The wonderful world of Carl Pavano

Melky out of options
Open Thread: Super Bowl XLIII

One of the more obvious aspects of Joe Torre’s book is the former Yankee manager’s dislike of Carl Pavano. At least that’s the one remaining thing upon which Torre and all the people he reportedly skewers in the book can agree. Pavano, on the other hand, isn’t too happy about it.

Writing on the ESPN Radio 1050 AM blog, Andrew Marchand notes a statement by Pavano concerning the book:

“I am extremely disappointed that someone I had a lot of respect for would make these type of comments in his upcoming book,” said Pavano, in a statement released to 1050 ESPN New York through his agent, Tom O’Connell. “I wish nothing but the best for Joe Torre and my former Yankee teammates, but with that said it does explain why I haven’t received any Christmas cards from Joe the last few years.”

Now, I can understand why plenty of Yankees past and present — such as David Wells who called Torre a punk — may take exception with the excommunicated St. Joe’s words. But Pavano shouldn’t look his gift horse in the mouth. The Yanks paid him $40 million to be a fraud. He should take his money and stay out of this, no matter how right he may be in calling out Torre.

Melky out of options
Open Thread: Super Bowl XLIII
  • Manimal

    Seriously. He was the real fraud on the team. Pavano needs to disappear from baseball for like… ever.

    • History Teacher

      Can we all just agree that Pavano is without a doubt the biggest piece of junk to ever play the game of baseball. He’s the real punk here.

      • Mike Pop

        Na, A-Rod is worse. It is actually A-Rod’s fault that Pavano is that kind of a bum.

        • History Teacher

          I’m not A-rods biggest fan…but at least he suits up and plays. Can’t say the same for Pavano.

          • Mike Pop

            It was a joke, lol.


    Pavano should comment on Torre because the Yanks paid him 40 mil?


    • Ben K.

      Should not.

      It’s not that he shouldn’t be upset about it, but if anyone deserves to be called out in Torre’s book, it’s certainly Carl Pavano. If I were him, I’d just want to put the Yankee years long behind him.


        Typo on my part.

        No one deserves to be called out in a book by someone who used to be their manager. I’m actually happy for Pavano that he found someone who is a bigger loser than he is.

        • BklynJT

          I agree. I have lost all respect for Torre. Clueless Joe indeed.

  • Reggie C.

    If that Pavano comment to his mom is real … wow… he’s a bigger douche than i ever imagined.

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  • Tom Zig

    I heard Carl Pavano said he wants Joba in the bullpen and that Ron Guidry is an excellent pitching coach.

  • Artist formerly known as ‘The’ Steve

    I have a different take on this. If you’re JOE TORRE, 4 rings, beloved manager, Yankee legend and you put CARL PAVANO in a position where HE takes the high ground in a situation, then you have completely and utterly fucked up from a PR standpoint.

    • Ben K.


      But I don’t know if Pavano should take the high road as much as just keep his yapper shut.

      • Artist formerly known as ‘The’ Steve

        As much as we all share a disdain for Carl, when his name is brought up with negative connotations attached to it, then he has every right to respond. Carl didn’t write the book, Torre did. He’s just defending himself at that point, yet chose to be classy about it.

        Again when Torre, who was the embodiment of Yankee class for years, puts a hated ex-player in a position where he takes the high road, it just shows how far Torre has fallen in the eyes of the public with this book. And what a bad move it was for him to write it.

      • Count Zero

        I’m with you — calling out Pavano is like shooting fish in a barrel and it’s pretty low if you ask me — but Pavano should just walk away and take the moral victory.

        • steve (different one)

          i think Pavano’s comment was a victory.

          guy is a douche, but his comment was funny without stooping to Torre’s level

          it was a perfect statement from a PR standpoint.

          that said, i’m glad the guy is someone else’s problem

      • Jack

        But I don’t know if Pavano should take the high road as much as just keep his yapper shut.

        I wouldn’t say the two are exclusive. At this point, keeping quiet is probably taking the high road.

    • andrew

      not quite sure how if Pavano really took the high road, granted he didn’t exactly go all David Wells on him, but he took a shot or two at the man. Either way, i agree with your idea.

      • Artist formerly known as ‘The’ Steve

        Not really, all he did was say “it does explain why I haven’t received any Christmas cards from Joe the last few years.” Which isn’t an attack on Joe, just a realization of how Joe apparently felt about him.

  • Tom Zig

    “but with that said it does explain why I haven’t received any Christmas cards from Joe the last few years.”

    Well at least Pavano was mildly humorous about it. Although he should have kept quiet, Yankee fans are/were angry, why open your mouth and have the focus back on you again?


      I for one like Pavano a tiny bit more for speaking out.

      There’s nothing like a common enemy to learn to appreciate someone you didn’t care for.

  • Ryan S.

    I cannot wait for this team to face Pavano at Yankee Stadium.

    • Artist formerly known as ‘The’ Steve

      Yep. That will be fun.

      Imagine if he throws his back out in the 3rd inning?

      • Mike Pop

        He’ll probably throw a complete game shutout.

        • Artist formerly known as ‘The’ Steve

          Oh come on! That’s talking like A METS FAN!

          If there’s any team where their fans shouldn’t be fatalistic, its the Yankees.

