Fan Confidence Poll: January 3rd, 2011

The Obligatory Grady Sizemore Post
The case for Felipe Lopez

Season Record: 95-67 (859 RS, 693 RA, 98-64 Pythag. record), finished one game back in AL East, won Wild Card, lost in ALCS

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Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the team. You can view the Fan Confidence Graph anytime via the nav bar above, or by clicking here. Thanks in advance for voting.

Given the team's current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?
The Obligatory Grady Sizemore Post
The case for Felipe Lopez
  • Yank the Frank

    Continue with a 6. Not much faith in the starting rotation after CC with or without Andy.

    • Jerome S.


      (Edited by RAB: That was unnecessary)

      • Yank the Frank

        Hughes is a #3 at best. Who will show up next year 1st half Hughes or second half Hughes? It’s a hope and a pray that Hughes will develope into a solid #2 pitcher.

        • Mike HC

          I get that you can’t just expect Hughes to turn into a legit AL East #2 next year, but I think there is a better chance than a hope and prayer. Its a hope and prayer for Nova to be a legit 4, or Mitre to be a 5, but Hughes has a decent chance of taking the next step this upcoming season.

          • Yank the Frank

            I am hoping and praying…

            • Mike HC


  • Juke Early

    Nothing is happening because those criminal wannabe big time GMs are drooling all over themselves hoping to fleece the NYY. A really smart GM from another team could could actually make a great deal, if he wasn’t a greedy moron.

    • Mike HC

      As much as I think it would be retarded for GM’s to legitimately accept inferior deals from non Yankee teams just because they are not the Yankees, I can’t help but completely agree with you. It really does seem, whether consciously or subconsciously, other teams really expect more from the Yanks, even compared to other big market teams.

      • Kiersten

        The way the Phillies traded for Lee, Halladay and Oswalt without giving up Dom Brown, when you know the Yankees wouldn’t have been able to get any of them without giving up Montero.

        • Ross in Jersey

          Confirmation bias, IMO. Getting Marte and Nady, if Nady hadn’t gotten hurt, was a great deal when the Yankees only gave up an expendable Tabata and throw-ins. Swisher for Betemit was an all-time steal. The Granderson trade seemed pretty even to me, as well.

          • Mike HC

            Yea, I am torn. Taking a step back, I can’t help but think it is just my bias as a Yankee fan, or as you say, confirmation bias. On the other hand, it seems like teams ask and expect Montero to be included in basically every deal and then take less from other teams.

          • Mr. Sparkle

            Hey, let’s not forget that Tabata was one of, if not THE top offensive prospect in the Yankees system at the time. To classify him as expendable is a little extreme. He was a valid trade chip and they chose to cash him in for Nady and Marte.

            Swisher WAS expendable by the White Sox. Ozzie Guillen hated Swisher and did a good job convincing GM Ken Williams to get rid of him. Guillen thought he was a self-centered big mouth who couldn’t hit or defend. So, it’s likely any team could have gotten him for nothing…which the Yankees did.

            • YanksFan

              At the time Tabata had been passed by Ajax. He had also fallen out of favor w/ some attitude issues.

  • RL

    I’m really torn between a 7 & 8, but went with a 7. With Pettitte leaning towards retirement and no solid starters ready to step in to replace him, I expect a slower start for the team this season, even though I do expect solid offenseive production, with ARod and Jeter performing closer to career norms. I’m sure there will be a mid-season move to sure up the pitching staff, just hoping they can stay in the wild card hunt till then.

    Going forward a season or 2, I’m very hopefull the youger prospects (particularly the pitchers) will begin to produce at the major league level, which is why I’m torn between a 7 & an 8.

    • Mike Myers

      Same thoughts. Went with a 7. Anyone that went lower than a 6 is a true spolied fan. If our team was on Pittsburghs field they would be turning this to 11.

  • CS Yankee

    My take…

    Current roster 7 (SP is a big part of this game, another ace SP =9)
    Farm system 8 (a wow bat & some great young guns)
    Management 6 (Levine & Hank 2, Cash & Hal 9)
    Etc 10 (best brand in any sport)

    Overall 8 (rounded up from a 7.75)

  • Frank

    6. The starting rotation, as it stands today, just isn’t good enough.

  • Steve H

    8. Franchise as a whole is in great shape.

  • Beamish

    Still an 8. Even if Andy does choose the likely retirement options it is an 8. It is only January.

  • Reggie C.

    Solid 6.

    A rotation currently featuring Hughes as its #2 can’t be taken as a serious WS contender. Whether Burnett gets his shit together and is able to resurrect the faith of the fan base is probably the biggest story on the ML club. Not DJ. Not Arod. Its about Burnett in 2011 for better or worse.

    • Mike HC

      I kind of think it is about Hughes. He has been groomed to be our next homegrown top pitching talent, and it is his time to really come into his own.

      I guess in truth, it is about both of them. We need everyone to perform well and stay healthy.

      • Reggie C.

