Jeter seeking four or five years, $23-24M per

Open Thread: TGIF
Albaladejo finds a job in Japan

Via Michael Schmidt, Derek Jeter is reportedly seeking a four or five-year contract that would pay him upwards of $24M per season. That’s certainly better than the nonsense that was shot down earlier this evening, but it’s still far more than what the Yankees appear to be willing to pay. The gap between 3/45 and say, 4/96 is certainly one that can be bridged, but I can’t imagine it’ll be easy.

The Derek Jeter-free RAB weekend is just three hours away…

Open Thread: TGIF
Albaladejo finds a job in Japan
  • JM

    So that’s a year and about 1M per less… progress?

  • Nick!

    Oh wow, I read this as 4-5/23-24 and thought “WOW the Yankees are gonna look bad after this even if 3 is more than enough.”

  • Inglorious Bastardo

    The max the Yankees should do is 3/51. And thats more than reasonable. Add some incentives and perhaps and option year. Jeter should consider himself a very lucky man to play for this franchise.

  • Chris

    So, a person “close to the Jeter/Close team” reported that they were asking for 6/$150M. Then Close came out and said that was false, but didn’t specify what they were actually looking for. Now, a “in baseball who had been briefed on the matter” indicates that they’re really asking for 5/$120M.

    Wait a few weeks and there will be a cousin announcing that they have a deal in place.

  • Bryan

    This will end at 3/66.

    • nathan

      The 4th yr is a given.

  • mike c

    3/45 vs. 4/96 probably meets in the middle at 3/60 and an option for a 4th… that would be very generous, but that’s the yankees steez

  • awy

    why the hell would the yankees move to the middle? he’s not even worth 3/45

    • mike c

      it’s called negotiating for a reason

      • awy

        this is not one of your pawnshop negotiations. the yankees are bidding against no one in particular.

        • Hughesus Christo

          When is the last time the Yankees actually bid against another team? Burnett, I guess. Tex, CC, Posada, Rivera, Pettitte all play on Yankees-only deals.

          • Benjamin Kabak

            They bid against the Red Sox and Nationals for Teixeira.

            • Hughesus Christo

              Didn’t they go 30 million over the field for him?

              • Jonathan

                the report was $10MM over for an 8 year deal. if i’m correct so not even close.

              • Benjamin Kabak

                The initial Nats deal was rumored at 8 years and $160 million. The Yanks eventually topped that by $20 million overall. The Orioles offered 7 years between $140-$150 with a willingness to go to 8, and the Red Sox offered 8 at slightly under $170 million. To win, the Yanks had to bid against other teams and up their initial six-year offer.

                • Ed

                  The Nats were also willing to go higher, but Tex never bothered to respond to their opening bid.

            • Total Dominication

              And CC was gonna get a huge deal no matter what, the Yankees just made the top offer first, instead of negotiating for a while. Pettitte is on team-friendly deals. Rivera would have a ton of suitors for his services. Posada could’ve going to the Mets.

      • ramez hanna

        no body will pay him more than the yankees 3/45
        where is he going to play? in japan
        cashman was right
        test the market and then come on your knees back,you greedy boy

  • nathan

    Jeter gets his 4th year at about 18 or 19 per and will come out looking like the victim. I also look forward to atleast 5 MSM articles predicting that bad blood continues and Yanks donno what the hell they are doing and a good dosage of Torre thrown in.

    This is all sad, they should have really offered 2 as their starting point. There is no way he doesnt get the 4th.

    DJ is doing what we would all do, but I just hope the MSM will save the selfless Yankee and True Yankee (TM) crap.

  •!/profile.php?id=9370232 Mike HC

    Is it possible that Close leaked the first 6 for 150 million report just so he could come out and deny it, making the 4-5 for 23-24 per more reasonable in comparison? I don’t know. That is why it is all just bs.

    • Jon in CUO

      That’s my guess.

    • The Three Amigos

      That makes no sense… in the world of absurd contract proposals for DJ, 6 for 150 or 4 for 92/96 or 5 for 115/120 makes no difference.

      •!/profile.php?id=9370232 Mike HC

        Did you read the post, “That’s certainly better than the nonsense that was shot down earlier this evening, but it’s still far more than what the Yankees appear to be willing to pay. The gap between 3/45 and say, 4/96 is certainly one that can be bridged,” so at least Mike was desensitized just a bit to the actual offer.

        People that want to pay Jeter 10 cents obviously won’t care, but for the majority of the fans who are not taking sides and just hoping for a deal both sides can live with, this new offer seems a bit more reasonable in comparison to the earlier bogus one.

