Cashman Speaks: Scandal, Mo, Sabathia, More

Damon: "We both are looking at other options now"
Done deal: Burnett traded to Pirates
Duke Castiglione cares not about your personal bubble.

Happy pitchers and catchers day. Joe Girardi was/is late for a scheduled meeting with the media because of a lengthy flight delay, but Brian Cashman did hold court with reports. Here’s the round up of the news and notes…

  • “It’s not going to affect my job,” said Cashman when asked about his divorce and stalker, calling the situation “very difficult.” He doesn’t believe his job is in jeopardy. (Dan Barbarisi)
  • Cashman confirmed that Mariano Rivera will be late to camp. “What am I going to do? He’s Mariano Rivera,” said the GM. “He’ll get his eight innings in … He knows what he needs to do.” (Bryan Hoch, Pete Caldera & Erik Boland)
  • CC Sabathia and Cashman had a conversation about the left-hander’s weight soon after he signed his new contract extension. Cashman called it a “healthy dialogue,” and the conversation included Girardi and head trainer Steve Donohue. Sabathia lost 10-15 lbs. this winter (though David Waldstein says it looks like more) and will focus on maintaining it throughout the season. (Marc Carig & Boland)
  • Michael Pineda will not start the season as the number two starter, with Cashman citing his need to improve his changeup as a reason why. My prediction? He’ll be the four on Opening Day, which is completely meaningless in the grand scheme of things. (Boland)
  • Andruw Jones will report to camp before the rest of the position players because he’s working his way back from offseason knee surgery. He had a small tear repaired and played through the injury last season. (Carig)
  • Brad Meyers, one of the team’s two Rule 5 Draft picks, hurt his shoulder lifting weights over the winter and will be behind the other pitchers in camp. He was a long shot to make the roster already, and this certainly didn’t improve his chances any. (Carig)
  • Not surprising, but Cashman said they want a left-handed hitting DH that can play some outfield. Raul Ibanez is reportedly the top target, though Cashman didn’t mention him by name. The GM also said Eric Chavez‘s return is not a sure thing. (Hoch)
  • Last but not least, Cashman admitted that the Yankees weren’t trying to win the division in 2010. They decided they were better off winning the Wild Card and focusing on getting healthy in September. (Hoch)

(Photo via Mark Feinsand)

Damon: "We both are looking at other options now"
Done deal: Burnett traded to Pirates
  • Virgil Earp

    Pineda was never going to be the 2. Hiroki is the 2, then Nova, Pineda, Garcia. What happens to Phil Hughes nobody knows yet. If I had to guess right now he’ll probably start the year in the pen and possibly be traded for a bat later on this season.

  • CJ

    Good collection piece. Cashman “does not believe his job is in jeopardy” sounds like he had a stern talking to. Montero-Pineda, playoff success and scandal combined may have him under a brass microscope.
    I disagree that Pineda at 4 is completely meaningless. Back end starters get run support and wins, we saw this with Hughes 2010, nova and Hellickson. Baseball is a game of match ups.
    I agree that DH needs to play field, Ibanez not so much.
    Chavez is not a sure thing, agree don’t see him helping much.

    • jsbrendog

      i see the cashman reprimand go something like this:

      hal: look brian, you’ve been around a long time, you know the deal. come on.

      cash: i know hal, im sorry.

      ::hal leaves and Hank gives Cash daps::

      Hank: atta boy cash$$

      • CMP

        I think it was more like :

        Number 1, keep you dick in your pants until the divorce Is finalized

        Number 2, you’re 45 years old , 5’4″ 140lbs and balding badly. You also make 2+ million per year so when the bitches come sniffing around, it may not be for your body or sparkling personality so use your head, the one on your shoulders that is.

        • jsbrendog

          then, hal leaves…

          ::hank gives cash daps::

          atta boy cash

          • CMP

            Hank has probably been on the receiving end of that conversation a few times himself from George.

      • CJ

        I think scandal is not about “personal life” but about bad/goofy press about your GM (player can be expected but this is Steve Phillips stuff) Also, it shows really bad judgement and decision making the hallmark of a general manager’s job description.

