Luis Severino makes two midseason top 50 prospects lists


Both Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus (subs. req’d) published their midseason rankings of the top 50 prospects in baseball today. Twins OF Byron Buxton tops both lists despite appearing in only six games this season due to a wrist problem. There’s just too much ability to drop him after only a half-season. Cubs 3B Kris Bryant and Astros SS Carlos Correa rank second and third in the two lists, just not necessarily in the same order.

The Yankees had one prospect make the two lists: RHP Luis Severino, who was 34th for Baseball America and 48th for Baseball Prospectus. No other Yankees farmhands made it. “Yankees’ breakout prospect is a long way from big leagues but has three potential above-average pitches,” said the Baseball America write-up while Baseball Prospectus says “Severino is a legit talent and one of the most enjoyable arms to watch in any farm” while noting his slider must continue to develop to avoid a future in the bullpen. I think OF Aaron Judge and C Gary Sanchez will crack the back half of top 100 lists after the season, but they aren’t top 50 guys right now.

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  1. nycsportzfan says:

    Thats what happens when your 4-3 2.56era 90k in 84.1inn at 20yrs old for the entire season in High A ball. Kid can ball.

  2. mitch says:

    trade him before he flames out…

    • Colombo says:

      But let’s all complain that Cashman fails when someone gets hurt and there are no replacements in the system.

      • mitch says:

        I was joking. But seriously, i’d trade him in a second in the right deal.

        • Preston says:

          Yup. Banuelos was once regarded just as well as Severino. TINSTAAPP.

          • Tanuki Tanaka says:

            Interesting to note how MLBTR mentioned that the Cubs are super heavy on hitting prospects and light on pitching prospects.

            • Preston says:

              All types of prospects can flame out because their talent doesn’t transfer to the big league level. The difference is that a huge percentage of pitchers are going to flame out becuase of injury. There are position players that lose their prospective career to injury. But not nearly to the same extent.

        • nycsportzfan says:

          Of course you can trade him in the right deal. Thats whats so wonderful about what Cash and the Farm System head hanchos, is how much they’ve stocked the system while also usually contending for the post season every yr and and using FA’cy so heavily most winters.

          If they traded Severino , they’d still have Clarkin, Hensley, DePaula, DeCarr, and Lail(he looks good!) to lean on. I know its not as deep as the positon players, but they still have some goods in the pitching Dept even if they were to give up Severino in the right trade.

          Also watch for Jordan Montgomery to fly through the system as a starting LHP.(assuming they sign Decarr and Montgomery. I haven’t kept up on the signings yet).

  3. Angelo says:

    Interesting. So the consensus basically says the Yankees best prospect is Severino. I figured he would still rank behind Sanchez and Judge behind the two of them.

    • RetroRob says:

      Probably says more about Severino than it does about Sanchez and Judge.

      • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

        Yeah, agreed. Still surprised at both Sanchez dropping and Judge not turning that many (relatively) heads.

        • RetroRob says:

          Since Judge is an OFer and 22-years=old, my guess is he’ll need to continue that production up another level to AA before he’ll move into top 50. I suspect he’s somewhere in the top 100 already.

    • Yanks says:

      Not really surprised, but Sanchez gets dinged and guys like Hedges and Alfaro don’t. Hedges maybe an elite defender, but he’s not even league average with the bat at AA… he doesn’t walk at all and his hitting is very mediocre. Alfaro strikes out almost 25% of the time, has a 6.1 BB%, and has 18 passed balls, and is only half a year younger. And it sounds like he has receiving issues as well. So while other prospects get off, Sanchez doesn’t.

      Sanchez obviously has his faults. The defense is not great, the attitude is bad, the bat isn’t quite where people hope (but he’s still a 21 year old catcher with a 117 wRC+, like come on…), etc. He’s not perfect. But the 18th best prospect in baseball is a thoroughly mediocre hitter? Really? Seems whacky if you ask me.

      • Chip says:

        I think a lot of it is the fact that he’s been in downright terrible hitting parks for most of his career. Sure 117 wRC+ is impressive but he’d be much more highly regarded if a few more of his long flyballs went out and he had 20 homers rather than 9.

