Manny’s Back: Ramirez signed minor league deal with Texas


This isn’t exactly Yankees related, but Manny Ramirez has signed a minor league with the Rangers. He was playing in Taiwan earlier this year, but he recently opted out of his contract to pursue big league opportunities. Unsurprisingly, the Yankees didn’t have any interest. They sure could use some right-handed thump though. Oh well.

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  • Slugger27

    i still dont understand why he only served 50 games of his 100 game suspension.

  • Preston

    He’s fun to watch, and it might distract ESPN from A-Rod for a little while. If they played against eachother in a minor league game that would probably be the coolest thing ever though…

  • I’m One

    While I never really expected it to happen due to the PED suspensions and make up issues, I’m kind of disappointed the Yankees didn’t take a shot at him.

    • Mickey Scheister

      I agree, the only thing I can come up with is maybe they didn’t wanna reek of desperation. But he’s exactly the type of hitter they could’ve used. Even at a .270/.380/.460 with 10-15 jacks would be a massive upgrade just in terms of production. Stick him at first and see what happens…

      • Bob Buttons

        He’d probably hit closer to .200/.280/.360 with 0 to 5 jacks. He didn’t show much power with WSox and TB and there’d be virtually no way they wouldn’t challenge him.

  • forensic

    Good, it’s always nice when booing/hating interests are consolidated.

    • I’m One

      I hated him as a Red Sox player, but boy could he rake during his prime. The current Yankees could use a former Manny.

      • forensic

        They wouldn’t be getting a former Manny. They’d be getting a current Manny.

        • I’m One

          But what is “current Manny”? Is he an upgrade over what they’ve got? On a minor league deal, I’d have liked to find out. Oh well, they never look for my opinion anyway (probably rightly so for about 95% of their decisions).

      • trr

        They could use that earlier incarnation of him. At this point, who knows what to expect. We’ve got enough of that on our roster now.

  • Yanke Since 1957

    I wish A-Rod had stayed with the Rangers or had wound up on the Red Sox. Manny is probably a bigger dumb azz that A-Rod. At least A-Rod didn’t throw down a 65 year old (that we know of) traveling secretary because he could not get Manny the number of tickets he wanted.

    I wish I could continually screw up and cheat at my job and keep getting more and mor money and opportunities.

    • Manny’s BanWagon

      You should have gone into politics.

    • CS Yankee

      I wish I could continually screw up and cheat at my job and keep getting more and mor money and opportunities.

      …you could, highly doubtful, but you could.

    • hogsmog

      Also: unable to use all the letters needed to spell the words you want to say since 1957.

    • Bob Buttons

      Don’t see why ARod would be upset because Manny couldn’t get a bunch of tickets in short time. ;)

  • Gerry

    The Yankees have been burned badly by ARod. Lesson learned, hence no bother with Manny.

  • John Conte

    Manny Ramirez got released by two major league teams and no one was interested in him then. I wonder if he’ll make it back on a major league level. These types of stupid articles are great for the writer. If Manny fails, we forget about the article. If Manny succeeds, then the writer will take credit for saying he predicted Manny would succeed. It’s a win-win for the writer.