        • AndrewYF

          Judgment/decision-making regarding women has absolutely nothing to do with judgment/decision-making regarding baseball.

          Otherwise, stat nerds would probably not have enough time to be stat nerds.

    • Soriano Is A Liar

      Except after a few weeks, #4 starters are no longer only facing #4’s. Just after a few off days for each team, it’s equally likely Pineda could end up facing any pitcher in other team’s rotations. Depending on other teams off days or choices to skip the #5 starter, it could happen as early as the third week series against the Rangers, and by another few weeks into the season that he’ll undoubtedly be facing a mix of high and low ranking starters.

      • jsbrendog

        the best part is as a yankee fan i feel comfortable with any of the top 3 or 4 facing any other teams top 2 even. pineda nova, kuroda or cc against beckett and lester? sure. i think the yankees have one of the top 3 rotations up there with anaheim, who is extremely stacked with haren weaver wilson santana my gawd, and anyone else.

        • Rookie

          You have to feel a lot better than you did last year. And they’ve got quality depth.

          But given that they have only a single #1 at best, I don’t think they compare to teams like Philadelphia, Tampa Bay, and Anaheim with multiple aces — even Boston if Beckett, Lester, and Bucholz are healthy (although I think it’s unlikely that Lester is healthy and there are issues there depth-wise).

          But again, you have to like the Yankees staff a whole lot more than last year, although I do worry about CC’s knees.

          • FIPster Doofus

            The Yankees are better than all of those teams. Balance is the name of the game.

            • CJ

              No way. Thats a homer answer. Philly, Tampa and Anaheim definitely have better starting staffs.

              • Rookie

                I obviously agree with you, CJ. But I think FIPster is right that balance-wise — starting staffs aside, up and down the 25-man roster — the Yankees are better.

                In my mind, that suggests they may win more games during the regular season, but be at a disadvantage in the post season to those teams (and, of course, to Texas and maybe Detroit) — especially if Swisher and Teixera continue to turn invisible in the post season. (By the way, they apparently turned invisible (along with the team as a whole) late and close last year, too:

                At the very least, the Yankees can hope to pitch a quality starter, backed up by a very good and very deep bullpen, every day. Not many teams can. But the top three in their rotation certainly aren’t three #1s.

              • Soriano Is A Liar

                I think he means the Yankees have a better overall team. Those teams definitely have better starting pitching, but I would agree that the Yankees are a better full team. They arguably have a better bullpen than any of those teams, and a far better lineup than any of them.

              • G

                He means the team as a whole is better, which is true. Best team in baseball is between us and the Rangers.

      • CJ

        I dont have the permutations and combinations as fact but I think a 4 will not stay with a 4 necessarily but draw 3,4,5 rather than a 1 or 2. I’m sure starting as a 4 will give a statistically favorable to drawing a 4,5 vs 1,2 over the season.

        • I am not the droids you’re looking for…

          Can someone with more time than sense do the deed and find the answer somewhere? It’d be tough since with injuries etc the starting slots become that much more fungible throughtout a season. Still, this data sort of has to exist somewhere right?

          • Havok9120

            It would have to be done for each team, individually, every year. And given that one blown start due to weather, one unscheduled double header, or one 4 inning postponement would throw the entire thing off (possibly radically due to off days)….No. I think its safe to say that nothing exact for that kind of data exists.

            Freak injuries would even mess it up by quite a bit, and of all the things that could happen injuries are the think that would LEAST affect the data. Just thinking about it gives me a headache.

  • Jamey

    Was there a part where a reporter told him Mike Cameron retired & Cash broke down in tears?

  • Jesse

    “Last but not least, Cashman admitted that the Yankees weren’t trying to win the division in 2010. They decided they were better off winning the Wild Card and focusing on getting healthy in September.”

    …Also so they could play the Twins in the ALDS instead of the Rangers.

    • jsbrendog

      the twins didn’t make the playoffs….

      • Mike Axisa

        2010, not 2011

      • CP

        They did in 2010. Not sure whether it was a typo in the post or not…

      • Jesse

        Also the Yanks won the division in 2011.

      • Mariano’s Pimp Hand

        Yanks beat them in 3.