        Anyhow, the big reason he’s fallen is that most teams view him more as a first baseman than a catcher and falling that far down the defensive scale just destroys his value

        • RetroRob says:

          I don’t think any of the Yankees minor league parks are considered hitter friendly, and Trenton is especially difficult for a right-handed power hitter.

          The fact that Sanchez is not in the top 50 isn’t all that surprising. With 30 teams and multiple levels, top 50 is pretty elite. Top 100 is pretty special too, so unless he doesn’t make the top 100, I wouldn’t read much into it. If I had to guess, he’s probably in the 51-75 range for Baseball America, and in the 76-100 range for Baseball Prospectus.

          He’s advanced to higher levels and held his own, but he also hasn’t had that breakout season yet that some may be looking for.

    • nycsportzfan says:

      Best case scenario, what kinda pitcher would you like him to be, that he reminds you of , stuff wise?

  4. Adam says:

    While trenton doesn’t play any more games in new Britain, I’m looking forward to catching a game or two of Buxton this year.

  5. Jorge Steinbrenner says:

    This just settles it the Yankees will trade for David Price Luis Severino Brady Lail Dan Camarena Simon de La Rosa and Gosuke Katoh!!!! This just settles it Brian Cashman would never let pitchers like this stay in the system Luis Severino David Palladino Jonathan Holder Didavis Salazar, who is my favorite pitcher in DSL!!!!


    I made one of those names up.

  6. Frank says:

    Sanchez is going in the opposite direction. Bad attitude certainly doesn’t help.

    Mason Williams? WTF happened to this guy? The Yanks probably couldn’t get a box of balls for him now.

    • derp says:

      his OPS is up 55 points since the benching. of course at 21 it’s ridiculous he isn’t already in arbitration.

    • hogsmog says:

      Do you keep up with the prospect watch for any other team? Are you aware that literally every organization has prospects flame out on a regular basis?

    • Chip says:

      AA happened which is why most big prospect guys don’t start getting a hard-on over prospects until they’ve proven they can hit in AA. Get ready because there’s a very good possibility that Jorge Mateo follows a very similar path

  7. nycsportzfan says:

    Judge, Refs, Sev , and G.San should all make the top 100 going into next yr, easily.

  8. Oy says:

    Its very understandable that Judge (22 year old with 16 games in High A) and Sanchez (average numbers for second year in AA) are not on top 50 lists. I think Refsnyder should be joining Sanzhez and Judge on the top 50-100 lists…

    • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

      Sanchez played only 23 games in AA last year. It’s not like he’s had even a full year total at that level yet (93 games total).

      And his numbers are above average (117 wRC+)in a league he is still young in.

      Maybe the discipline issue caused the slide.

  9. Preston says:

    The idea that Sanchez dropped out of Baseball America’s top 50 after putting up a wRC+ of 117 as a 21 yo C at AA is silly. Especially when they’re moving Austin Hedges up the list after posting a 93 wRC+ at the same age at the same level.

    • mitch says:

      after the real blue-chip guys these lists always seems to be about the flavor of the week.

      • Preston says:

        I just don’t get how two guys who started the season ranked 27th and 35th, both play the same position, are the same age, and are at the same level are treated so differently. One hits .249/.295/.379 and moves up 10 spots, the other hits .275/.349/.439 and gets bumped at least 16 spots (really more when you consider there are several players who don’t qualify for the list any more). If this is all because of the disciplinary stuff then there is something wrong with BAs methodology. Talent and production always win out in athletics.

        • Yanks says:

          And while Sanchez’s defense leaves much to be desired, so does Hedges’s bat. How can you project him to be a legit major league hitter if he’s hitting to a 93 wRC+ at AA and has never really been anything great with the bat? He may be Yadi behind the plate, but you shouldn’t be the 18th best prospect in baseball if you can’t hit for shit.

          • nycsportzfan says:

            I say it all the time. People give the Yanks system crap, but I follow other systems as well, just not quite as closely as the Yanks, and i’m constantly saying if you go look at other teams prospects and farm systems top players, its not all its cracked up to be.

            Austin Hedges is just one of many under achieving more touted then some Yanks prospects I could name, I just don’t feel like making a giant list right now.lol

        • Chip says:

          The difference is one is a legit catcher and one is a first baseman that they ask to catch

          • Preston says:

            Sanchez has improved every year as a C. He’s thrown out base stealers at a higher rate and committed fewer errors than Hedges this season.