        I’m not saying this actually happened though. Just that it was possible. Most likely, it didn’t happen like that, so you are probably right to an extent.

        • The Three Amigos

          I want Jeter back, as I am sure 99.9% of Yankee fans do. However, until he has a concrete offer of more then $60M from another team I just don’t see a gap to bridge, based on the comments out of the Yankee camp. Close is making himself look like an ass, shooting down a $150M report and then not the $120M. If true, its like he’s saying 6 for 25 mil a year that’s crazy, what we want is 5 for 24 mil a year!

          •!/profile.php?id=9370232 Mike HC

            ha, yes, I see the comedy in that fact when you take a step back and see things clearly. But the entire point of negotiations, and/or PR battles is to convince/manipulate people to see things your way, and to muddy things up. To set the stage. If you are smart, you ignore it all and just stick to your original beliefs, like you have, and I’m sure Cashman and the Yanks have. But, that does not change the fact it could have been an attempt to make the real offer more reasonable, with varying degrees of success with different people. Obviously less so, or no success at all with you.

  • ralphny

    Let him go. He’s not worth it. The money could be used elsewhere. at most, he should only get a two year contract at his age.

    • Jonathan

      where are you going to put the money? after we sign Lee the only hole left would be Jeter. Do you see a good SS available? This is the problem with the people saying, “let him go”. Ok, we’ve heard your thoughtless remark. Now tell us where you spend that extra money and where you get a SS? And Nunez isn’t a realistic option.

      • The Three Amigos

        While I agree letting him go is not a sound proposal, the yanks can get a one year stop gap, hold the money and wait for a long term solution via trade or FA. The can reinvest that money into foreign FA from South America, there are plenty of options for that money (10/15 million) Truthfully, if the choices are that or sign DJ for 4 years and 96 million, I choose the former.

    • Tom Merritt

      I agree they should hold a hard line and let him go if he won’t agree to it. It would save them from the next problem of what to do with him. He is already a liability at shortstop and at the plate. Ego is too big to recognize and acknowledge that fact.

      The fact that they gave A-Roid a ridiculous contract is just making Jeter’s situation worse.

      I respect what Jeter has accomplished but I’ve never been a big Jeter fan and think he has always been overrated.

      He is just at a point new where he has too many liabilities and he is way out of line expecting a ridiculous contract. Two years is too much in my opinion. It is extremely unlikely we will see any bounce back next year. He has a lot of miles on him since he came to the majors at such a young age.

      Time to move on and look for the next set of Yankee cornerstone players for the future. No great athletes have unlimited careers.

  • mustang

    “Still, the current offers — three years at $15 million a year by the Yankees and a maximum five years at $23 to $24 million by Close — suggest an obvious compromise in which the two sides would settle at four years and, say, $19 million a year.
    If they did agree on those numbers, it would actually represent a small, but symbolic, annual increase over Jeter’s last contract, which, at the behest of George Steinbrenner, was designed to average a sliver below $19 million a year.
    A deal that paid $19 million a year would also allow Jeter to rationalize that he was not taking a pay cut, a point that was emphasized on Friday by one National League executive who has been watching the Jeter situation with interest. That executive said that established stars like Jeter typically found it difficult to take any kind of reduction of pay, even when they have already made enormous amounts of money”

    I say 3 years 57. Jeter’s gets 19 and saves his super star ego and the Yankees are on the hook for only 3 years. For the record I think it’s way too much and i love jeter.

    • mustang

      If I’m the Yankees I rather take a little more of a hit on the money side then the years.

  • KDB

    If Jeter gets a fourth year it will be spent on the bench.

  • Jake H

    I’m so tired of Jeter. Why don’t you say you want to be the first owner/player/manager. I’m almost at the point to say go GIDP for another team at 6 or 7 million a yr.

    • Total Dominication

      Ummm, no. I feel like your undervaluing Jeter. He’s being crazy, but I think he could get a 2 year 22 million deal eeeeasily. Have you seen the SS FA crop?

      • nathan

        Which team? Give me 1 team.

        • Total Dominication

          Have you seen the AL SS’s? It’s horrendously bad. 11 mil is inthe range of many teams, not just the top 8. I want you to look at this link:
          And tell me a team won’t pay Jeter 10 mil on a short contract.

          • nathan

            I cant see a single team that will pay 10-11 Million for a 36 year old slap hitting GIDP machine with no range.

            Again, tell me which team will sign him? I dont care who plays SS for the Pirates or Orioles, who realistically will sign Jeter for 10 M?