      • jsbrendog

        my bad, reading comprehension fail. my excuse: it’s the weekend.
        1000 pardons

        • Cris Pengiucci

          … or was that 1000 Patrons? (ok, 10)

  • DM

    Cashman’s quotes posted below for those interested in the details of the mindset:

    “The preference would be to find someone from the left side that can do some damage against right-handed pitching,” Cashman said. “But at the same time, in the event we have injuries that hit in season, (I’m looking for a player) that my manager could put out for defense. I’m not saying a quality defender, I’m saying someone that, for an extended period of time, can still provide some kind of defensive component to protect us in the event we have injuries as we move forward. That would be the criteria we’re looking at.”

    Regarding Chavez…

    “I guess it depends on how my conversations go with the DH candidates, where they go,” Cashman said. “Going into this right now, he’s not (a DH candidate), but could it work out that way if we signed him and didn’t do something else? It could. That’s not how we’re approaching this thing. I also don’t want to mislead anybody, there’s a possibility Chavez isn’t even here. I just don’t want this to make it look like, ‘I’m signing him, don’t worry, it’s going to happen, guys.’”

    “I’d like to see him come back for us, (and) I’d like to get a left-handed DH here to complement what we have on our roster and give our manager a number of choices that make him feel comfortable matching up on a daily basis. But we’re not in a position yet to do any of that. All in due time this stuff will be working its way through.”

    • RetroRob

      Thanks for the additional words.

      The problem I have with Ibanez is within Cashman’s words. They ring false. Ibanez is an inferior defensive OFer to Damon. He’s never been good, and now that he’s 40 he’s much worse. He rated at a -19 UZR last year. He basically cost the Phillies two wins with his glove last season. Damon for his *entire* career is at a minus sixteen. In 2010, the last year he played a significant amount of time in the field, he rated as a +1.4, and that was playing in a rather large park in Detroit. Ibanez’s horrible numbers were in a much smaller LF than Yankee Stadium. Yes, he has a better arm than Damon, everybody has a better arm than Damon, but Damon still has good speed and is a former CFer who can track down baseballs more effectively than Ibanez. He is substantially superior to Ibanez as a defender. I’m not saying he’s great, but that’s how bad Ibanez is. The only reason Damon rarely played in the OF last year was because the Rays had superior defensive options. If Ibanez was on the Rays, he would have played the field even less than Damon, meaning never.

      Secondly, if Cashman is talking about flexbility and worried about having an OFer who can fill in for an extended period if there was an injury, then that also plays to Damon. Ibanez is a zero against lefties, where Damon has always hit both lefties and righties. No platoon disadvantage. This is also important for when the opposing manager brings in his LOOGY. Ibanez either has to be pulled from the game and is lost for the rest of the game, or Girardi has to give up the AB. Not a problem with Damon. A bad LOOGY facing Damon actually could be a Yankee strength.

      This either is a money issue (Damon is still asking for way more than Ibanez), or there’s something personal going on here. I’d rather believe that than the Yankees’ baseball people think Ibanez is better, because that unfortunately means the Yankees baseball people have lost it.

      • DM

        You can debate it of course — but I think you’re leaving out one aspect. Ibanez was a full-time defender last year — Damon hasn’t been for a few years. So, you might think Damon plays a better OF — but can he play at all for an extended period if needed? Even when he was on the Yankees, he’d have calf issues and be gimpy in some other way from time to time. I don’t think Damon could’ve played on the Phillies last year. I couldn’t see him playing 130+ in left. Also, Damon didn’t play much OF for Detroit the year before. They both can play poor defense for a short stint, I’m sure. But if more is needed, Ibanez has more durability.

        And yes, I do think the Boras/Damon dog-n-pony show makes him slightly repellant to Cashman after what happened 2 years ago. All things considered, I still think Ibanez is the best option. And by “all things”, I mean money too.

        • Cris Pengiucci

          If the Yankees are looking for someone that can play in the OF, what about Jones? Andruw, while not what he once was, is also not like Thames was or Ibanez is. Probably close enough to what Damon is with a better arm. Seems he was truly hurt last year (Off-season surgery) so he should be more mobile this year. I can’t see a DH candidate getting significant time in the OF. Hope they look for the best LH bat. Maybe that’s Branyon.

