Minor Moves: Duff, Corona, Mattingly released

Open Thread: 3/26 Camp Notes
Reviewing the Yankees 2011 int'l signings

Via The NY PostJosh Norris, the Yankees have released minor league RHP Grant Duff, IF Reegie Corona, and OF Preston Mattingly. Duff, 29, has thrown just 46.2 IP over the last two seasons while battling arm problems. He threw really hard and was one of the team’s better relief prospects back in the day. The 25-year-old Corona hasn’t played since breaking his arm in 2010. A no-hit, all-glove type, he managed to spend two full years on the 40-man roster and was even a Rule 5 Draft pick of the Mariners back in 2008. Never really understood that whole thing. The Yankees signed Mattingly — Don’s son — in January and he never played in an official game for them.

Open Thread: 3/26 Camp Notes
Reviewing the Yankees 2011 int'l signings
  • STONE COLD Austin Romine

    Reegie Corona was real clutch for that S.I team back in the day… comma si comma sa

    Grant Duff was a guy who at one time was the hardest thrower after Jessie Hoover kept getting hurt & Abel Gomez continually had control problems.

    Who knew during that time the best relief prospect we had in the system was shipped off to Colorado for Shawn Chacon ! … Ah mid-aughts nostalgia.

  • the big dumbo


  • Sweet Dick Willie

    Grant Duff, what could have been!


    • Short Porch

      I was hoping that would be the link.

  • Joe

    Mike, I was looking at the minor leaguers today and at my best had 29 guys for AAA. First will Jayson Nix head to AAA or opt Out? Also, I saw Vazquez wants out but didn’t know if he meant at the end of the season or start. My best Guess for AAA is this, and tell me what you think
    IF(6)-Vazquez,Russo,Pena,Laird,Nix,Bernier..If Nix opts out then Joseph maybe.
    Pitchers(12)Banuelos,Betances,Phelps,Warren,Mitchell,Kontos,Miller,Delcarmen,O’Connor,Rapada,Whelan,Daley…I also didn’t know if Rapada would opt out or make the team so he could be switched with Norton if he does one of the two

    • Joe

      the 5 to make it 29 were:Mesa,Joseph,Norton,Brewer,Pope

    • Plank

      The AAA roster is 24 man. There is also the phantom DL that teams employ to keep as many players at any level as they want.

      No one knows if Rapada will opt out. Without checking, the new rules say the Yankees have to give him a 100K retention fee to keep him in the minors until June. After that he can opt out, or the Yankees can not pay the fee and he can choose to opt out or go to the minors. I would imagine he would opt out when given the option.

  • Darren

    What the dilly with Pet Venditte?

  • vinny-b

    Nor did i, Mike A (RE: Reegie). He had to have pictures..

  • Dave

    I caught a foul ball from Corona back when he was with Charleston. I’d been holding onto it waiting for the day when he got his 3000th hit and I could cash it in for a small fortune. Guess I’m not quitting my job anytime soon.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    “Well, Reg….Reg….Reggie, we’re letting you go. Holy fuck, we spelled your name wrong this ENTIRE time…..”

    • vinny-b

      lol. freal.

  • A.D.

    The Reegie Corona 40 man era will always be one of the great head scratchers