It’s official: Youk’s a Yank

Sabathia plans to begin throwing after Christmas
Friday Night Open Thread

The Yankees have officially signed Kevin Youkilis to a one-year contract worth $12M, the team announced. “It was a little bit of a surprise … they just jumped out from out of nowhere,” said Youkilis during a conference call with reporters, an indication of how off-the-radar he was until Alex Rodriguez‘s new hip injury was confirmed.

To make room on the 40-man roster, Josh Spence was designated for assignment. The Yankees claimed the left-handed reliever off waivers from the Padres last month. Spence, 24, has pitched to a 3.15 ERA (3.92 FIP) in 40 innings for San Diego over the last two seasons. He’s an extreme soft-tosser (mid-80s fastball, mid-70s curveball) with a funky arm angle cut right from the Clay Rapada cloth.

Sabathia plans to begin throwing after Christmas
Friday Night Open Thread
  • Handsome B. Wonderful

    Will there be a press conference?

    • Reuben Sierra’s Chains

      Looks like there was just the conference call and that will be it. See ya in Tampa, Youker.

    • ron smith

      will there be a press conference

  • YanksFanInBeantown

    Welcome aboard, Mr. Youkilis

    • wolfgang’s Fault

      They should hand out both red & pinstriped ukulele’s to the first 10,000 people attending Ukulele-is’s first game as a Yankee on April 1st at the Stadium against his old team, those hosiers from Boston. Would be cool if every time the Uke came up to hit the crowd serenaded him w/ukulele Youkilis music. I think he’s going to surprise a lot of people at just how good a player he is & turn the initial reticence from the fan base into deep — if not love — appreciation & respect. He’s already one of my favorites on the team. Now, if only the front office decides to hand out free ukuleles for attending opening day?

  • Drew

    Any idea what his # will be? 20 is obviously not an option…

  • Rocky Road Redemption

    Well, here’s to hoping for a dead cat bounce.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      More than that at 33, perhaps?

      • Rocky Road Redemption

        Maybe. With Youk, I’m not particularly optimistic to be honest with you.

      • Andy Pettitte’s Fibula

        Some cats die younger than others. Maybe he only had 6 lives.

      • Ted Nelson

        Don’t you know that the Yankees are doomed? None of their players can possibly be better than they were in 2012. Haven’t you been paying attention? They will all fall off a cliff simultaneously this season. I know because 75% of the posters on here do nothing but talk about it.

        • Slu

          This comment is snarky at best and insulting at worst. It is a legitimate opinion to think that the Yankees are likely to be worse next year.

          They have essentially returned the same team except for two positions (three if you count 3rd). And at all of those positions, the new player is worse than the previous player.

          Is it possible Youk rebounds and hits closer to his career norms? Sure – it might even be likely. But it is also likely that Youk gets hurt and misses a number of games as well. They will need a plan C at 3rd.

          The roster also got a year older, which increases the likelihood of some decline as well as injuries in a player.

          I think the Yankees will be good next year. I think they compete for a playoff spot and have a good chance of making it. But I also think that the teams in their division have improved (with Os being the possible exception) while the Yankees got worse. Nobody says everything will fall off the cliff at once. People are concerned with not improving the team. It is easy to understand why.

          • JobaWockeeZ

            “It is a legitimate opinion to think that the Yankees are likely to be worse next year.”

            It’s legitimate but frowned upon, putting it lightly. Very lightly.

            • Need Pitching & Hitting

              Strongly disagree.
              I’m not sure there is anyone here that doesn’t recognize the Yankees are likely to be worse next year.
              The dispute is over how much worse, and whether the Yankees will still be a legit contender.

            • Havok9120

              This is just as bad as the opposite. Pretty much all the regulars (who are, I assume, who you’re directing that at) seem to recognize that the team will be worse. Its just a question of how much worse and whether A) the Yankees are punting the season, B) whether we see the team as having made no important moves and C) whether we think they have a team that can contend for the playoffs.

              There’s been mockery, teasing, and some downright meanness, sure. But to say what you’re saying is just plain wrong.

            • Ted Nelson

              I would say the opposite. Half the comments on here is about how terrible the team will be next year.

          • BigLoving

            Why do you assume they would be worse? Most of the Yankees underperformed this year if anything. Gardner was out all year, Granderson had an MVP caliber season in 2011 but fell off in 2012, Nova shit the bed, CC battled injuries all year, Mo had a freak injury, Tex battled nagging injuries all year, Robertson was hurt for a bit and never fully captured the form he had in 2011, Joba was coming back from TJ surgery…..