          • RetroRob

            I agree with that, although I do understand based on roster construction and needs why they would view having a LH’d DH who can also play the OF in a pinch as ideal. Both Ibanez and Damon fit that description as long as they are being viewed as 5th OFer types. Cash’s words, however, seem to indicate a greater need for the LH’d DH to play the OF more reguarly. That has me concerned.

            Jones, of course, is the logical OFer to fill in when there is an injury. He can play all three OF positions, and even with his knee issue last year, and the extra weight he carries, he still rates positive on defense. He’s never had a down year defensively, including last season. He’s nowhere near peak Jones, but he still is a positive. With his knee repaired, and he supposedly has lost some more weight, it’s not hard to imagine him once again being a plus defender.

          • DM

            I think Jones will be the righty version of that. It’s not about a preference to play these guys a lot. It just allows for flexibility as well as a cheap insurance policy. I can’t imagine asking Damon to suddenly play LF for a month to replace an injured Gardner. And you could lose Granderson and Swisher yet still fashion a respectable OF with Ibanez, Gardner and Jones. They’ll have good coverage. Hopefully they won’t have to exercise it that way, but they have the option on the 25-man without having to make an instant panic move.

        • RetroRob

          Granted, but if Ibanez or Damon ends up appearing in more than than 20 or so games in the OF in 2012, then the Yankees got a major problem that will need to be addressed since neither will be acceptable. Damon appeared in the OF in sixteen games last year and just short of 40 the year prior. That’s pretty much the maximum he can and should play. (And that’s also about 16 to 40 more games than I’d want to see Ibanez in the OF at all.)

          If the ability to play full time in the OF is the Yankees real concern, then they should move past both Damon and Ibanez, especially Ibanez, and target a trade. Ibanez to me is simply not acceptable in what is still a fairly large LF at Yankee Stadium, so the Yankees deciding on Ibanez as the lefty DH based on a worst-case scenario of playing time in the OF is a faulty approach.

          • DM

            I don’t think it’s based on only a worst case scenario. It simply gives them all the aspects they’re looking for in one player — within budget, lefty with pop, DH mostly, but is capable of providing protection in the form of extended play in the field. I think Ibanez hits more checkmarks than the others — which is why he’s the target.

  • Steve S.

    The Yankees also want Hughes to build up his trade value. Here is why: He is a free agent after the 2013 season. For financial reasons tied to the new collective bargaining agreement, the Yankees are prioritizing having a payroll under the luxury-tax threshold of $189 million. To get there, the only expensive starter the Yankees probably can have is CC Sabathia, especially if they intend to keep Robinson Cano and/or Curtis Granderson long term.

    This is why the Yankees have been stockpiling young starters, hoping their 2014 rotation looks something like this: Sabathia joined by Michael Pineda and Ivan Nova (both of whom are not arbitration eligible until after the 2013 season) and prospects Manual Banuelos and Dellin Betances.
    Of course, even talented young arms are unpredictable. Just look at Hughes: a big contributor to a 2009 championship as a setup man, a 2010 All-Star as a starter and a 2011 bust. Now he has to fight just to win a rotation spot this spring. He is 31-20 with a 4.46 ERA since he was not traded to Minnesota in 2007. But he has cost just $4 million total in that time. He is due $3.2 million this year. His cost is rising, and his clock is ticking.

    First time I’ve heard anyone say that. Not surprising, but if the Yanks want to keep the option open to deal Hughes you would think he has the inside track on the #5. His value plummets as a reliever. But if Mo says this is his last year, Hughes may be in the mix for Closer.

    I think Hughes is the most interesting player to watch this spring.

    • Jesse

      Hughes is one of the most interesting players to watch all season, let alone Spring Training, at least for me.

      • Steve S.

        I’ve always found Phil to be somewhat frustrating to watch. For a guy as smart as he is, he pitches dumb more often than not. Doesn’t change speeds on the 4 seam FB, hasn’t altered his approach much from the guy he was in the minors. A little (baseball) maturity would go a long way with Phil, but I’ve yet to see it.

