Yankees add Matt Daley and Gus Molina on minor league deals

Yankees haven't had any talks about sign-and-trade with Nakajima
Open Thread: Mike Myers

Via Josh Norris and Baseball America, the Yankees have signed right-handed reliever Matt Daley to a minor league contract. The 29-year-old was born in Queens and raised out on Long Island, and he’s currently rehabbing from an August surgery on his rotator cuff. Prior to the injury, he used three pitches (high-80’s fastball, high-70’s change, mid-70’s curve) to get a fair amount of strikeouts (8.96 K/9), limit walks (3.36 BB/9), give up fly balls (33.8% grounders), and watch the ball fly out of the park (1.01 HR/9). Daley has appeared in 92 games and thrown 80.2 IP for the Rockies over the last three seasons, and he does have a funky little delivery you can see here. He’s a warm body for Triple-A, mostly.

In other news, the Yankees have also re-signed Gus Molina to a minor league pact. He’ll offer Austin Romine some nice veteran presents as his backup with Triple-A Scranton. The Yankees were suffering from a severe shortage of Guses in their farm system, so this clears that up.

Yankees haven't had any talks about sign-and-trade with Nakajima
Open Thread: Mike Myers
  • David, Jr.

    Wow! Incredibly exciting!

    • dalelama

      Frickin’ Fantastic!!!!!

  • Overrated Packers


    • Bavarian Yankee

      we still ne more Gus depth!!

      • Plank

        I agree. I would be more comfortable with 3-13 more Guses.

  • I Live In My Mom’s Basement

    Given this holiday season, I love the idea of Molina providing Romine with “veteran presents”. Is “veteran” a euphemism for “re-gifts”?

    • Bob

      While I like the idea of Molina giving Romine veteran presents, I think we should remember that AAA-type catchers are worth a diamond dozen.

    • toad

      Maybe he’s going to give Romine some old catcher’s mitts or something.

  • Cory Wade’s emergence

    Love the gus!!!!

  • Plank

    I just had an orgusm.

  • Thomas Cassidy

    Matt Daley? No shit? I guess that clears up the rotation problem.

  • CJ

    Cash ninja strikes again. Nobody saw that coming.

  • Kered Retej

    Not just the shortage of Guses, but also the need to have a Molina catcher. Two birds, one stone, I like it.

  • Mark

    I was at Gus’s first start as a Yank, what an honor. He had the pleasure of catching Sweaty Freddy’s first start, as he sat down the Rangers at The Stadium in about 30 degree weather.

  • Brian

    Diamond Dozen? Seriously? That doesn’t even contextually make sense.

    I believe the term you are looking for is “dime a dozen” …

    wow …

  • Cuban Bee

    Oooohhh, veteran presents!!! So I guess that’s like old military equipment? like fatigues and helmets and rifles and stuff?

  • Mike

    In all seriousness, I would rather have Gus Molina as the back-up catcher than Cervelli. Gus just goes about his business, knows his role and doesn’t take himself so serious unlike Cervelli. Plus, his last name is Molina so you he will give you quality defense behind the plate.

    • Plank

      “Mike” is an odd way of spelling “Murray Chass”

  • Brobleni

    daley was 3rd in the majors in appearances before he hurt his shoulder. he could be a great middle relief option if/when he gets called up. jeff nelson reborn!