            • Total Dominication

              The point is that Jeter, compared to other SS, is a hitting machine even in his declined form. The upgrade over him, who’s a 3 WAR SS even in declined form, and the Nunez-esque bats many are fored to trudge out there, is worth 10 mil.

              • nathan

                That doesnt mean Yanks have to overpay. I agree signing him for a short deal is ok, but at what cost. They already have put double the amount any other team will put out for his services.

                • Total Dominication

                  I completely agree. I said “he’s being crazy”, but to I took issue with your “let him get 6 mil elsewhere” since he’ll get more than that by a significant amount.

  • Benjamin Kabak

    The Derek-free weekend is an illusion. Close can’t win this PR battle if this is what his actual request is.

  • Hughesus Christo

    Jeter-Free Weekend is shot :(

    They’re not even trying for the “anonymous” route anymore. I also don’t understand Madden “explanation” earlier that MLB officials have to receive contract terms for contracts that haven’t even been negotiated. Shenanigans all around.

    • Dirty Pena

      The biggest reason anyone wants a Jeter free weekend around here is you. Thanks.

  • billy’s bartender

    i think this will end at 3/51 with an option year

    • Benjamin Kabak

      If it’s a team option, I can live with that deal. I could even go to 3/54 and be fine with it.

  • FIPster Doofus

    Hopefully Cash leaves 3/45 on the table and tells Jeter to shop himself around the league. No other team would even approach NYY’s offer.

    Don’t overpay just for the sake of doing it; that mistake was already made with A-Rod – who, granted, was a 32-year-old fresh off an MVP-winning, 9-fWAR season when he became a free agent in 2007. The present-day version of Jeter is nowhere close to A-Rod was in age or ability.

    • Jon in CUO

      FIPster, you genius, you’ve done it again!

  • Short Porch aka Master of the Obvious


    For that money, we should take a good shortstop and a couple of bad contracts — Starlin Castro, Cubs, along with Dempster and Soriano, or Troy Tulowitzki along with Helton, Aaron Cook — for a decent minor league package.

    50 mil or so of salary relief would be welcome to many a team.

    • Teh Comp Pick

      Dempster has pitched well for the cubbies, don’t think that they want to shed his contract…Soriano on the other hand

    • bexarama

      I don’t think the Cubs/Rockies would give up Castro/Tulo, even for their bad contracts and/or salary relief too. Don’t think the Cubs would get rid of Dempster either, he’s been pretty good for them.

      • Short Porch aka Master of the Obvious

        I guess the question is, is there a team with 40 to 50 mil of dreck and a decent shortstop we can do a deal with?

        • bexarama

          I’m thinking no.

          And if your argument is that Jeter’s contract will be a waste for the team, honestly, why would you want to acquire wasteful contracts from another team? Unless we could get Tulo or Hanley, which isn’t happening, it’s just not worth it.

    • JobaWockeeZ

      I don’t know if I like the Tulo outside of Coors. And Starlin is incredibly young and cheap so only a king’s ransom gets him even considering salary relief.

      There’s Bartlett on the market but meh.

  • Tom

    the yankees have no reason to budge off of the 3 for $45 mill. Let him go elsewhere, and allow Nunez to step in, worst case scenario (they will have similar production at this point) and Nunez can bat where jeter belongs in the bottom of the lineup. The Yankees having this guy the platform to be and become what he is known for (a winner, true yankee, class act, captain, etc.) He is only any of that because of the Yankees. The yankees have been successful after ruth, gehrig, dimaggio and mantle. Jeter is probably losing a good amount respect by these numbers coming out and acting like Joe Torre during these discussions.

    • Hughesus Christo

      allow Nunez to step in, worst case scenario (they will have similar production at this point)

      • FIPster Doofus


      • The Big City of Dreams

        Ppl are downing the Nunez kool-aid pretty fast.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      When all is said and done, I’d put money on Derek Jeter far outperforming Eduardo Nuñez if they were both to get 600 PAs in 2011. Nuñez just doesn’t project to be more than utility guy.

      • JerseyDutch

        True, but if Jeter doesn’t budge much off 4+/23+, would you go with Nunez until a trade opportunity develops?

        • Benjamin Kabak

          Nope. I’m very down on Nunez. That’s just my view though.

    • Jonathan

      ridiculous. Nunez is barely a passable 2nd back up infielder. He isn’t good defensively and can’t hit worth a lick. he has no power, no discipline and zero experience. You were probably one of the people begging Cashman to upgrade the bench somehow but now you want one of those unacceptable bench options to start.