        If he ups his trade value by pitching as he did in the first half of 2010, I’d gladly trade him for a position of need. His batted ball profile really doesn’t fit the Yanks as a RHSP in YS3, so for me to change my mind I’d have to see him almost reinvent himself, which of course is a lot to ask.

        • Rookie

          What you’re saying about Phil is what my eyes tell me, too.

          And it frustrates me, too — especially since his minor league stats made me think he could be very, very special.

          • Steve S.

            He was the pitcher we all thought he’d be, just not as a starter. His splits as a reliever are remarkably similar to what he did in the minors. As an MLB starter? Not so much.

          • DM

            Maybe he’s not as smart or as composed as he was initially depicted as being.

            And he was only dominant thru AA — where a fastball and curve are enough — esp when you’re limited to 85 pitch, 5-inning outings. He never entered the deep water there. That might’ve made his stats look more special than they would’ve been otherwise.

            • Rookie

              Hughes was really nasty in AAA, too, in two of his three stints there — albeit in very small sample sizes.

              2007 28-2/3 innings to a 2.20 ERA and a .837 WHIP.
              2009 19-1/3 innings to a 1.86 ERA and a 1.034 WHIP.

              He only stunk up AAA in 2008 in a VERY brief stint:
              2008 6-2/3 innings to a 5.90 ERA and a 1.483 WHIP.

              • DM

                I didn’t say he stunk in AAA. But as you said, he didn’t pitch much at all there. And you’ll see quite a difference in dominance when you compare to his AA performance.

          • Mike HC

            Overall, there is still a ton of potential with Hughes. Being a useful pitcher in multiple roles at 25 and under in the majors is a pretty solid start to a career.

            His minor league success against guys his own age and then holding his own when everyone is older and in their primes seems to be a pretty good start to a career in my opinion.

            All indications are that Hughes is focused, in shape and ready for a strong year this year. I think there is a reason to be confident.

            • Rookie

              I think you’re right, Mike. He very well may put it together. I’m not assuming that he won’t. With his back against the wall, maybe he’ll take his profession more seriously, focus on his conditioning and his craft more, etc.

              But if he doesn’t become at least a solid #2, I agree with Steve — that it will be because of a lack of smarts and maturity or commitment, not a lack of ability. There’s no reason in my mind why he shouldn’t have had success similar to Lester by now — a case of potential fully realized up until late last year anyway, and, probably, going forward if his shoulder and his health permit.

    • jsbrendog

      this is interesting. let’s say he gets the number 5 spot and blows people away. In June what do the yanks doo if hughes is something like 8-4 with an era in the mid 3 low 4 with great peripherals? do they trade high for a bat? or do they hang onto him and hope he’ll sign a team friendly extension, maybe a hey we stuck with you now stick with us kind of thing? obviously he probably won’t do that well or even be the number 5 but this makes one wonder how they’ll play it. there is no upside with freddy…

      • Will (the other one)

        If that scenario plays out, I can’t see how the team could possibly trade him. Potentially getting that type of return for the rest of the season would seem to far outweigh any bat they could pick up in a trade, especially considering that trade partners will be well aware of Hughes’ past inconsistencies. Four months of those stats won’t fetch a premium bat in return, but they’d do wonders for the rest of the Yankee season on their own.

      • Steve S.

        I think its all about the peripherals. If he’s generating ground balls and missing bats, they’ll keep him around. If not, but the ERA looks good, sell high.

        Under no circumstances do I see them giving him an extension. Not after last year.

      • TheLastClown

        If the offense is performing well, I think they’ll lean toward the extension.

        If the offense is 4th to 6th in the league, and we’re getting the kind of results from our front four that we’re expecting, the sell high for a bat option would look a lot more preferable.

        FWIW, I’m expecting a bounceback year from Hughes, given of course that he has the opportunity to start.

    • Mike HC

      If the Yanks don’t think he will be a good starter, putting him in the 5th spot might kill his value, rather than keeping the mystery alive while we use him as a reliever. And they think Hughes can gain value by being a good starter, and he is indeed a good starter, why would we trade him?

