Yankees shut out of Baseball America’s top International League prospects list

What Went Right: Shawn Kelley
Friday Night Open Thread

Baseball America continued their look at the top 20 prospects in each of the 16 minor leagues leagues with the Triple-A International League today (no. subs. req’d). SS Xander Bogaerts (Red Sox) topped the list and was followed by big leaguers OF Wil Myers (Rays) and former Yankee first rounder RHP Gerrit Cole (Pirates). The top six is really, really strong, but it drops off after that.

The Yankees didn’t land a single player on the list and that’s not surprising at all. The best prospect to start the year with the Triple-A Scranton squad was C Austin Romine, and he spent most of the season in the big leagues. RHP Brett Marshall had a poor year, C J.R. Murphy and OF Zoilo Almonte didn’t play many games for the RailRiders, and relievers like RHP Dellin Betances and RHP Mark Montgomery rarely crack these lists for obvious reasons. There wasn’t even a Yankees-related question in the subscriber-only chat.

The Rookie Gulf Coast League (six Yankees farmhands), Short Season NY-Penn League (one), Low-A South Atlantic League (one), and High-A Florida State League (two) lists have all been released. Baseball America went out of sequence, so the Double-A Eastern League is still to come. That is scheduled to be released on Tuesday. OF Slade Heathcott and OF Tyler Austin are the best bets from Double-A Trenton.

What Went Right: Shawn Kelley
Friday Night Open Thread
  • Farewell Mo

    That’s just shameful and is exhibit A why the Yankees should bring in some new blood and revamp the front office.

  • Reggie D 44

    Blame Brian cashman he wanted total control years ago and George (rip) gave it to him and he failed. He should be the first one to go.

  • EndlessJose

    The first thing to do is fire Damon Oppenheimer and stop Cashman with overseeing the minors.Getting nothing but 16 year old Latin Players and Highschool hitters in the draft have shown how bad the prospects are.

    Even the good ones are years away.

  • http://TheGreedyPinstripes.com Daniel Burch

    Will Myers is not on the Royals

  • Dick M

    JR looks pretty legit to me but the AAA cupboard is otherwise bare.

  • jobasphatstache

    Keep bringing in so called “experts”, and giving them special assistant titles. It makes finger pointing that much more fun, and they can always rely on Mr. Overrated Gene Michael to come to the rescue and find the next Derek Jeter. Oh yeah, don’t ask him to do the actual scouting, senility and speed guns don’t play well together.

  • RetroRob

    Last year the Yankees had all these prospects and the system was rated higher. This year it’s a bust and the farm system will be rated lower heading into 2014. All that means is they will clearly call up a couple players at some point next year who will provide several years to a decade-plus of productivity. Like in the mid-aughts the Yankees had no prospects that were considered legit MLB players in AAA. That very season they called up Cano and Wang from AAA.

  • Cool Lester Smooth

    Is JR eligible for the EL list? Or did he just get pushed out by such luminaries as Kevin Pillar, a 24 year old corner outfielder with a .35 BB/K?

    • W.B. Mason Williams

      Not enough time on the roster, and his previous numbers weren’t inspiring. Prior to this year he looked like a top shelf backup. This year he’s really made his case as a legitimate “good catcher”, which is more than most teams operate with each year. If the Yankees have done anything throughout their history, it’s produce good catchers. Hopefuly J.R. and Sanchez are the next step.

  • Matt23

    I count three qualifying offers as of now Kuroda, Grandy and Cano (if need be)….the likes of Hughes, Joba, etc. obviously not worth the risk so my question is what picks does that equal in the draft? Also does our ability for max offers rise as a result of additional picks or does the Yankee budget stay the same?

  • mike

    May not be a bad idea to replace Cashman and see happens,we need something or it is going to be a while before we land above Boston and Baltimore

  • Mike

    Unbelievable that the Red Sox prospects are still being pumped up.

    Our farm is being underrated again.