Update: Alex Rios says he would have agreed to trade to Yankees

Update: Phillies have let teams know Michael Young is available
Granderson goes hitless in latest minor league rehab game

Sunday: Conflicting reports! Rios told Bruce Levine the report is false and he would have accepted a trade to the Yankees had he been asked. “No, it is not true at all because if I was asked I was willing to waive my no-trade clause to go to the Yankees … It hasn’t been brought to me at all but I never turned a deal down to New York,” he said.

Friday: Via Joel Sherman: The Yankees called the White Sox about outfielder Alex Rios recently, but were told he is unwilling to waive his no-trade clause to come to New York. That’s when the club moved on to Alfonso Soriano, who was acquired today. The Yankees are one of six teams included on Rios’ no-trade list.

Rios, 32, is hitting .276/.330/.437 (107 wRC+) with 12 homers and 21 stolen bases this season, including a 133 wRC+ against left-handers. He’s also a very good defensive player and is owed a reasonable ~$17M through the end of next season with an affordable ($13.5M) club option for 2015. Rios is clearly a better player than Soriano and would have been a better pick-up, though the Yankees would have had to surrender more/higher-quality prospects.

Update: Phillies have let teams know Michael Young is available
Granderson goes hitless in latest minor league rehab game
  • vicki

    no kidding, this hurts my feelings.

    • Gonzo

      This is how I’ll remember Rios.


      • Manny’s BanWagon

        Wow, just wow. Total douche bag. Let him stay on the white sox and rot in last place

        • forensic

          So, he’s the douche bag, not the guy(s) harassing him when he’s out with his girlfriend/wife? He could’ve handled it a bit better, but it’s not like he’s the one who started it all.

          There’s a different standard for professional athletes, and they have to deal with that sometimes, but their time away from the field should still be their time and they shouldn’t be bugged for autographs at that point and then harassed if they don’t want to sign them.

          • Oooooo

            He turned down a kid for his autograph. Staying classy — and that’s what the guy meant about “don’t forget where you come from.”

            • forensic

              If he does that at the stadium, that’s one thing. Doing it at night on the street, at some sort of event where he’s wearing a tux is a different story.

              I’m not going to blame him if he doesn’t want to stop and sign autographs at that point, and you know it wouldn’t have stopped at one if he had stopped.

              • mac1

                Its for a kid. He’s been blessed with great ability. Being nice to a young fan no matter where he is would show some character.

                I loved the guy who told him what he is.

                • Stanislaw

                  What completely fucking idiotic statement. So, because Rios has been blessed with ‘great ability’ he’s obligated to sign someone’s autograph?

                  Jesus Christ.

                  • Manny’s BanWagon

                    No he’s not obligated to sign because of his athletic ability.

                    He should however fell obligated to sign a kids autographs out of common fucking decency. He’ll probably make over $100 million playing a damn game. Without the fans, his blessed existence wouldn’t be possible.

                    Besides, who the fuck would recognize Alex Rios from Adam anyway. I doubt that kind of thing happens to him often.

                    • Duh Injuries

                      Oh so this guy is doing Rios a favor by asking for Rios’s autograph?

                      Seriously, take your head out of your ass. Rios doesn’t owe anyone a thing. If he wants to sign autographs, he will when he feels like it. It’s called freedom – try it some time.

                      That guy had no right to antagonize Rios whatsoever. If anything it showed how entitled he and so many “fans” think they are. It also tipped off Rios that this guy was just another lowlife sneak using his kid to get an autograph for himself so he could sell it, else why not have the kid ask for the autograph? His kid can’t say “Excuse me Mr. Rios may I have your autograph?”

                  • Lukaszek

                    When you become a professional athlete, you also become a role model for many young fans. It comes with the job. If you don’t want to sign autographs for young fans, that’s fine, but then don’t play in the majors. Join the independent leagues

                    • Duh Injuries

                      Um, there is nothing in the CBA requiring players to sign autographs.

                      Rios doesn’t have to play anywhere save where he wants to play and for who will have him.

                      I am on Rios’s side in this video. He was being fucked with and he sent it back. Good for him. You don’t fuck with a man when he’s with his wife for more often than not he will be protective of his wife and do whatever it takes to protect her, so expect him to be as aggressive as you if not more.

                • forensic

                  Sorry, I just think that’s pushing it to an absurd limit. Every Yankee, including Mr. Character Jeter, walks by kids everyday (even walking into the Stadium) without signing their autographs. Does that make them douche bags too?

                  • steve (different one)

                    better that than giving kids gift baskets…

                    • Shittyshittybangbang

                      “Insert” inappropriate M.J. Joke here.

                  • mac1

                    You ever see Jeter cursing a guy out or acting in a way that someone would call him a bum?

                    They are in the public spotlight, like it or not they have demands placed on them.

