Minor League Notes: Pearce, Double-A, DePaula

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Rafael DePaula is officially in the house. Also needs to straighten that front foot out.

Got some miscellaneous minor league notes to pass along…

  • The Yankees have signed Steve Pearce to a minor league deal. Pearce, 28, was once a big prospect for the Pirates but never got it going in the show. He’s a first base/corner outfield type with some right-handed pop. Only 5-foot-11 too. Pearce is a depth pickup, but I have to wonder what this and the Jack Cust signing means for the fed up Jorge Vazquez. [Josh Norris & Chad Jennings]
  • The Double-A rotation to open the season will be Shaeffer Hall, Graham Stoneburner, Brett Marshall, and Josh Romanski. The fifth starter is still being decided, and I have to think Craig Heyer is at least in the conversation. [Norris]
  • Rafael DePaula will start the year in Extended Spring Training, unsurprisingly. He hit 94 during workouts today. [Josh Norris]
  • Corban Joseph has been shut down with some kind of shoulder injury, likely putting him in jeopardy of missing the season opener. The Triple-A squad has enough infielders to survive the loss, but you obviously don’t want to see him get hurt. Kyle Higashioka will also miss about a month with a shoulder problem. [Chad Jennings]
  • The following low-level minor leaguers have been released: LHP Gavin Brooks, RHP Noel Castillo, RHP Cory Cowsert, RHP Joaquin Hinojosa, RHP George Isabel, RHP Ronny Marte, LHP Danny Martinez, and RHP Yobanny Reyes. I liked Brooks as a sleeper back in the day, but injuries ruined him. [Mike Ashmore]

[Photo via Josh Norris]

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ST Game Thread: Phelps' Big Chance
  • Typical MIT Nerd

    Does Joseph project to add power? With his IsoD, he could be a nice infield bat if he adds bulk to his frame?

  • CANO FAN #1

    YES or NO? Rafael DePaula will be in the Big league by 2014

    • thenamestsam

      Given the patience the Yankees have shown with breaking in young pitchers the last few years I’d say late 2014 would be the earliest we’d see him. He’s probably going to start at Low-A this year and even with his (relatively) advanced age, conquering A ball this year would be a good achievement. Figure a year at AA and a year at AAA and that would mean he’d be on pace for a callup in late 2014. But it’s always safe to bet against everything going to plan when it comes to young pitchers. If he’s making a significant # of starts in 2014 things will have gone very, very right with his development.

    • Plank

      It’s not unrealistic, but I would say no. Both because that would require a series of aggressive promotions and because saying no to any minor league pitcher being in the majors in 3 years is the safe bet.

    • Havok9120

      Whether that’s feasible or not will depend greatly upon what kind of development he was able to get at our complex in the DR. If he’s been given a very sound foundation or, even less likely, some solid coaching and mechanics help, late ’14 is certainly possible. If he’s more or less where he was when he was signed, just more physically developed, then its gonna be awhile.

  • Chrisis

    94? Terrible velocity, it’s a bust.

    • Jesse

      To the minors! Oh, wait…

  • The Moral Majority is Neither

    Gavin Brooks was one of those lefty heat lottery tickets that ended up crumpled in the gutter.

  • Fernando

    If we’re adding minor league depth, why not Hong Chi-Kuo? He was quite good in 2010, but injuries and anxiety issues hurt him last year. Still work a look on a minor league deal.

  • http://bassoprofundo1.blogspot.com ColoYank

    Man, that is too bed about Higashioka. I begin to wonder how soon he’ll slide into the coaching ranks. You hate to think that way about any young player, but there it is.

  • Flicker

    Status of Jeremt Bleich?