            Maybe I am in the minority but I am pretty optimistic about the Yanks this year. Rotation looks good with CC, Kuroda, Andy and Hughes with the 5th spot up for grabs. Lineup still doesn’t look bad with Cano and Tex in the middle and a full season of Ichiro and Youk…..I am excited about Ichiro especially, gives the Yankees a brand new element we haven’t seen in a while considering they will have 80+ SB’s between Gardner and Ichiro. I know he isn’t the Ichiro of old but thinking he can hit .280 and possibly take advantage of right field isn’t out of the question.

            So to all you negatives nancies out there. Go eat cake.

            • Slu

              That’s a lotta “If’s”…

              I think the team will compete for the playoffs. But it will be a dogfight.

              • Need Pitching & Hitting

                Probably the smallest margin for error in a long time.

              • Ted Nelson

                It’s not new that they have to compete. They’ve not won the division 3 of the past 6 years. That’s what I don’t understand: why people insist this is the first time the Yankees don’t enter the season as clear favorites. The past two years the consensus has generally been that either the Red Sox or the Rays were better to open the season. I don’t understand the short memories. The Red Sox had “the greatest team ever” entering the season just the season before last.

          • Ted Nelson

            It was a joke.

            It’s a legitimate opinion, sure. If you want to take a well reasoned approach to concluding they have a better chance to be worse than better… fine. If you are one of those who concludes in December that the ARE going to be worse… I’ll make jokes at your expense.

            How many games did Gardner play last season? He’s a 5 win player. A-Rod is out 1-3 months. So, between 3B and DH I think chances are they’ve improved. Soriano did a good job, but Mo is better and Joba’s back (Aardsma maybe too). Pettitte started 12 games last season while Garcia started 17. CC had his worst year as a Yankee and Nova wasn’t nearly as good as 2011. Phelps was a rookie. People don’t think Kuroda is for real, but the guy has had roughly the same season 5 times in a row now. There is a lot of room for internal improvement, just like there’s a lot of room for falling off.

            How many games did “the same team” win last year? I count 95 and a playoff series.

            How much does being one year older increase your likelihood of injury? I think many commenters seriously overestimate that.

            “Is it possible Youk rebounds and hits closer to his career norms?”

            Doesn’t have to rebound that much to be solid enough.

            “But I also think that the teams in their division have improved”

            Have the Rays improved while losing Upton, Shields, and Keppinger? They could be better, but on paper I don’t think it’s obvious they’ve improved. Longoria has injury questions just like any Yankee.

            Has Boston improved from their opening day roster last year? I imagine they’ll win more games (some at the Yankees’ expense maybe), but I doubt they’re contending.

            Toronto has gotten a lot better on paper. They needed to get a lot better, though. I certainly think they’re a serious contender at this point, but I’m not ready to label them the favorite by any significant margin.

            There will be competition in the AL East. What else is new?

            “Nobody says everything will fall off the cliff at once.”

            Why do you feel like you can speak for every single commenter on here? There are definitely people saying exactly that. Whether they mean to or just can’t express themselves coherently… I don’t know.

        • Rocky Road Redemption

          Dude, you’re kidding, right? I actually think the Yankees will be great next year. I was talking about Youkilis and Youkilis only.

          Not to mention, I didn’t say ANY players were going to fall off of a cliff anytime soon. I said I was skeptical Youkilis will improve to his former self in one year.

          Stop attacking people who are on your side, anyway-and even if I wasn’t, it’s a pretty legitimate opinion to believe we’re not going to be great next year.

          • Ted Nelson

            My comment was in response to Tilapia, and it was a joke. It just so happened that his comment was in response to you.

  • Wil Nieves #1 Fan

    It’s official. Youk’s a Wank*

  • mj

    with hamilton signing with the angels doesnt that mean the yankees now have the 27th pick?

    • Need Pitching & Hitting


      • Deep Thoughts

        So we can pick Mike Trout this time?

  • Miked

    Ugh. I was hoping he would fail his physical

  • soxhata

    Finally a little defense at 3rd.He will give 110% and thats all we can ask.Getting a helmet to fit that big shiny dome may be a proble

  • JLC 776

    I just hope there’s a giant “Trader” banner waiting for him, ala Damon, at his first game back at Fenway.

    • soxhata

      My favorite sign when Damon came back to Fenway ,was “looks like Jesus,acts like Judas,throws like Mary!”Too friggen great

    • Thud

      He didn’t get traded; he signed as a free agent.

      He may be considered a traitor, however.

  • The Constant Gardner

    If only the Fack Youk blog was still around so it can blow up…

    • Reuben Sierra’s Chains

      There was actually a fresh post on it the other day. Funny stuff.

  • You should have shot Arod

    Yeah we have Youlk

    Why does it feel like someone just shit in my mouth?