      •!/profile.php?id=9370232 Mike HC

        Nunez may be a serviceable shortstop in his prime years, like 25-30 give or take a year or two, but I would not hand over the Yankees starting shortstop job to him this year. The Yanks would have to get another shortstop either by trade or free agent or something. But Jeter is signing, so this really won’t matter for another 3-5 years, or more.

  • Big Bertha

    The Yankees should counter with 4 years, $80 million and go from there. Jeter obviously deserves at least $20 million a year through age 40 for all he’s done for the ballclub. This team would lose a lot without their captain so I’m just flabbergasted at the posts saying just dump Jeter. 5 WS rings, career .300+ hitter, will be the 1st Yankee ever to reach 3,000 hits, and a first ballot hall of famer. That isn’t someone you dump in the trash.

    • FIPster Doofus

      Are there trash cans anywhere with $45 million in them? If so, please dump me in one.

    • nathan

      5 ws — thankful for them, that dont mean a single thing for the next 4 years.

      3000 hits — personal milestone, doesnt mean jack

      first ballot HOF — we are not the Rays, Hall is filled with Yankees.

      How about calling the selfless captain out?

    • Benjamin Kabak

      Jeter got paid $189 million over 10 years for all he’s done for the ballclub. I don’t see the argument why he should be rewarded for things he’s done (and for which he’s gotten paid already).

      • mustang

        Agree. And to be honest I thought he got over paid in the 189 million dollar contract. I mean Jeter with that contract got lumped in with the A-Rod and Manny group.

    • JerseyDutch

      No, he deserves $10 million a year tops based on his performance. We’ll end up paying him almost twice that but that’s how it goes.

    • steve (different one)

      Wait, just this morning you said Jeter should get his $150M. In 12 hours, you’ve lowered your bid $70M? Too bad your not his agent.

      • Carlosologist

        Conclusion: Big Bertha is Casey Close’s mistress/maid who took a peek inside his clientele’s FA to-do list.

        • JerseyDutch

          Big Bertha is Casey Close using an ironic handle.

    • vic

      What have you been drinking, Jeter has a great offer from Cashman, he’s in decline.

    • ross

      5 WS rings, career .300+ hitter, will be the 1st Yankee ever to reach 3,000 hits, and a first ballot hall of famer.

      The Yankees original offer already includes the “because I’m Derek Jeter” tax.

      That isn’t someone you dump in the trash.

      Yeah? Well… I don’t very much care for his negotiating tactics.
      Here’s a pic of him leaving after a meeting with Cashman.

      Not cool, Jetes.



      • bexarama

        Oh well played.

  • Lisa

    I love jeter. He’s my favorite player and even I don’t want a long contract. I think he’ll have a bounce back year, but 3-4 years (age 40) I see a decline. And a long term contract means we might have to trade nunez, who’ll get no playing time. He seems like a kid with a lot of potential.

    Will we be able to move Jeter down the line up? Will he dh (he’s not a power hitter)? His pride took him nearly 2 months to go to kevin long after all those DPs.

    Jeter has been a great player, still above average now. He’s been exemplary off the field & represented the yankees well. But the yankees have paid him well over the years & being in pinstripes gave him center stage to show how good he is. If he were playing for another team, he probably wouldn’t have gotten as a big a payday over the years. So both sides have helped each other with the yanks making a lot of cash on jeter jerseys etc.

    I think a compromise would work. 3 years, 20 million a year. Maybe an option for the 4th year, which could land him on the dh like 2011 posada. I know that’s over paying. But this is turning into a PR nightmare for them. But if they over pay, but stick firm to the years, they turn the PR ball over to Jeter.

    Side Note:
    regarding the 6 years for Jeter as earlier reported: I hear angry comments like how could you give cliff lee 6 years and not give jeter 6 years? I rather 5 yr for cliff (though we don’t know the year amount). For argument’s sake, let’s say 6 years. Cliff is 32, 6 years makes him 38. Jeter is 36, 6 years makes him 42. This is not a fair comparison. If you’re gonna compare, then 6 years for cliff is equivalent to 2 years for Jeter as they would be 38 when their contracts end.

    •!/profile.php?id=9370232 Mike HC

      “His pride took him nearly 2 months to go to kevin long after all those DPs.”

      I think it was reasonable for him to assume that it was just a bad first half, or however long it took him to try to fix it, and he would snap out of it like he always did. He went to Long with plenty of time before the end of the year and playoffs. I don’t see a problem there. He worked to improve his D before the 2009 season, which actually may have been more of shift to play deeper and closer to second, when he got all the criticism. The guy will work to fix whatever went wrong, if he can.

    • JobaWockeeZ

      And a long term contract means we might have to trade nunez, who’ll get no playing time. He seems like a kid with a lot of potential.