      • jsbrendog

        the second point, if he does show he is a good starter then it comes down to budget. like the italicized part of his comment says he is expensive and who’s to say he will keep it up. do you trade high for a cost controlled bat or pitcher if he shows he can be a good starter to meet your austerity budget or do you hope it isnt a fluke and sign him? an interesting situation, albeit one I doubt we’ll see

        • Mike HC

          To me the answer is a no brainer that you keep him. But this is so far down the line, arguing about it now is pointless. So many different things can change between now and then changing the entire conversation.

          • jsbrendog

            id agree with you that you keep him but this austerity budget is not a joke. so future what ifs, if it does happen that way, then the yankees go we can get a guy under team control for 5 years, let’s say a bat, for a guy with hughes pedigree and that fills a need and saves millions of dollars since as a free agent if hughes does well he gets what, at least $10 mil a year? sadly this is now a reality.

            • Mike HC

              I don’t think Hughes would be the guy to sacrifice though if he finally hits his potential.

              RF should be the position to take the hit. Find a way to go cheap there and keep Hughes.

              (this is all so far down the line)

              • jsbrendog

                it is so far down the line but what else do we have to talk about. ibanez/damon.chavez makes me nauseated cause it’s like johan, so much talk, no one knows, no new info. at least this we can have interesting adult discourse and discuss our opinions without pulling our hair out

                • Mike HC

                  true, which is why I’m talking about it, ha

                • Mike HC

                  So you don’t agree that saving money on corner outfield would be better than starting pitching?

                  • jsbrendog

                    the yankees have a buttload of starting pitching depth. if you can get a bat for RF for hughes then youre filling a need and cheaply.

    • DM

      Yep — and 3.2mil isn’t cheap for a reliever who won’t be the closer or set-up man. Fish or cut bait for Hughes. No more excuses.

      • Steve S.

        Yeah, and if he winds up in the bullpen he could get an arb raise to 5-6M next year, at which point you’re wondering whether to non-tender him or not. Joba’s in the same situation, 5-6M for a middle reliever is pricey. Cash may decide to cut bait and look elsewhere.

        • DM

          Yep. If he got a raise after last year, imagine if shows any improvement at all as an 80 inning reliever. His 18-win starting season bumped him up too high, too soon — now he’ll never make less in arb. If you don’t settle this this year, you’ll have a 4-5mil question mark for next year. And we’ll be having the same debate.

  • dean

    So is it just assumed that because he said Damon wasn’t the #1 choice that it’s Ibanez? Maybe a trade for Justin Upton is in the works and Damon is the back up plan…..ok ok I’ll put down the pipe.

    • jsbrendog

      mlbtr already said damon wants $5 mil and there’s no chance in hell the yanks give him that. consider damon no longer an option since there are 3 other players who, while they may not be as good offensively, aren’t that much worse when you factor in the fact that they’ll cost $3-4 mill less

      • Monterowasdinero

        And who will give him 5M in the AL?

        • jsbrendog

          no one, but as we’ve seen with damon it doesnt matter what ppl are willing to give him but what he wants. he may well find himself sitting at home.

          • Rookie

            Ah, one of the joys of being a Boras client…

      • RetroRob

        …and that relates to my note above. This may be a case of Damon not lowering his price. The Yankees are basically telling the market they only will spend a million or so on the DH spot, perhaps hoping Damon will read those words and understand what price he has to hit if he wants to return to the Bronx. Don’t know. Still confused over Ibanez. Granted, I never liked Ibanez even when he was younger.

        • Rookie

          I still haven’t read anyone discussing Ibanez’s putrid OPS away from his hitter-Phriendly home park the past two years.

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  • OldYanksFan

    “What am I going to do? He’s Mariano Rivera”

    • TheLastClown

      Bow down and give thanks.

      • jsbrendog

        god does what god wants

  • Professor Longnose

    I was so angry at Girardi in 2010, feeding us garbage about trying to win the division. It was obvious he wasn’t, and he just kept staring at the camera and lying.

    • jsbrendog

      cause he is supposed to tell the truth and say nah fuck it we dont care? seriously?

      • Professor Longnose

        Well, he could have actually tried to win the division.

        But if he thought that not trying to win the division was the right move, then, yes, he should have been honest. It’s not a case of hiding info from the enemy. Everyone knew what he was doing. He just didn’t have the guts to own up to it, or the respect for Yankee fans.