          • n0exit says:

            You repeating this statement does not make it true. How can he be 35th in preseason if scouts thought he was a first baseman? While he isn’t elite defensively he also isn’t Evan gattis.

            • Chip says:

              He was ranked 35th with the thought that he could possibly take some strides behind the plate and had the potential to go on a Joc Pederson like tear. Having a 115ish wRC+ across all of the minor league levels speaks more to a future major league average hitter. So instead of a crazy powerful Mike Napolli type who would be a below average defensively catcher whose bat could play at first, it’s looking more like he’s a Wilin Rosario who is a below average defensive catcher with roughly average production that comes mostly from power. The second one of those is much less exciting

              • n0exit says:

                Only a handful of catchers hit 20 home runs. Sanchez could easily surpass that at the age of 21 in a pitchers park. Regardless, he’s not a first baseman according to any legitimate report, even Keith law said Sanchez will catch when he saw him this season so that’s just plain wrong. If you want to question his bat then that’s up to you, but you pretty much stand alone in that regard. The point was that Sanchez has done no worse than other players ranked much higher than him, in fact better than some so far this season.

              • Cheval Anonyme says:

                Where do you come up with this stuff?

                Sanchez has played 337 games at C, and ONE at 1B. Where do you get the idea he’s a first baseman? Obviously, he’s got a good arm, which is not a first baseman’s tool.

                At Sanchez’s age, Mike Napoli was at A+ and hit only four home runs all year. Napoli eventually developed a power tool, but when he was older than Sanchez is now.

                • nycsportzfan says:

                  Sanchez has improved at C and will def stick there in the pros, assuming he makes it to the bigs. I have no idea why anyone would think hes not a catcher at this point?

            • RetroRob says:

              Sanchez is considered likely to stick at catcher, so agreed.

    • nycsportzfan says:

      I’m sick of people looking at the Yanks farm system with a negative eye because of the past(late 90s- 2008 or so).. The Yanks have made very meager trades that have given up very little over the past few yrs and just had 3 1st rders last yr , and always can spend in the International FA market. And give the Yanks credit for making great mid to late rd picks as well. It all adds up to a very good system in the making(pretty close).

      • Oy says:

        Who has the Yankees amazing farm system produced in the last three years? Five years? David Phelps and half a season of Betances and Warren?

        • Chip says:

          Agreed, I’ll believe the Yankees can develop talent when we get a couple of Cano/Gardner level guys making it. The fact that we had to sign old man Beltran for 3 years when we had 3 top ranked outfield prospects last year is just sad

        • Kevin says:

          Gardner, Robertson, Warren, Phelps, Betances, Nova, Murphy, Cervelli, Austin Jackson, J. Montero to name a few.

          • Oy says:

            Last five years. Gardner has been here since 08 and is the only position player Yankees have developed in this span.

            Warren and Betances have half a year of bullpen success. Countless relievers burn out after a year or two.

            Though I’m a fan, Phelps has been back end of rotation arm. This is the second best Yankees arm the system has produced in the last five years. Accumulated fWAR = 2.5.

            Nova had two good years and is now under the knife from TMJS.

            Murphy is still a prospect who has played in 40 MLB games with underwhelming performance.

            Cervelli is a decent back up.

            Austin Jackson did not play a single game with the Yankees on the MLB level. We don;t know how much of his success in Detroid is attributed to the Yankees staff.

            Montero? LOL

            So, in the last five years Yankees have developed two back end of rotation arms, a back up catcher and two relievers. Nice.

            • Chip says:

              Just look at the BA 2012 list, Betances is the only top 10 Yankees prospect currently with the big league team. Numbers 1, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 have pretty much flamed out already. Sanchez (4) is going down, Banuelos (2) has been hurt for 2 years and who knows if/when Murphy (9) will stick.

              Is that too soon to expect players to contribute? Go back to the 2009 list and you have zero guys who have contributed to the Yankees this year outside of Murphy.

              I would argue that the last “star potential” big prospect to actually make it for the Yankees (Cano was never a big prospect) was Jeter

          • nycsportzfan says:

            I forgot to mention Austin Jackson. Yup, the Yanks have produced quite a few pro players who have had different degrees of success, and the system is looking for bright now as well.

