Severino, Sanchez make’s midseason top 100 prospects list

7/28-7/30 Series Preview: Texas Rangers
Game 105: You Again

The crew at released the midseason update of their top 100 prospects list late last night. Twins OF Byron Buxton remains in the top spot and is followed by Cardinals OF Oscar Taveras and Astros SS Carlos Correa. The Cubs have three of the top seven prospects in baseball thanks to their high draft picks and recent trade with the Athletics.

Two Yankees farmhands cracked the top 100: RHP Luis Severino is 70th and C Gary Sanchez is 76th. “If Severino continues to fill the strike zone with three quality pitches, he’ll continue to accelerate his timetable,” said the write-up, which also said Sanchez’s bat “would make him a valuable Major Leaguer, even if he had to change positions, but he has star potential as a catcher.” As with all lists, the write-ups include scouting reports/grades and video, and it’s all free. also released an updated top 20 prospects list for each team. Severino and Sanchez top the Yankees list (duh), and are followed in order by 3B Eric Jagielo, LHP Luis Severino, and OF Aaron Judge. I’m pretty sure you won’t see Judge ranked that low by any other scouting publication, which is fine. I enjoy’s occasionally off the beaten path rankings. Again, scouting reports and everything else are free.

7/28-7/30 Series Preview: Texas Rangers
Game 105: You Again
  • W.B. Mason Williams

    At year’s end we should end up with 3.

    That’ll do just fine.

    Maybe next year Jagielo and Clarkin put themselves in there for contention.

    Couldn’t care less about the rankings, as long as the kids hit and field and pitch.

    Nice little crop of potentials on the stove at AA and High A.

    Hopefully they’ll all move up a level next year, and in 2016 they all arrive intact.

    I realize this is not going to happen.

  • Captain Bawls

    The thing that surprised me most in the Yankees list is Jagielo being given the same power score of 60 as Sanchez and Judge. I knew he had some potential for good pop, but the same caliber as those guys?

    • Yanks

      Jagielo can really mash. Not sure he’s on the same scale at those guys if they reach their power potential, but he’s shown arguably better pop than the other two have so far. But if Sanchez and Judge reach their ceilings, they’re more 65-70 grade power hitters. Just a question if they’ll reach it.

    • Preston

      Current 2014 ISOs

      Judge .180

      Sanchez .142

      Jagielo .216

      Sanchez is 21 and at a higher level, and Judge’s frame provides more to dream on. But Jagielo has more power usable power than either right now.

  • Yanks

    Cave’s profile talks about how his arm was so strong that he could hit 94 MPH in high school and could have been a quality pitcher also… but then give him a 50 grade arm… that doesn’t make sense… that should be an incredibly strong arm.

  • ropeadope

    Tonight’s starting lineups:

    New York Yankees

    1 CF Brett Gardner
    2 SS Derek Jeter
    3 1B Brian McCann
    4 DH Carlos Beltran
    5 3B Chase Headley
    6 C+ Francisco Cervelli
    7 2B Brian Roberts
    8 RF Ichiro Suzuki
    9 LF Zoilo Almonte

    SP David Phelps

    Texas Rangers

    1 RF Shin-Soo Choo
    2 SS Elvis Andrus
    3 DH Alex Rios
    4 3B Adrian Beltre
    5 LF Jim Adduci
    6 1B J.P. Arencibia
    7 CF Leonys Martin
    8 C- Chris Gimenez
    9 2B Rougned Odor

    SP Yu Darvish

    • ropeadope

      New York Yankees recalled Zoilo Almonte from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders.

      New York Yankees designated LHP Jeff Francis for assignment.

  • CS Yankee

    Is Severino so good he ranks both 1st and 4th, or is 4th Ian Clarkin hiding out as the second Luis Severino?

  • Yankee$

    Jaron Long?

  • Yanks

    Mateo is a blur out of the batter’s box. Watch the video. That’s some kind of speed.

    • Yankee$

      “The organization hasn’t had a middle infielder with a ceiling higher than Mateo’s since Derek Jeter.”

      That list includes…
      Cano, Christian Guzman, CJ Henry (leave me alone, I’m on a roll), Nunie.

      So, the funny thing about the comment is it is probably wrong since Cano had a higher ceiling than Jeter, but also that there isn’t another single legitimate name to add to the list.

      • Preston

        Soriano had a pretty high ceiling as a 2b, if he could have had below average defense at 2b he’d probably be a lock HOFer.

        • Yankee$

          Yes, Soriano slipped my mind. Still, that’s only one other. I can’t think of anyone else. Homer Bush? Haha.

          • Preston

            Middle infielders with that kind of ceiling don’t last long in the draft. Jeter is a pretty high bar.

        • alz

          If he actually had plate discipline he would be a hofer.

          • alz

            just look how good his stats are for swinging at everything.

      • RetroRob

        When exactly did Cano have a higher ceiling than Jeter?

  • Joel

    Not only does Severino rank first and fourth, but he also throws with both arms! Pat Venditte who?!

  • Jeff

    Severino’s ETA is way off, they have him at 2017.

    • Preston

      It’s certainly possible that he spends all of 2015 at AA and all of 2016 at AAA. It’s more likely that he starts at AA, gets a quick promotion and depending on his production either gets a late season call up in 2015 or a chance to make the team in 2016. But 2017 isn’t way off given the unpredictability of things.

    • RetroRob

      This was discussed last night, but MLB’s player profiles are way off. They may have updated their rankings, but not the profiles of the players. According to MLB, Judge has yet to play pro ball. The write-up on Jags seems like exactly what they wrote when he was drafted.

  • Dillon

    Why are there links to “Finally Fast” on your website? Have you guys been hacked?

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    So NOT nine prospects, as predicted on DOTF yesterday.

    The lack of Judge is foot-in-ass-worthy, I must say.

    • RetroRob

      Wayne and nysports are off in a bar getting drunk.

      • Preston

        Wayne was already their, sportzfan just joined him.

        • Jorge Steinbrenner

          If you remember, it actually wasn’t either of them.

    • Yanks

      Jake Cave is too good to be ranked.

  • Mike

    With Severino and Sanchez cracking the top 100 the naysayers are eating a whole lot of crow.

    This should shut them up for a while.

  • Media Bias

    Of course if Refsnyder and Mookie Betts switched teams, you’d be seeming Reffy as a top 20 prospect and Betts being snubbed.

    • Media Bias

      Cecchnini rather.

      But but but, a .650 OPS in AAA is soooo much more impressive than a .900