          • Mike Pop


        • johnny

          If I had money I would have pay to run a “Carl Povano D-cell battery night” at the stadium. he wouldn’t be throwing shit then.

          or maybe all the bleacher creatures can toss actual douches at him in the pen during warmups.

      • Ryan S.

        The entire stadium would laugh at him.

        • Artist formerly known as ‘The’ Steve

          Bingo, that would be hilarious.

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  • BklynJT

    Kay: “So Wells, what would you do/say if you ever bumped into Torre”
    Wells: “I would probably punch him in the face”

    Wells is the man!

    • Artist formerly known as ‘The’ Steve

      In all fairness, he immediately started laughing and said “Nah . . (I wouldn’t do that) I’d probably just laugh at him “.

      I loved the Larry King quote Torre had on Wells.

      Torre- “That’s the relationship I have with Wells. I recently ran into him at an event, he told me ‘he doesn’t like me’ and I invited him to my charity dinner. That’s the relationship we have.”

      Remember how bad a liar Costanza was on Seinfeld? That is a George Costanza kind of lie. Torre just has a better delivery.

  • Old Ranger

    Show some love for David Wells folks, when he outed Joe T…people jumped all over him. Now it seems as though David wasn’t to far off…go, David!
    As for Pavano, shut the f–k up, you have no high road! What have you ever done for your team?
    Some of these guys need to remember what the word Team means, it sure as hell doesn’t mean all for ME! Maybe a lobotomy would help some of them understand, then again…NOT!


    We need some RAB “Joe Torre is a Punk” shirts with David Wells’ enormous head on the front.

    • Artist formerly known as ‘The’ Steve

      You’re at the wrong website

    • Mike Pop

      $40.00 a shirt.

  • Arman Tamzarian

    Are you sure this guy pitched for the Yankees?

  • Jamal G.

    I still think the hatred of Carl Pavano is overblown – the man had some serious injuries. If he was missing months of time due to a bruise here and a sprain there, I can understand; but he went through TJS, elbow surgery and fractured ribs, those aren’t injuries to scoff at.

    Also, I agree with him about not wanting to blow out his arm for this organization. Why in God’s name should he risk his entire career and future earnings to come back against his rehabilitation process? What, to “prove” something to the Yankees and its fans; to “earn” the contract the Yankees granted him? That’s crap. He has every right to follow the rehab plan ordained by medical professionals that would allow him the opportunity to per long his career. Just because an organization and its respective fan-base want him to throw caution to the wind and risk his professional career by expediting his rehab to prove some arbitrary point means little to nothing.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m as disappointed as many that Carl Pavano was absent for the majority of his four-year stay with the Yankees, but I don’t think he deserves nearly the flak he’s getting for doing such.

    • Tom Zig

      Does this need a sarcasm alert?

  • Dave

    He doesnt deserve to complain but seriously, who didn’t see this coming? i MEAN, he called out the rest of the team for not “picking him up when he was down.” Of course, he was going to publicly whine about Torre saying everyone on the team hated him.

    That worst announcer list was hilariously full of my least favorite announcers on fox, Mccarver, buck, morgan and of course, sterling. I think sterling should have been higher up the list but I am glad that every announcer I cant stand made the top twenty.

    Finally, do you think melky will be cut some slack for poor performance because he is out of options? I sure hope not.

  • Joey H

    Christmas cards? I’ll express mail him a bag of dog shit.

  • Rich

    Apparently, Torre is not an adherent of omerta.

  • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

    One of Torre’s scheduled book stops is about 10 minutes from my hometown. I’m debating going, but I probably won’t.

    I wouldn’t know what to say.

    “Hey, thanks for making my childhood awesome, but hey, you’re a douche” ?

  • The Evil Empire

    So who wins the SB?

    • PeteQ

      5 of 7 Looks like a blowout evil.

  • PeteQ

    Getting back to Pavano. Keep your mouth shut Carl. Your lucky you hit the sports lottery with your yankee contract. Dont ever tell anyone you were a yankee. You and Brown should get together and compare notes.See who did more damage.

  • Drew

    We should have had a disparagement clause in Pavano’s contract. He should never be able to say anything relating to New York, well, the whole tri-state area, its players, managers and fans.

  • Gary

    I received the book as a gift from my bride on V Day. It is superb!!! I have only gotten past page 110 and already it has to make it clear to a Yankees fan why the team has been in freefall since 2002. The “emotional maintenance of A-Rod” for one thing. A team cannot win it all unless the players want it bad enough. I don’t know if winning it all is as important to Alex as how he looks and what his numbers look like at the end of the season. I have said it here, said it often: the New York Yankees will never take it all with A-Rod on the team. If I am wrong, I’ll be here and apologize- fluently. I can’t promise I’ll be weeping as did George in 2000 as I do so and no, I’ll never be a proponent of Jewish mysticism but I will say I am sorry if I am wrong. But to win, each player has to pull for the other, lay off bad pitches and draw a walk because you’re sure your teammates will drive you home. So far in my reading Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, and Paul O’Neill look like the winners Yankees’ fans have come to know them as. Roger Clemens looks like a real weasel. I love the book. I love Joe Torre and miss him in the Bronx so much. The Yankees didn’t make the playoffs every year under his helm accidentally.