        I’m not going to put that kind of pressure on Hughes. At 24, he’s not a “kid” anymore but he’s not a finished product. I want him to take a step forward to improve his pitch efficiency, and that’s a big hold back. He’s no “ace” yet. Burnett however is 34 years old and healthy. He’s a finished product. That’s what makes the whole Burnett situation so effed up. Burnett can be better. Any other pitcher would have been yanked out the rotation by Joe G. Burnett has to work through his shitty consistency.

        • Mike HC

          True. Hughes reasonably might need a couple more years before he hits his prime. Next year could be expecting too much. I have high hopes I guess.

        • CS Yankee


          What I don’t get is that Hughes was our #5 starter leaving ST 2010, and quite a few didn’t think he deserved that and wanted him in AAA in favor of Joba.

          He had to be MLB’s best #5 guy for 2010, and was our #2/3 postseason starter.

          Fans need to give him some room to develop, having him as our #3 starter for 2011 is fair but anything more is silly at this point. I think those same people that had him as our #6 starter last year will put the #2 burden on him this year.

          • Mike HC

            Hughes is pretty clearly the second best pitcher in our rotation whether we like it or not, whether he is ready to carry that load or not, and whether people expected Joba to beat him out in the rotation last year or not.

            • CS Yankee

              Your expectations of Hughes is excessive as this kid hasn’t had the experience. The fact that he was the #1 pitcher in the system in 2007 is moot. IPK & Joba haven’t come close to expectations (as most top tier prospects don’t either).

              Hopefully Hughes turns into an Andy Pettitte reliability on the bump, however don’t expect him to turn into a CC, Felix, etc. type of player or you’ll be majorly disappointed.

              If Hughes pitches 2011 to the same results of 2010 it should still be considered an improvement (as that would be b-to-b years at a very low salary & age). I believe his ceiling is much greater than a #3, but even if he pitches to that, he will be considered a success.

              We would all like to see better results later in the count (plus a lower ERA, etc), but I wouldn’t put that expectation on him yet.

              AJ is the #2, and will likely have a greater influence on the 2011 team (good or bad).

              • Mike HC

                Fair enough. I do recognize that my expectations are probably higher than they should be and you are 100% correct that if he repeats last year it would be a definite success. I guess I am just looking for a shred of hope in what has otherwise been a disappointing off season.

                I still expect Hughes to be better than AJ, but that has more to do with my lack of faith in AJ for next year.

    • Ross in Jersey

      Were the Phillies a serious WS contender in 2008 when their rotation was Cole Hamels, Kyle Kendrick, Brett Meyers, Adam Eaton and the corpse of Jamie Moyer in pre-season? And all they did was add Joe Blanton during the season.

  • Mike HC

    I’m at a nine. I might be a point too high, but feeling good after the New Year. We have a better farm system than we had in years, maybe ever, and still have money to make some major deals in the future. Maybe not for this year, but definitely within the next couple of years. I always think about where my confidence would be if I were a fan of other teams, and no matter how mediocre/shitty the past couple of off seasons were, I can’t delude myself to think the Yanks are in real trouble of falling off too far. Cashman makes plenty of mistakes, but looking at some of the other GM’s around the league, he is a godsend. We could have a real bozo in there and then we as fans would really feel helpless.

  • theyankeewarrior

    I can no longer give my confidence a numeric value with Ivan Nova and Sergio Mitre at the back end of the rotation.

    We all know it will take more than 5 (probably 7 or 8) starters to get through a season and into the playoffs. These are the kinds of guys that should be longmen/AAA filler. Aka numbers 6, 7 & 8.

    Pitching wins. Right now, we don’t have it. Confidence level ~ not very high.

    • theyankeewarrior

      Didn’t mean to include sunglasses dude… maybe he’s a sign that everything’s gonna be alright?

      • jsbrendog (returns)

        exactly. relax. the world will spin beside itself and suck you in.

      • Mike HC

        People who are always wearing sunglasses (when they are not legitimately trying to protect their eyes from the sun) are hiding something. Sunglasses man does not ease my fears, ha.

    • Mike HC

      The Yanks minor league pitching depth is pretty solid though. If Mitre and Nova don’t work out, numbers 6,7, and 8 might already be better than them, or at least their equals. The problem comes if Hughes, CC or AJ are the ones we have to replace and Nova, and Mitre all of sudden move up to our 3rd and/or 4th starters. I don’t even want to think about one of them being our number #2.

  • CountZero

    Looking for a bounceback from AJ, but think Andy’s really done this time. Which leaves me at a 7 since even the possibility of Mitre as a #5 has a -2 effect.

  • bonestock94

    6, 3/5ths of our rotation has the strong possibility of sucking.

  • Mr. Sparkle

    I’m on board with a six right now. The rotation is too big a question mark and I’ll have to see much more consistent offense once the season starts to believe that this is a strong lineup. Too many question marks right now. Will Jeter bounce back? Will Alex Rodriguez stay healthy? Will Teixeira bounce back? Will Granderson’s yearly regression in offensive output continue? Was Gardner’s second half slip last year truly due to his wrist injury? Has Swisher really figured something out or was last year the fluke? Will we get any offense from behind the plate? Will they get ANY clutch hitting at all this year or are we going to be pulling our hair out again with the epidemic of LOBs? It will take about until June to answer these questions from my own point of view.