        • Mike Axisa

          Why show respect to Yankees fans when Yankees fans don’t show respect to him?

          • Professor Longnose

            Because his job depends on the Yankees’ relationship to the fans, and the fans’ jobs don’t.

            Are you seriously suggesting that whether Girardi lies to the fans should be determined by how much respect he perceives “Yankee fans” give him?

            • Mike Axisa

              Because his job depends on the Yankees’ relationship to the fans

              And here I was thinking the manager’s job depended on the team’s success.

              • Professor Longnose

                Not old enough to have seen Billy Martin manage?

                If you have no problem with being lied to, that’s fine. I do. It’s an emotional reaction. I get angry because I feel that baseball treats its fans with contempt. It’s not just managers and GMs. Baseball itself, agents, players, all are dedicated to squeezing as much as possible out of the fans without even a nod to their sensibilities. They schedule World Series games when kids can’t stay up for them. They blackout games as punishment for fans not spending enough money. They build useless garages that aren’t needed, overcharge for parking, and let taxpayers bail them out. They demand that fans and non-fans alike pay to build stadiums. They jam ads into broadcasts more than ever. Newspaper reporters use fans to move their own agendas. And in all that, the fans have not one person with any authority that can speak for them. Not one.

                And what bugs you is when fans boo a player who doesn’t come through in the clutch. To me personally, that’s a foreign attitude.

              • DM

                The players, managers, coaches, etc wouldn’t have jobs without fans. Professional spectator sports wouldn’t be “professional” without money — and there would be no money without spectators willing to pay for tickets and cable packages. Those people watching YES at home, and that sea of faces in the stands buying tix, food, drink, programs, t-shirts, etc is what fills Girardi’s paycheck. That’s the point.

    • Rookie

      I suspect he feels like he almost has to say that he’s trying to win the division. (Integrity of the game and all of that…)

      • Professor Longnose

        You’re probably right. Still, I personally wouldn’t mind adding integrity of the manager to the integrity of the game.

  • Rookie

    That’s a shame about Meyers — because his minor league stats are very impressive.

    I wonder if his injury preceded the Rule 5 draft and was the reason why he was left unprotected.

    I’m still hoping he somehow sticks since, based on his AA stats, despite his age, it wouldn’t shock me if he turned into something special.

  • Nolan

    Best case scenario is that Hughes and joba pitch very well and help the yanks win the WS. Then the yanks trade both for a young all star outfielder to replace swisher. Sign hammels, granderson promote banuelos and get payroll down to 188.99 million in 2014

    • radnom

      You’re forgetting Cano and the catching position.

      • SevenAces

        Murphy and Sanchez at C!!!!

        (obvious sarcasm)

  • A-Rod’s Wingman

    Cashman’s biggest mistake is thinking that he only has one stalker

    • CMP

      Are you trying to tell us something?

    • crawdaddie

      He has a few on the internet.

  • Bronx Byte

    All Mariano has needed for the last several years is 8-10 innings of work in exhibition games and he’s ready to start the season.

  • I am not the droids you’re looking for…

    Have to admit that Mo showing up late rubs me the wrong way. He’s supposed to be such a leader on the team, a role model for young players, and for many apparently, some sort of deity. Not playing away games in ST at this point in his career? Fine I guess. But show up man. It just seems..ickily inconsistent with his sagacious aura.

    • Rainbow Connection

      I agree with you. You’re either on the team or you aren’t.
      If working half a year, one inning a few times a week is too much to handle, just stay home.

      Sorry to everyone at RAB for not making corny ‘GoD!??!!’ jokes.

      Why don’t they do the right thing and fine him for each day he’s late and donate it to charity?
      They can at least spin that in a positive light. Do they do that already?

  • 28 this year

    Chad Jennings said that Manny Banuelos and Pineda have lockers next to CC. I think Manny feels a wee bit small.

  • Matt DiBari

    That September 2010 where the Yankees were actively trying to lose games (and now its been confirmed, so no one can complain that I said that) was some of the worst stuff I’ve ever, ever seen.

    I actually dreaded watching the game every night