                    If you guys don’t see how poorly Rios acted have someone explain to you what it means to be a decent human being.

                    • forensic

                      Ah, so it only matters if it’s actually caught on video? He chose not to sign the autograph, again partly because he’s apparently out at some sort of event dressed in a tux with his wife/girlfriend, and then the other guy started harassing him. Rios didn’t start it by telling the kid to fuck off. He just kept walking which is fine at that point. All athletes do that every day at or near team hotels, entering the ballpark, etc. And those are mostly more acceptable places to ask someone for their autograph.

                      The demands placed on them include before games, maybe right after games, charity appearances, etc. Not when he’s out on his own time.

                      If you don’t see how poorly that kid (slightly) and guy acted, then have someone explain to you what it means to have personal limits, and to allow someone to have personal time and a sense of normalcy.

                    • Manny’s BanWagon

                      There was one friggin kid there, not 50. It would have taken him 10 fucking seconds to make that kids day.
                      He also could have said I’m sorry, no time for autographs instead of trying to ignor the kid like he was an insect.

                      Rios was a total douche bag , at least on this night and I’m sorry but if you get paid millions upon millions for playing a game, you have an obligation to show some gratitude to the fans without whom he’s probably be chopping sugar cane in some 3rd world sewer.

                    • JCK

                      I was almost ready to kind of side with you, Manny, until you started in with the racism.

                      Not that it makes it any less racist (though it certainly makes it more racist), but you know Alex Rios is from Alabama, right? And he grew up in Puerto Rico, which is part of the United States…

                    • Caballo Sin Nombre

                      Really! I think Manny should apologize to Alex Rios for that racist remark. I have just as much right to make moral pronouncements about Manny, as Manny does about Rios.

                    • Bob Buttons

                      Dates are not for getting personal or professional things done, however close or distant your partner is. It’s his private time and while it would be nice to sign for a kid, he has every right to not to.

                      1 or 50, basic idea is the same.

                    • vicki

                      so you say “sorry, kid.” this guys says everything i would, with a nice a-rod coda at the end:


                      and sure, without baseball alex rios may have grown up to be a dentist or something. but to say that pr is technically part of the us and to believe that this means much is naive. children grow up in poverty there (hey, alabama too). the great thing about the game is that is does rescue a handful of kids from hard lives, and that they can take their millions back home and invest some in local struggling economies.

                      mbw’s comment was a little insensitive, but the R-word bell can’t be unrung. and if he’d said harvesting coffee, not sugar cane (anymore), he wouldn’t be far offbase.

            • Duh Injuries

              Uh first off that’s being confrontational and looking for a fight he almost got and would’ve probably lost badly had he got it. Second since when does Alex Rios owe anyone anything?

              Rios doesn’t need some random asshole who might have been using the kid to get the autograph for himself so he could sell it on Ebay or wherever telling him to not forget where he came from. You do know that adults use kids to get autographs, right? Maybe Rios thought this was one of those times. Maybe Rios wanted to be left alone as his is right as an American. Yeah public figure thus public domain but that’s regarding the press. The guys antagonizing him in this video were not the press, they were people I’m guessing Rios thought were being threatening to him and more importantly his wife who he has a right to protect.

              Fuck the White Sox for using dirty pool to inflate the price on Rios by lying that he wouldn’t waive his no-trade clause to come to the Yankees when he (said he) would. If I was Rios I would file a grievance with the player’s union. If I was the Yankees I would still try to acquire Rios so Suzuki is reduced to the super fourth outfielder he should be and Wells can be DFA.

      • Oooooo

        Thanks for that Gonzo.
        I found myself asking “why” wouldn’t he want to come to New York. He has every right not to, but you’d think he would blend in well. However, after seeing this video, something tells me that he likes things his way and the fact that the Yanks impose many more rules (reasonable ones at that) than most other teams, probably had much to do with his decision.

      • bpdelia

        too bad he didn’t beat that idiot senseless and teach him a lesson. Why? Why would anyone do that?

      • vicki

        ahahaha, dude thinks he’s bonds, or kanye.

        i suffer soul-suckers every day, for a lot less money. there’s a way to do it without being a dick.

  • BeanTooth

    No doubt the fact the Cubs are eating so much money ultimately makes the front office pretty happy about the Soriano deal. Think of him as a replacement for Granderson for about $10 million less (his position, not necessarily his production). The $189m plan lives!

    • trr

      ..for now

  • https://twitter.com/AngeloInNY Angelo

    Oh well, I would have liked Rios, but there’s a lot of factors to consider here, so it’s okay.

  • forensic

    This would’ve been much more preferable to the Soriano deal. I would’ve been willing to give up more for him, sure. The Soriano deal isn’t an issue of what they gave up (to me), but more for other reasons.

