,guys being brought back out of sympathy, crazy contracts (Like Hank with A-Rod), or anything else. There is little doubt that ratings (and of course, AD $$$$$$$$$$$), would be higher WITHOUT Sterling & Waldman, and for that reason alone, I expect them to be replaced. After that, they can work on getting rid of Kay when his contract is up (His “Predictions” after Texas Game 1, should have been the final straw).

  • Stultus Magnus

    Why do people tease us with these stupid stories. They aren’t going anywhere. I’m surprised that anybody likes them, but some people really do. They are the reason I got cable a few years ago, I just couldn’t stand listening to the games. The interleague games vs. the Mets were the highlight of the season because I’d just listen to the FAN where they have awesome radio guys.

    The Yanks and their fans deserve better than those two. But they won’t be leaving anytime soon. They are like the YMCA dance that the grounds crew does, an annoying, permanent Yankee fixture.

  • Sean

    KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP Steeeeeeeerling!!!

  • Cate

    I am sick of Suzyn Waldman shoving the Red Sox down my throat. I know she was born and raised in Boston but I don’t need to hear how great the Sox are.

    As for Sterling, I have a feeling he is staying. I think Suzyn is the one who is going and I would love to have Joe Morgan on board.

  • clambelly

    Stultus Magnus is absolutely correct when he cites the fact that the Yankees so value tradition that they carry it to ridiculous extremes. The YMCA dance of the grounds crew seems a sick homage to the 7 Dwarfs, especially the little movement of the right arm as they wait for the insufferable chorus, when they toss down whatever you call that contraption that flattens out the infield dirt. But we’ve benefited from that over time as well. I can only speak for myself, but as a Yankees fan of more than 50 years I appreciate that the uniform has undergone virtually zero change since numerals were first sewn onto the back. It makes the job of “seeing” the Yankees of yesteryear all the easier when I see today’s players take the field.

    That said, I must admit my John and Suzyn fatigue. Perhaps if Mel Allen, The Scooter and Mr. White weren’t still so indelibly implanted in my mind’s ear…

  • MikeD

    I wonder who the worst baseball broadcasters are right now? I know we complain out Sterling and Co. and Kay, and even guys like Joe Morgan, but they’re not anywhere near bad. They’re actually better than much of what you’ll hear around the country. For example, I was listening to the MLB Network, which was replaying clips of top walk-off wins (or something like that) of 2010. One of the clips was, I believe, a Pirates game, which they won on a HR. One of the broadcasters went into a near orgasmic display of screaming, hooting and, yes, cat-call whistling that had to represent the worst case of homer-ism I have ever heard. Ever. It was embarrassing listening to it and was completely unprofessional. Who is this jerk? My fear is he’ll be our next Yankee broadcaster!

    • MikeD

      Okay, I found it on YouTube. Gets worse every time I listen to it. I’m not sure if Blass is the guy announcing or the guy in the background. Both are bad. The guy whistling and screaming is, well, Yikes. What happens if they ever win a game that has meaning?

      • joe

        Don’t normally comment here, but I agree with you. Yankee haters love giving crap to Sterling, calling him a “homer”, but hey ALL radio guys are homers and Sterling in comparison to some guys, especially from the mid-west, isn’t even that bad.

        I understand everyone looks at the Mets’ booth as a beacon of integrity and the standard by which all other radio teams should strive for, but I enjoy having a little personality and a bit of an over the top approach to the game, especially when listening on the radio.

        Besides, I don’t recall any of my Met fan friends complaining when Howie Rose was probably standing on his chair and screaming “PUT THAT IN YOUR BOOKS!!!!!!!!!” when Wright beat Mo. Homerism and radio broadcasts go hand in hand.

        • John E

          I live in Norfolk, Va. and I can pick up WCBS 880 at different times…it sometime goes in & out.

        • MikeD

          Agreed. I like a little bit of homer-ism in my broadcasters. They are the home-team broadcasters, so they can show emotion. I listened to Phil Rizzuto for years, so we agree. Blass and his partner, though, went way over the top on that one.

    • wei

      I hate Vin Scully’s monotone voice. I have been a baseball fan for only 7 years, so I don’t know a lot of its history. But to hear his voice for 3 hours in a ball game is suffering to me, not entertainment, which baseball is supposed to be.

      Thank god I am not a dodger fan.

  • Kathy

    “Listeners near Boston and Washington, DC, can hear WCBS while residents in Monmouth County, New Jersey, have trouble with WEPN.”

    Listeners in BAYONNE, which is just north of Staten Island and five miles SW of Battery Park, have trouble with WEPN. At night, you can hear another channel broadcasting over the WEPN signal. But on drives to Baltimore, WCBS came in clear as a bell, even better than Baltimore-area stations.

  • Larry

    Bring back Jay Johnstone, The John and Jay show now thats comedy.



  • Poopy Pants

    Good riddance to Sterling. He’s an embarrassment to the Yankees organization.

  • displaced new yorker

    I would love for Waldman to go. Her Edith Bunker take on a contrived mid-season return of Clemens typifies why she is hard to listen to.

    I sure hope WCBS 880 wins the next contract. I live by Detroit and can usually pick up a decent signal to listen to the games which is much better than the time-delayed internet offerings via MLB.

  • leistenr

    So long as WCBS retains/wins the contract, I don’t care. I travel all over the northeast, and rely on the strength of its signal to get the games. Yeah, John Sterling can be a bit much (and I’m not as negative as others on Suzyn Waldman), but they are tolerable, and so long as I can listen to the games, I don’t care

  • clouseau13

    I’m an immigrant from the UK. A former cricket fan, I started listening to the Yankees broadcasts in 1993. I knew little about baseball and less about the Yankees. Back then, as you all know, no one could accuse me of being a fair-weather fan, of glomming onto an evil empire, checkbook franchise, just so I could boast of my winning team. No it was John Sterling (and Michael Kay) who turned me into a Yankee fan. I had bought an ancient house on Long Island and spent every weekend up a ladder fixing shingles, scraping, painting. Could never find a decent music station while I worked and one day I just happened to tune into a Yankees broadcast. The first thing that struck me was Sterling’s tone, he talked to listeners, no rah-rah radio voice yelling out plays. It was a conversation and he was a charming conversationalist with a fabulous storehouse of anecdotes and wisecracks. Sure it was cornball, but bloody hell, if there’s no room for cornball in baseball this country is well and truly sunk. Sure he miscalled some plays, which made it all the more real for me. I can’t recall how many times I’ve been at the stadium and prematurely cheered a homer that went foul, a catch that was dropped, a strikeout that wasn’t. Sterling’s certainly no more fallible than me. One day on the way into the stadium with my 5 year old son, I bumped into Sterling in his black suit and tie. Unprompted, he stopped and beamed, patted my son on the head with his meaty palm and boomed “Very cute.” It was so obvious how he loved the game, the history, the fans, the whole nine yards. Holy Cow, to lose Sterling would be to lose a true baseball character. Say it ain’t so Joe.