      Prepare your flame suit.

      • Tom Zig

        where does this perception that Nunez has a lot of potential come from? I’m not claiming to be an expert, and I’m not saying you’re 100% wrong. But out of curiosity what do the people see in him?

        • The Big City of Dreams

          I understand where you’re coming from because those same thoughts run through my mind as well. I think it’s the back up QB theory. You know ppl always love the back up QB. In Nunez ppl see a young athletic player that would be playing a position built on defense. They don’t mind if he doesn’t put up elite or even good offensive numbers because in the Yankee line-up he wouldn’t have too. As long as he plays well defensively if his offense is decent or average than it’s a bonus. The thing is though ppl have to remember he’d be replacing Jeter at SS. Yes Jeter is a 36 yr old SS that took a step back this season but what he has done over his career can not be ignored. How brutal will fans and the media be when he doesn’t get hits in a handful of clutch situations? How long will it be until the same fans campaigning for Nunez turn on him because he’s not living up to their expectations?

    • Hughesus Christo

      Eduardo Nunez’s development/playing time plays absolutely no part in this negotiation/decision.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      And a long term contract means we might have to trade nunez, who’ll get no playing time. He seems like a kid with a lot of potential.

      Eduardo Nunez is like an in-shape Luis Sojo. He’s never going to be a factor on a good Yankee team. Who cares if he’s blocked by future Hall of Famer Derek Jeter?

      • Xstar7

        Eduardo Nunez = Gil Mcdougald

        • Maris61

          Gil was an All-Star at 2nd, 3rd, and short.
          “You can look it up!”

      • Teh Comp Pick

        Sojo was super legit in his own right.

  • Big Stein

    that’s not bad — Jetes only wants to be the 3rd highest paid player.

    see, he’s not greedy or delusional about his current worth.

  • bonestock94

    Why on earth would he get a pay raise, so ridiculous.

  • Big Stein

    Jeter also asked for a monument bigger than george steinbrenner’s in Monument Park and for the dedication to take place before he retires.

    that sounds reasonable.

  • Jerome S.

    What the hell will Derek be doing in 2015? playing a below average RF? Hitting .240?

    I know, next year he will bounce back… but the fact remains that in four or five years he’ll be lucky to play 120 games, that’s a fact. No way he hits .300 at any point after next year, and by the end of this rumored contract he’s going to suck. It’s called quitting while you’re ahead. Get the 3000th hit, there’s really little else for him to do in his career beyond that.

  • ZZ

    If Close does not come out and deny this, the presumption will be that is what he is asking for.

    Not a great situation to be in.

    • Hughesus Christo

      Maybe if the Yankees leak a ridiculous number late enough at night Close’s denial will come long enough after the leak to convince the last holdouts.

      Close’s red phone must be ringing.

  • DonMattingly

    Jeter to Dodgers 3 Year over 63M…and not going to use Yankee cap in HOF.

    • Patrick T

      I was going to come up with a witty RAB-comment-style way of rebutting this, but it occurred to me I’d rather just ask the question:

      Why on earth does anyone give a toss what cap a player has on his HOF-plaque?

      Seriously, in what way does this impact anyones life, or even their enjoyment of baseball? Am I supposed to feel more enriched as a baseball fan when someone wears a Yankee cap on their HOF-plaque? There are a ridiculous amount of HOF’ers who made their name as Yankees. Whether Jeter finishes his career in pinstripes or not, he’s going to be one of those. I don’t care if he’s wearing a rubber chicken on his head in his HOF plaque – He made his career in pinstripes, he’s a Yankee legend, I’m glad I got to see him play in his prime. And years after he’s retired, he’ll be attending NYY Old-Timer’s games and nobody will care how much money he made in his last contract or even what team he finished up with. Babe Ruth started with the Red Sox and finished with the Braves – is he somehow less a Yankee legend. People read too many Lupica columns.

      No idea where this rant came from, just amazes me the stupid stuff people waste their time worrying about.

    • Tom Zig

      Players don’t get to choose what cap they wear.

      • Benjamin Kabak

        Other point: This guy’s trolling.

    • Evan3457

      Rafael Furcal is signed for 2011, with a team option for 2012.


  • stuart a

    yea all the shrewd negotiaters on the site saying give hi ma 4th year will be butching and moaning by august what a horrible contract.

    3 years at $45 mill is more then fair… the yanks owe jeter nothing. yep.. the guy has already made over $200 mill. they owe him zilch…

    at $15 per he is overpaid by a ton already. giving a 36 year old a 4 year deal is suicide………..

    sorry i am such a meanie poor derek…..

