Pettitte feels “ready” after latest simulated game

The Yankees and bad Septembers
Nova will start on Saturday

Andy Pettitte threw four innings and 55 pain-free pitches in his latest simulated game this afternoon, two days after doctors gave him the okay to begin running again. “I’m ready,” said the left-hander to reporters after today’s workout. “Can I give you 100 pitches? No. But I feel my stuff has been crisp … Just let me go out there and compete.”

The Yankees have already indicated a willingness to bring Pettitte back before he’s fully stretched out, and the guess here is that he will start next Tuesday’s game (they’re off on Monday) with David Phelps piggybacking out of the bullpen. That would allow Andy to make four starts between now and the end of the season, including Game 162. My original thought was that they would let him throw in one more simulated game, but if it’s the difference between three regular season starts and four, forget it.

The Yankees and bad Septembers
Nova will start on Saturday
  • Better off Eddard

    If he can give us 60 pitches that’s still more than 2/5th of the current rotation can give us. I guess 1/5th now that Nova is in and Freddy it out. The bullpen has been worn down thanks to these ineffective starters.

    • Laz

      What I’m thinking. If he can give you 4 innings, and then have phelps get 3-4 innings I will be happy.

  • jjyank

    Bring it, Andy. Not that I’m expecting it necessarily, but it’d be a pretty cool story if he came back and “saved” the season.

  • 28 in 2012

    Welcome back AP!!!
    The stare is back and just in time.

  • Darren

    It seems like the Yanks are full on panic mode. Totally departing from the old, when a guy is ready. give him one more day philosophy. Girardi is sacrificing the health of his players because he knows his job is on the line. Look at what happened with Tex: He tweaked his calf and they let him run the bases, resulting in an aggravated injury, then they brought him back probably 4 or 5 games too soon, resulting in a worse injury. Not good. And if Andy gets shelled and isn’t ready, then what?

    • 28 in 2012

      Panic or not they need to win games and the veteran says he is ready. Would you prefer to wait and lose more ground?

      • Darren

        Nope, I’m panicking too.

  • RetroRob

    If he gives the Yankees four innings and gives up four or five runs, he’s basically Freddy Garcia, with the difference being he’s working toward being something better than Garcia. Bring him on.

  • Herby

    I hope he’s ready…we’ve already seen the bad effects of Girardi’s mismanagement. Let’s hope he doesn’t put another notch in his belt. At this point I don’t really think he cares, he pretty much has it figured that if he fails to make the playoffs he’s probably finished. I don’t think the front office has liked the meltdown it’s been seeing out of him lately.