  • aluis

    He’s also very inconsistent. No Thank you!!!

  • Steve (different one)

    If the guy doesn’t want to be here, it’s prob for the best.

  • jsbrendog

    obviously rios hates vernon wells.

  • RetroRob

    It probably doesn’t matter, but I’m not quite sure the Yankees “moved on” to Soriano after Rios rejected the possibility, as much as they were investigating him with a number of other players. Joel Sherman’s take was the Yankees were checking in on a number of options, not just one, with Soriano, Rios, Pence, etc. also being looked at, and they were doing their due diligence.

    Rios, of course, is the better player now, but would also cost more. In the end, even if Rios would have accepted a deal, it probably still would have been Soriano.

  • Mike from Jersey

    I called Soriano right here in one of the blogs last week. Soriano will be a better pickup than Rios because he is an original Yankee and will play like one – all the other stuff will not matter. Remember, you heard it here 1st.

    Had success here before and will again.

  • Bubba

    It probably won’t make a difference, but maybe this quiets the force trade crowd for a bit.

    • vicki

      no way, man. we’ve tasted blood.

      • Shittyshittybangbang

        Well done. Are you the “I Robot” computer ?!

        • vicki

          i get that all the time.

  • trr

    At this point, Rios is a younger, better (but more expensive) option than Soriano…..but hey, if he doesn’t wanna play here, so be it. We moved on, he’s still on a last place club…

    • vicki

      he’s still on the block. just holding out for a better team.

      • Shittyshittybangbang

        Ouch ! Didn’t see that coming. And …, we’ve become Seattle !

        • vicki

          kidding? i’d kill for the Ms’ offense.

  • BFDeal

    As up and down as Rios has been, this may very well end up being one of those trades you’re glad never happened.

    • forensic

      And Soriano’s month-by-month OPS splits of .635, .841, .673, and .927 aren’t up and down?

      • https://twitter.com/AngeloInNY Angelo

        Pretty sure he was talking year by year.

      • BFDeal

        I was speaking in general terms of years.

  • Eddard

    We’ve got our guy, Soriano. Cashman didn’t want anybody. He couldn’t spare that minor leaguer for a chance to win this year. Fire him, Hal. You were right.

  • There’s the Door

    Both Rios and Soriano, like Nick Swisher, are better sabermetrically then they are at actually winning. (The opposite of Hunter Pence, btw) Either move would have been delusional in terms of the playoffs. Soriano cost less and is therefore the smaller stupid-ass mistake. On the other hand, next year we’ve got Raul Mondesi at age 38. Fun.

    • jjyank

      “Both Rios and Soriano, like Nick Swisher, are better sabermetrically then they are at actually winning.”

      It’s pretty rare that reading something on my computer actually makes me laugh, but…bravo, sir. You did it.

      As if being “better sabermetrically” and “actually winning” are two different things. I’m not a total sabermetric geek or anything, but the entire point of advanced statistics is to create a better understanding of a player’s performance and what it takes to win. Separating them like some old man standing on his porch with a gun and yelling for kids to get off his lawn is hilarious.

      So, thanks for the chuckle.

  • Carlos Danger

    This report came out two days ago. DFA Wells and get Rios as a salary dump. Do it Cashm…errr…ownership!


  • Oy

    Want, want, want, but the Soriano trade just throws this out the window. With $14 million already committed to Ichiro, Wells and Soriano, plus 5 million or so going to Gardner for arbitration, the 189 plan destroys any potenatial deal.

    • Duh Injuries

      Suzuki could be dumped easily even if it meant half his salary being eaten which would give his taker a decent veteran player for a very low price of $3.25M for only one year and if you think there isn’t a team out there who sees him as a cheap low-risk high-reward leadoff hitter/LF-RF, you are mistaken. Someone would take a flier on him.

      Wells could be easily unloaded for the paltry $2.4M the Yanks are paying him for next season and would make a serviceable veteran fourth outfielder or cheap stopgap everyday player on any number of teams as he is still good defensively.

      The Yanks are paying only $5M of Soriano’s $18M for next year and you say $5M to Gardner, well he’s making $2.85M this year so $5M for him next year would give him a measly $2.15M raise. Remember Boesch’s $1.5M and Youkilis’ $12M will be off the books plus X amount of A-Rod’s contract if not all of it.

      If the Yanks got Rios in the offseason they’d simply let go of Granderson who I doubt will return as he will most likely want at least three years the Yanks will not give him cuz he’ll turn 34 in spring training. They’d actually save $1.5M as Granderson will have made $15M for this season and Rios would cost at least $13.5M ($12.5M salary for 2014 + $1M buyout for 2015) for next and as much as $27.5M through 2015 as his $13.5M team option increases by half a mil with the trade.

  • Duh Injuries

    Manny’s getting banned hahaha. Good. Racist.