  • What Won’t Jesus Montero Do

    First I want to say that I love Derek Jeter. He is a big reason why I’m a Yankees fan and all of my Yankee memories include him. But if he wants to be ridiculous in wanting so much money, not that I’m saying I believe these “person familiar with” stories, he can go put on a different uniform. Carl Crawford can do a better job leading off anyway. We were willing to struggle if Gardner didn’t pan out, though we were more optimistic he would do a good job, which I don’t think many people feel the same about Nunez. I can deal with a year of him or even sign one a free agent on a 1 year deal and see if Cash can find a trade this summer or next winter. But if Jeter can be reasonable, I take him back with open arms.

    • Eric

      Jeter hit .270 last year. Nunez can definitely equal or even surpass that very easily, minus a lot of the GIDP.

      On defense, he will probably have a few more errors but he will give you more range.

      Overall, he can be a servicable major league SS and if given enough time to develop and gain experience might even be very good.

      I’d say let Jeter go. It will happen eventually anyway.

      • Carlosologist

        Eduardo Nunez is in no way shape or form a starter on the New York Yankees. As Ben put it, “he’s an in-shape Luis Sojo”.

      • pete

        Nunez can definitely equal or even surpass that very easily, minus a lot of the GIDP

        Where the hell are you getting this? Honestly, if given a full year’s worth of PAs, I think we’d be likely to see Nunez hit something more like 255/.310/.330.

    • mbonzo

      Nunez has a .318 OBP in the minors and a .369 SLG.

      Jeter’s worst full year in the majors, last year, was a .340 OBP. His BABIP took a 47 point drop from his career average. There was also knee tendinitis no one talked about.
      Assuming the worst, and Jeter is just a burnt out player, I’d rather see Jeter repeat 2010, than see Nunez out there. Especially if all it takes is money.

      • Zack

        No one talks about the knee because 36 year old players get beat up, that’s the risk of having older players. He wont be 100% next year either.

    • Poopy Pants

      Why do you ‘love’ Derek Jeter? For hitting and throwing a ball around and getting paid $200 million to do it? He doesn’t do anything important. Get some perspective on life.
      He doesn’t care about you.

      • bexarama

        I’m not really sure why you’re here, seeing as like 85% of your posts are:

        1. I hate this website and everyone who comments on it.
        2. I don’t like spoiled millionaires who hit a ball and throw it around for millions of dollars.

        Like, what’s your point? You’re not even a good troll.

      • What Won’t Jesus Montero Do

        Because despite wanting to get paid a ridiculous amount of money, he has been nothing short of a great example of what a professional athlete should be. And everyone who loves a sport as much as I do baseball will eventually have one player that like. Maybe love was a poor choice of word but I honestly really like Derek Jeter. If you can’t connect with anything more than a winning team, maybe you should be fan of some other team.

  • Bob Stone

    Cashman has the right idea. 3/$45MM is MORE than fair. Leave it in Jeter’s hands to take it or find something better elsewhere. Good luck Jetes in that search.

  • Sal

    Why not just bring in another SS, any of the guys available would be fiscally worth it for the financially strapped NY Yankees. Uribe, Scutaro, Move Rodriguez back to SS, bring in Beltre, bring in Cabrera, this is too much, that’s not fair, blah blah blah. Why don’t you just give the new SS # 2 to wear, Hell the Yanks are starting to run out of numbers they’ve retired so many of them they could use a nice crooked digit that doesn’t get hung from the rafters. Another bogus rumor by somebody close to the agent hahahaha. Again the stupidity of lowering Jeter’s value by the front office is truly “Baffling”, especially since they will eventually retire his number and build him a monument, not to mention try to sucker the pink hats into over spending for his merchandise, you really can’t make this stuff up.

    • All Star Carl

      The Yankees want to pay Jeter 45 million.

      Fans won’t buy his Jersey anymore because his value is lowered.

      Poor Yankees :(

      I see Mike Francesa’s gimmick this winter has already fooled a lot of people.

    • pete

      Move Rodriguez back to SS


  • Yo Quiero Montero (formerly LarryF)

    I’m sure in Jeter’s mind-and in the mind of his personal trainer-is that he has kept himself in good enough condition for 4,000 hits-not 3,000. Pete Rose kept his skills/production until age 42 (although it was for his second team after 16 years with the Reds). He hung around for glory another 3 years.

    Batting Jeter 1st or 2nd the next few years is going to be painful. In my lineup he bats 8th or 9th. Of course, in my “A” lineup he doesn’t bat at all.

  • Sal

    Pete Rose was a speed freak, they don’t allow that type of drug in baseball anymore, IMO 4,000 hits is a pipe dream Re: Jeter.

