Kevin Goldstein’s Top 50 Midseason Prospects


Kevin Goldstein posted his midseason list of the top 50 prospects in baseball over at Baseball Prospectus today (subs. req’d), and Rangers SS Jurickson Profar predictably claimed the top spot. Royals OF Wil Myers and Orioles RHP Dylan Bundy round out the top three.

Two Yankees farmhands made the list, C Gary Sanchez at #23 and OF Mason Williams at #36. They ranked #40 and #99 on his preseason list, respectively. LHP Manny Banuelos was #29 on KG’s preseason list but predictably dropped out due to the elbow injury. OF Tyler Austin cracked the midseason top 50 lists of Baseball America and Keith Law, but Goldstein wasn’t having any of it.

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  • Countryclub

    Did he mention Austin at all? I tried to get his opinion on twitter, but he didn’t respond.

    • blake

      Kevin Goldstein ?@Kevin_Goldstein

      Simple answer is I liked 50 better. I like Austin. QT @Diooony: @Kevin_Goldstein Why isn’t Tyler Austin on your prospect list?

      • Countryclub


    • RetroRob

      Following up on my note below, I checked the comments section on BP and didn’t see Goldstein say anything about Austin, although on his Twitter feed he posted:


      Simple answer is I liked 50 better. I like Austin. QT @Diooony: @Kevin_Goldstein Why isn’t Tyler Austin on your prospect list?

  • RetroRob

    I did ask Goldstein last November if he could see any way Austin might make his top 100 list by the end of 2012. His response was no way. That said, I have seen him say positive things about Austin, so I wouldn’t be shocked if he made his top list at seasnon’s end.

    Out of the three of them, he’s the one I pay the least attention to. I put more weight in Law and BA than I do Goldstein, although still read him.

  • Steven

    Do you know if any marlins made the list?

  • Marc

    Austin was on Goldstein’s list of players he wanted to watch at the futures game, which he talked about on his podcast. He raved about him, but come on guys he had a great half of season in his first year of full season baseball. It’s not crazy that some people will want to see more before ranking him higher.

    • Countryclub

      I was just curious if he liked him. Sounds like he does.

    • RetroRob

      Agreed, although he was drafted in 2010, only batting a couple of times that year, then last year slashed at .354/.418/.579, following up with another equally strong campaign this year. I suspect he will make his top 100 at year end.

      BTW Just noticed that Austin is 36 for 38 in SB attempts. I don’t think speed is one of his attributes, but doesn’t look like he’s slow either. If nothing else, might be a sign of very good instincts.

    • Bo Knows

      I don’t agree with that, scouts (Goldstein included) make assessments all the time far less data than what Austin has done. Goldstein is probably being just being conservative though because Austin might not have been on his personal radar before this year.

  • dixie_flyer

    What is the status of Banuelos? Is he going to pitch again this year?