        • nycsportzfan says:

          I could’ve put 09 or so, I was just giving a off the head range.

          But Betances, Warren, DROB, Gardner, Phelps, Hughes, Cervelli, Quintana, Clippard, just to name a few. And they got a great looking farm right now.

          • Oy says:

            Robertson and Gardner have been with the team since 09. Hughes since 07. Quintana pitched all the way up to high A with Yankees. Clippard sucked until Nationals FO got their hands on him.

      • hornblower says:

        Top hundred lists that don’t include players who are hitting over .300 in AAA are meaningless. Age is too much of a factor in the ratings. Betances at 26 was not considered a top 100. He is on the All-star squad. Many of these players won’t get a cup of coffee.

        • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

          So Jose Pirela and Adonis Garcia should be top 100 prospects????
          Musty should have been after 2012?
          Thomas Neal after 2013?

          • hornblower says:

            Why not? If they can play in the big leagues now and help a team they should be included. One big league at bat is more than half these players will get in their baseball lifetime.

            • Preston says:

              The point is they can’t help a team. If you would rather have Pirela than any player on this list you need to rethink your thought process.

              • hornblower says:

                Actually I would rather have him than Ichiro. Potential get you fired. Lists are meaningless. With the changes in the game hitters who can use the whole field will be the next top players. The shift has made pull hitters obsolete. Players and teams always adjust. The ones who do it first will be the winners.

                • Preston says:

                  I’m willing to bet you have no idea what Pirela’s batted ball profile looks like. He might be a dead pull hitter. Ichiro on the other hand is exactly what you’re purporting MLB players need to be more like.

            • Jorge Steinbrenner says:

              By your logic, a career minor leaguer who gets an at-bat at 32 is on that list. By your logic, Brian Gordon belonged on that list when he made his start for the Yankees.

              You are not going to find many who agree with you on this, but you go ahead and do you there.

            • Need Pitching & Hitting says:

              Who says they can help a team?
              What team did Musty help?
              Or Neal?
              How do you know Pirela or Garcia would help?

              Hitting .300 in AAA doesn’t mean a player is going to have MLB success.

              It’s a top prospect list. It’s meant to try to project players who can potentially be MLB stars.
              It’s not a AAA all-star team list. It’s not meant to be.

    • Toki says:

      Sanchez was ranked 35th going into the season. His modest offensive numbers combined with his attitude BS warrents being dropped from the top 50.

      • Preston says:

        So a 20 year old posting a 117 wRC+ at High A gets ranked the 35th best prospect in baseball. But if you’re a 21 yo with a 117 wRC+ at AA you have “modest offensive numbers”. It strains credulity. The knock on Sanchez at the lower levels was his poor defense and his high K rate. He’s improved his D and lowered the Ks, that’s not easy, and it obviously took hard work. I could care less about his little spat with the MiLB manager.

        • Ed says:

          Keep in mind Sanchez started the season off slowly. He’s been on a hot streak the past few weeks and really improved his numbers. It takes time to make these lists, and you can’t watch all prospects at the same time, so it’s quite possible that the rankings were made without his recent hot streak being a factor.

          • n0exit says:

            He hit .300 in April.

          • Yanks says:

            Sanchez slumped in May, not April.

            • Ed says:

              Right. But as recently as 2-3 weeks ago, his stat line wasn’t so hot. If scouts saw him in May or early June, he’d look a lot worse than he does right now.

              I’m assuming that if a prospect list is released now, most of the scouting reports used to make it are at least a few weeks old.

        • nycsportzfan says:

          I woulden’t trade for Sanchez for Hedges straight up right now. Hedges has sucked, period. Great, hes good defensively. You gotta hit as well.

  10. W.B. Mason Williams says:

    Glad we got someone in there. It does seem Sanchez is getting the shaft, even if he isn’t tearing the cover off the ball, he’s hitting well.

    Once Judge is launching bombs at AA he should start to get some consideration. Hopefully Jagielo and Judge will be there at the same time.

  11. vicki says:

    the well-heeled dodgers also have three top-20 prospects? i’m green. of course colletti has to make it through the deadline without doing something colletti-like.

  12. ChuckIt says:

    This is nice,but it means nothing.Other notables from the past;pil Hughes,”Bam Bam Muelens,Dave Eisland-

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