    So Cashman has the right idea? Going to the media and making this about Jeter being greedy is a good thing? Only if you want Jeter gone like they wanted Torre gone, like they wanted Damon gone. Maybe Cashman is a big man on the GM campus, standing up to the big bad Yankee icon, keeping the bar at $15M for an iconic player, makes him GM of the yr. Meanwhile he’s gonna money whip a 32 yr old lefty for way over market value, so his award will be short lived. $15M per is a fair offer? Of course if we’re talking stats for a fantasy baseball team and disregard everything else that has to fit into the equation, like leadership qualities, maybe the off yr offensively was an anomaly, and what about the Yankee plans for raking in the dough on Jeter’s name in the future? The Yankees want to pay Jeter as a ball player, but they want to sell him as an iconic figure. Maybe it’s the Steinbrenner kids that have the greed problem. As a consumer your gonna pay the iconic figure freight regardless. They want him for 3 yr’s so they don’t think he’s shot, or maybe they do, maybe the insult was in their plans so he’d walk, like Torre, Damon, and Bernie did. Maybe having no Yankee on the 3000 hit plateau is worth more to the Team Brand then actually having that player. Maybe Hank, Hal, Cashman and Levine want be the face of the Yankees.

    • All Star Carl

      The Yankees should insult me with a 45 million.

      I can’t believe those greedy Yankees are going to give Jeters money to Cliff Lee.

      • Yo Quiero Montero (formerly LarryF)

        No All Star Carl. They should give Jeter money to you, have Swish DH everyday, move Gardy to right and put you in left. Swish much better than Jorge as DH and Gardy much better defender than Swish. Nunez will be as good/better defensively and our TEAM offense/speed will be much improved. Posada is just about done. Who would pay him $13M next year? Montero and Crawford and Swish at DH=huge upgrade on offense. Little CC/Grandy/Gardy=big upgrade on defense.

        • All Star Carl

          I’m 400 pounds.

          • Yo Quiero Montero (formerly LarryF)

            Already anticipating that big contract? Jeter at $20M may be a better idea then.

            • All Star Carl

              lol good one

    •!/profile.php?id=9370232 Mike HC

      How is 3 years for 45 million insulting? No matter how unlucky, or how bad the timing, he had a huge drop off year at age 36, the year his contract ran out. It is unfortunate, but Jeter has seemingly got every other break in life, it is hardly something to cry about. It is not like this guy has always got the short end of the stick.

      If he was so sure he is still at the top of his game, he will sign a one year deal somewhere, maybe even the Yanks, and prove that he is still the same player he was. But he will almost surely not be willing to do that, so the fact that the Yanks are willing to pay him 45 million for his 37, 38 and 39 seasons is actually a pretty generous offer, and they are probably willing to go higher. Why would he expect the Yanks to pay him like he is just entering his prime? It is really far fetched.

      • Reggie C.

        I’m not so sure a bump to $20 MM annually (3/$60) would placate DJ’s demands of a 4th year or $23-$24 million per.

        •!/profile.php?id=9370232 Mike HC

          Right, which is seemingly what the problem is at this point. This deal will get done at one point though.

  • FrankFernandez

    Time to put a deadline on 3/45. Otherwise, the Yankees start bidding against themselves again, this time for a SS who turns 37 next year (no team has ever won a WS with a SS that old, or 36 for that matter). What’s baffling is Team Jeter; he needs the Yankees far more than the reverse. In two years (or less), he will be bench-worthy. He will be unable to cover his position full-time and the second-best option at DH or any any other alternative. Do you really want to be on the hook for $20 million for that?

    The Yankees made a sensible offer, both for the player and for the franchise. I hope they stick with it.

    •!/profile.php?id=9370232 Mike HC

      If only Jeter was 33 last year. Then we would have successfully traded for Lee, AJ and Javy would have had, clutch, excellent years, Tex would not have gotten hurt, Josh Hamilton would not have hit like 15 homers in 6 games etc … It was all because of having a 36 year old shortstop obviously.

    • FIPster Doofus

      “(no team has ever won a WS with a SS that old, or 36 for that matter)”

      I agree with your post except for the above part, which is irrelevant.

      • FIPster Doofus

        Addendum: I don’t agree with the deadline either. What would that accomplish?

        • FrankFernandez

          It would help us sign Juan Uribe before it’s too late.

    • Teh Comp Pick

      I like the deadline idea.

      • Bob Stone

        I do too.

