Open Thread: 2/13 Camp Notes

The new Spring Training hats aren't half bad. (Photo via the Yankees)

The new warm-up hats aren’t half bad. (Photo via the Yankees)

Some notes from the first workout for pitchers and catchers down in Tampa…

Here is your open thread for the evening. Both the Knicks and Nets are playing, so talk about those games or anything else here. Have at it.


  1. Mike HC says:

    Went to the Comedy Cellar last night in Manhattan. Best comedy club in New York. And randomly, out of nowhere, Chris Rock rolls up and does over an hour of brand new, ridiculously funny material. Greatest night of comedy ever for me.

  2. vicki says:

    look how warm and happy they are. three weeks from today, tampa. get ready.

  3. Bob Buttons says:

    Giants signed a new kicker. Tynes is gone??

  4. joe one-leg says:

    brett gardner yea or nay? and why go

  5. 28 this year says:

    Whats the age cutoff where international players count against your cap and don’t count? If anything, we might see players start faking older ages if they are 19 or 20 in order to get more money since they are unrestricted FAs? I mean, I doubt it but its still funny how there might be an incentive to be older rather than younger.

  6. Tom Zig says:

    The combined age of the pitchers here is like 150 years old.

    • Govin says:

      I care more about their combined era strikeouts innings and all those other snazzy statistics. do you know how many strike outs they have combined….I kinda was hoping you knew because I’m to lazy to look it up.

    • Robinson Tilapia says:

      Divided by 12 pitchers, that would make them old enough for freshman year of high school.

  7. jjyank says:

    Anyone an Aesop Rock fan? I love him. Just downloaded the Hail Mary Mallons album with him and Rob Sonic. If you’re a fan of hip-hop with unorthodox beats and deep, heavily metaphorical lyrics, I highly recommend it. The dynamic between Aesop and Sonic reminds me a bit of old school A Tribe Called Quest with Phife and Q-Tip.

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