  • cheddar

    3 years, $20M per, but insist the third is a player option. After year 2, if management decides that he’s not going to be a starter in year 3, let him know so, and offer him an attractive long-term personal services contract if he retires. And let him know that if he exercises the option, that personal services contract might not be available again.

    • Reggie C.

      What kind of non-playing, long-term personal services contract would ever pique Jeter’s interest?

      DJ’s made $200 million in his playing days and he’s going to want to stay active. He’s spoken of actually owning teams after retirement. I can’t ever see DJ tie himself down to the Yankees after baseball. Its just not lucrative enough.

      • cheddar

        One that isn’t full-time and allows him to partake in other interests outside baseball. And allows him to opt out should he want to pursue other interests in baseball.

        My point with the player option is that the onus would be on Jeter to decide whether to bow out gracefully, or take $20M to get booed as he hits into DPs as a pinch hitter.

  • Baseball Guy

    36 Year Old Shortstop.

    The point of that is shortstop is a position that demands athleticism. By the time a player is 35+ years old, he no longer has the range that a younger shortstop has.

    That’s what they’re saying.

    History seems to show that teams need to be strong up the middle. What the statistics say is that a 35+ year old shortstop makes a team weak in a critical area.

    I’m a lifelong Yankees fan – since 1977. I have always loved having Jeter on the team and all he represents.

    Unfortunately for Jeter, this is taking a toll on his reputation as a team player. Stories are coming out in the media (see yesterday’s Daily News John Harper article) that even insuinate that it was Jeter (and Torre) who treated A-Rod in such a manner that he may have cost the Yankees some championships. People have been “quiety” saying that on the Internet for years, but the longer this goes on, the more Jeter will see that his reutation will take a hit.

    He’s showing that he’s no different than A-Rod or any other player. In the abstract, that’s fine. But, for Jeter, who has based his whole career on the “intangables” and the “winner” tag, being selfish and greedy portrays him in exactly the opposite manner than he’s been portrayed (fairly or not) throughout this career.

    Jeter is being foolish.

    I want him to stay a Yankee for 3/$45. That’s already over-spending for him.

    If that’s not good enough, I’m fine with him walking.

    •!/profile.php?id=9370232 Mike HC

      ARod, by almost all accounts, was a dipshit at that time. Don’t blame Jeter and Torre for treating him as such, blame ARod for being a dipshit. ARod himself admitted a couple of years ago that he changed, and realized how to become more of a team player. This was not imaginary or some unwarranted smear campaign, or jealousy on Jeter and Torre’s part. It was justified at the time.

      • awy

        no it is absolutely not justified on their part. their job is to win baseball games, not to flaunt misplaced personal feelings against an important teammate.

    • bexarama

      Stories are coming out in the media (see yesterday’s Daily News John Harper article)

      It’s John Harper. I love how we laugh off these people until they say what we want to hear, at which point they become super insider experts. I’m not saying it definitely didn’t happen, or that it’s okay if it did. Just – yeah. If you’re changing your view of players on stuff you read in the (overblown) media, I dunno.

  • I am not the droids you’re looking for

    I maintain that this gets done at $57mm/3 years, plus $5mm for 3000 hits.

    Other possible iterations:
    -$5mm donation to Jeter’s foundation (a write off for the Yanks, and no payroll implications)
    -A 4th year option with a buyout of around $5mm which may slightly reduce the $57mm offer to say $55mm

    • Bob Stone

      Interesting – Especially the donation idea. That’s a win-win for both sides.

  • LunaticFringe

    The Yankees’ unwillingness to offer Jeter arbitration suggests to me they have no intention of paying Jeter $20 million in any year of any contract.

    • Evan3457


      Cosmetic move to 3 years, $50 million, right around, oh, Christmastime (the season of giving) with a team option for a 4th year and a buyout of $4 million. And privately tell Close and/or Jeter: that’s it, that’s as far as we go.

      And then: everybody shut up. (Well, Hal, Leon, Randy, and Brian, shut up.)

      • JB

        yeah, except for Hank.

  • Joe

    enough with paying Jeter 20 million a year, it’s insane… he’s almost 37 for pete’s sake, I rather spend the 20 million elsewhere and play Nunez. Sorry but 270, 10 HRS and 67 RBI with an OBP of 340 can be replaced easily and won’t come anywhere near 20 million a year.

    • FIPster Doofus

      Those numbers aren’t easily replaceable at Jeter’s position, especially not from Nunez. Among qualifying AL shortstops last season, Jeter ranked third in average, second in OBP, fifth in slugging, second in woBA and tied for first in wRC+.

      That said, NYY’s 3/45 offer is more than fair.

  • rek4gehrig

    Say it aint so…